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Friday, January 4, 2008

01/04/08 - Greenwich Police Officers Sit On The Post Road Looking For Burned Out Tailights In Hopes Of Making A Drug Arrest

The Byram Police Officer's Sit On The Post Road Looking For Burned Out Tail Lights In Hopes Of Finding Drugs In Cars That They Pull Over.

Yet When Someone Dies Of Drugs In Byram, The Police Do Not Go After The Drug Suppliers.

For example....

The John Bria "Drug Murder" Case In Byram.

John J. Bria was a 19 year old boy who had a membership in a fitness club and some say even worked out with a personal trainer.

John's friends described him as very health conscious.

This Byram boy earned an associate's degree.

He sent out resumes while working for his father's landscaping business. He even had an internship at a recording studio.

This was a 19 year old Byram boy that was looking to have a wonderful future and many say his family was very proud of him.

John was not known to be a hard drug abuser.

But in January of 2004, lots of hard drugs
-- including Prozac, cocaine, marijuana and Clonezepam, an anti-seizure medication -- were brought to the Bria household.

After a night of drugs John's father found him dead in his room the next day.

It looked like John's room had been set up.

Credit cards were left conspicuously on a nightstand, on an armrest, on an amplifier. Several ashtrays were empty or wiped clean.

There was a small silver pipe on his pillow next to his head. There were no ashes on the pillow.

An autopsy revealed heroin and cocaine in Bria's body.

The medical examiner who conducted it resigned in disgrace after taking a bribe in another case. His findings have been challenged. Later tests found codeine in John's body.

Police found a sealed cellophane wrapper containing 19 Prozac pills and 6 Clonezepam in the Bria bedroom, along with eight glyceine bags containing drug residue.

In almost any town in America these facts could generate arrests on charges that would range from drug possession, drug sales and up to homicide.

Yet the Greenwich Police Department Just Closed The Case, no one was arrested for all of those hard drugs.

The Greenwich Police Know That
Katie Hanscom, Megan Caron, Jason Cunningham and Savannah Lamotte spent time with John the night of his death.

The Greenwich Police also know that Jason's Cunningham's mother, Donna Cunningham, picked up her son the morning after the murerous party.

The Greenwich Police have taken statements from these druggies who refused to call 911 and get John medical attention.

Could John have been saved?

It is very possible?

Should these irresponsible druggies who covered up a murder, be prosecuted for the death of John?

Most definitely.

Are the Greenwich Police intimidated because Megan Caron's father is a rich Hollywood big shot?


Let's Face the facts.
This wouldn't be the first time Greenwich cops backed off from a celebrity.

The Proof is that the Greenwich Police Department refuses to reopen the Byram Drug Murder Case.

It is not so contavercial, sitting on the Post Road looking for poor folks and minorities who have burned out tail lights.

Heroin Murder's With Rich Daddy's Are Not Held Accountable In Greenwich, because the Greenwich Police Department is looking for burned out car tail lights on Putnam Avenue.

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