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Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Wont Read This About The Cos Cob Power Plant Site In The Greenwich Time

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Planning And Zoning Insider That We Will Call Deep Throat Points Out That Greenwich Deputy Director For Planning And Zoning Katie Blankley's Final Cos Cob Power Plant Coastal Site Plan (#4037-C) Says That .....
"The plan still requires DEP approval and permits"
Ms. Blackley's Report Also States That The Project Is Unfunded .....

"This proposal is listed in the Capital improvement Program for funding"

Hearst Newspapers Screws Up Again

The Greenwich Time Reporter Frank MacEachern Wont Tell You That
The Cos Cob Power Plant Site Is Not Ready For Prime Time
In Fact, The CT State Department Of Environmental Protection Sent Former Greenwich Department Of Public Works Head Lloyd Hobbs A 10-16-07 Letter That States ......

"Specifically, you will be impacting tidal wetlands in the vicinity of the proposed lookout and you have neither provided a discussion of alternatives that would avoid impacts nor have you provided justification that is sufficient for this office to accept wetland impacts.
In addition, we note that your application is incomplete. Please refer to additional materials or information that must be provided before we can review this application."
Why Is Planning And Zoning Rushing Through A Project That Has Failed To Get Connecticut Department Of Environmental Protection Approvals?

Why Is Planning And Zoning Rushing Through A Project That Has No Funding?

Could It Be That The Town Is Trying To Push This Project Through In An Effort To Avoid Their Contractual Obligation To Provide Affordable Workforce Housing For Emergency Responders, Teachers And Nurses?

Will The "Not Ready For Prime Time" Cos Cob Power Plant Site End Up Costing The Taxpayers Of Greenwich Another Expensive Lawsuit, Because It Was Rushed Through Without State Approvals Or Funding?

Why Do0es The Town Want To Spend $10 Million Dollars On A Dangerous EMF Radiation And Carcinogenic Filled Project That Has No State Approvals Or Funding When They Can't Afford An Advanced Placement Course For The Gifted Students In Our Public Schools?

And They Can't Afford To Keep 35 Loyal Longtime Public Servants.

We Fired Our Long Term Traffic Engineer, Because He Objected To The Bank Branch Expansion That Interferes With Post Road Travel.

We Fired A Talented Long Term Town Engineer Who Might Have Been The One Reviewing This Ill Conceived Make Work Project For The Construction Cronies Who Have Their Taxpayers Pockets?

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