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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

09/26/08 Rich Greenwich Kids Behaving Badly In The Hamptons

The Southampton Press


Leigh C. Tunney, 19, of Greenwich, Connecticut was arrested at 2:41 a.m. on Sunday, August 10, and charged with DWI after she was pulled over for speeding on Montauk Highway near Skimhampton Road in East Hampton and the officer noticed an open can of beer on the passenger seat. Ms. Tunney failed a field sobriety test but refused to take a breath alcohol test. She was arraigned and released on $300 bail.....

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08/26/08 WTIC: Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont from the DNC in Denv

Ray and Diane, WTIC radio


Comments on Opening Night including the speeches with Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

MP3 Here:


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08/26/08 As congressional elections become more and more expensive,wealthy folks in Greenwich are increasingly picking up the tab.

Thanks, Rich People!

The Rise of the Political Donor Class


As of this writing, the 2008 congressional candidates have already raised close to $1 billion for their campaigns (about $700 million in the House and $300 million in the Senate).

By November's election, that total could top $2 billion.It's a lot of money, and given the geographical distribution of wealth in America, an oddity emerges: many candidates who represent places in the United States without much disposable income raise the millions necessary to run for office these days.

Increasingly, they’re not bothering to ask the folks whom they are actually paid to represent for campaign cash. Instead, they are flocking to a handful of super-wealthy ZIP codes in places like Hollywood; the Upper East Side of Manhattan; Greenwich, Conn.; and suburban Washington, D.C. - the "political ATM's" of the campaign trial.....

...According to an analysis by University of Maryland political science professors James G. Gimpel and Frances E. Lee and graduate student Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, as of 2004, more than 2 out of 3 U.S. House campaign contributions (70.2 percent) came from somewhere outside the district. That’s a steady increase from 54.5 percent in 1996 and 63 percent in 2000.

Moreover, as of 2004, only 1 in 5 congressional districts provided the majority of contributions for the candidates seeking to represent that district. And in 18 percent of congressional districts, more than 90 percent of money now comes from out of district. ....

.....Craig Holman, legislative representative for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch, also notes that the donor class is a very small percentage of U.S. citizens. In 2004, for example, he says that less than 0.6 percent of voting-age Americans contributed more than $200 to a campaign. And 86 percent of those $200 or more campaign contributions came from households earning $100,000 per year or more......

...“I think people in favor of an elitist interpretation of American political power would be very pleased with these results,” Gimpel said. “There is a concentration of wealth, elites are close together and that is across parties. They share a lot of the same values, not just culturally but even politically.....

...We think there is a lot of sociology involved,” Gimpel said. “These folks are status-seeking, and they want to be part of the donor base, to go to these events to see and be seen. I’ve been to some of these fundraisers, and what you observe is people coming together who know each other, and it is a major social event.”....

...But while the coasts and a few major metropolitan areas in between are awash in campaign fundraising events, there are large swaths of land in the middle of the country that are generating virtually no political money.
We were quite astonished to see that there are major sections of the country that give almost nothing,” Gimpel said. “There are a great many congressional districts where there just isn’t much wealth.”

So far, however, there has yet to be much of a backlash in what coastal elites tend to refer to as “flyover country.” While the professors do write that Alaska, Vermont and Oregon have all made attempts to restrict out-of-district funding, the issue has yet to gain wide attention.....


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It Looks Like The Late

George Carlin Was Right

"They Own This Country"
Who Owns You By George Carlin

08/26/08 Maybe This s Why The Himes Campgian Was So Sensitive To Greenwich Roundup's Broadcasting Press Advisories And Releases Yesterday

24 Hours Later

You Wont Be Reading This Story In

The Republican Dominated

Greenwch Time

They Are Too Busy Reporting About

Chris Shays' Put Out Last Week.

But Don't Worry

Greenwich Roundup

Will Report The Story

To The Dwidling

Greenwich Time Readership.

Jim Himes?

Greenwich Roundup Gets Email From Hime Campagian A Few Hours After Shays' Bridgeport Ambush

Later, Greenwich Roundup is told that press releases are not the problem, it s the publishing of PRESS ADVISORIES, which layout campian itenaries and media plans.

Connecticut Post, CT

Christopher Shays, R-4, crashed a press conference called by Democratic challenger Jim Himes

BRIDGEPORT — The sniping between candidates in the 4th Congressional District over the broken Congress Street bridge erupted into a face-to-face war of words Monday morning.

The candidates argued over who is to blame for the failure to fix the span — stuck upright for more than a decade — when U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, crashed a press conference called by Democratic challenger Jim Himes at the East Side end of the bridge.

Himes, who planned a second swipe at Shays in as many weeks over the broken bridge, was joined by several City Council members. He reiterated his previous claim that Shays has devoted more attention to issues in Iraq, and cited the bridge as a symbol of the veteran Republican's neglect of the city.
"The bridge is a symbol of a much larger issue. It symbolizes the need for renewal," Himes said of the span, which links downtown to the heart of the East Side.

Shays, who arrived uninvited, said he felt it was important to personally address the "outrageous" claims the Democrat made last week.
During 21 years in office, Shays said, "I've never had someone make this kind of claim. The facts are clear, [the Congress Street bridge] has never been a priority of the city. In the end, it's [the city's] decision."

Greenwich's Himes, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker turned nonprofit housing executive, won the Democratic primary Aug. 12 against Lee Whitnum, and in a general-election campaign attracting national attention, is....

....The congressman said that developing 300 acres along Seaview Avenue and constructing a new train station would be more significant economically to the city than fixing the bridge.

"I believe that the other two should be a priority. And it's not that [the bridge] is not important," he said. "If we don't have a good intermodal system, then Steel Point will be a waste."

However, Adam Wood, the mayor's chief of staff, said the mayor has indeed discussed the Congress Street bridge with Shays.

"He actually has had conversations with Congressman Shays. Bill definitely brought it up to him," Wood said after the press conference. "They clearly discussed the Congress Street bridge."

In fact, Wood said, Shays told the mayor "it would probably be easier to take [the bridge] down."

Several City Council members who attended the Himes press conference said they had also spoken to Shays about the broken bridge several months ago.

"We met with [Shays] personally. He stated that it was a waste of money," said council member Leticia Colon, D-131. Shays told Colon, though, that he looks to the mayor to set the city's priorities.

Maria Valle, D-137, who was at the meeting with Shays last winter, said Shays "should have been up front and honest [then] and said, 'Look, the mayor is the one who needs to speak up.' "

Wood said federal lobbyist and former mayor Nick Panuzio advised the mayor to appeal to the state first for help with the bridge replacement. The mayor plans to submit a formal request for funds to the federal government next year, he said.

If the city chose to make the bridge a priority, Shays said, he would do so, too. "I do what they want," he said.

However, Himes spokesman Michael Sachse said, "It's too bad that it took a camera and a gaggle of reporters to get Chris Shays to focus on issues that matter here in Connecticut."

Please Also See:

How This Greenwich Blogger Reports On The Incident.....

by saramerica

The Himes campaign held a press conference at the Congress Street Bridge in Bridgeport earlier today. The bridge has been stuck upright for over a decade, a symbol, Himes said, of the wrong priorities of our current Congressman. ...


by nolopro

BRIDGEPORT - The sniping between candidates in the 4th Congressional District over the broken Congress Street bridge erupted into a face-to-face war of words this morning. The candidates argued over who is to blame for the failure to ...
You Won't Read About The Chris Shay's Disturbance In The Republican Mouth Piece, Known As The, Greenwich Time, But You Can Read All About It In The Danbury Newspaper.......


... During 21 years in office, Shays fumed, "I've never had someone make this kind of claim. The facts are clear, the Congress Street bridge has never been a priority of the city. In the end, it's the city's decision."
Himes of Greenwich, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker turned nonprofit housing executive, won the Democratic primary Aug. 12 against Lee Whitnum and in a general-election campaign attracting national attention, is taking on Shays of Bridgeport, who has held the congressional seat since 1987.

In addition to infrastructure projects shortchanged by money diverted to pay for the Iraq war, Himes said, "There's all sorts of federal programs" that have not received adequate funding. He cited the No Child Left Behind Act and Medicare as two examples.
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Maybe Rep. Christopher Shays Thinks:

"What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander"

It was not too long ago that....

"Anti-war protestors crash Rep. Shays' house"


WTNH on Jim Himes vs. Chris Shays

08/26/08 Greenwich Post Newslinks For Tuesday

From left, Cos Cob native, Leon Cameron and Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood get together for a photo.

Leon Cameron has recently completed an externship with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office in its Consumer Protection Division. He is expected to graduate from Mississippi College School of Law in May, 2009. Mr. Cameron, graduated from Greenwich High School in 2000 and Flagler College in 2004. He is the son of Mary Jane and Wilfred.

Please Also See:

AT&T Inc. has activated three new cell sites in Greenwich that will enhance coverage and capacity of the company’s high-speed third generation (3G) mobile broadband network....

As summer vacations come to an end, Greenwich students are readying themselves for the start of a new school year. Greenwich Public Schools open tomorrow and many students are returning or venturing off to college. The Greenwich Chapter of the American Red Cross encourages parents to take time to talk with their children about safety before school starts....


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08/26/08 The Greenwich Time Fired All Of It's Reporters So It Must Pump Out Associated Press Wire Reports

"Even a dead cat will bounce when dropped from a great height."

Is This The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Or A Train Coming Right At Us?

Maybe this is one of those....

"Dead Cat Bounces"

By Jeannine AversaThe Associated Press

Article Launched: 08/26/2008 10:14:27 AM

WASHINGTON - Sales of new U.S. homes posted an unexpected gain in July as heavily discounted properties enticed cautious house hunters to become home buyers.

The Commerce Department says sales of new single-family homes rose by 2.4 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 515,000 units, the most since April.

But sales in June turned out to be much weaker than the government previously estimated. Sales sank to a pace of just 503,000, the worst showing since September 1991.

Economists were expecting sales to drop in July.

For those real estate pros that think we have turned the corner can you please explain this....

Office market feels funds woes
Norwalk Advocate‎

By Peter Healy

The Greenwich office market, which has relied mainly on hedge funds and other financial services firms to achieve single-digit vacancies and lofty rents in recent quarters, could be softening for several reasons:

* Three of the town's hedge funds, Andor Capital Management, SageCrest Holdings and Turnberry Capital Management, announced their demise this month.

* Another hedge fund firm, AQR Capital Management of Greenwich, recently dropped plans to expand into 60,000 square feet at 33 Benedict Place in Greenwich. Unilever Home & Personal Care USA is scheduled to leave the 126,810-square-foot building at Benedict Place and West Putnam Avenue this year.

* The Anchorage, a two-building, 40,000-square-foot waterfront office development at 640 and 660 Steamboat Road, is advertising 25,000 square feet of available space.

* RBS Greenwich Capital Markets plans to vacate the 200,000-square-foot building at 600 Steamboat Road after the new Royal Bank of Scotland complex opens next year in downtown Stamford. The building is for sale. RBS also has an office at the Greenwich Plaza office complex.....

The Greenwich Real Estate Market Is So Bright, We All Need To Start Wearing Sun Glasses.

The Greenwich Real Estate Market May Suck


Ivanka Trump Says: At Least Trump Dominican is OK

With nary a mention of Trump Soho, young scion Ivanka talks to Page Six Magazine about the state of the family business: "Discussing a new Trump property in the Dominican Republic, she says, “We sold 63 estate lots for $365 million, on a price per square acre standpoint which rivals homes in Greenwich, Conn. That was done in six hours a year ago with 20 percent hard deposits."

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08/26/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Tuesday

Peter Malkin during an edit board meeting explains the Greenwich Arts Center concept.

(Greenwich Time file photo)

Town sees hurdles in arts center plan

By Neil VigdorStaff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 01:00:00 AM

With a self-imposed deadline approaching, the nonprofit group that wants to convert the town-owned Havemeyer Building into a downtown arts center is denying rampant speculation that it could take out a mortgage to pay for the project and use the landmark as collateral.

S&P: Home prices drop by record amount

Wire report < localnews@scni.com >
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 09:18:22 AM EDT

NEW YORK - A widely watched housing index released Thursday showed home prices dropping by the sharpest rate ever in the second quarter.

The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index tumbled a record 15.4 percent during the quarter from the same period a year ago.

The monthly indices also clocked in record declines. The 20-city index fell by 15.9 percent in June compared with a year ago, the largest drop since its inception in 2000. The 10-city index plunged 17 percent, its biggest decline in its 21-year history.

No city in the Case-Shiller 20-city index saw year-over-year price gains in June, the third straight month that's happened......


Too bad fired real estate columnist Chris Fountain is not here to say, "I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so and am no longer a newspaper columnist."

Buy Unfortunately, he has posted on his blog....

Gone Fishing

Back Friday - please check in then. Thanks!

It appears that the local Caldwell Banker office and a few other local Real Estate offices did not have their finger on the pulse of the Greenwich real estate market

Test scores offer mixed picture

By Colin Gustafson Staff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 01:00:00 AM EDT

Middle-school reading scores reached five-year highs in the 2007-08 school year, while the portion of high school students proficient in writing increased by impressive margins...

  • Only a fool would call these results mixed. Here's the truth. That giant sucking sound that taxpayers and parents hear is the sound of failed school administrators flushing their children down the drain. Here is the failed report cards of our high paid school administrators.....
  • The Department Of Justice may soon visit the school district, because of the school administrator's failure to start to close the growing the achievement gap between white students and lower-income minorities.
  • The Greenwich School Administrators are repeatedly failing to address the longtime "gender gap" between boys and girls in math. and English.
  • Greenwich School Administrators allowed elementary and middle-school writing scores to fall for a second year on the Connecticut Mastery Test. (The percentage of students at goal tumbled from 81.2 in 2006, to 79.8 in 2007, to 77.2 in 2008. The "goal" to be satisfactory performance. That means that 23% of Greenwich elementary and middle-school students can not satisfactorily pass the State Of Connecticut's writing test.)
  • Elementary scores were a disaster. Only North Mianus School was a success story, as it was the only elementary program in the district where proficiency levels increased on the math, reading and writing portions of the CMT.
  • In 2007-08, Hamilton Avenue School posted the lowest proficiency levels of all elementary schools on every CMT test. It also saw the biggest year-to-year declines in proficiency, with the percentage of at goal students in the writing CMT plummeting from 72.7 percent to 48.1 percent between 2007 and 2008.
  • The number of black students reaching goal in that test dropped to 32.3 percent in 2008, lower than the at-goal percentages of Hispanics (54.2), whites (82.8) and Asians (87.9).
  • The poorest and most disadvantaged members of Greenwich Society are being screwed over as failed school administrators cash big fat paychecks.

Wetlands delays Shemin Nurseries decision

By Meredith Blake Staff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 02:29:56 AM EDT

A decision was again delayed on a King Street subdivison proposal that has a town agency wanting more answers.

At a meeting Monday, the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency decided to wait to approve a proposal made by Shemin Nurseries Inc.'s to divide its 44-acre parcel in northwestern Greenwich.

Shemin Nurseries, which has operated at 1081 King St. for more than 40 years, has proposed creating four residential lots on its property and maintaining nursery operations on a fifth lot. The residential lots would be off a cul-de-sac at the end of a driveway that would be made off Sherwood Avenue.....

State Democrats head west

By Neil VigdorStaff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 01:00:00 AM

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal won't let his previous support of another candidate stand in the way of him getting behind his party's presumptive nominee.

"As a delegate who initially backed Hillary Clinton and someone who has known her since law school days, I can tell you I am enthusiastic and energetic as possibly could be in my support for Barack Obama," Blumenthal said in a telephone interview Monday from New York's LaGuardia Airport on his way to Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

Blumenthal, like a number of other convention delegates from the Nutmeg State, downplayed the effects of the hard-fought primary and caucus race between Obama and Clinton for the party's nomination. Some likened the convention to a reunion of a large family with different branches. All declared that they have one common goal.

"I'm excited about electing (Obama) in this historic watershed election," said Blumenthal, a Greenwich resident. "This election is so absolutely critical to our future, and there are so many profound differences between Clinton and Obama on the one hand and (John) McCain on the other when it comes to critical issues like the economy, health care, education and the future of the U.S. Supreme Court that I believe any reservations about Barack Obama at this point would be very self-centered and even selfish on my part."

Town drafts tree ordinance

By Meredith BlakeStaff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 01:00:00 AM

The town tree warden has taken a major step to ensure community trees are preserved and protected into the future.

Bruce Spaman, the town superintendent of parks and trees has drafted a tree ordinance that would guarantee the maintenance, inventory and conservation of the town's more than 100,000 trees.

The ordinance was passed by the Board of Selectmen last month and will be reviewed by the Representative Town Meeting on Sept. 15.

"I think it's a necessary ordinance," said First Selectman Peter Tesei. ================================================================
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