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Saturday, October 4, 2008


To the Editor,

Ok, you made your point for democrats quite nicely. I hope everyone votes on election day.

But I do not consider myself "greedy" or "wealthy". I drive a 2 door 6 year old jeep, I don't belong to any country clubs, and I'm conservative about spending what I've earned. JUST because I make an excellent salary, there was no luck involved. Just hard ass work. When I see about half a million go to taxes, I get pissed off. So, maybe if I was making $50 Million, it would appear better on paper.

FYI, the influx of immigration (both legal and illegal) since 1974 contributes to wide range salary differences. I know b/c I pick up these people's heathcare...and I will continue to until I die. The last time I took my son to the ER in Greenwich, there were 20 or so people ahead of us who were also waiting. Not one spoke English or looked sick or in pain. It took 6 hours to be told my son had a separated shoulder.....

ARE YOU GETTING ANY OF THIS? (ok, it doesn't matter)

Is Greenwich Times or Hershan Acorn hiring? I can't write but they don't care about talent or substance. And I could drop into a better tax bracket.


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