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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Mercury

Prior to inheriting the White House, financial crises were the story of George W. Bush's life. He'd talk college friends into backing a Texas wildcat oil venture, drill some dry holes, then get bought out by Daddy's friends at a profit. Prior to Daddy's friends buying the Texas Rangers, his biggest payday had come from cashing out of a troubled oil company days ahead of a lousy earnings report.

Sure, there was an Securities and Exchange Commission insider-trading investigation, but Poppy Bush was president. So you know how far that went. Joe Conason narrated the sordid tale for Harper's back in 2000, but nobody wanted to hear it. The make-believe Texas rancher was a "compassionate conservative" everybody wanted to have a beer with.

So now we're all in what Poppy once called "deep doo-doo," and the same brilliant economic team that assured us that all was well two weeks ago warns, in Paul Krugman's words, that "the sky is falling, and that to save the world we have to do exactly what it says now now now."

People have often said that if fascism came to America, it would arrive with a smiley face. So maybe it's fitting that if we're going to have Marxist-style fiscal nationalization, it should mainly benefit multimillionaires. Socialism for the wealthy; market discipline for you and me.

Judging by the plan sketched out by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, henceforth to be known as the nation's "Money Czar," he must imagine God as a celestial Realtor with lots of listings in Greenwich, Conn., where Wall Street tycoons erect competing palaces.

A recent New Yorker article by Nick Paumgarten limned the scene. Uncle Scrooge McDuck's mansion would be a teardown opportunity for these jokers. Only one bullion pool to dabble in? Rather like John and Cindy McCain, they require 35,000 square feet, 10-car garages, and indoor and outdoor heated pools, along with movie theaters, basketball arenas, wine cellars, skeet-shooting ranges and servants quarters modeled upon Versailles. Literally.

They're not so much houses as theme parks, the theme being fathomless greed and elemental primate status frenzy: basic chimp stuff. Except, oops, foreclosures are mounting in Greenwich, too.

Money Czar Paulson definitely knows the territory. In 2005, his last full year as CEO of the (now shaky) investment bank Goldman Sachs, he was paid a reported $38 million for helping turn the nation's financial system into a giant shell game, as investors were duped into buying so-called "mortgage-backed securities" based upon bad loans that will never be repaid.

At bottom, Republican economic thinking is based upon two manifestly false ideas: The first, endlessly flogged by Rush Limbaugh and his co-horts, that sharply reducing taxes on people like the Bushes, the Paulsons and the McCains results in increased government revenue and greater prosperity for all. In practice, it's led to staggering budget deficits, decreasing opportunity and rising inequality. More palaces, fewer jobs.

The second is an updated version of the early Christian Pelagian heresy, denying the universality of Original Sin. Always and everywhere denouncing government oversight and regulation of banks, investment firms, brokerage houses and insurance companies, free-market fundamentalists assured us that the financial system was inherently self-regulating.

Gentlemen geniuses presided; greed was a cardinal virtue.

The result was the creation of a gigantic Ponzi scheme. The quaint concept of "due diligence" vanished from the financial system from bottom to top. Fee-churning brokers peddled adjustable-rate mortgages on overvalued real estate to suckers incapable of making the payments, then pawned off the bad loans on speculators who, in turn, repackaged them as (now worthless) securities.

Nobody ever expected to pay. A greater fool would borrow more to buy the property tomorrow.

Fearing collapse, Paulson demands an estimated $700 billion blank check to buy up the bad paper from his Wall Street friends. Here's his idea of taking responsibility: "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Everybody says something like what Paulson proposes must be done; everybody's probably right. Democrats, moreover, aren't without blame. Bill Clinton signed legislation greatly reducing regulatory safeguards in 1999.

We must now pray that the financial wizards who created this maze can find their way out.

Meantime, here's a phrase that should vanish from the language forever: "Republican fiscal conservative."

Earlier this year when it was reported that 4,000 Coneticut families had lost their homes to forclusure the heartless Wall Street Big Shots said it was thier own fault. They should have been smarter they had no business getting a subprime loan in an attept to experience the American dream of owning a home.

There wasn't a damn dime available to these famlies who needed to learn to pick their selves up by ther bootstraps and go find a new place to rent.

But when it is time for the weathy to face the music they scream for corporate wefare.

Worse yet they want a special kind of "corporate welfare patriot act" that will make one of their own a "money czar" in charge of 700 BILLION of our tax dollars with no string attached !!!!

How can Paulson and his Wall Street buddies have the balls to look the taxpayer in the eye and demand this kind of welfare.

Paulson's cprprate welare decsions "may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency".

And here is the puncline.......

Nothing will be given to help families currently faced with foreclosure.
This is outrageos people have been begging for government intervention for a long time and this is not what anyone expected. This is a joke.

With 700 Billion Dollars the government could pay off every single subprime loan in America and millions of families would own their homes free and clear and bank would be paid off, but no this money is going to bail out investors and pay obscene compensation."

All of these Wall Street firms could be bailed out with a package of loans that would cost about 150 Billion, but Paulson needs 700 Billion in corporate welfare to give him "the tools to put confidence in the market."
The lawmakers should remember what Franklin Roosevelt did when hundreds of banks failed.
Roosevelt did not cave into Wall Street.

He wasn't rushed into some kind of shotgun marriage solution.

He closed all the banks and let the government review thier finances.
He called congress into emergency session and secured more than a dozen new laws regulating banks and he provided emergency relief for farmers and homeowners facind forclosures.

Roosevelts responce changed America for the better.

Congress should not reward the very people who created this mess.

Congress should listen to our rightful fury at the Wall Street subslime behind this crisis.

It's time for congress to get mad AND even with these big shots who have not expressed the slightest remorse for bringing the whole economy to a precipice, for striking fear into all decent working people.

Let's fire Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, because on Wall Street he was a driving force for ever more debt, ever more risk, ever fatter bonuses, scoring $38 million for himself in a single year.

It is time to investigate and indict and blame and jail.

The president should tell Wall street to to stabilize it's own damn markets or get ready for the Feds to shut you down.
Wall Sreet has more tan enough money to bail it's own greedy self out. Warren buffet just dropped 5 Billon on Wall Street today as he bought a big chunck of Goldman sachs.

So, let's forget about corporate welfare and start calling in the FBI.

Lets ensure that the subslimeballs do not rake in even more millions.

Forget about this corporate welfare bailout.

Forget the corporate bailout and have the first presidential debate.

As sson as Wall Street sees that there is not going to be a bail out they will buy and sell each other until the market stabelizes.

History has shown that if we do nothing Wall Street will save it's self.
J P Morgan rescued the U.S. national economy in general—and the federal government in particular—on two separate occasions.

Morgan loaned of gold to the federal government in the 1895 crisis, and was involved in the financial resolution of the Panic of 1907.

Let the subslimeballs use their greed and the forces of the market to corect the mess they caused. Let them feel a little pain for a change.

The Greenwich Time has called this a fiancial storm, as if it were nobody's making.

Warren " I Just Spent 5 Billion" Buffett has called it another Pearl Harbor, as if it were a surprise attack by some foreign power.

But those who are primarily to blame are walking among ushere in Greenwich , smug, unrepentant, still rich.

Maybe some government agency will grow some balls and manage to indict these bums for racketeering.

It is time to seize those bonuses and put them in a fund to help homeowners that are in foreclosure..

All four of the outfits the FBI is investigating have been found guilty of fraud in recent years. Fannie Mae big shots concealed more than $10 billion in losses while its executives pocketed huge bonuses.

Freddie Mac fraudulently juggled $5 billion on its books.

AIG paid $1.6 billion to settle a fraud case.

Lehman Brothers was found to have propped up a shady mortgage outfit that fielded former used-car salesmen schooled in mortgage deception.

And we are going to give 700 Billion in corporate welfare to crooks like this.

We had plenty of warnings.
Whatever you want to call this crisis, it was no surprise attack.

Regular folks with basic common sense have long been saying that anything built on unthinkable debt and unconscionable profits is sure to collapse.

The big shots all told themselves they would worry about it later.
Now they are telling us to give them 700 Billion in corporate welfare that has no strings attached and we will worry about it later.

Well, now is later.

Let's get these greedy bastards where it hurts.

It is time for some asset seizures and jail time for the Wall Street fraudsters that live in Greenwich.
It is time for the Feds to foreclose on the Greenwich Mansions of the subslimeballs and help the decent hard working families who are facing forclosure.

By the way,
These are the greedy Greenwich bums that wanted your social security money.


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09/25/08 The 1965 McLaren-Elva M1A "Cro-Sal Special" was the first commercially available sports racer that used V8 engines and new wider tires


The Elva-built McLarens, called M1A to distinguish them from the original McLaren prototype, were campaigned by some of the most famous and successful drivers and teams with a variety of powerplants. Their characteristics reflect the McLaren team's emphasis on simple, straightforward design and rugged construction, traits which had been inculcated into them from years with Cooper.

.... This car sold for $249,000 at the Bonhams & Butterfields sale in Greenwich, Connecticut, on June 8, 2008. Any vintage racer who hasn't had a chance to drive a mid-engined V8-powered sports racer - ...


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09/25/08 Boo Hoo Hoo, Poor Michael Lauer !!!!!

WFLX-TV West Palm Beach

Wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut, is experiencing a rare foreclosure auction of a mansion in its prized back country............


There were no foreclosure deeds recorded in Greenwich from 2003 through 2006, only one last year and four so far this year, according to The Warren Group, which tracks housing trends.

So that's an increase of 300% in foreclosure deeds in Greenwich since last year!

That sounds like an alarming trend that is only getting worse.


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09/24/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Re: Pissy Pisani?

Do not put the real name on this please


I don't want to start a Pisani Parade but who am I to turn down such a theatrical performance?

I have to admit, I'm not familiar w/the Moxley issues, probably because I was reading the Advocate and was focused elsewhere. I do, however, sympathasize w/the family. If a newspaper can't protect the innocent, the young, or the murdered.....what the heck are they there for?
Let's see.

One poster here at Greenwich Roundup said that RC was being too nice to Joseph?

Personally, I think the article did not go far enough.

Every article of Pisani's I have suffered through had a certain air of superiority about it that I found irritating. I don't know one man who wouldn't click on a pop-up at least once, unless they were gay. Is JP gay?

For all the hours he spent at St John's, did he ever consider writing a column w/the slightest edge of christianity? No, he likes to pick on people. Like, 50 year old male divorcees sitting in a bar. Who cares?

The girls I know laugh it off cause a 50 year old divorcee is harmless. According to Pisani, they ae a threat to his daughters. Wake up buddy. You are a threat to your daughters with all the name calling and finger pointing you do, as Editor of The World of Greenwich and Beyond.

"Infidelity" "mistress" and so on. Why do these words pop up in almost every column? Who cares who's doing whom, as long as it doesn't involve someone you love? People cheat. That is just a fact. Why is JP so preoccupied with this topic? Just wondering.

Joe a man of many hats. He has a holy hat, a hat that's full of shit, a crown for the Prince of Pissy (and whoever wote that he is pissy hit the nail on the head) and a hat I'd like to knock off his smug face.

I have endured all the Pisani Print I can swallow.

Someone tell me, how many newspapers/blogs/nonsense does he write (generous term) for? Please name them so I can avoid them

(Edits For This Post Were Made, Because Of Language And To Prevent Identifying The Poster)


Dang it.
This Joe "the Censor" Pisani series of rants were going so well.

But now I partially must be on Joe "the Censor" Pisani's side of the issue.

A year ago, I probably would have agreed that Mr. Pisani's moralizing and the constant wearing of his religious beliefs on his sleeve was distasteful.

However, of late I have become a bit of a Bible thumper.

Before, I would have not thought it appropriate to question what two consenting adults do.

As of late, I have seen what infidelity has done to families members and children.

Often times the easy answer is to break up a dysfunctional family, that results in group of 50 year old divorced men sitting in a bar sharing a drink called loneliness.

In the church I have been attending there I am familiar with a family that was just about as dysfunctional as things could get. The Father, Mother and some of the offspring were using and abusing drugs. The children were having to move into a new home about every other year. Of coarse the husband and wife separated.

Years ago, I would have advised the woman in this situation to get her and her children out of this dysfunctional marriage and to start cleaning up her own life for the sake of her children.

However, I would have been wrong.

This family with the help of the church was able to transform itself. The husband and wife got back together. The drug and alcohol abuse came to an end and the children, became exceptionally well behaved and model citizens here in town.

The oldest daughter, became a doctor and the entire family along with other members of Harvest time church are going to Africa in a few weeks to run a massive medical clinic.

They go every year on these independent mercy missions.

I have repeated heard of and currently seen similar stories at the church I now attend.

Personally, I like many others was a product of a broken home. my father came and went in and out of the house several times, before he finally left for good when I was about seven years old.

My mother was a barmaid that worked two jobs to support my younger sister and I.

Tips from lonely 50 year old divorced guys feed my sister and I. Every morning we would go and wake up my mother and she would dig into her tip jar to give us money for school.

I was the King Of Quarters, while attending elementary school.

To this day I never turn down dropping a dollar into a tip jar. This habit in fact drives my wife nuts. We go to the gas station I am leaving a tip, we stop at the deli for coffee I am leaving a tip, etc, etc., etc......

After school I would pick up my sister and watch her until her bedtime.

Because my mother had to pretty much work seven days there were no family events, vacations or activities. At times life seemed a bit unfair, but I got used to it.

So I can not fault Joe Pisani for expressing his moral views and his desire to discourage adultery and to keep families from taking the easy way out and getting a divorce.

I can fault, Mr. Pisani for unapologetialy denying certain voices in the community access to the newspaper that he headed.

There are many stories I have heard where a person would complain about coverage and Mr. Pisani would tell them to send a letter to an editor that would never see the light of day.

Sometimes, Mr. Pisani would tell someone like Bill Clarke that they were forever banned from the community discussion at the Greenwich Time.

Or sometimes, a persons comments were pulled from one of newspapers website, for saying the newspaper was wrong for not publishing certain pictures, this happened to Chris, who runs the station stops blog.

Worse yet was Joe Pisani allowed the Greenwich Time to be a very media compliant newspaper. Blogger Greenwich Diva has written how Greenwich Time reporters misreported what happened to her when she complained about certain actions the town took against her.

Joe Pisani is so loved by the powers that be, because he kept them from being held accountable to the rest of Greenwich Society.

This year under Joe Pisani's leadership reporter Neil Vidgor refused to publish the copies of the fake beach passes that were given to him.
I had a Greenwich Time Reporter Martin Cassidy say that he was told by the Greenwich Time editors to back off issues I was raising about the Greenwich Police Department, because Police Chief David Ridberg was infuriated with the paper.
Martin was writing a story about how there had been 80 civilian complaints against the Greenwich Police Department over a two year period and how there might be a need for an independent civilian complaint review board in town t handle the complaints.

The center of the story was going to be how illegally appointed Captain Michael Pacewitcz had cleared police officers for a retaliatory search of my wives store, because of posts at this blog.

Pacewitz's so-called investigation involved talking with the officers. Pacewitz refused to take statements from my wife, a customer in our store, witnesses in the neighborhood or myself. The officers were just cleared.

There were many other instances of Pacewitz not conducting proper investigations that would make the police department more accountable.

The example of how my civilian complaint was handled was to be the center of the story.

Police officers started to give Greenwich Time crime reporter Martin Cassidy trouble when he went to get information to look at the police blotter and refused to talk to him about incidents in town.

This Greenwich Time article was killed and never saw the light of day.

Just like the Greenwich Time's independent investigation of the Martha Moxley murder sat in Joe Pisani's desk drawer for over a decade.
Time and time again, Joe Pisani caved in and chose to head a compliant media organization that wouldn't report on controversial issues unless forced to.

The unaccountable politician's and employees loved Joe "The Censor" Pisani, but the victims or critics of town actions were censored.

Almost all of the citizen journalists and commentators in Greenwich had been burned by Joe Pisani and his desire to play it safe and head a compliant media organization.

Joe "the Censor" Pisan''s reputation was so bad in media circles that no other newspaper would hire him as an editor, even though many media investors and owners live right here in Greenwich and knew that Joe "The Censor" Pisani was available to drive another daily newspaper straight into the ground.
For the record, I have gotten things wrong here at times, but when I have I have apologized or at the very least allowed the oppposing view to post, but have you ever seen Joe Pisani ever apologize for keeping the independent investigative story of a murdered child under wraps for a decade?
Did you ever se Mr. Pisani say I was wrong for how I treated the investigative reporter who complained that Moxley story that he worked so hard on was not going to be published?
Have you heard Joe Pisani say I could have done a much better job of allowing all members of Greenwich society to have a voice at the Greenwich Time?
Maybe if Joe reached out to those he hurt, then the postings about him would not be so harsh.
There hae been so many persons who have shared experiences about Joe Pisani, but do not post what happened, because Mr. Pisani now has that free column at the Greenwich Post and they are afraid of getting burned by Pisani a second time.
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/25/08 REAL ESTATE PRESS RELEASE: Palmer Hill Marks 50 Sale Milestone

Palmer Hill Marks 50 Sale MilestoneMaster planned community sees continued sales
(Stamford, Conn.) – September 25, 2008 – Luxury town home and condominium community, Palmer Hill, started 2008 off with a positive outlook on sales and nine months later, demand is still high.
This community of Stamford homes has sold one quarter of its offerings with over 50 sales since September 2007, and 10 sales in August alone.The luxury community boasting 114 townhouses and 81 condominiums is still enjoying steady interest, said Bob Dale, Managing Partner of Buckingham Partners.
“That speaks to the quality of our homes and amenities, and ideal location on the border of Old Greenwich and Stamford.”Tom Ferris is one of the first to purchase and move into a Palmer Hill home: “I looked all over Fairfield County, and couldn’t find anything like Palmer Hill,” Ferris said. “There are very few new town homes in the area so convenient and welcoming.”
He noted the thoughtfulness in the planning of his Avon model; the two car garage, the patio and attention to detail and design, all caught his attention. “The New England and Nantucket inspired style is lovely; it embraces the location of the homes.”
Ferris even chose to include an elevator as an added option in his town home.The location of the Connecticut homes is another benefit for buyers. “I’m right between 95 and the Merritt, so everything is very accessible. My family in New York City and New Jersey can visit too,” Ferris said.
Palmer Hill’s emphasis on choice has sales remaining strong, with five single level two and three-bedroom condo plans, ranging from 1,200 to over 1,800 square feet, and three three-bedroom townhouse plans, ranging from 2,300 to over 3,000 square feet, plus optional finished basement plans to select from. “Our sales are spread across model options and price points,” said Bill McGuinness, Principal of Sun Homes. “This tells us that all of our models are appealing to buyers.”
All homes feature name brand and high quality appliances including Wolf gas ranges, GE Monogram appliances, granite and marble counters. Unique architectural elements include: soaring double story great rooms, skylights that shed rays from the roof to the ground floor, and clerestory windows.A 3,500-square-foot clubhouse, which features a fitness center, business center, and clubroom with a grand fireplace, is also available to Palmer Hill residents.
The town homes and condominiums for sale at Palmer Hill are being offered at prices from the low $500’s to over $1 million. The on-site sales center is now open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (203) 989-0315 or visit http://www.palmerhillhomes.com/.


About Palmer HillNestled in 20 park-like acres where Old Greenwich meets Stamford, Palmer Hill is a luxury community of 114 townhouses and 81 condominiums crafted in the best tradition of New England coastal living. Offered as a partnership from Sun Homes and Buckingham Partners, prices range from the low $500s to over $1 million.
Delivery begins in summer ‘08. The on-site sales center is open daily. For more information, call (203) 989-0315 or visit http://www.palmerhillhomes.com/.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/25/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday

The Greenwich Time's "So Called" News Website Totally Missed This Nationally Breaking Greenwich News Story:

Exchange News Direct

Michael Lauer of Greenwich, Conn., was found liable for violating the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws. In a 67-page order, ...


Hartford Courant

Wall Street Journal

Maybe The Clueless Greenwich Time Is Not On The List To Receive Press Releases From The SEC:

SEC Wins Major Hedge Fund Fraud Case Against Michael Lauer, Head of Lancer Management Group



Washington, D.C., Sept. 24, 2008—The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that a district court judge today granted its motion for summary judgment against the architect of a massive billion-dollar hedge fund fraud.

Michael Lauer of Greenwich, Conn., was found liable for violating the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws. In a 67-page order, The Honorable Kenneth A. Marra, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Florida, found that Lauer’s fraud as head of two Connecticut-based companies – Lancer Management Group and Lancer Management Group II – that managed investors’ money and acted as hedge fund advisers was “egregious, pervasive, premeditated and resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in investors’ funds.”

Linda Chatman Thomsen, Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, said, “This case highlights the SEC’s ongoing efforts to combat hedge fund fraud and our dedicated work on behalf of investors to ensure that hedge fund managers are held accountable for any unlawful conduct.”

David Nelson, Director of the SEC’s Miami Regional Office, added, “We are particularly gratified at this decision, which resulted from several years of hard work to protect investors, starting when we successfully halted the fraud while it was still ongoing.”

Lauer raised more than $1.1 billion from investors and his fraudulent actions caused investor losses of approximately $500 million. The SEC initially won emergency temporary restraining orders and asset freezes against Lauer and his companies, which were placed under the control of a Court-appointed receiver after the SEC filed its enforcement action in 2003.

During the protracted litigation, the SEC successfully stopped Lauer from diverting or hiding millions of dollars of assets from the Court’s asset freeze.

The summary judgment order found that Lauer:

  • Materially overstated the hedge funds’ valuations for the years 1999 to 2002.

  • Manipulated the prices of seven securities that were a material portion of the funds' portfolios from November 1999 through at least April 2003.

  • Failed to provide any basis to substantiate or explain the exorbitant valuations of the shell corporations that saturated the funds’ portfolios.

  • Hid or lied to investors about the Funds' actual holdings by providing them with fake portfolio statements.

  • Falsely represented the funds’ holdings in newsletters.

The judge’s order entered a permanent injunction against Lauer against future violations of Sections 17(a)(1)-(3) of the Securities Act of 1933 (Securities Act), Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act), and Sections 206(1) and (2) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (Advisers Act). The order reserved ruling on the SEC’s claim for disgorgement with prejudgment interest against Lauer, and on the amount of a financial penalty Lauer must pay. The SEC is seeking a financial penalty and disgorgement of the more than $50 million Lauer received in ill-gotten gains from his fraudulent scheme.

For further information, see

Litigation Release No. 18226 (July 10, 2003),

Litigation Release No. 18247 (July 23, 2003),

Litigation Release No. 18991 (December 2, 2004),

Litigation Release No. 19018 (December 30, 2004)

Litigation Release No. 19019 (December 30, 2004);

Litigation Release No. 19042 (January 21, 2005),

Litigation Release No. 19186 (April 15, 2005);

Litigation Release No. 19590 (March 6, 2006);

Litigation Release No. 19661 (April 18, 2006); and

Litigation Release No. 20505 (March 21, 2008).

# # #

For more information, contact:

David Nelson Regional Director, SEC’s Miami Regional Office (305) 982-6332

Glenn S. Gordon Associate Regional Director, SEC’s Miami Regional Office (305) 982-6360

Christopher E. Martin Senior Trial Counsel, SEC’s Miami Regional Office (305) 982-6386


The Greenwich Time Had Better Try And Get On The SEC's Press Release Distribution List.

There Will Probably Be A Lot Of Greenwich Hedge Fund Guy Screwed A Lot Of People Out Of Their Life Savings News Reports From The SEC Over The Next Year Or So.

Here what the Greenwich Time Did Report About Today:

Build us a pool, and you've got an open invitation to do water aerobics. That was one of the more colorful appeals made Wednesday night to the architects of the town's capital improvement plan during a public hearing at Town Hall on spending priorities for the coming year.


Two men vying to represent Greenwich in the state House of Representative cordially refer to each other as "my opponent," but undertones of their comments hint at an increasingly heated race in the 151st District.

Foul territory

The town says a Riverside homeowner who complained that a group of teens crossed the line when they commandeered the municipally-owned lot next to his for an unauthorized Wiffle ball field is over the line himself - the boundary between the two properties.

Town to conduct drug survey

With no quantifiable data on high-risk behaviors among town youth, health department officials are pushing for a survey that would provide some answers.

Roundup: GHS water polo rolls to another win

The Greenwich High School boys water polo team raised its record to 11-0 with a 15-1 win over Hotchkiss Wednesday.

Truck enforcement yields results

"We told you so." Officials and residents who for years sought expanded hours of operation for the truck inspection/weigh station in Greenwich have earned the right to say it.

Wild turkey's behavior is a result of feeding

To the editor:

Contrary to the inference made in a letter to the editor ("Wrong location," Greenwich Time, Sept. 24) and rumored around town, I did not rehabilitate or release the turkey currently residing at Greenwich Point that is at the center of front-page and editorial controversy.

It is not my practice to release any wildlife that is imprinted upon or habituated to humans and domestic animals. I make sure every animal I release is truly wild, will avoid any human approach and is capable of survival in the wild.

"Henrietta" arrived at Greenwich Point in the spring, likely, under her own power, and has been there since. She did not become a problem until later in the summer after people had been hand-feeding her.

I've seen people do so, some from cars. Consequently, she has become conditioned to associate food with people and cars, which explains her current behavior. This is a human-created problem and the turkey has become the true victim as a result.

I have proposed a win-win, humane solution to this unfortunate situation, and am waiting to hear if it's agreeable to all concerned.

The lesson in all of this is: Do not feed wildlife! They do just fine on their own with the food provided in the natural world.

Meredith Sampson
Old Greenwich

The writer is director of Wild Wings Inc., which provides wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education.

Yesterday's results for the daily poll:

Should the town issue bonds to pay for infrastructure improvements and other capital projects?

A) No way. Stick to pay-as-you-go = 102

B) OK, but as long as the town pays the money back in five years or less = 17

C) Definitely. If the town didn't have this hang-up about borrowing, the infrastructure wouldn't need repairs in the first place = 37
Also Read The Latest About Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe "The Censor" Pisani:

09/22/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Pisani is a tool

09/22/08 comments

09/24/08 More Reader Submitted Comments About Joe "The Censor" Pisani

09/24/08 Greenwich Roundup Reader Continues Dialog: ok, you know your quotes....

Let's Put An End To Government Compliant Media Operations In Greenwich:

Here is the "latest" hard hitting report from Joe

Glenville And Hamilton Avenue School Children Have No School To Go To And Joe Spends His Time Writing Junk Like This.....

Dying for work

Written by Joe Pisani

When I was out of work recently, the first thing I did was rent a post office box in a New Hampshire town so small they have more moose than mail carriers.

I wanted to start a new life as a recluse, sort of like J.D. Salinger, and only return to the civilized world to pick up the Sears power tools flyer. It was one of those weird decisions you hope will change things, although the odds are probably better you’ll win Powerball.

As luck would have it, the postmaster needed help and gave me a sales pitch about career opportunities in the Postal Service. He said I could get ahead if I wasn’t afraid to put in the hours and always sorted the mail with a smile.

When you’re on the street, you savor any advice you can get because being middle-aged and jobless makes you feel completely helpless in a culture geared toward 20-something salaries and hairlines.

Just ask my former colleague Ernie (not his real name for reasons that will become apparent). He lost his job, found another job and then lost that job because, as the story goes, his commissions were getting too big and the boss didn’t want to share the pie.... blah .....blah ......blah .....

....Blah .... Blah .... Blah .... Blah .....The good news is the postmaster said Ernie could have a great career in mail delivery, with or without hair, as long as he’s willing to put in the hours and smile a lot.

Where I work now, there’s a lot of gray hair, so I feel at home. My boss believes people with a little maturity actually know something — at least they know enough not to dye their hair.

Can Anyone Show Me Where Joe "The Censor" Pisani Fought The Good Fight And Stood Up For The Weakest Members Of Greenwich Society?

What about the children Joe "I Am A Good Catholic" Pisani?

The children made Jesus smile and laugh.

"I wish everyone were like little children, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these," Jesus said

Would Jesus compliantly sit by at the Greenwich Post as Western Greenwich Children have no school in the land of Multi -Millionaires And Billionaires?

What WILL Jesus Do?

He is going to be afflicting some heartless Millionaires And Billionaires who have been way too comfortable and greedy for far too long.

How can a Billionaire like Paul Tudor Jones sleep comfortably at 1275 King Street as small children are queuing up at the Stop and shop lot to get on buses to go to over crowed schools.

And how can Joe Pisani spend his days writing about his make believe friends in his little self created fantasy world as these families are ignored.

Someday there will be an accounting for the Heartless Multi-Millionaires, Billionaires, Reporters And Editors That Looked The Other Way As The Weakest Members Of Greenwich Society Were Ignored.

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