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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04/21/10 Greenwich Resident Gregory Zach Who Was A Greenwich Police Department Reject Has Been Suspended By The Stamford Police Department

Photo: Brenda Mazariegos was punched in the forehead by an police officer Gregory Zach

Greenwich resident Gregory Zach had been denied a job at the Greenwich Police Department in 2005 because of a background check.

Later Mr. Zach was hired by the Stamford Police Department and received numerous civilian complaints about his conduct.

Now that the Stamford Police Department has completed a 10-months investigation, the Stamford Police Department has suspended an officer after an internal probe substantiated claims that he used excessive force while arresting, Brenda Mazariegos, a downtown restaurant owner.

Stamford Police Officer Zack punched the woman while she was being arrested on charges of driving without a license.

Police Officer Zach will be suspended without pay until July 1, but he must work either in the jail or on the front desk during the midnight shift. When he returns to the force, he must spend 18 months on probation.

Additionally, Zach must adhere to a seven-point plan created by Nivakoff and other police department officials before he can return to active patrol duty. Nivakoff said he could not describe the nature of the seven provisions because such a disclosure would violate health insurance privacy laws.

Some have said the plan requires Officer Zach to deal with mental health and behavioral issues.

Zach's use of excessive force last summer brought the police department's civilian complaint process under scrutiny.

Stamford Police Chief Robert Nivakoff has said the department is working toward revamping both its civilian complaint processes and its interview policies for prospective police officers.

A notice of claim for a civil action against Police Officer Zach and the city of Stamford Has Been filed.
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04/21/10 Greenwich, CT AA will never be the same

We are our stories, so the saying goes. And a classic at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Greenwich, Connecticut has been the speaker tale about putting the finishing touches on a drunk in the Metro North bar car. That was usually after catching the last commuter train back post hours drinking at the Oyster Bar. The next day, they would get up at 5 A.M, take the train into Manhattan's Grand Central, then a subway to Wall Street to their wonderful jobs, and then repeat the Oyster Bar, along with the Metro North bar car.

That could all end. The bar car could be eliminated by Metro North as a measure in cost-efficiency. In NEW YORK Magazine, Josh Duboff reports the horror has already happened in commuter trains to Long Island and Westchester.

On on the Connecticut line is it still possible to audition for AA.

In my novel THE FAT GUY FROM GREENWICH, I position joining AA as a WASPY rite of passage.


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04/21/10 This Greenwich Roundup Facebook Post About Former Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl Needs To Be Updated

Greenwich Roundup Posted At Facebook

Greenwich Roundup Is Very Disappointed At The Fairfield County Weekly Newspaper.

Reporter Erin Holroyd wrote a print feature story on Greenwich Time Investigative Business Reporter Teri Buhl's firing but never interviewed her.

Fairfield County Weekly could have had a better story about local media if they had interview
ed Ms. Buhl.

This clearly shows the sad state of local media in Connecticut ?

No wonder more and more Greenwich residents are getting their news from blogs and social networking sites like Facebook.

The incomplete story is now off of Fairfield County Weekly's homepage.

Why didn't Fairfield County weekly reporter Erin Holroyd mention that the very talented Teri Buhl was quickly hired by Fortune.com ?

Ms. Bulh is actually in a better position at a much more prestigious business news organizations.

She actually reaches more readers now.

You will note that for the record that......

Cowardly Fox Newspaper Reporter Charlie Gasparino,Trader Monthly publisher Randall Lane and Greenwich Time Editor in Chief David McCumber did not return repeated phone calls for comment about their involvement in Ms. Buhl's Firing.

Hearst Business Editor Jim Zebora, when contacted By Fairfield County Weekly, said he had no comment about Ms. Buhl's firing.

Why Are These Media Big Shots Hiding From The Press?

No one respects a news man that can dish it out but can't take it.

If these guys can't take the heat and should get out of the kitchen.


Fairfield County Weekly

As a writer, you consistently run the risk of pissing someone off. For the particularly thin-skinned, writers can be a chronic pain in the ass. One benefit many journalists have is the protection and support of their editors. Former Greenwich Time reporter Teri Buhl says she was not so fortunate.

Buhl wrote a blog on financial news for the Hearst-owned paper. Last month, she was not only fired but her blog disappeared. Her work virtually evaporated, as if she were never employed there.

Why has Hearst chosen to take such a hard line?.....


Fairfield County Weekly Issues A Correction:

We'd like to clarify a number of items in last week's story about the firing of Teri Buhl from the Greenwich Time ('Down the News Hole'), and her claim that her dismissal was the result of blog posts that she had written about Fox Business Network personality Charlie Gasparino.

Until her dismissal, Buhl was a financial reporter for the print edition of the Time and three other Hearst publications as well as a blogger. She has contacted us to let us know that she never received our reporter's e-mail attempts to reach her. Among the items she would have clarified: That Greenwich Time editor in chief David McCumber never stated to her that Gasparino's complaints were not a factor in the firing. In fact, Buhl has consistently stated that Gasparino's complaints to Hearst executives were partially responsible for her being dismissed.

Some Comments At Fairfield County Weekly:

Teri Buhl says ....

I'd like to thank my readers who have spoken out about this and have followed me to the other publications I am writing for now (Fortune.com, Business Insider). You can also read blog views of mine at christopherfountain.com.

John Says....

Buhl was the best thing we'd seen at Greenwich Time in a while. Thank goodness other news organizations had the good sense to pick up her stories - it would be a loss to the street not to have her watchdog eye out there.

As far as Gasparino - it's not like we are seeing anying decent come out of his Fox Business news reports. Who watchs that anyway?

I'd call Buhl the winner in this case.

Kevin says ....

Buhl wrote about Greed and Crooks
Gasparino is a jackass.

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04/21/10 More News About Former Greenwich Time Investigative ReporterTeri Buhl

Former Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl In The Blogosphere:

Attention, Walt: more on Teri Buhl « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
Teri Buhl - The only thing I found really odd in this story is they never tried to interview me. I guess they just thought if Felix Salmon at Reuters was paying attention to it… then what ever he said is true. ...
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.com/

Recently Updated Web Pages About Former Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl:

Down the News Hole - Fairfield County Weekly
Clarification (4/20/10): We'd like to clarify a number of items in last week's story about the firing of Teri Buhl from the Greenwich Time ('Down the News ...
Fairfield County Weekly
by John. Down the News Hole I'd like to thank my readers who have spoken out about this and have followed me to the other publications ... by Teri Buhl ...
Tiger Management - Investor Profile | HedgeTracker
According to Teri Buhl of the Greenwich Time, Steve Mandel's newest long-only fund, Lone Dragon Pine, is proving it might really know what it's. ...
Hearst Corporation - Thanks, Hearst Corporation
... Time Readers An Explanation On Why All Of Teri Buhl's Online Blog Archive Was Taken Down And If It Will Be Back Up. ================================== ...
Greenwich Life Insurance - Bowman & Associates Insurance Agency -
MacDonald · Tourist fell to his death in active volcano in Bali · Why is Greenwich blogger Teri Buhl obsessed with Steve and Alex Cohen? ...

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04/20/10 - 04/21/10 Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Has A PR Problem With The Town's Youth

It Looks Like Police Commisioner Peter Tesei has a public relations problem with the youth of Greenwich.

Maybe it is time for Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg to find better away for his officers to approach the youth of our town.

48 Teenagers and yound adults have joined this Facebook group in the last six hours.


This group is for those who know the Greenwich Police and know how little they do. The Anti - Greenwich Police Group is not for people who rebel against the law or have a dislike for law enforcement,...
Yesterday at 5:14pm · · · Share
Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Here is the group info the kids published .....

This group is for those who know the Greenwich Police and know how little they do. The Anti - Greenwich Police Group is not for people who rebel against the law or have a dislike for law enforcement, it's for those that have seen or had an experience with the Greenwich Police Department and highly disapprove of their conduct.

With a supposed department of about 140 officers, they have little to show for it. Police officers can be seen at Dunkin Donuts, Stabucks and even socializing with other officers on duty, even up to 4 cruisers have been spotted all together doing absolutely nothing.

A lot of crime in Greenwich goes unnoticed by the GPD, from heavy drug trafficking, to assaults, threats and vandalism, this is only to name a few.

Also on a Friday or Saturday night or during vacation, most police can be seen parked and setting up a speed trap. We have listed a majority of speed traps and pictures of undercover cars to help assist you with your traveling in town.

If you are one of the many that know that the GPD do nothing in the town then this groups is for you
Yesterday at 5:17pm ·
Tami McCarthy
Tami McCarthy
The Greenwich PD can hire me and we can turn this situation into a win-win for all. www.TMG-media.com
Yesterday at 5:44pm ·
Joey Eaton
Joey Eaton
I support the Greenwich Police.. if not for their "common sense" handling of the law, I'd probably be in jail since the '70's... I wont name names... but, thanks to all the cops and detectives on the force for knowing the difference between ' kids will be kids" and criminals... (ps..never been in jail)
Yesterday at 7:05pm ·
Barry Ogdon
Barry Ogdon
Try going only up to 10 miles over the speed limit to avoid those "unpleasant" encounters with the GPD!
Yesterday at 7:14pm ·
Joey Eaton
Joey Eaton
Whine, Whine , Whine... try having your car stuck in a snow bank, a keg of 'tapped beer' in your back seat.. and a bunch of drunk passengers tryin to push you outa the snow... and a cop sayin... " leave the car, get outa here, tow it in the morning....
Yesterday at 7:51pm ·
Joey Eaton
Joey Eaton
whiney kids (like you), with parents that sue (like yours) equal cops that play by the 'printed book' ... you built it, live in it
Yesterday at 7:53pm ·
Kimmi Thompson
Kimmi Thompson
Yesterday at 8:10pm ·
J Gregory Raymond
J Gregory Raymond
The words in your first post indicate that the GPD cut you a break or two in the 70's Joey. You are indeed lucky.Not sure that is the case now, and based on the number of people who have jumped on board with the anti-GPD group there seems to be a real rift between the two sides.
Whiney???? People in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks...good post ...
Yesterday at 8:28pm ·
Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly
if you dont like it why don't you just leave and stop b*iching looser. Mabey you have a relations problem considering that ur prob. a hermit that sits on his pc looking at kiddie porn. In case you haven't noticed you work for the Greenwich times, you should have some pride for the GDP. And when your done reading this go down to the gay bar and suck a fat C()CK looser, greenw^ch times has always sucked anyways.
11 hours ago ·
Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Dear Joey and Dave,

There is no need to be hostile to others who comment about the situation.

Your hostile remarks are really not much of a help to the situation that Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg finds himself in.

Kids in Darien, Fairfield, New Caanan and other CT Towns are not forming Anti-Local Police Department Facebook pages and websites.

The problem may have it's roots on how the Greenwich Police Department interacts with students at Greenwich High School.

There are a lot of very poor interactions and arrests at the Greenwich High School for very minor infractions.

This is the police department that had three Greenwich Polive Officers hold gown a 140 pound boy and use a tasser three times, because he wanted to walk home instead of wait in a school administrators office for his parents.

The boy had been suspended for throwing water balloons.

This was all caught on tape.

To this day the Greenwich Police Department has refused to release the video of the kid being held down and repeatedly tassed.

Later the Greenwich Police Department gave the kid a $50,000 bail so that it would be hard for him to get out of jail.

Drunk Drivers who nearly kill someone and leave the the car wreak don't get a $50,000 dollar bail from the Greenwich Police Department.

A man who slaps around his wife in front of his children won't get a $50,000 bail when the Greenwich Police officers are called for a domestic violence dispute.

But a Greenwich Kid who gets suspended for throwing water balloons gets 50,000 volts and a $50,000 bail.

And it is not just kids that are unhappy with the Greenwich Police Department.

The Greenwich Police Department has the highest compensated local police officers - more than any other town in CT.

Greenwich Police officers are better compensated than all of the local police Departments in Westchester County.

The pay is so good that many a New York City Police Sargent or Supervisor has quit that Department in order to become a Greenwich Patrol officer.

Yet these very highly compensated Greenwich Police officers are unhappy with how the Greenwich Police Department is ran.

The Darien, Fairfield and New Caanan Police Departments do not such a huge number of lawsuits filed by unhappy police officers.

Only Greenwich pays millions for highly compensated police officers who are unhappy.

The two year contract extension that Police Commissioner Peter Tesei worked out with Police Chief David Ridberg is almost up.

Maybe, the new Greenwich Police Chief will make positive interactions with the town's youth a priority.
9 hours ago ·
Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly
Well, last time i checked those punk kids were ODing on coke and meth
59 minutes ago ·

Right Now The Youth Of Greenwich Are Debating If They Should Keep Their Anti-Greenwich Police Department Private. Some of the Kids Fear Retaliation From The Police Officers Who Are Sworn To Protect And Serve Them.

Anti - Greenwich Police Group

Justin Serricchio

Justin Serricchio yea lets make this group so the police will arrest MORE kids....dumbass

Yesterday at 8:35pm · · ·
Robin Harrison
Robin Harrison
the first amendment protects this, and if there is a reason for you to be arrested than thats your own fault
Yesterday at 9:11pm ·
Leandro Pablo Sanchez

Leandro Pablo Sanchez thats y u should make this private

Yesterday at 7:39pm · · ·
Andres Moreira

Andres Moreira u know the discussions that u posted was stupid because gpd has facebook accounts and they monitor shit like this...

Yesterday at 6:34pm · · ·

Greenwich Roundup Thinks There Is A Possibility That The Greenwich Police Department Just Might Retaliate Against These Town Kids Who Are Exercising Thier Free Speech Rights.

Perhaps, Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei,Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg, Greenwich High School Resource Police Officer Carlos Franco And Greenwich High School Supervising Resource Police Officer Sergeant Michael Reynolds Should Join This Public Facebook Group And Have An Open, Honest And Transparent Conversation With These Kids.

Greenwich Roundup Has Always Been An Advocate Of Community Policing.

Instead Of Using Facebook To Spy On Greenwich Children, Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Could Use The Social Networking Site To Make Connections And Build Trust.

One Of Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Has Been His Failure To Get Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg To Positively Engage The Youth Of Greenwich.


Greenwich Police Supporter Dave Connolly Is Still Bad Mouthing These Kids Who Are Willing To Stand Up And Be Counted.

Dave Connolley Should Be Proud That These Greenwich Kids Are Trying To Make A Positive Change In The Greenwich Police Department.

Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly
Well, last time i checked those punk kids were ODing on coke and meth


The Greenwich Kids Are Still Debating If They Have A Right To Speak Out About How They Are Treated By The Greenwich Police Department

The Youth Of The Town Are Very Afraid Of Being Harassed And Threatened By Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Police Chief David Ridberg's Police Officers.

But They Are Being Embolden As They Learn That Their Facebook Page Is Protected By The Bill Of Rights.

Robin Harrison For all those that question the legality of this group, please refer to this page for a better understanding of the law that protects this group.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists ...


The Greenwich Facebook Group That Is Demanding That The Greenwich Police Department Start Acting In A More Professional And Courteous Way To The Towns Youth Has Bore Than Doubled In Less Than 24 Hours.

Just Yesterday There Were 48 Greenwich Kids Demanding A Chang At The Greenwich Police Department.

Now Today There 100 Greenwich Kids Who Are Publicly Protesting Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Police Chief David Ridberg's Department.


Did Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Approve This?

Greenwich Roundup Has Learned That The Greenwich Police Department
Has Went To The Anti - Greenwich Police Facebook Group's Creators Apartment Four Times And Knocked On The Door.

The Facebook Page Administrator Robin Harrison Said That He Just Ignored Them Until They Went Away.

This Is Why Greenwich Roundup Is Important To The Town Of Greenwich.

Greenwich Roundup Listens To All Of The Voices In Greenwich Society.

It Is Clear That Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Doesn't Have The Journalistic Balls To Send Out A Reporter To Cover These Brave Kids.

When Is Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Going To Learn That.....

"It is the duty of a newspaper to comfort the afflicted
and afflict the comfortable"


04/20/10 New comment on 04/06/10 Reader Submitted Comments: Greenwich Police....

James has left a new comment on your post "04/06/10 Reader Submitted Comments: Greenwich Police Department Is One Sided ":

I'm surprised the Greenwich Roundup allows such bullshit bias slander to be portrayed on their pages. This is a disgrace.


Dear James,

Greenwich Roundup Allow All Biased Points - Even Yours.

Unlike The Greenwich Time, We Do Not Censor Reader Comments Or Refuse To Publish Letters To The Editor.

Personally Greenwich Roundup Is On The Right Wing Of The Middle Of The Road And With A Strong Radical Bias.

The Greenwich Lametream Media Has Its Own Agenda. They Do Not Want To Print The Facts. They Have An Agenda, They Have A Slant, They Have A Bias. It Is Outrageous To Greenwich Roundup.

The Greenwich Time Has A Right-Wing Bias. And They Also Have An Agenda.

Their Agenda Is: We Will Not Rock The Boat In Town, Because We Are An Adjunct Of The Greenwich Republican Town Committee, And We're Going To Push That Agenda Every Day By Saying Nothing Is Wrong At Town Hall Or At Greenwich The Board Of Education.

Unlike Greenwich Roundup, The Greenwich Time Ignores Many Of The Voices In Greenwich Society.


Recently Paul Curtis, Who Is An Elected Official, Sent Letters To The Editor To Both Of The Hearst Newspapers.

Both The Greenwich Time And The Greenwich Citizen Refused To Print The Letters, Because Mr. Curtis Was An Elected Official In The Wrong Political Party.

Local Republican Leaders Had Already Made It Clear To Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber That They Were Unhappy With The Greenwich Time's Coverage Of RTM ModeratorTom Byrne's Underhanded Last Minute Voting Manipulation Trick.

So RTM Member Paul "I Was Robbed" Curtis' Letter To The Editor Was Not Published.


04/08/10 Complaint Corporate Media Is Greenwich: The Three Local Rags Ignore Many Greenwich Voices

The Silence Of The Greenwich Media Lambs

There Is Nothing To Report Here


The Greenwich Citizen, The Greenwich Post And The Green Kitty Litter Liner Known As The Greenwich Time Are Afraid To Rock The Boat Of The Powers That Be In Greenwich

Last week this editorial was sent it to all the print media in Greenwich. Interestingly, two corporately owned newspapers stated they would not publish it, and the other newspaper has not published it still.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Should Require That All Three Greenwich Newspapers Paste The Following Warning On It's Masthead:


This Newspaper Is Owned By
An Out Of Town Corporation
And Lacks The Diversity, Skeptism
And Alternative Points Of View
Required For A Democracy.

Here Is The Editorial That Hearst And Acorn Newspapers Have Censored From The Voters Of Greenwich......

The Power of the Assembly

The Representative Town Meeting (RTM), as a deliberative society, undertakes the onerous task of balancing the wishes of those we represent with the goal of making decisions for the good of the community as a whole. This balancing, like any debate, will have proponents and opponents whose desires are at odds with each other. The task put to the RTM and its members requires orderly and fair discussion and debate of the questions and issues at hand. Without rules and procedures, the discussion can quickly descend into chaos.....

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