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Monday, October 6, 2008

10/06/08 Greenwich Video Dump: FALLOUT ON MAIN STREET PART 1: GREENWICH, CT

People all across the country are suffering the fallout from Wall Street's financial H-Bomb. ANP producer David Murdock and McClatchy Newspaper journalist Tony Pugh have set out on a journey across America to see how the nation is coping.

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10/06/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post Or The Greenwich Citizen

All Three Greenwich Newspapers Have Forgotten All About The ....

Greenwich Millionaire Murder Mystery Case

Hartford Courant

Associated Press

STAMFORD, Conn. - A lawyer for the widow of slain Greenwich real-estate developer Andrew Kissel says a Superior Court judge has thrown out half of the claims filed against her in a lawsuit by two insurance companies.

Andrew Kissel was killed in 2006 just days before he was scheduled to plead guilty to forging documents to obtain more than $16 million in loans from banks and mortgage companies.

Stamford attorney David Rubin says Judge John Blawie on Monday threw out claims that Hayley Wolff Kissel aided and abetted her husband by not telling anyone about the crimes.

A six-person jury must still decide whether she was "unjustly enriched."

The lawsuit was filed by Fidelity National Title Insurance and Chicago Title Insurance companies, which had issued title insurance to several banks that gave Andrew Kissel mortgages.

Where Is Grenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin "I Am Having Trouble Telling Time" Cassidy?????


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10/06/08 Greenwich Video Dump: The Greenwich Academy Madrigal Singers

The Greenwich Academy Madrigal Singers on their June 2008 Greek Tour, singing "Fields of Gold" by Sting.

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10/06/08 The Police Blotter Via The Greenwich Post


John Coen, 44, of 81 D Sherwood Place was arrested Oct. 3 and charged with disorderly conduct and fourth degree sexual assault. Police said Coen turned himself in on an outstanding warrant stemming from a reported Aug. 16 incident. A woman told police Coen touched her inappropriately in an Old Greenwich bar. Coen was released on a $700 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 10.


A 49-year-old Greenwich woman was arrested Oct. 3 and charged with risk of injury to a minor, interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct. Police responded to a report of an intoxicated woman threatening her 13-year-old son. Police said the woman was intoxicated do the point that she couldn’t comprehend that the officers were there to check on the welfare of her son. She became belligerent and started screaming and ran up the stairs in an aggressive manner screaming at her son, who was frantically crying as he ran to his room. Police said an officer grabbed the woman’s left wrist to stop her and she took a swing at him, grazing his shoulder. The woman was held on a $1,000 cash bond and due in court Oct. 6.


Robert Berwick, 40, of 73 Weaver St. was arrested Oct. 4 and charged with second degree breach of peace. Police had been sent to Greenwich Library after receiving complaints that Berwick had been following people and videotaping them. Police later took him into custody at his home. Berwick was released on a $5,000 surety bond and is due in court Oct. 14.


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10/06/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed

Greenwich School Superintendent Betty Strenberg Is Laughing All The Way To The Bank As Out Of Touch School Board Members Reward Her Failure

The Top Greenwich Blogger Post For Today:

Heast Newspaper's Sends It's Failures Packing.

The Greenwich Board Of Education Takes A Different Approach ......

Greenwich Gossip

Betty Sternberg Gets a Raise?!

By Bill "The Scribe Of Greenwich" Clark

Well, a "performance" bonus, at least. Yes, dear reader, incredible as it sounds, the Board of Ed voted Betty a salary bonus of $3,500 by a vote of 6-2. At least one of the negative votes came from someone who thought the bonus should have been larger.

At this point, Betty's salary and benefit package is reported to be in excess of $290,000 per year. That's almost $25,000 a month, dear reader. About $6,000 a week. Well more than a thousand dollars a day. And for this we get falling test scores, construction cost overruns, two homeless elementary schools, unprecedented dissatisfaction and unrest among teachers and townspeople, and no end in sight to any of it. What's wrong with this equation?

Your scribe will never understand why the Board of Ed doesn't bite the bullet and simply fire Betty. It would have saved the taxpayers of this Town well over half a million dollars and incalculable anguish if the Board had just left the position vacant for these past two years.

But now they have given her a bonus, and apparently plan to keep her around to wreak more havoc for a third year. What's the old phrase about putting the inmates in charge of the asylum? Sounds like a pretty good metaphor for what's going on in Greenwich these days....

The Greenwich Blogger Show Off Award

Goes To .......

Rock Star Diary

flight tales

By Jocelyn

guess what? American Airlines has Internet on their planes now. I'm blogging from 30,000 feet. I'm just here to tell you that there is a major asshole sitting...

...Update 1Revenge is bitter sweet.So you know those little vials of perfumes that department stores use to give you free samples? Well I got a vial of VILE Chanel#5 last week. It was still in my purse. Hee hee......

The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed Continues:

Blogs That Are About Greenwich Or Are Written By Bloggers Who Live, Work Or Used To Live In Greenwich..........

For What It's Worth
- Yelling fire in a crowded theatre? A supposed financial guru, Jim Kramer, warns investors to pull their money out of stocks. I don't watch TV and this man...

The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
Pardon the mess... - ...blog renovations in progress.

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Baby Lapsit Registration - *When:* Monday October 6th, 2008 - All Day Open enrollment begins October 6 for Baby Lapsit for infants up to 12 months with a caregiver. Five-week Fall Se...

Greenwich News
Grenwich Time Can't Keep Time - *Apparently Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassidy Paniced In The Tense Newsroom That Was Only Days Earlier Purged Of Failed Editor David Warner Wh...

Greenwich Forum
October 3, 2008 - Greenwich Citizen - News - 1 Comment, last updated on Monday Oct 6 by BPTPopo

The Harvest From Harvest Time Church On King Street
Day 18: Showing forth His praises - And at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem they sought the Levites out of all their places, to bring them to Jerusalem, to keep the dedication with gla...

Greenwich Diva
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The Daily Spurgeon
The expected fruit - You cannot join a Church without taking upon yourselves very solemn responsibilities. What do you desire when you come to see us, and ask to be admitted ...

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
"Desperate Housewives" - Wisteria Lane Grows Up - This season the girls on Wisteria Lane have grown-up problems. Instead of scheming with each other et al. for male attention, status, and more money, they are...

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10/06/08 Greenwich Video Dump: What's His Name?

Live Performance at the Mid-Point Cafe, Greenwich, CT

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10/06/08 Congress Drags Dick Fuld Out Of His North Street Compound And Forces Him To Testify

Early this morning, former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld woke up in his sprawling Greenwich manse, pulled off his footie pajamas, gargled, and plucked the errant hairs descending over his brow in preparation for his first public appearance since September 10, five days before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. He was due to testify in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform at 10 a.m. this morning, where he would be expected to defend himself against allegations that the firm misled clients and investors about the extent of its losses in the days leading up to its declaration of bankruptcy — and it was fair to say he had butterflies, in particular about that time his CFO told investors they wouldn't be seeking extra capital because "our capital position at the moment is strong" the day after they'd decided internally they needed to raise $3 billion dollars. That would be awkward.

Meanwhile, down in Washington, D.C., committee chair Henry Waxman bounded out of bed. He'd been looking forward to this all weekend. "We need to understand why Lehman failed and who should be held accountable," he'd written in an e-mailed statement the day before. The company's implosion "sparked a financial crisis on Wall Street that is causing massive economic disruption … The taxpayers are being asked to pay $700 billion to bail out Wall Street. They are entitled to know who caused the meltdown and what reforms are needed." Waxman opened his secret closet. He regarded the lube, nipple clamps, and baseball bat, and smiled ruefully, then closed the door. Not this time. This time, words would have to be enough. The hearings "are all about rich people getting money," Congressman Darrell Issa explained to Bloomberg. "Henry Waxman hates rich people."


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10/06/08 Breaking News (Updated): Greenwich Bike Rider Killed At 11:30 Last Night. ----- Or THE GREENWICH TIME CAN'T KEEP TIME

A deadly bike accident occurred last night in Greenwich.

(Bob Luckey/Greenwich Time Photos)


The Greenwich Police Department Has Launched An Investigation and are looking for and interviewing any potential witnesses.

Greenwich Police Departments Traffic Division Has Closed Sheepshill Road As They Try To Dev elope Evidence By Reconstructing The Death Scene.

A Man has been killed. The car hit the victim then crashed into a telephone pole down the street.
According to a death scene witness bike parts littered the road, as well as, one of the biker's shoes.

The Greenwich Police Department Says Sheephill Road Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice.
More Details And Updates To Come:

Update #1 - 7:50 AM

There Is Nothing From The Greenwich Citizen
Or Greenwich Post.

There Is Only A Brief Posting
At The Greenwich Time.

Fatal pedestrian accident remains under investigation

Staff report

Article Launched: 10/06/2008 07:45:33 AM EDT

GREENWICH - Sheephill Road remains closed to traffic as police continue their investigation of a fatal accident involving a pedestrian near the intersection of East Putnam Avenue.

The accident occurred late Sunday night.

Greenwich police are expected to release more details of the accident later Monday morning.
Who is right Cablevision News !2 Or The Greenwich Time?
Was The Victim A Bycyclist Or Pedestrian?

Update #2 - 10:39 AM:


Greenwich Time Crime News reporter manipulates news website

time logs to make it appear that Hearst Newspaper story was filed

earlier than it was

Not only did Martin Cassidy get the time wrong

he also got the story wrong.

The Hit and run victim was a bicycle rider not a pedestrian.

Greenwich police investigating fatal pedestrian accident

By Martin B. Cassidy

Staff Writer

Article Launched: 10/06/2008 07:45:33 AM EDT

GREENWICH -Greenwich Police are investigating an accident which killed a man on Sheephill Road near the intersection of East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich Police Sgt. Timothy Berry said.
The accident occurred just before midnight Sunday when the car travelling north on Sheephill Road struck a male victim, Berry said.

Sheephill Road was closed from midnight to 8 a.m. while the investigation was conducted, Berry said. Berry did not release additional information about the operator of the car or the circumstances of the accident.

"It's an ongoing criminal investigation,"Berry said.

UPDATE #3 - 11:50 AM:


Greenwich Time Crime News reporter manipulates news website

time logs to make it appear that Hearst Newspaper story was

filed earlier than it was.

Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassidy still

gets his time logs wrong,

but he corrects his pedestrian screw up.

20-year-old town man struck and killed by car

Bicyclist struck on Sheephill Road

By Martin B. Cassidy

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/06/2008 07:45:33 AM EDT

GREENWICH -A 20-year-old unidentified Greenwich man was killed late Sunday night when he was struck by a car on Sheephill Road near Sound Beach Avenue Extension while riding a bicycle, Greenwich Police Lt. Daniel Allen said.

Police responded to a 11:46 p.m. 911 call about the accident and found the man lying in the street, according to police. The male driver of the car, whose identity police withheld, was also on the scene and told police he had struck the bicyclist, police said.
A criminal investigation of the accident is ongoing, Allen said yesterday.

The Office of the Chief State's Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the victim's cause of death, according to police.




Update #4 - 12:20 PM

The Greenwich Post Reports On The Fatal Death On Sheeephill Road

Police investigate fatal collision

Breaking News

Posted 12:11 p.m. Monday, Oct. 6, 2008

Police are investigating the death of a local man after a car accident on Sheephill Road Sunday night.

The victim’s identity has not been released pending the notification of family, but Public Information Officer Lt. Daniel Allen told the Post this morning that he was a 20-year-old town resident who had been traveling on a bicycle when he was hit by a car. Lt. Allen would not comment on any more specifics because of the ongoing investigation.

According to police reports, a 911 call was received at 11:46 p.m. Sunday night reporting an accident involving a car and a pedestrian on Sheephill Road north Sound Beach Avenue Extension. Police, paramedics and the fire department all responded to the scene and reports state police found the man lying on the shoulder of Sheephill Road “obviously deceased.”

Police said another man, who identified himself as the driver, was found standing nearby. The driver’s name has not been released yet. The state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner took possession of the body and an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

A criminal investigation is underway by the police department’s Traffic Division. The division’s Collision Reconstruction Unit responded to the scene and Sheephill Road was closed between Sound Beach Avenue Extension and Old Orchard Road from midnight until 8 a.m. this morning to allow investigators full access to the scene.

Lt. Allen said that while the investigation is a criminal one because of the fatality, the driver won’t necessarily face charges. That will be determined by the investigation.

Check Greenwich-post.com for more information as it becomes available.





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10/06/08 The Black Fives Drops In On David McCullough At The Greenwich Library

By Claude Johnson

The title of David McCullough’s sold out lecture last night in the Cole Auditorium at Greenwich Public Library was “You Are What You Read.” The lecture, which was free to the public, was part of our local library’s Distinguished Lecture Series, made possible by the generous contributions of private donors.

McCullough is exceptional, of course. He’s one of the most successful and honored historians of all time. He’s a best-selling author who’s won the Pulitzer Prize twice, and who has so many other awards and accomplishments that one could write a whole book about the guy.

Speaking for an hour and a half, McCullough covered all kinds of topics.

He discussed his book, John Adams, and the context in which our Founding Fathers operated insofar as the role of books, intellect, and honor.

He reviewed how books have changed people’s lives.

He shared some thoughts and observations about President Truman, the first and only president who didn’t go to college, but who was more well-read than any president of the last century.

He believes our leaders should be readers, and that our presidents ought to be smart and well-read because they have to explain ....


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10/04 - 10/06/08 The Raw Weekend Greenwich News Feed Continues (Updated)

Greenwich Roundup Is Like The Old E.F. Hutton Brokerage.
When we talk Greenwich employees, media,
politicans and residents listen to every word.


When Greenwich Roundup Speaks

Hearst Media Listens





Staff report

David Warner, editor of Greenwich Time and The Advocate, resigned on Friday.

"My wife and I have been yearning to return to our home in the Philadelphia area," Warner said.

Warner has been the editor of both newspapers since June, and has overseen many changes during his editorship.

In his short time here, Dave instilled some new disciplines in the planning and graphics of our papers, both of which I am certain we will continue," said Greenwich Time and The Advocate Publisher John Dunster. "I understand Dave's decision and wish him and his wife, Lil, nothing but the best."

The newspapers will be commencing a search for Warner's replacement.

"I have confidence that the editorial teams at both The Advocate and Greenwich Time will continue their long tradition of producing outstanding newspapers for our communities," Dunster added. .... Blah ..... blah ..... blah ...... blah ......
For 4 Months Greenwich Roundup has been on David Warners rear end and Hearst Media Big Shot George Irish and Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster have been listening as Greenwich Roundup was the main voice in Greenwich making the case that David Warner has made a bad newspaper worse ......

Please See:

It's Time To Take George Irish And David Warner To
Greenwich Roundup's Webmaster University.

Hearst Media Publisher George Irish
And Editor David Warner Are Once Again

Treating Greenwich Time Website Users Like
A Red Headed Step Child

For the longest time Greenwich web surfers were so frustrated with the Greenwich Time's lazy web master who contantly had trouble getting things up.

They would log on at 6 AM and see yesterday's news.
They would log on at 7 AM and see yesterday's news
They would log on at 8 AM and see yesterday's news
They would log on at 9 AM and see yesterday's news

Many times they were waitinguntil 10, 11 or even after noontime for the Greenwich Time web master to hit the send button and update the Greenwich Time website.

The thing that make Greenwich web surfers the so angry is that they knew that at about 10 PM of the pervious night the enire Greenwich Time was digitized and sent to Bridgeport to be printed.

The content was digital all the web master had to do was hit the send button to post the digitized articles. When Hearst Media Publisher George Irish And Editor David Warner took over the newspaper they agreed with the Greenwich Time website users and changes were made.

The website started posting updates and breaking news through out the news day and most of the Greenwich Time articles was posted by 1 AM in the morning.

But then the Greenwich time started steping back away from the providing it's website users with improved service. First there were few and few updates and the bulk of the news stories started to be posted at 2:30 AM in the morning.

Then the majority of the news articles are posted when ever the reporters and the web master happen to show up for work. Sometimes Greenwich Time website users must wait while the webmaster waits for the coffee to brew.

Mainstream Greenwich Time Education Reporter Colin Gustafson And Betty Sternberg Both Get Big Fat F's. Colin Gets An F for letting The Board Of Education Spoon Feed Greenwich Parents Misinformation About The Harris Survey Via His Pitiful Reporting.

A Citizen Journalist Bill Clark For Going Down To The School Administration Building And Actually Picking Up A Copy Of The Harris Survey And Independently Interpreting The Data With Out BOE Communication Director Kim Eves Spin.

If Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Was Worth His Salt He Would Walk Over To Cub Reporter Colin Gustafson Desk And Say, "Show Me Your Copy Of The Harris Survey."And When Armature Reporter Colin Gustafson Could Only Show Him Board Of Education Press Releases About The Survey.

Colin Should Be Shown The Door And Given Information On How To Reach The Other Fired Greenwich Time Employees At Our Greenwich .

Why Isn't Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Smart enough to hire real talent like Citizen journalist Bill "The Scribe Of Greenwich" Clark who is not afraid to bring the Greenwich school parents and the single family homeowners this exclusive news story:

By Bill "The Scribe Of Greenwich" Clark

Behind The Times:

Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Is Still Clueless About School Board Member Michael Bodson's Hamilton Avenue School Email Concerning Mold.

Please See Greenwich Post Story:


Aghhhh!!!! Get out the umbrella's
the water leaks have returned to Ham Ave !!!!!!!
We Are all going to get sick again!!!!!!!

It looks like Bill Clark at Greenwich gossip was right to call the local daily rag the "Yellowich Time". Just read these "so-called" news stories that sound like reguritated Town Hall press releases:

Instead Of Fire Drills Hamilton Avenue Students And Teachers Must Practice Open Your Umbrella Indoor Drills. Hamilton Avenue Students Must Live In Fear That The Mold Will Return And Make Them Sick Once Again.
However, Glenville PTA Leaders Are Demonstrating A More Positive Attitude By Planning To Make Green Lemonaid Out Of Modular Mold Spores.

Behind The Times:

Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Is Still Clueless About School Board Member Michael Bodson's Hamilton Avenue School Email Concerning Mold.

09/04/08 You Wont Read These Greenwich News Stories In The Greenwich Time (Updated)

Once Again Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Missed An Opportunity To Deliver ALL The LOCAL News To The News Hungry Residents Of Greenwich !!!!!

Late Morning Update:
These Stories Have Just Been
Released On The Greenwich Time Web Site

All Of These Stories Were Available At
10:00 PM Last Night When The Paper Was Published
At The Connecticut Post Facility

Yet, the Lazy Web Master At The Greenwich Time
Treats The Greenwich Times' Web Site Users
Like Red Headed Step Children.

Doesn't Greenwich Time Editor David Warner
Know That The Internet Is The Papers Only Salvation?

Even, If David Warner Folds The Greenwich Time
And Also Folds The Stamford And Norwalk Advocates
Into The Connecticut Post

He Is Still Going To Need The Internet
To Save These Combined Newspapers.
For months I have been warning Greenwich Time readers that there is a very good chance that The Greenwich Time will probably soon be a Riverside News Bureau Of A Greatly Expanded Connecticut Post.

I know there are a few soon to be converted subscribers that think the Greenwich Time is healthy as a back country horse, but have they looked at the Greenwich Time Real Estate web page lately.

It's been combined with the Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate and Norwalk Advocate real estate pages.

The page doesn't even have the Greenwich Time Green in the header anymore. It's kind of like a Norwalk Advocate RED now.

Have you also seen how the has all of a sudden, your Greenwich Time Events Calendar became kind of a Coneticut Postish, sort of like a Fairfeild County - Events Calender?

Clifton (20)
Ramsey (3)

Is it possible that web news articles come out earlier at the Connecticut Post for a reason?
Why do Greenwich Time web users get a couple of stories that were ready at 10:00 PM at 2:30 AM and then a few more 10 hours later in the day.

When Is The Greenwich Time Going To Wake Up And Notice That All of the New York Daily Newspapers put their news up on the web as it happens, there is no 12 to 24 hour web delay.
In fact, the New York Times earns half of it's profits on it web properties

The Los Angeles Times, doesn't even put out a bulky Sunday real estate section anymore, it's 100% on the Internet.

Well Anyhow, here are the belated local news stories from the paper that is


This Story Was Available On The Front Page, since it was published last night, but the pitiful Greenwich Time web master did not manage to get it up until.....
Article Launched: 09/04/2008 07:58:10 AM EDT


Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Was Last Seen At The Greenwich Library Asking The Ladies At The Information Desk For Help In Finding The Book,"Blogging For Dummies"

The New Greenwich Time Editor Bill Clark Sends Sarah Littman To The Greenwich Library With A Camera, But Mr. David Warner Flee Out The Backdoor.

Greenwich Library Patrons Are Rolling On The Floor Laughing Their Rear Ends Off As Startled Librarians Are Forced To Call The Greenwich SWAT Team To Restore Order And Decorum
BY : Bill "The Scribe Of Greenwich" Clarke

Stamford Advocate

By David Y. Warner

....David Warner is probably not aware of the Greenwich Times long history of censorship in town.....

Please read:

Previously, I had commented on these stories on the Stamford Advocate website and let their confused readers know that I had the images discussed on my website. However, my comments seem to not be appearing on the Stamford Advocate website anymore ....

......An ostrich with its head deep-buried in the sand would have been an apt image of Yellowwich Time. There was a rumor circulating for many years that the paper was published in the basement of Town Hall, so that all the bent or incompetent politicians could censor everything before it was printed.
And woe betide anyone who dared to question the status quo or rock the boat in Town; all the blunderbusses of the illiterate reporting and editorial staffs would be leveled at him or her in a effort to belittle, discredit, and smear the offender. In this town in those days it was lockstep or nothing.Which is why your scribe once told Bill Rowe, the then-owner of the rag, that the paper should change its masthead color from green to yellow. Why, he wanted to know? So that it would reflect the color of the journalism you publish, replied your scribe.
Rowe walked off in a huff; and from that day forward the Local Rag has adamantly refused to publish anything written by your scribe - who had thitherto been one of the more popular letter writers in Town.

.....And There Are Many Many More Instances.However, If Greenwich residents would like to comment about local issues they can do it with out the heavy hand of David Warner here....

08/14/08 WAKE UP GREENWICH TIME!!! Where is the coverage? Greenwich Time Reporters Are Out-To-Lunch!!!!!

Here's the HOTTEST STORY of the Summer - now attracting global attention, with hordes of German, Austrian & Swiss press (among other European media) arriving in Boston to cover the Crockafellah Case - and local Greenwich Time reporters are busy reading the Lands' End Fall catalog.

It's Not That The Greenwich Time Reporters Are Too Lazy To Go Out And Cover The Story
It's That They Just Don't Give A Damn

******************************************************* .

It is A Damn Shane That Christopher Chichester, Christopher Crowe, Christopher Montbatten, Clark Rockefeller or Whatever He Is Calling Himself Today, Did Not Send Out A Press Release To The Greenwich Time Editor.

Then The Greenwich Time Could Have Ran Mr. Crockafellah's Press Release Through The Spell Checker Before Publishing It On The Web.

At Least Greenwich Time Readers Would Not Have To Learn About What The Crockafellah Did In Greenwich On....

The Geraldo Rivera Show!!!!

It's Up To Citizen Journalists And Local Bloggers To Step Up To The Plate And Crack Greeneich Crockafellah Story Wide Open For The Greenwich Time

1) ''JOHN DOE" (aka Christopher Chichester, Christopher Crowe, Christopher Montbatten, Clark Rockefeller, etc.) arrived in the Tri-State area sometime around May 1985. Using numerous aliases, "JOHN DOE" reportedly lived & frequented & worked in the vicinity of Greenwich CT in the late 1980s. Investigators said at the time that "JOHN DOE" was a con man who often "surfaces in affluent neighborhoods and mingles in social circles by making friends with wealthy influential people. He often volunteers for good causes like raising money for charity," a sheriff's press release said at the time. For example, he was seen at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, and probably attended a highly-regarded Protestant church.

2) Among numerous residences occupied under a variety of pretexts & aliases, "CROWE" may have lived near/on LOCH LANE at some point in the late 80s. In this period, he reportedly drove a '65 Chevy and perhaps garaged another vehicle - a WHITE PICKUP TRUCK (1984? model) - somewhere in the Tri-State area. LA Police are especially interested to know anything about this vehicle, where it was parked or garaged, etc.3) Please examine the WANTED! poster and if you have any detailed information about this individual, his whereabouts or activities in Connecticut between 1985-89, please contact LASD police immediately, at (323)890-5500 to speak with Sgts Bobby Taylor or Timothy Miley regarding Case# 094-00061-3199-011.http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvcrime/2008/08/chichester-rockefeller-the-wan.html
It's Time For Greenwich Time Editor David Warner
To Wake Up!!!!

When is David Warner, the new Greenwich Time Editor, going to get some reporters with the journalistic balls to cover NATIONAL news stories about Greenwich.
David Warner, previously metro editor of The Rockford (Ill.) Register Star and his reporters have to read about Greenwich Crockafellah Case in the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.
Warner has also been deputy metro editor of The Detroit News and these reporters have to read about the Greenwich Crockafellah Case in the International Herald Tribune and the Times Of London.
Mr. Warner was editor of the Trentonian in Trenton, N.J. and they have to read about the Greenwich Crockafellah Case in the New York and Los Angeles Times.
Would David Warner Have Ignored The Greenwich Crockafellah Case if he was still the city editor of the Philadelphia Daily News; or the editor of the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pa?
Surely, David Warner would not have sat on the Greenwich Crockafellah Case when he was the city editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Why can't all of the reporters at these papers read what their old boss thinks about the Greenwich Crockafellah Case.However. all of these reporters can go and see how a real editor covers the local, national and international angles of the Crockafellah Case if they were to checkout a real newspaperman like Frank Girardot who is not only an editor but a working journalist who is willing to get his hands dirty.

Please Take A Look At:


With All Of The Money That Greenwich Has And All Of The Money That Greenwich Businesses Pay For Display Ads In THE GREENWICH TIME You Would Think This Town Could Afford A Newspaper Editor With The Caliber Of A Frank Girardot.
It Is Time For Greenwich Time Editor David Warner To Come Out Of His Self Induced Coma!!!
I wouldn't even bother sending it to the clueless David Warner.
Perhaps, you would have a better shot of having your story published if your rememberances published if you contacted a meganewspaper like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times Or Boston Herald.

07/11/08 You Wont See This In The Greenwich Time - Failed Board Of Educaion Gives Our Children Facilities like this - Glenville School Bathroom Pics

Look at these reader submitted pictures of a Glenville School restroom.
How can Greenwich Time school reporter Hoa Nguyen ignore these school conditions?

Hoa Nguyen and the Greenwich Time are always ignoring the conditions that small inocent children of Western Greenwich must endure.

For over a year the parents of Hamilton Avenue school complained bitterly to the Greenwich media and to school officials about the deplorable conditions at Hamilton Avenue School modular classrooms.

For over one year the complacent mainstream media failed listen to the parents concerns about their children's substandard school facilities.

There was nothing from the Greenwich Citizen
There was nothing from the Greenwich Post
There was nothing from WGCH

Reporter Hoa Nguyen and the Greenwich Time repeatedly failed to report about the Hamilton Avenue School parents complaints about substandard facilities and how it was affecting their children.

Form March off 2007 until the Greenwich Board
of Education March 2008 press release there was
not one Greenwich Time story on the conditions
inside the Hamilton Avenue modular classrooms.

In February of 2008, when a Hamilton Avenue parent complained to Greenwich Roundup about the poorly maintained modular Hamilton Avenue classrooms their story was up on the internet with in 24 hours.

Week after week Greenwich Roundup, with the help of Hamilton Avenue Parents, exposed the misdeeds of school officials until the Hamilton Avenue School classrooms were closed on
March 2. 2008.

Please see:

The board of education was forced to close the contaminated modular classrooms on March 2nd of this year, because Hamilton Avenue School parents came to Greenwich Roundup.

Unfortunately, it appears that Hoa Nguyen and the Greenwich Time doesn't care that....
The heartless Greenwich Board Of Education wants to take the Glenville school children out of the Hell hole, known as Glenville School, and put them into the contaminated modular classrooms.......

........Why These small little children should not be treated this way, just because they are some of the less fortunate members of Greenwich society.Shame on the Greenwich Time for it's repeated failure for not publishing pictures of actual conditions in Western Greenwich Schools.
It is time for David Warner, the new editor and chief, of the Greenwich Time to put an end to complacent reporting at his paper.Please click on this link to see more pictures:

Also Shame on the Greenwich Building Department and the Greenwich Department of Health for allowing these deplorable school conditions to exist !!!!

It's Time To Beat The Press

Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip is 100% right when he calls our local rag of a daily newspaper the "Yellowwich Time".Time and time again Greenwich Gossip, Greenwich Round up and other blogs has have demonstrated that the Greenwich Time has had a poor history of truth-telling and fact-reporting.
For far to long the Greenwich Time has bought in to the mythology that we live in a town where nothing nasty or dishonest or untoward ever occurs.And the Greenwich
Time's new editor David Warner is keeping the paper's policy that, their readers certainly don't want to know about anything bad happening in town."
Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip sums it up this way....
"An ostrich with its head deep-buried in the sand would have been an apt image of Yellowwich Time. There was a rumor circulating for many years that the paper was published in the basement of Town Hall, so that all the bent or incompetent politicians could censor everything before it was printed. And woe betide anyone who dared to question the status quo or rock the boat in Town; all the blunderbusses of the illiterate reporting and editorial staffs would be leveled at him or her in a effort to belittle, discredit, and smear the offender."In this town in those days it was lockstep or nothing.
Town residents are wondering if David Warner have the leadership skills to change the incestuous relationship that Greenwich reporters have with the local power structure?
Maybe David Warner should get rid of one of his Greenwich Time reporters and hire Bill Clark of Greenwich Gossip to report on the underbelly of Greenwich Society.
Mr. Warner please take a few moments and read Mr. Clark's recent posts:

Where's The News????

The Greenwich Time Is Having Trouble Updating It's News Web Site First The Greenwich Time did not put any news up for over 33 hours.

The Greenwich Time has went from bad to worse ever since David Warner took over as Editor and Chief.

Nothing Happened In Greenwich

On-line Greenwich News Junkies Woke Up Sunday Morning To Discover That All Three Greenwich News Web SitesHad Not Been Updated.....
.....Can Someone Please Just Shoot All The Greenwich Time Web Site Visitors And Put Them Out Of Their Misery.
The Geniuses At The Greenwich Time Just Had Two Reporters Post Write And Post A Feature Article about a riding a motor scooter and labelled it "local news".Is this a
hard hitting NEWSPAPER or a local magazine with feature stories?....
It looks like Greenwich Time reporters would rather repost feature articles about an event that happened 25 years ago, instead of telling it's readers about over a half a dozen Greenwich Police Officers drawing their guns and arresting five gang members in down town Greenwich!!!!
The Greenwich Time would rather show it's readers a picture of Lt. Cochran standing next to a replacement bridge, instead of having a picture of the Police Lieutenant standing next to the bats, knives and other weapons taken away from the riotous gang members on Davis Avenue.
The Greenwich Time Has Went From Bad To Worse Since David Warner Became The New Editor.

Free Weekly Newspapers And Out Of Town Daily Newspapers Have Repeatedly Scooped The Greenwich Time

The Greenwich Time Web Site Updates Are Less Frequent.

And Now The Greenwich Time Web Page Is Full Of Reposted Fluff Pieces.Who has ever heard of three articles on a 25 year old event being reposted to fill six news slots on the main page of a daily newspaper's web site.

The Greenwich Time News Web Site Is Becoming The Laughing Stock Of The Internet Ever Since David Warner Became Editor And Chief.

When is David Warner, the new Greenwich Time editor going to crack down on the one sided and incomplete reporting that plagues the Greenwich Time. Did David Warner, allow crappy reporting like this in The Rockford (Ill.) Register Star...

In this incomplete story, the Greenwich Time only got a comment from a Board Of Education Board member and got nothing from Local 136.Greenwich Time readers to this amateurish Greenwich Time report don't know if teachers aides will still have to contribute up to 15 percent of their salary toward health care premiums.

Greenwich Time readers don't know if school aides will still have a decrease in sick days from 15 days to five days.Greenwich Time readers don't know if the school aides will still only have a single 30-minute unpaid lunch break.

The Greenwich Time reporters have repeatedly short changed the teacher's aides, by constantly taking Board of Education press releases and running them through the spell checker, before publication.Hoa Nguyen's report is almost non-news.

Hopefully, this report will be updated later or a second more complete report will be submitted by Ms. Nguyen or a reporter more knowledgeable about the labor dispute.

How can David Warner, who has also been deputy metro editor of The Detroit News; editor of the Trentonian in Trenton, N.J.; city editor of the Philadelphia Daily News; editor of the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pa.; and city editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette put up with such bad journalism?

Thursday June 12, 2008 Hoa Nguyen DiscoversThere Are Always At Least Two Sides To A News StoryHoa Resubmits His StoryTo The Greenwich Time Readers

WOW, Hoa Lynn Mason, the union's business manager knows so much more about this story than School Board Member Steve Anderson who would not comment on the details of the agreement.

See, Hoa if you had talked to Ms. Mason yesterday you would have the beginings of a real news story and not a Non-News story of Mr. Anderson basically saying no comment.

Hoa, Yesterday's story made you look kind of like a reporter that was too lazy to pick up the phone to get all sides of a news story.You know what they say Hoa...."Every story has at least three sides."Hoa your second attempt at real reporting is much better, but it is still very incomplete.
Maybe you could get some input and quotes from parents. That would really help round out the story.
Hoa, if you want to be a real reporter you need to talk to all the stakeholders in a news story.
Hoa a real reporter would get on the phone and call up some Representative Town Meeting members who must approve this deal between the Board Of Education and the teachers union.

Please See:


Daily newspapers in Stamford and Greenwich are looking for their third editor in a year.
Editor David Warner's resignation was announced by The Advocate of Stamford and the Greenwich Time on Saturday. Warner, a former city editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, says he wants to spend more time in Philadelphia.
Warner was hired in June from The Rockford Register Star in Illinois, where he was metro editor. He's also held editing posts in Detroit, Pittsburgh and New Jersey.
Warner replaced longtime Advocate editor Joe Pisani, who left the Connecticut newspapers after a 30-year career.
The newspapers were acquired by Hearst Corp. from Tribune Co. nearly a year ago.
Please Also See:

Revolving Door at the Local Rag

The citizens of this Town suffered for many years under the idiocy of Local Rag (aka *Yellowwich Time*) editor Joe "I Control the News and Don't You Forget It" Pisani. Finally, the Hearst people realized what a turkey they had on their hands, and fired him. A large collective sigh of relief was heard to go up from the right-thinking inhabitants of Greenwich.
In June a new editor, David Warner, arrived on the scene. And suddenly, before your scribe could blink, let alone meet the man, he is gone.
What's going on at the Local Rag? The proffered excuse, that he'd rather live someplace else, was used here in Town by various Superintendants of Schools when it became obvious that their presence was no longer desired by the community. (So far Betty Sternberg hasn't taken the hint, but then, since she's "earning" more than $1,000 per "working" day, why should she?) And just as it didn't ring quite true in the case of the S's of S's, it's not ringing quite true to your scribe's ear in the matter of ex-editor Warner.
Perhaps we should call this the "Greenwich Excuse", dear reader.
If it's time for you to go, suddenly that long-distance commute that was "no problem" when you took the job becomes the reason you finally throw in the towel.
In his case, he borrowed a line from the late W. C. Fields, saying "I'd rather be in Philadelphia." In Fields' case, of course, the line was ironic, having been his own suggestion for the epitaph on his gravestone. But in ex-editor Warner's case, it apparently isn't.
Did he jump or was he pushed?
The question is inevitable, of course. Maybe he saw what a mess he'd inherited from turkey Joe, and decided to bail. Maybe he realized that the handwriting is on the wall, and that the publication days of the Local Rag will likely come to an end ere long. Or maybe he simply disagrees with Mr. Fields about the attractiveness of being in Philadelphia - hey, it's a free country, after all, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
Or, maybe it was also the fact that a shopping and dining cameo on Greenwich Avenue by none other than tabloid queen Britney Spears became front-page news in the Local Rag that caused ex-editor Warner to throw in the towel. "This is journalism?" he may have thought to himself.
"Who's next, Paris Hilton?" Perhaps we can hardly blame the poor man for handing in his resignation a day or so later.
And so the saga of Yellowwich Time continues to amuse the citizenry of Greenwich. Since no one takes the rag seriously, its chief function these days is pretty much geared to its entertainment value. No wonder the Hearst Corporation will probably be closing it down before much longer.


ABC News - Brian Ross and the Investigative Team
....If you've ever heard of the tony estates of Greenwich, Conn., it probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that some come equipped with squash courts.....
Greenwich Post
On a warm fall evening, 200 people gathered around grills for a Rib Cook-Off and Contra-Dance party at Christ Church Greenwich, Sat. Sept. 20. The evening was a fund-raiser for the summer choir trips. There were 12 contestants, each with their own favorite recipe and methodology for grilling ribs, some in skillets, some marinating for days, some par-boiling. Three judges, rib lovers Ken Mifflin, Jim Knight and Sundown Saloon manager Thomas Ascenzi chose the winning recipe.
Steve Holland called the contradance. The all-female band, Sleight of Hand performed.
Girl Scout Troop 50168, seven junior and senior Greenwich High School girls, won first place for the rib contest. Steph Burgwerger and Dr. Rob Rioseco received second and third place respectively. A slide show of the cook-off is viewable here. The winning recipe follows .....

PSCA Elects 2008-2009 Board of Directors


... Rolling Meadows, IL Treasurer - John Greenwell, CPA, Terrell, NC Immediate Past Chairperson - G. Dawn Anderson, Greenwich, CT Directors elected were: Thomas Mess, Director U.S. Benefits, The Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, OH The Profit ...

For What It's Worth

Ramussen: Poll of voters on what to do with the House and Senate 59% of American voters would throw the bums out and start anew. So what's the matter with...


Journal News

... is not interfering with traffic. The rig hit the bridge about 5:45 a.m. The truck was pulled over at Lake Avenue, Greenwich, on the Merritt Parkway as of 6:20 a.m., police said.

Article Launched: 10/05/2008 09:49:30 AM EDT

NEW YORK - It's starting to feel like Tina Fey is running for vice president. Fey again returned to "Saturday Night Live" to play Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as the sketch comedy show continued to pull out all the stops in its election year season.

Economic crisis roiling the affluent too

McClatchy DC

... of Connecticut's state income tax revenue and about half of that amount comes from the well-heeled residents of Greenwich. So as job losses on the stock market continue to mount, the investment bankers, traders and hedge fund managers in and around ...

Shay, Himes to debate foreign policy

Greenwich Post

Republican Christopher Shays and Democrat Jim Himes, candidates running for the 4th Congressional District seat, will debate foreign policy issues on Monday, Oct. 20, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Stamford under the auspices of the World Affairs Forum.

Greenwich Forum

Shays, Himes divided on taxes - 1 Comment, last updated on Sunday Oct 5 by Joe

Milkshake Murderess Nixed

New York Post

... including self-defense and said the judge misdirected the jury. The victim's brother, Andrew, was murdered in his Greenwich, Conn., home in an unrelated case in 2006. His chauffeur and the driver's cousin were charged.

Go Wild drew hundreds despite rain

Greenwich Post

A break in the weekend drizzle just as The Greenwich Land Trust’s Go Wild! celebration got underway brought out hundreds of enthusiastic supporters and families. Go Wild’s hallmark hot air balloons carried children and grandparents above the treetops as the clouds parted over the Land Trust’s largest conservation easement at the Greenwich Polo Club field at Conyers Farm. The 60-acre area was permanently protected by Mr. Peter Brant’s gift to the Land Trust in 1999. The annual event is meant to promote and raise awareness of land preservation.

Clay Robinson hops to the finish line during a sack race at the Land Trust's annual Go Wild! event.

Literacy Volunteers Training @ Greenwich

WSTC-AM Norwalk

Stamford/Greenwich, Inc., seeks volunteers to teach adults to read, write and speak English.

Grenwich Time Reguritates Another Board Of Education Press Release: College admission panel at GHS

Greenwich High School's guidance department will hold a college admissions panel from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday at the high school's auditorium. The panel event, which is free and open to the public, features admissions representatives from Yale, Boston and Fordham universities.

The panelists will offer advice on getting into college in speeches and a question-and-answer session.

GHS will hold its annual "College Night" from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Oct. 16 in the student center, where representatives from more than 275 schools, including business, art and technical colleges, will be on hand to answer questions about their programs.

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is offering a "Chinese Culture" class beginning Thursday at its program offices at the Greenwich Family YMCA, 50 East Putnam Ave.

Down Hedge Fund Alley


... Masters of the Universe you need to jump in a car, drive out of New York city, and head for the leafy suburbs of Greenwich, Connecticut. Round Hill Road begins its snaking path into what they call the backcountry of Greenwich quite modestly, without ...

Greenwich News

Regis Philbin lists his 5,919-square-foot house in Greenwich, CT for $5.4M - Talker Regis Philbin and his wife have placed their four-bedroom, 5,919-square-foot house in Greenwich, Conn.

Nasdaq Plans to Spin Off 144A Stock Platform

Securities Industry

... those deals never really materialized, and that hasn't changed at all,' Silbert said. Nyppex, a ten-year-old Greenwich, Conn. firm that specializes in illiquid assets, in 2007 launched what it calls an electronic communications network for 144A ...

Still More Reguritated Press Release At The Greenwich Time: Brunswick School holds foot race - Why are Greenwich Residents paying 50 Cents a day to read this crap !!!!!

Nearly 130 students, parents, siblings and alumni of Brunswick School participated in the "Wick Walk Run" competition for the school's 2008 homecoming festivities.

WICK1: From left, Brunswick School eighth-graders Charlie Better, William Floersheimer and Alexander Baldock posted the fastest time in the school's "Wick Walk Run" contest, finishing the race in less than 13 minutes.

= = =

Professional oboist Dorothy Darlington performed for students at Julian Curtiss Elementary School for its new lunchtime music enrichment program, "JC Music CafŽ," supported by the parent-teacher association.

Darlington is a member of the Ridgefield and Greenwich Symphony orchestras and also played with the United States Marine Band at the White House under President Ronald Reagan for six years. A variety of other musicians are slated to play at the school throughout the year.

CAFƒ1: Professional musician Dorothy Darlington plays the oboe for a first-grade class at Julian Curtiss School as part of the school's new music education program, "JC Music CafŽ."

CAFƒ2: Julian Curtiss first-grader Brooke Clancy watches her classmate, Robin Bologna, play a musical pipe during lunch.

= = =

Families brought blankets and picnic dinners to Julian Curtiss School last month for the parent-teachers association's annual "Welcome Back" picnic, which featured live entertainment and cotton candy.

JCP1: PTA members Jean Wang and Laura Cohen hand out cotton candy to Julian Curtiss School student Hurley White.

Here the hedge fund managers live

The Hindu

If you really want to find the Masters of the Universe , drive out of New York city and head for the leafy suburbs of Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Distinguished Lecture Series presents David McCullough -

*When:* Sunday October 5th, 2008 - 04:00 PM

*Where:* Greenwich Library at Cole Auditorium Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough, author of 1776 an...

Shays, Himes divided on taxes


... he believes we should be putting more money in the hands of very wealthy Americans." Shays characterized Himes, a Greenwich resident, as a tax-and-spend Democrat who he said would roll back the Bush tax cuts, raise the levy on dividends and restore ...

Stop The Insanity: Another Breaking News Report From The Local Oage Of The Greenwich Time Website: School calendar

October 6
College admissions panel, 7 p.m., Greenwich High School auditorium.
October 7
Hispanic parents' meeting, 7 p.m., Greenwich High School teachers' cafeteria.
October 9
Yom Kippur - Public schools closed.
October 10
Staff Development Day - Public schools closed.
October 13
Columbus Day - Public schools closed.
October 14
Secondary Schools Review Committee meets, 6-9 p.m., Cos Cob School cafeteria.
October 16
College Night, 7:30 p.m., Greenwich High School student center
October 17-19
Greenwich High School Class of 1973 reunion.
October 18
Greenwich High School homecoming parade, game and dance.
October 23
Board of Education meeting, 7 p.m., New Lebanon School.
November 4
Election Day - Schools closed for staff development.
November 6
Board of Education work session, 7 p.m., Havemeyer Building.

Elizabeth J. Webb


... where she was church board of education chair and subdivision head trustee. Before this she lived for 17 years in Greenwich, Conn., where she held many church, civic and political positions. She shared 39 years of marriage with her husband, Alfonso ...

The Harvest From Harvest Time Church On King Street

Day 17: For your families and your homes - Do not be afraid of them – remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your home...


Day 16: Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither w...

Day 15: Working Together

Day 14: They Kept Going, And Going, And Going...

Day 13: The Repair Of The Breach

Day 12: Starting Over, With Joy!

Joy in splitsville: Divorce planners' group branches out


... to starting chapters across the country," said Carl Palatnik, founding president and vice president of the Greenwich, Conn.-based not-for-profit association, which sponsors the certified divorce financial analyst designation. "It is important not ...

Tax issue divides rivals

Greenwich Time

In a race that is being framed by pocketbook issues, Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., and his Democratic challenger Jim Himes are separated by a wide chasm when it comes to how much constituents and local corporations should pay in taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance.

Marion Catherine Weber, 72

Cape Cod Times

... by her family after a courageous battle with cancer. Marion was born to Hugh and Eva Seaman on Jan. 1, 1936, in Greenwich, Conn. She graduated from Greenwich High School in 1954. In 1956, she married Arne Weber and moved to Monroe, Conn. She also ...

Stocks slump on approval of bailout bill - Investors got what they wanted Friday as the House of Representatives approved the financial-system bailout plan and they celebrated by pushing stocks lowe...

The Top Dog Doo Removal or Poop Scooping Companies in Fairfield County Connecticut

Associated Content

... Poop Patrol LLC is a professional dog waste removal company that offers expert dog doo removal services to Greenwich, Connecticut in Fairfield County, as well as several New York communities. A wide range of poop- scooping, or dog doo removal ...

Jury out on service law

Greenwich Time

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer

Worried about jury duty? Don't be. Every year, thousands of people in Connecticut don't show up to serve and despite what the state says, they all walk away without penalty.

Congress To The Rescue

Hartford Courant

... entangled. The stock market plunged, giant companies teetered, 401(k)s shrank. The crisis wasn't affecting only Greenwich billionaires. It was making interest on loans exorbitant - when loans could be found - for small businesses, car buyers and ...

The Perrot Memorial Library Blog

Notes from the New Bin - New to Perrot’s Picture Book Collection: *Really Truly Bingo *by Laura McGee Kvasnosky E KVASN 1 lonely little girl with nothing to do + 1 busy mother (“...

Skatepark hosts event competition

Greenwich Time

Willy Keating, 9, practiced on his skateboard ramps at home for the last two weeks, preparing for Saturday's competition.

The Blonde Excuse

Hiking in Kent, CT - Brent and I went hiking recently at the Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent, CT. Brent got a hiking book for Connecticut that said this is one of the hardest ...

Light of passage

Greenwich Time

Sailing the biennial Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu tops many a sailor's "bucket list," but the time and money needed to train for and finance the Transpac preclude most from ever attempting it.

Greenwich Diva

Yerwood Center Presents: AILEY II - YERWOOD CENTER Presents AILEY II Saturday, Oct. 25th, 2008 8:00pm The Palace Theatre 62 Atlantic Street Stamford, CT 65th Anniversay Events Honorary Chairp...

Pray Connecticut

Columnists starting to sound like preachers... - And, who can blame them? Ultimately, however, we must address the deeper roots of this financial crisis. There is a moral crisis that infects every aspect ...

The agony of defeat: Brunswick falls

Greenwich Time

STAMFORD - The Brunswick game loomed large on the King schedule coming into the season. If the Vikings wanted a chance at the Fairchester Athletic Association title, this year's game against the Bruins would be a major test.


GA field hockey edges Taft

What Hearst should do - The Advocate and Greenwich Time reported this morning that Editor David Warner has resigned after about four months at the helm. I have no insight to offer...

Britney takes shopping tour on the Avenue

Greenwich Time


Oops, they missed her again - this time, on Greenwich Avenue. After being hounded by New York City paparazzi after a surprise appearance at a Bronx, New York

The Daily Spurgeon

Friend of Sinners - As soon as Jesus Christ, being born in the likeness of sinful flesh, has come to years of maturity, and has commenced his real life-work, he at once ...


Hiring freeze proposed: Town finance officials brace for leaner times

Greenwich Time

A chill is in the air at Greenwich Town Hall, and it has nothing to do with the change of seasons. With financial markets in turmoil and revenues in a downward spiral, key town officials are strongly recommending a partial hiring freeze as a belt-tightening measure.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Wink - Sarah Palin Liberates Professional Woman Persona - With a handful of winks, along with some golly gees, Sarah Palin has broken open the persona of the successful career woman. We now can be ourselves. No more...

Fighting breast cancer

Greenwich Time

Belinda Belincasa is executive director of the Breast Cancer Alliance in Greenwich. She recently sat down with Greenwich Time to talk about the organization and its upcoming annual benefit luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. Full Story

Heat assistance requests triple

Greenwich Time

State and town agencies have been hit hard accommodating a large increase in applicants for winter heating assistance.

Greenwich Guy

Say it Ain't so Joe...Always Looking Backwards - Sarah Palin came out in last night's debate and spoke to Americans the way I have not seen since Ronald Reagan. She called out the self proclaimed party of...

Sarah Darer Littman - Politics Above the Parapet At Our Greenwich

Parsing Sarah Palin - While I’ll be the first to admit that she wasn’t the train wreck I expected, I sat through the Vice-Presidential debate wondering if it is simply genetical...

State residents may still file for stimulus payment

Greenwich Post

Gov. M. Jodi Rell today told Connecticut residents they still have time to file for a federal economic stimulus payment. More than 54,000 state residents have until Oct. 15 to file the necessary paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to receive a payment this year.

Planting Our 'Tree of Life'

Greenwich Citizen

... althy and Peaceful New Year). Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitzis , senior rabbi at Temple Sholom and the president of the Greenwich Fellowship of Clergy. E-mail: RabbiHurvitz@aol.com.

Police blotter

Via The Greenwich Time

Danielle M. Strauss, 18, of 423 Stanwich Road, was charged with disorderly conduct, third-degree assault on a person over 60 years of age, first-degree criminal mischief and second-degree criminal mischief Thursday evening, according to a police report.

Police responded to the residence on Stanwich Road on Thursday morning after receiving a report of a domestic incident, according to the report. Upon arrival, Strauss had left the property, police said, but her Lexus was seen traveling on Stanwich Road. Police pursued the car, but lost it in the area of Crown Lane, according to Lt. Richard Cochran. Strauss turned herself in at police headquarters later in the afternoon, police said.

Strauss was released after posting a $1,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear Friday in state Superior Court in Stamford.


Tahrike Nelson, 21, of 330 West 141st St., New York, and Luis J. More, 20, of 2536 Boston Road, Bronx, N.Y., were arrested and charged with first-degree larceny, third-degree forgery and identity theft Thursday afternoon after police said they attempted to cash a fraudulent check at Citibank, 16 Railroad Ave.

Police said Nelson also had allegedly attempted to cash a fraudulent check in Stamford earlier in the day. Nelson also had 17 fraudulent checks in his possession, according to police.
More was found waiting in a vehicle on Railroad Avenue in possession of additional checks and marijuana, according to police. More was additionally charged with possession of marijuana less than 4 ounces, police said.

Lots to like about NYC

Vancouver Sun

... to "test" well in public opinion polls. Maybe the representatives from the Upper East Side of Manhattan or greater Greenwich, Conn., can claim that in voting yes, they were truly serving their home constituencies, but for virtually everyone else, ...

Dumbing down the Presidency

Manchester Journal

... consider how Bush was able to duck the elite label and come across as just an ordinary guy. Bush is a scion from Greenwich, Conn., one of the wealthiest communities in the country, but the image in the minds of most Americans is Bush clearing brush ...

Construction Sector Hit Hard, Jobs Decline

Hispanic Business

... in the credit markets," said Michael T. Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners, a research and trading firm in Greenwich, Conn. "We've lost jobs in nearly every area of the economy, and this is going to worse before it gets better because the credit ...

Northeastern company buys Ga. railroad

Athens Banner-Herald

Genesee & Wyoming Inc., a short line and regional freight railroad based in Greenwich, Conn., has purchased Georgia Southwestern Railroad in a deal worth nearly $22 million.

Archway closes with 'no warning' in B.C.

Battle Creek Enquirer

... also has a plant in Kitchener, Ontario. The company is owned by Catterton Partners, a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Conn. Marquette, who declined comment today, said in the letter the company was unable to provide the full 60 day layoff ...

What the Hedge Funds' Bad September Could Mean for Markets

Seeking Alpha

... Other managers with above-average losses for the month included Stephen Mandel , whose main Lone Cyprus fund in Greenwich, Connecticut, fell 14.7 percent. New York-based Third Point LLC, run by Daniel Loeb , dropped 11 percent. Stock hedge funds ...

United Rentals Acquires U-Rent-It

Rental Equipment Register

Greenwich, Conn.-based United Rentals las
t week acquired Portland U-Rent-It Inc., dba U-Rent-It, a three-location equipment rental company.

Manfredi, Omega host watch enthusiasts

National Jeweler

Horologist Dan Fenwick teaches watch connoisseurs how to be watchmakers during a "Collector Dinner" held at Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, Conn.

'The Portal' opens Internet doors for schools, students, parents

Greenwich Time

Bob Luckey Jr./Staff photo

The days of the "dog-ate-my-homework" excuse may be numbered in Greenwich. By month's end, many secondary school students will be researching, writing and turning in their reports entirely online via the school system's first "e-learning" program, dubbed "The Portal.

Stumbling our way to a bailout

Greenwich Time

In a week dominated by financial follies and vice-presidential politics, one sad fact became clear: Few people have even the vaguest idea of what our economy is all about.

More Opinion From
The Greenwich Time:

To the Geen wich Time editor:
Parsonage Cottage exists for Greenwich's frail elderly residents today because of the efforts of dedicated volunteers, town employees and enlightened community leaders in the Representative Town Meeting and greater Greenwich community. Foremost among the energetic and dedicated individuals who recognized the need to maintain and improve Parsonage Cottage as an important component of the local "safety net" was Ed Krumeich, who is running for state representative in the 151st District.
In his capacity as chairman of the Board of Social Services, Ed played a key role in recognizing the opportunity to convert the facility by working closely with the Greenwich Housing Authority. It was a long and demanding process to renovate an outmoded almshouse into a modern, licensed home for the aged.
It took Ed's leadership, acumen, credibility and tireless energy to help obtain the cooperation and support of the Board of Estimate and Taxation and RTM, and the necessary state approvals to re-build and re-open Parsonage Cottage.
Ed was "always there." He could memorize, digest and adapt to new information about any aspect of the project literally "on his feet" while walking to the podium or into a meeting. His intelligence, like his compassion and dedication to those less fortunate, was simply amazing.
As state and town funding was cut, Ed had the vision to see the possibilities when others were ready to give up. He found outstanding partners in the Housing Authority and others who could make the vision a reality.

Perseverance, compromise and common sense are critical traits of a good leader. Add compassion to the mix, and you have Ed Krumeich, a superb community leader who's proven he can work across the aisle for the benefit of his constituents.
He didn't give up on Parsonage Cottage, and he won't give up on those he represents. Ed will make an exceptional representative in the state Legislature.
Carol A. Femia
Georgetown, Texas

Tom CrawfordSt.
Augustine, Fla.

The writers were, respectively, town commissioner of social services from 1985 to 2005 and director of the Greenwich Housing Authority from 1989 to 1999.

More Letters To The Editor:


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