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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

04/28/09 No One Has More Associated Press Reports Than The Greenwich Time

What A Bargain !!!!!
You Can Get A Lot Of AP Reports For 75 Cents At The Greenwich Time
Let's Rip And Read From The Greenwich Time's AP News Wire.....

What you need to know about swine flu WASHINGTON (AP) — A never-before-seen strain of swine flu has turned killer in Mexico and is causing milder illness in the United States and elsewhere. While authorities say it's not time to panic..... LAURAN NEERGAARD Associated Press

Labor unions to dedicate memorial to workers who die on the job WASHINGTON -- Labor leaders are dedicating a national memorial to honor the more than 5,000 workers who lose their lives on the job each year. The National Workers Memorial will be located on ...... By Sam Hananel Associated Press

CDC: Confirmed swine flu cases in US jumps to 64 ATLANTA -- Health officials say the number of confirmed swine flu cases in the United States has jumped to 64. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Tuesday that the new count ...... By Mike Stobbe The Associated Press

Consumer confidence soars in April NEW YORK -- Hopeful signs that the worst may be over for the economy boosted Americans' moods in April, sending a closely watched barometer of sentiment to the highest level since November. The New ........ By Anne Innocenzio The Associated Press

AP sources: Gov't, Chrysler lenders reach deal WASHINGTON -- The Treasury Department has reached a tentative agreement with four of Chrysler's major debt holders in a bid to keep the automaker out of bankruptcy protection, two people familiar ...... By Stephen Manning The Associated Press

Slideshow: Obama names Greenwich educator teacher of the year (73%)04/28/2009 - WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has announced that a former New York police officer is the nation's top teacher. Obama on Tuesday said special education teacher Anthony Mullen of Greenwich ........Wire Report The Associated Press

Building permits in state plummet HARTFORD -- State economic officials report that the number of housing permits issued in the first three months of the year is down by more than 50 percent. The state Department of Economic and ........ By ASSOCIATED PRESS

State company making flu vaccine MERIDEN -- A state company says it is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in preparing a swine flu vaccine. The chief executive officer of Protein Sciences here says it ....... By ASSOCIATED PRESS

World Bank says poor countries risk calamity WASHINGTON -- The global financial crisis could become "a human and development calamity" for many poor countries, the World Bank said, urging donor nations to speed delivery of money they have ........By Harry Dunphy The Associated Press

Chrysler reaches labor deals in fight for survival DETROIT -- It looks like scrappy little Chrysler LLC might yet escape the auctioneer's gavel. The smallest U.S.-based automaker cleared two major hurdles on Sunday in its quest for survival ........By Tom Krisher The Associated Press

Swine flu puts governments on high alert WASHINGTON -- The world's governments raced to avoid both a pandemic and global hysteria Sunday as more possible swine flu cases surfaced from Canada to New Zealand and the United States declared a ........By Lauran Neergaard Associated Press

US joins world in battling flu WASHINGTON -- Amid surging worries about a global pandemic today, the United States launched border screening for swine flu exposure, the European Union advised against nonessential travel, many ........ By ASSOCIATED PRESS

In recession, some child's play is still free Grandparents are often known to say that in their day, kids didn't need paid entertainment; play was free. Play is still free -- if you know where to look. Parks, nature centers and other outdoor ....... By Anne Wallace Allen For The Associated Press

In search of safe, but sane, parenting: Free-range mom discusses her new book NEW YORK -- Writer Lenore Skenazy could have slinked off to mommyland, stripped of her self-esteem and parenting confidence after her public stoning for letting her 9-year-old son ride home alone on ........ By Leanne Italie Associated Press

New Met exhibit traces a decade of change NEW YORK -- In the 1970s, the art world was enmeshed in a vast series of lines, dots and amorphous figures: The conceptual had taken over. Gone were clear representations with clear meaning, and for ....... By SARA ROSE Associated Press

Kilauea volcano is a hot spot for visitors to see Hawaii's growing island HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii -- The largest and southernmost of the Hawaiian islands is shaking, spitting and stretching as it slowly expands into the ocean. You'll see and feel reminders ....... By Audrey McAvoy Associated Press

A rafting adventure on India's remote frontier ON THE KAMENG RIVER, India -- The e-mail from an old friend who runs a white water rafting company was too enticing to resist: We're running a new river in India's remote east, he said. Join us. It ...... By Arthur Max Associated Press

Online map radius tools help vacationers find new destinations NEW YORK -- Remember the old song "500 Miles Away From Home"? Think of it as a challenge instead of a lament and you could come up with some good ideas for a road trip. You can do it the ........ By Beth J. Harpaz Associated Press

First-time author scores unexpected best seller JACKSON, Miss. -- Good thing Octavia Spencer is an actress. She needed all her stagecraft to hide a horrified look when her friend, Kathryn Stockett, asked her to read her new novel, "The Help." ....... By CHRIS TALBOTT Associated Press

FAA: bird strikes more than double at big airports (62%)04/24/2009 - WASHINGTON -- Airplane collisions with birds have more than doubled at 13 major U.S. airports since 2000, according to Federal Aviation Administration data released for the first time Friday. Eleven ....... By Michael J. Sniffen The Associated Press

Undercover PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Kevin Roose managed to blend in during his single semester at Liberty University, attending lectures on the myth of evolution and the sin of homosexuality, and joining fellow ....... By Eric Tucker Associated Press

Cross-town rivals, Time Warner, Frontier go their own ways on fees Time Warner Cable Inc., long based in Stamford, is testing a new way of charging for Internet use -- by the amount of traffic rather than solely based on download speed. But now that it's expanding ....... By Peter Svensson Associated Press

Xerox 1Q earnings meet revised outlook (62%)04/24/2009 - NEW YORK -- Xerox Corp. posted a profit in the first quarter that met its revised guidance, which the company slashed last month due to restructuring costs and declining technology spending. Xerox ...... Wire Report The Associated Press

Norwalk survivor of "miracle on the Hudson" in SC wildfires MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - A man who was aboard the plane that made a splash landing in the Hudson River has found himself at the site of another crisis: wildfires near Myrtle Beach, S.C. Jeff Kolodjay of ...... Wire Report The Associated Press
Global economy is expected to shrink this year WASHINGTON -- The world economy is likely to shrink this year for the first time in six decades. The International Monetary Fund projected the 1.3 percent drop in a dour forecast released ....... By Jeannine Aversa The Associated Press

Booking air fare on a budget is easy with the right strategy NEW YORK -- If you're on a budget but you'd like to fly somewhere for your next vacation, there's good news. "Domestic fares are down 9 percent over a year ago and summer fares to Europe are down 19 .......By Beth J. Harpaz Associated Press

Frank Lloyd Wright home, Taliesin, sees jump in visitors MILWAUKEE -- Taliesin opened for the season this month, and officials there are expecting big crowds, despite the recession. Or maybe because of the recession. The number of visitors to Frank Lloyd ...... By Carrie Antlfinger Associated Press

The Rose City: Have a blast on a budget in Portland PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland is not A-listed among the glamor cities, and Portlanders tend not to care if other cities have taller buildings or a bigger this or that. Over time, the city has followed ........ By Joseph B. Frazier Associated Press

New York's new ballparks are also a destination for serious eats NEW YORK -- Hundreds of fans were lined up for a taste of the fancy eats in the food court behind the behemoth of a center-field scoreboard at the Mets' sparkling new ballpark when Carlos Beltran ...... By Howie Rumberg Associated Press
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04/28/09 Greenwich Resident Sues Law Firm For 8 Million Bucks

Photo: Kerstin Lindholm With another Piece Of Artwork

Swedish Heiress: Proskauer Overbilled, Churned File in Case of ...

The Am Law Daily

A Swedish heiress has sued Proskauer Rose for nearly $9 million, accusing the firm of manipulating its billing practices to overcharge her by millions. In a separate malpractice claim, she alleges that the firm mishandled her suit against the jet-setting art buyer who purchased an Andy Warhol silkscreen that had been stolen from her, court records show.

The heiress of a Swedish building fortune, Kerstin Lindholm of Greenwich, Conn., retained Proskauer in March 2002 to pursue claims against Peter Brant, the media mogul and Warhol enthusiast who purchased "Red Elvis" for $2.9 million in 2000 while it was on loan to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, court records show. Brant bought the painting--worth at least $12 million in 2003--from a crooked Swedish art dealer who sold it out from under Lindholm, according to court records and this New York Times story. The dealer eventually served prison time for the theft, but Lindholm never got the painting back.

A Connecticut judge ruled in favor of Brant in 2005.

Now Lindholm and Proskauer are involved in an ugly dispute over fees that peaked earlier this month, when Lindholm sued the firm in state court in Connecticut. And her legal team at Bello, Lapine & Cassone in Stamford, Conn. has included something of a smoking gun as an exhibit in their complaint--an internal Proskauer memo written on letterhead bearing the name of a Proskauer associate who appears to have reviewed the firm's Lindholm file at some point. (The note is undated.) In the handwritten note, the associate writes that descriptions of the firm's work "may suggest double billing for same work," that "rates are quite high," and that there was an "overall excessive handling of every item in the case."

Through a spokesman, Proskauer called Lindholm's allegations "entirely without merit." The associate who wrote the note, Mara Lainie Taylor, did not return a message seeking comment. Lawrence Weinstein, the lead Proskauer attorney on the Brant litigation, did not return a call seeking comment.

....Lindholm claims she has paid more than $1 million to Proskauer in legal bills so far, and the breach of fiduciary duty count in her suit seeks $850,000--the difference between Proskauer's original estimate and the amount she has paid.

The larger malpractice count seeks $8 million and accuses the firm of failing to pursue a claim against the Guggenheim. Lindholm believes she has a course of action because the museum should have notified her immediately when Brant asserted a claim of ownership to "Red Elvis" over the phone in 2000, according to the complaint. Had the museum done so, the suit claims, Lindholm could have stopped delivery of the painting to an address in Denmark, where the dealer arranged for its sale to Brant.

Lindholm's agent suggested Proskauer sue the museum, but the firm concluded she had no claim against the Guggenheim. Lindholm also pushed for a jury trial, but the firm waived her right to a jury trial and argued the Brant case before a judge instead. The suit claims Proskauer did so because Lindholm wasn't paying her bills and the firm wanted to finish the case quickly.

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04/28/09 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed - Bloggers Who Are From, Work In Or Used To Live In Greenwich


Mr. President what were you thinking?

You clearly do not understand what the people of New York went through on September 11th, 2001. For you and your self centered minions to send Air Force One with fighter jets in tow over the Manhattan skyline for a photo op without any warning shows a clear disconnect. In your arrogance you frightened thousands of people who had witnessed the unspeakable, forcing them to relive that infamous day.

What genius came up with this plan? Will someone be punished? Who was on board? Doesn't the White House have anything better to do?

What did this cost?

What were you thinking?!

My guess is we will never know....


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Greenwich not prepared for swine flu - The Health Department's loss of a emergency preparedness coordinator is slowing its response to the swine flu, according to the department's director.

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Tribune Company's Greenwich News RSS Feed
Morning Call readership rises by 9.2 percent - The Morning Call had a 9.2 percent annual gain in readership, the sixth-largest increase in the country, when taking both its print and online audience into account, according to figures released Monday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
The paper's daily print circulation, a measure of people paying for the newspaper, dropped 8.9 percent to 99,111 compared with a year ago. Total Sunday print circulation, which is typically the most profitable day for newspaper advertising, dropped 7.2 percent to 130,693.
The company attributed the drop to higher subscription rates and newsstand prices.Print circulation is the traditional measure for newspapers, and print readers remain the most profitable in terms of drawing advertising revenue.
But the Audit Bureau of Circulations in 2007 began measuring online readership as well to respond to the changing ways readers access news. Combining both print and Web readership helps gauge a news organization's overall reach.....
......Other newspapers with strong print and Web readership growth are Greenwich Time in Connecticut, which grew its audience by 30.7 percent, and the Birmingham News in Alabama, which increased its combined audience by 11.9 percent, according to the ABC.
.....Newspaper circulation dropped sharply nationwide. Of the top 10 newspapers in the country, only News Corp.'s Wall Street Journal increased circulation, by 0.6 percent. Gannett Co.'s USA Today, the largest U.S. newspaper, lost 7.5 percent, and the New York Post had the biggest slump with 21 percent......

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Greenwich Public Elementary Schools - *Greenwich Public Elementary Schools* * Cos Cob (415 students) 300 East Putnam Ave., Cos Cob 06807 Philip Brown, Principal Tel: 869-4670 Hours: 8:45am-3:15...

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Cos Cob Blogger Iggy Makarevich At High Strangeness
Obama's First 100 Days: Worse Than Even We Predicted - This is from Prison Planet, an Alex Jones site. It is pretty sad that the only "change" is the person sitting in the chair. Obama is just another Neocon .....
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04/28/09 First Selectman Peter Tesei says that there are no documented cases of the flu in Greenwich

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei, like many other top officials in Fairfield County, are doing their best to combat the swine flu.
Tesei says that there are no documented cases of the flu in Greenwich. He is sharing suggestions for citizens to combat the virus that was issued in a new report by the town's director of public health.
It boils down to daily groomig basics: washing your hands often with alcohol based cleaners or anti-bacterial soap, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, avoiding sick people or wearing a mask if you are around someone who is and if you are sick, please avoid being around others and stay at home rather than go to your workplace.
Be sure to contact your medical practicioner for any questions and possible appointments.
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04/28.09 STOP THE PRESSE !!!!! ....Stop The Damn Presses !!!!! ....We Have A Greenwich Post Breaking News Report !!! ... I Said Stop The Presses !!!!!

Covering the news of Greenwich, Connecticut

Breaking News

Fifth grade orienteering program postponed until Thursday.

Read more


04/28/09 PRESS RELEASE: 5th Grade Orienteering Meet - Change of Date for WMS feeder schools

04/26/09 PRESS RELEASE: Physical Education Transition Program

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04/28/09 PRESS RELEASE: Just Books' Events April 28 - May 2; Jeffrey Toobin, Oppenheimer, Morfitt & Gorman

Just Books Store (Winter)
Upcoming Events
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
Come See Just Books' Terrific Author Line-Up!
To download the latest Just Books' Event Calendar, Click Here

Author Visit & Book Signing
The Nine Toobin
A Just Books' Event at Arcadia Cafe
20 Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich, CT
Free and Open to the Public; Reservations Recommended - 203-637-0707

Jeffrey Toobin, author and legal news analyst, will visit to sign copies of The Nine: inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court (Anchor Books,$15.95). Toobin is probably one of the most recognized and highly-regarded legal analysts today. A staff-writer at the New Yorker since 1993 and Senior Legal Analyst for CNN, Toobin has been a welcome asset, helping Americans decipher legal actions and events in this country for over two decades. The Nine, his most recent book which takes a look into the chambers of the Supreme Court, spent over four months on the New York Times Best-seller List, and the book was named one of the ten best books of the year by many publications including New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and The Economist. Toobin has written three other highly successful books, one on the controversial election of 2000, one on the OJ Simpson case and one on the sex scandal involving President Clinton. Toobin received his bachelor's degree at Harvard College and his law degree at Harvard University where he served on the Law Review. Before becoming a news analyst, Toobin worked as an Assistant US Attorney in Brooklyn. He currently lives in Manhattan.

Author Visit & Book Signing
Our Place Greenwich
Just Books
28 Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich, CT
Free and Open to the Public

Chris Gorman and Michelle Morfitt will read and sign copies of their delightful story for both kids and adults called Our Place Greenwich. Narrated by local resident Jack, a lovable Golden Retriever, Our Place Greenwich brings you fascinating facts about Greenwich through a beautifully illustrated tour of the town that is certain to elicit from you a raised eyebrow, "huh, I never knew that," at the end of at least one of the sentences! The cover was illustrated by Old Greenwich School's Kendall Gregory, age 9. A GREAT Mother's Day gift! A portion of the proceeds from every book sold to go to local organizations, such as the Greenwich Alliance for Education and The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich.

Author Visit & Book Signing


Toy Monster
Just Books
28 Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich, CT
Free and Open to the Public

Jerry Oppenheimer, best known for biographies like "Just Desserts" (about Martha Stewart) or "State of a Union" (Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage), has now trained his sights on the world's biggest toy company, Mattel, in his new book Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel (Wiley, $24.95). Oppenheimer exposes Mattel's egos, scandals and flawed products. In this toyland, nothing is cute or cuddly. Oppenheimer takes a tour of Mattel's seamier side, highlighting its corporate practices and interesting cast in this scathing portrait published to coincide with Barbie's 50th anniversary. Fast-paced and engaging, this exposé will absorb readers until the last page and will forever change the way they think about the giant toy company.

Just Books would like to THANK the community for its continued support. The success of an independent neighborhood bookstore is dependent on its loyal customers.

-- Marion Holmes and the staff at Just Books

Just Books is Better Than Ever - Check Out These Award-Winning Author Visits & Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events!

APRIL 29, 10:30 AM - Just Books' Toddler & Pre School Story Hour at Just Books

MAY 6, 7:30 PM -- ANDREW TREES with DECODING LOVE at Arcadia Cafe (Book Signing)


MAY 11, 7:30 PM -- JAYANTI TAMM with CARTWHEELS IN A SARI: GROWING UP CULT at Arcadia Cafe (Book Signing)

MAY 16, 10:00 AM -- KAREN BENCE with MIDNIGHT REVELATIONS at Just Books (Book Signing)

MAY 18, 7:00 PM -- JANIS ABRAHMS SPRING, Ph.D., with LIFE WITH POP at Arcadia Cafe (Book Signing)

MAY 19, 7:00 PM -- CAITLIN MACY with SPOILED at Arcadia Cafe (Book Signing)

LUC HARDY with ARCTIC TRANSITIONS at Just Books (Book Signing)

Join Our Mailing List
28 Arcadia Road
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
203-637-0707 ·
M-F, 9am - 5pm
Sat, 9am-4pm
Closed Sun

Just Books is proud to support the community with a renewed and continued focus on customer service. Check out the Just Books' calendar for upcoming events, including book signings, book clubs, youth literacy and writing programs (Just Words @ Just Books on Monday nights). Also stop by anytime and meet the new owner Marion Holmes. Just Books also wants to hear from you, so please send us your favorites, recommendations and wish list! Just Books can special order any book, gift wrap and ship to anywhere in the U.S.

for more information
For more Information:
Just Books 28 Arcadia Road Old Greenwich CT 06870

04/28/09 PRESS RELEASE: 5th Grade Orienteering Meet - Change of Date for WMS feeder schools


Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail: kim_eves@greenwich.k12.ct.us
Fax: 203-869-8003

----- Original Message -----

Please be advised that tomorrow's 5th Grade Orienteering meet for Western
MS feeder schools (Glenville, Ham Ave, New Leb and Parkway) has been
postponed until Thursday due to the pending inclement weather tomorrow.

Please join us at this outstanding event at Camp Seton, 363 Riversville
Road in Greenwich from 9:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m on Thursday.

Marilyn Adelberg
Administrative Assistant
to Colleen Morey, Program Coordinator
Health, Phys Ed, FCS, Athletics, SEL/CE
Greenwich Public Schools
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830-6521
Phone: 203-625-7473 Fax: 203-625-7433


04/26/09 PRESS RELEASE: Physical Education Transition Program


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04/27/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Your Blog's bad spelling

Congratulations on your success.

If you are going to constantly made snide remarks about Greenwich Time, you should at least adhere to their standards of spelling, which you will no doubt agree is a very low bar to clear.

Please use "it's" as a contraction for "it is" or "it has" only. "Its" is the possessive, meaning "belonging to it."

This rule is so simple to apply that you will never get it wrong again.

For example, just today:

Once Again The Greenwich Time's Print Circulation Has Declined, But The Web Traffic At The Greenwich Time Has Soar So Much That The Newspaper Has Once Again Achived [no - Achieved ] Double Didgit [no - digit] Growth In It's [sic - belonging to it] Combined Circulation.

Michael Finkbeiner


04/28/09 Clueless Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Doesn't Even Realize That He Works At The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America !!!


Dear Michael,

You are 100% Correct.

The spelling problem really detracts from the blog.

Often times when Greenwich Roundup, brings up an issue that is controversial or that many in power would like to sweep under the rug, the main response is that you misspelled this or that.

It is not that your argument is wrong, because of x, y and z.

You see Greenwich Roundup was born blind in his right eye and the left eye is crossed with less than normal vision.

I am told that my right eye had a damaged right eye had no pupil, because of cataracts.

Everyone was shocked, because they said cataracts is an old person's disease.

Later, the blind right eye had to be removed, because it got glaucoma and there was a fear that it was moving to the crossed left eye. I glass eye was put in the right eye, but the eyelid tends to droop, because especially if I am tired.

Because of having one eye, I have no depth perception or peripheral vision.

While out in about Greenwich I am able to hide the low vision problem in the left eye, because I know my surroundings very well.

However, If I am in a very stressful or strange place I can have a slight bit of difficulty.

Greenwich Roundup wishes that he had a volunteer copy editor.

He really does go over the posts four five and sometimes six times.

There is a blogger in Port Chester named Gino who has a muscular problem and types out an blog with his head that is error free and flawless. I am not sure if he has someone t help him edit the blog.
Michael, I tell you this background information only because I want you to understand the situation.
I no way do I want your pity.
In fact the quickest way to experience the raw and ravaging fury of Greenwich Roundup is to discount him or pity him, because of his vision problem.
Greenwich Roundup or his family has never accepted, social services, food stamps or any other government assistance, because Greenwich Roundup is a very proud man.
However, for the last few years Greenwich Roundup has taken advantage of the subsidised Outpatient clinic at Greenwich Hospital.
In middle school School administrators had tried to prevent Greenwich Roundup from taking physical education with the other boys. They were afraid of the liability of having Greenwich Roundup nixing it up and getting hurt.
They wanted to pair him up with another low vision boy from another school and let us play non-contact sports like rolling a ball on the floor.
Eventually the school saw things Greenwich Roundups way and quit interfering in his education and let him engage in physical education to the best of his ability.
Greenwich Roundup might have been the last picked or had been the "strikeout king", but he was right at home plate taking his shots.
Sometimes Greenwich Roundup connected. Nothing was more beautiful when a ball flew over outfielder's heads because they had moved into the infield, because they underestimated the one eyed slugger who just went from "strikeout king" to "RBI KING".
Greenwich Roundup's poor excuse of a father ended up leaving the family home before he turned seven and Greenwich Roundup's mother was a bar maid that worked two shifts to support him and his little sister.
Greenwich Roundup always managed to find work after school and during the summer to do his part in helping support his family. From the fifth grade Greenwich Roundup delivered newspapers, mowed lawns, cleaned dog cages, cleaned golf carts, washed dishes, bused tables,unloaded trucks and even hauled hay in the summer, etc., etc., etc....
The last year of Greenwich Roundup's middle school education his mother was able to get a chance at a home through a rent with an option to buy deal. The deal worked this way. My mother and I had to pay double rent for four years. One rent payment was for the rent and the other rent payment was saved for the down payment. At the end there was a huge balloon payment that needed a loan.
If we screwed up just one time my mother and I would lose all the additional rent payments we had made and could be evicted from our home. This deal made Bill Clinton's Whitewater deals look the deals of the century.
I dropped out of 9th grade and started working full time year around.
Eventually my high school principal who I admired a great deal came to the hardware store I was working in and threatened the owner. Then he took me to the back of the store and told me that I was throwing my life away.
I had to tell My principal that I was truly touched and sincerely appreciate his genuine concern, but if I had too I could make him legally throw me out of the high school. I then begged him not to go down that route, because I did not want to dishonor a principal I admired so much.
My principal left and told my boss that he didn't have a problem with me working in the store if my boss didn't have a problem with it. However, my boss got scared and let me go. This was somewhat devastating, because Jimmy Cater was president and jobs were kind of scarce, but I quickly found another job.
Later I Got a GED, went to a community college, then transferred to a state school and then transferred to the Rose Hill Campus of Fordham University. I still remember and cherish the beautiful letter that Sister Belinda at Holy Rosary in Port Chester on my behalf even though I was not Catholic.
Greenwich Roundup has been self employed in a contracting business for a while now, because he got tired of his appearance preventing him from advancing at an organization. There just aren't that many crossed eyed leaders in America. In fact, Greenwich Roundup has vowed never to work as a wage slave again and will only work on a contractual basis now.
Greenwich Roundup has always given back to the community to help those less fortunate than him. He has been in Kiwanis, rotary and in the Elks club. He has volunteered weekly and worked at Grace Churches homeless and feeding programs.
He has served as an election official in the Town Of Rye and the Town of Greenwich and currently serves on the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting. When I turned in my petitions in the last election a person working in the town told me that that was the most RTM signatures she had ever seen.
Greenwich Roundup however, is considering quitting the RTM, because it conflicts with reporting on this blog.
Greenwich Roundup has been cutting back on his volunteering and started getting more involved at Harvest Time Church up on King Street since I got saved about nine months ago. I volunteer there at the coffee bar for all three services and the church hands out free things like children's clothes during these hard economic times at the coffee bar. I also try and help out at Harvest Time Church one or two additional days at the church.
This Friday there is a missions dinner and conference that highlight all of the many projects the church is doing. This wonderful church spends over 25% of it's donations helping the poor and less fortunate and I am so proud to be a member there.
The only thing I don't like is that church members want me to remove this huge chip off my shoulder.
Harvest Time Church has me praying that Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg and his family is kept safe as he performs his duties for the town. Even though I think he is doing a poor job as the Greenwich Chief Of Police.
Greenwich Roundup has a wonderful and loving wife and two sons who are continuing their education. The youngest son is a Greenwich High School grad who just returned from Iraq with a Brose Star and has just started a veterans club at Norwalk Community College.
Michael, I hope this information can let you look past the spelling errors in this blog and see the ideas and the person behind the blog.
Greenwich Roundup
Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com
"Some people say i don't speak right, but yet I know what i am talking about."- from the mid-'70s Funk song from War, called "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
WHY WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends?

Sorry To Say, It's not that simple. Sure it would be nice to just end worldwide violence but sometimes war just can't be avoided. I don't think a proposal of friendship would have stopped Ghengis Khan from eradicating the Tatars.

But maybe It's education. No education makes ignorant people. Ignorant people like Greenwich Roundup ended up voting for George Bush two times. Oh, God was Greenwich Roundup a fool for supporting that guy for such a long time. How could Greenwich Roundup have been so blind.

Maybe it is also abbot educating ignorant people who believe that doing terrorist attacks will make you go to heaven...

04/28/09 Who Is The Richest Man In Greenwich

New York Post

IN his new book, "The Richest Man in Town," Randall Jones says that Carl Icahn is the wealthiest guy in New York, Sam Zell is tops in Chicago, and Kirk Kerkorian rules LA.
Jones also claims Hungarian immigrant Thomas Peterffy, who made $11 billion through his Interactive Brokers, is twice as rich as his much more publicized Greenwich, Conn., neighbor, hedge-fund honcho Steve Cohen, who's worth a mere $6 billion. Sheldon Adelson, "the undisputed king of Las Vegas," was once worth $28 billion before shares in his Sands casinos imploded.
Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

04/28/09 Clueless Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Doesn't Even Realize That He Works At The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America !!!

The Greenwich Time Grows 30% In The Last Six Months Thanks To Greenwich Roundup

The Greenwich Time Is Now The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America !!!!!

Hearst Newspaper's Danbury Times-News And Bridgeport Connecticut Post Languish As Greenwich Roundup Articles, Links And Web Traffic Send The Greenwich Time To Number One In America

Once Again The Greenwich Time's Print Circulation Has Declined, But The Web Traffic At The Greenwich Time Has Soar So Much That The Newspaper Has Once Again Achived Double Didgit Growth In It's Combined Circulation.

The Greenwich Time had the largest percentage gain in print and online audience among United States newspapers in the six months ending March 2009, compared to the same period in 2008, according to a national study done by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

The study results were printed Monday in Editor & Publisher, America’s oldest journal covering the newspaper industry.

According to the report, The Greenwich Time
was the fastest growing newspaper in America.

The Greenwich Time had the biggest gain in audience when taking print and online readership into account. The paper was ranked by net combined audience (past seven days in print and 30 days online), according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations in joint effort with Scarborough Research and the Newspaper Association of America. The data is for the six months ending March 2009 compared to the same period in March 2008.

The Birmingham (Ala.) News and the Times-Picayune of New Orleans came in second and third.

Year after year the Birmingham (Ala.) News and the Times-Picayune of New Orleans have experienced double digit growth as the newspapers have regained the readers lost after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the area.

GREENWICH (CONN.) TIME -- 111,824 -- 30.74%

THE BIRMINGHAM (ALA.) NEWS -- 781,047 -- 11.85%

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, NEW ORLEANS -- 820,374 -- 11.72%

This ranking – this ranking showing the Greenwich Time to be the fastest growing newspaper for total audience in the nation is due primarily, because Greenwich Roundup and google related searches have sent massive amounts of web traffic to the newspaper that has went through five editors in less than a year.

It is so strange that the money losing Greenwich Time is the third fastest growing newspaper in America and the morons like Bruce Hunter probably don't even know it.

Nor can the befuddled Bruce Hunter tell Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz or the new Greenwich Time Editor Bruce McCumber why the Greenwich Time is the third fastest Growing Newspaper in America.

Maybe It Is Because
When You Google "Bruce Hunter" Greenwich You Get 1,940 results with Greenwich Roundup coming in number 3 and number 4.

Bruce Hunter, Greenwich Time Leadership Directories
Leadership Directories, Inc. publishes personnel directories of the leading government, business, professional, and nonprofit enterprises, ...www.leadershipdirectories.com/NMYBInfo/Bruce_Hunter_Managing_Editor_Greenwich_Time.html - 12k - Cached - Similar pages -

Bruce Hunter - Greenwich Time, Inc. - 203-629-2208 - Greenwich ... - Apr 20
Bruce Hunter detailed profile, located in Greenwich, you may call them at 203-629-2208.www.manufacturedirections.com/connecticut/greenwich/961794-bruce-hunter.html - 9k -
Cached - Similar pages -

Greenwich Roundup: The daily diary of Greenwich Life: 1/6/08 Bruce ...
1/6/08 Bruce Hunter Is In The House: Who let these news dogs out? --- Look AT All The News That's Up Before 1 AM At The Greenwich Time. What's Next? ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2009/01/1608-bruce-hunter-is-in-house-who-let.html - 616k - Cached - Similar pages -

Greenwich Roundup: The daily diary of Greenwich Life - 353 visits - 1:25am
First we had Joe Pisani, then David Warner, then Jim Zebora, then Bruce Hunter and now David McCumber is the new editor of the Greenwich Time. ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/ - 955k -
Cached - Similar pages -More results from greenwichroundup.blogspot.com »

Yesterday (Monday Greenwich Roundup Had:
3,505 Total Visitors

A Sampling Of The Visits Shows......

All Town Of Greenwich Servers 156 Visits ( For Example: The Paul Curtis Cable Acess Server Brought 22 Of Those Visitors)

Greenwich Capital Markets Incorporated 50 Visits

The Greenwich Time And Related Servers 47 visits

Mogrgan Stanley Group inc. 44 Visits

USB AG 42 Visits

H/2 Capital Partners 34 Visits

Lehman Brothers Inc 33 Visits

State Of Connecticut 27 Visits

Credit Research And Tracking 25 Visits

University Of Connecticut 25 Visits

Fidelity Investments 23 Visits

Greenwich Hospital 23 Visits

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 22 Visits

Citicorp Global Information Network 20 Visits

Media News Media 16 Visitors

The Connecticut Hospital And Affiliates 16 Visitors

Yale University 14 Visits

Lexus Of Greenwich 11 Visits

William Raveis 10 visits

Columbia University 10 visits

CBS Corporation 15 Visits

In total 289 Servers visited Greenwich Roundup Yesterday With optimum online (cablevision systems) Bringing in the most traffic

Of These 3,505 Total Visitors Yesterday, 2337 Were Absolute Unique Visitors

From Marc 28th To April 27th Greenwich Roundup Had:

65,540 Visits Or A Daily Average Of 2,184 Visits Per Day

54,099 Absolute Unique Visitors Or A Daily Average Of 18,033 Absolute Unique Visitors Per Day.
96.032 Pageviews Or A Daily Average Of 3,201 Pageviews Per Day
Time On Site 04:40:53
A lot of Traffic Comes through Greenwich Roundup And reads Mainly About The Greenwich Time And It's Management. For Example If You Search For The Previous Greenwich Time Managing Editor Jim Zebora At Google You Get 522 Results.

Greenwich Roundup Is The Second And Third Result For "Jim Zebora" Greenwich

Jim Zebora: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Jim Zebora, managing editor of Greenwich Time, is a dedicated homebrewer and a contributor to ... Greenwich Time Managing Editor Jim Zebora can be reached ...www.zoominfo.com/people/Zebora_Jim_1598577.aspx - 26k - Cached - Similar pages -

Greenwich Roundup: The daily diary of Greenwich Life - 353 visits - 1:25am
First we had Joe Pisani, then David Warner, then Jim Zebora, then Bruce Hunter and now Bruce McCumber is the new editor of the Greenwich Time. ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/ - 955k -
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Greenwich Roundup: The daily diary of Greenwich Life: 3/1/09
Jim Zebora, managing editor of Greenwich Time, is a dedicated homebrewer and a contributor to Zymurgy, the magazine of the American Homebrewers Association. ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html - Similar pages -More results from greenwichroundup.blogspot.com »
Just Look At This Report From Editor And Publisher Yesterday:

USA TODAY -- 2,113,725 – (-7.46%)

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,082,189 -- 0.61%

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- 1,039,031 -- (-3.55%)

LOS ANGELES TIMES -- 723,181 -- (-6.55%)

THE WASHINGTON POST -- 665,383 -- (-1.16%)

DAILY NEWS (NEW YORK) -- 602,857 -- (-14.26%)

NEW YORK POST -- 558,140 -- (-20.55%)

CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- 501,202 -- (-7.47%)

HOUSTON CHRONICLE -- 425,138 -- (-13.96%)

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC -- 389,701 -- (-5.72%)

THE DENVER POST (02/28/2009 to 03/31/2009) -- 371,728 -- N/A

NEWSDAY -- 368,194 -- (-3.01%)

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- 331,907 -- (-9.88%)

STAR-TRIBUNE, MINNEAPOLIS -- 320,076 -- (-0.71%)

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES -- 312,141 -- (-0.04%)

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- 312,118 -- (-15.72%)

THE BOSTON GLOBE -- 302,638 -- (-13.68%)

THE PLAIN DEALER, CLEVELAND -- 291,630 -- (-11.70%)

DETROIT FREE PRESS -- 290,730 -- (-5.90%)

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER -- 288,298 -- (-13.72%)

THE STAR-LEDGER, NEWARK, N.J. -- 287,082 -- (-16.82%)

ST. PETERSBURG (FLA.) TIMES -- 283,093 -- (-10.42%)

THE OREGONIAN, PORTLAND -- 268,512 -- (-11.76%)


SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE -- 261,253 -- (-9.53%)
These numbers are very simular to the negitive numbers that Joe Pisani was posting. That Is Until They Fired Him Just Over A Year Ago.

Joe Pisani's Greenwich Time and all of these great newspapers had been declining for years.
All of these great newspapers are still declining,and one again were in decline for the six months ending March 2009, according to ABC. The percent change compares daily circulation for the same period ending in March 2008.
Yetthe previously declining the money losing Greenwich Time grew at a double digit rates over the past 12 months
By Why?
Maybe it wasn'tall of the reader intrest and traffic from Greenwich Roundup?
Maybe It was because the Greenwich Time got a new editor about evry 12 Weeks or so.
Maybe the Greenwich time is the fasted growing newspaper in America, becuse it fires a bunch of employese every 90 to 120 days.


You would think that Bruce Hunter would send a thank you note to Greenwich Roundup, but no the idiotic Greenwich Time Managing Editor tried to make Greenwich Roundup stop writing about him and the newspaper.

The thin skinned managing editor wasted Hearst corporation assets in an effort to silence a critic.......

Do you need help ......
I would suggest you join the MBA and we talk.
It just so happens I am in New Rochelle.

Sent from Bob Cox's iPhone

Disgraced And Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Surrenders

Hearst Corporate Lawyer Ravi Sitwalla Called Greenwich Roundup Today And Was Very Professional And Pleasant.

Ravi Listened To Greenwich Roundup Concerns And We Both Agreed To Come To A Mutually Acceptable Solution To Thin Skinned Bruce Hunters Complaints About Greenwich Roundup.

Unfortunately, Greenwich Roundups Cell Phone Was In A Dead Zone In The Greenwich Back Country And Ravi Had To Call Multiple Times As We DiscussedA Resolution To The Problem Bruce Hunter Caused Hearst Newspapers.

Ravi And I Agreeded That.....

Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster And Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Both Have Their Panties In A Bunch.

Greenwich Roundup Spoke On The Phone Twice With Hearst Newspaper Editor Ravi Sitwalla Today To Follow Up On An Email Or Phone Call. Mr. Sitwalla Confirmed That We Had An Understanding And That Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Would Send An Email With Specific Links To Posts That He Thought Might Violate Hearst Newspaper Copyrights.
Hearst Corporate Lawyer Ravi Sitwalla Said He Wanted To Send A Second Email "Clarifying Some Issues".

When Asked About This He Said That Greenwich Time Is Still Upset At The Continued Posts In Greenwich Roundup About The Management Of The Paper.


Freedom Of Speech Lives!!!!!

It Looks Like The Vain And Pompus Greenwich Managing Editor

Bruce Hunter's Plan To Intimidate A Critic Backfired Horribly.


Would Someone Please Wipe That Egg Off Hunter's Face

How Much Longer Is Greenwich Time Publisher

John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster

Going To Keep Bruce Hunter Around?

from Sitwala, Ravi
date Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 6:00 PM
subject Greenwich Roundup Blog
mailed-by hearst.com

I received your voice message. Our primary goal in reaching out to you was to establish an understanding going forward, and I believe that has been accomplished. In terms of existing posts on your blog, while we reserve the right to notify you of posts that we find objectionable, given the large volume of posts, we have not assembled a list of such posts as of now. To the extent that we do provide you a historical list of infringing posts, we will provide you with a reasonable amount of time to review and edit them. In any event, I consider this matter resolved for the time being, and will be in touch with you in the future should we have concerns over future posts or if we have compiled a list of prior infringing posts.

Ravi V. Sitwala

The Hearst Corporation

Office of General Counsel

300 W. 57th St. - 40th Fl.

New York, NY 10019

Tel. 212 649 2006

Fax. 646 280 2006

More Information:

Over And Over Greenwich Roundup Has Tried To Help Bruce Hunter,

Dear Bruce,

It Is Time To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The New Mobile Newspaper
Bruce It Is Time To Stop Being A Media Wimp!

If you want to save the Greenwich Time, go buy An iPhone and learn to love it, then get all of your reporters to join Facebook, FriendWise, FriendFinder, Yahoo! 360, etc.

For the next 90 days only read the Greenwich time on your new iPhone.......

Pleasesend your comments, news tips or press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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