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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

04/02/08 - Reader Submitted Comments - Donna Ortoli and her supposed child

Correction Requested


You Don't Spit In The Wind. You Don't Pull The Mask Off The Ole Long Ranger And You Don't Mess Around With Donna Ortoli's Children.

Please check out the facts on your articles....Donna Ortoli only has 1 child, he has been out of Elementry school for years. This child that she claims is hers is her Grandson not "her" son!

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03/28/08 - MABS - Mad Mothers Against Betty Sternberg

04/02/08 - Do Greenwich Hedge Fund Guys Like Obama, Because They Think He's The Man To Do Their Bidding?

Would you like change with that?

Via Politics in the Zeros

... have no problem with an Obama presidency. Top hedge fund honcho Paul Tudor Jones threw a fundraiser for him at his Greenwich house last spring, "The whole of Greenwich is backing Obama," one source said of the posh headquarters of the hedge ...

Doug Henwood, economist and editor of Left Business Observer, on Obama.

Big capital would have no problem with an Obama presidency. Top hedge fund honcho Paul Tudor Jones threw a fundraiser for him at his Greenwich house last spring, “The whole of Greenwich is backing Obama,” one source said of the posh headquarters of the hedge fund industry. They like him because they’re socially liberal, up to a point, and probably eager for a little less war, and think he’s the man to do their work. They’re also confident he wouldn’t undertake any renovations to the distribution of wealth.

I’ve long thought Obama had serious support from somewhere deep within the power elite. This illuminates at least one major section of such support, and among the Greenwich hedge fund players exist many billionaires. That they think we need less war is a good thing, that they expect Obama to be docile on financial matters is not so good.

Enough critique; the dialectic demands something constructive to induce some forward motion. There’s no doubt that Obamalust does embody some phantasmic longing for a better world—more peaceful, egalitarian, and humane. He’ll deliver little of that—but there’s evidence of some admirable popular desires behind the crush. And they will inevitably be disappointed.

As this newsletter has argued for years, there’s great political potential in popular disillusionment with Democrats. The phenomenon was first diagnosed by Garry Wills in Nixon Agonistes. As Wills explained it, throughout the 1950s, left-liberals intellectuals thought that the national malaise was the fault of Eisenhower, and a Democrat would cure it. Well, they got JFK and everything still pretty much sucked, which is what gave rise to the rebellions of the 1960s (and all that excess that Obama wants to junk any remnant of). You could argue that the movements of the 1990s that culminated in Seattle were a minor rerun of this. The sense of malaise and alienation is probably stronger now than it was 50 years ago, and includes a lot more of the working class, whom Stanley Greenberg’s focus groups find to be really pissed off about the cost of living and the way the rich are lording it over the rest of us.

Never did the possibility of disappointment offer so much hope. That’s not what the candidate means by that word, but history can be a great ironist.

Which, if you think about it, is a good reason to be for Obama. Were McCain or Clinton to get elected, no one would expect much change. But if Obama becomes president - and I think he will - the inevitable letdown from hoped-for change to what he actually delivers will be significant. But the progressive forces set into motion by his election won’t easily be put back in the bottle. And that could lead to real change.

Having said that, Obama seems to be to be the least warlike of the candidates, and that’s a good thing too.


Market set to pause after rally; Bernanke on tap

Via Earth Times

... points after a 400-point rally," said Tim Smalls, head of U.S. stock trading at brokerage firm Execution LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. "It's not the light at the end of the tunnel (of the credit crisis), but it's a flicker, and in this environment ..

Sweet Leaf Tea lands $18M

Via Austin Business Journal

... them the ideal strategic partner for us as we continue our rapid growth." Catterton Partners, which is based in Greenwich, Conn., invested in numerous companies, including Build-a-Bear, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, Odwalla and Kettle Foods .


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04/02/08 - "Somebody has got to be paying these guys to have done this," Fuhrman said. "In this case I'd say all you have to do is follow the money. "

Fuhrman authored a 1998 book on the murder of Belle Haven resident Martha Moxley that pointed to Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel as the prime suspect. Skakel was later convicted of the crime.


"These two men are insignificant people in the world of Kissel but they had access to him," Fuhrman said. "If Carlos had an issue with Andrew and wanted to kill him why would he include his cousin? There is your conspiracy."


With two men in custody for a conspiracy to murder Andrew Kissel, police and prosecutors will now try to coax the real estate developer's former driver and another suspect to see if they identify other conspirators in a wider plot, former Los Angeles police detective Mark Fuhrman said...

...The combination of Kissel's wealth and tangled financial affairs lends credence to the possibility police have records showing someone paid Carlos Trujillo, Kissel's long-time personal assistant, and his cousin, Leonard Trujillo, of Worcester, Mass., to kill Kissel to gain control of Kissel money or assets, perhaps including ill gotten proceeds from Kissel's mortgage scams, Fuhrman said.

With Kissel, those conspirators could be any number of business partners or other close associates, Fuhrman said....

...Someone who knew that Kissel was staying at the home and that the movers were coming the next day could be reasonably assured that the moving crew would find Kissel's body, allowing them to establish a plausible account for their own whereabouts during that time period, Fuhrman said.

"The body needs to be found so certain people who put things in motion can account for the time before the body is discovered," Fuhrman said. "The suspect always knows the time the murder occurred so an investigator can start (focusing on)the time they are most adamant about where they are."

Fuhrman said that the fact that Kissel's body was left at the murder scene also undercuts any speculative theory that he was killed by an organized crime associate who feared Kissel would provide incriminating information to authorities about them....

Full Story


YouTube - Mark Fuhrman Freaks Out on Fox

OJ Simpson detective Mark Fuhrman
freaks out over OJ's book "If I Did It"...


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04/02/08 - Thataway Cafe's Weekly Songwritter's Den

Via Fairfield Weekly


Ocean Statement

People like Marc Douglas Berardo make us glad someone tucked away a quiet spot in the county's nightlife for emotive folk. Bernardo comes to Thataway Cafe's weekly Songwriter's Den to perform his "song-length works of fiction" that tell of hardened souls, strained relations, high hopes, old friends, and slow times in his native Rhode Island. Bernardo sounds like a fishing-town Bruce Springsteen (in Nebraska mode), a soft-toned Don Henley, or a James Taylor with a literary side. The comparisons to singer-songwriter greats are infinite. They're also apt.

Songwriter's Den, Thataway Café,

409 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich.

8:30 p.m.

(203) 622-0947


Click Here to view images from The Songwriters Den!

Performing Artist Schedule: April-June

  • 4.03.08
    Marc Douglas Berardo with Teresa Storch and Chuck E Costa
  • 4.10.08
    John Cain and Joe Meo
  • 4.17.08
    Marc Von Em and KJ Denhert
  • 4.24.08
    Jay Mankita and Artie Tobia
  • 5.01.08
    Songwriter's Den Montgomery Delaney and Rick Snyder
  • 5.22.08
    Trina Hamlin
  • 5.23.08 - (Saturday night)
    John Cain and The Blues Buster's with "Young Blood" RJ.
  • 5.29.08
    Jenny Goodspeed
  • 6.23.08
    Blues Buster's
Visit the Songwriters Den on Myspace - Click Here.


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04/02/08 - The nationally ranked Jesuit Lacrosse team will also take on Greenwich in the MSG game of the week on April 12.

Prep's Road Not so Easy

Via Fairfield Citizen-News

... state champions again this year. Last year the Jesuits won the Class L title in a closely contested match against Greenwich. "We will have to be a better team this year as the competition is also getting much better each year," said head coach Chris ...


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04/02/08 - Benjamin Dueholm's Suggested Reading List

Good Stuff to Read

I don't post a lot of links because I don't spend as much time as I should reading stuff that you all don't also read, but in case you missed them, there's a rare decent article on Trinity UCC in the New Yorker (the reporter was there at the same Easter sunrise service I attended)....

...I don't usually read Newsweek's money coverage, but this week's offering by Daniel Gross is really, really good....

.....Wall Street types don't live in ghettos, barrios or the hollows of Appalachia, but they do inhabit environments that are sealed off socially from the rest of the world—the Hamptons on Long Island; Fifth Avenue; Greenwich, Conn. Because they rarely interact with people of middle-class means (save the odd doctor, lawyer or interior designer), they have become woefully out of touch with the solid bourgeois values that made America great.

In the underclass, unmarried young fathers don't take responsibility for their children. In the overclass, twice-married, middle-aged Wall Street daddies don't own up to the consequences of their insane financial miscues. Wall Street titans are almost incapable of seeing the problem with taking nine-figure payouts in years in which their stocks plummet. "There's just a total disconnect between the compensation and the responsibility for their actions," says William Cohan, a former Lazard banker turned author.

In his book "The Age of Abundance," libertarian author Brink Lindsey boils down the difference between the desperately poor and the blissfully rich to an ability to focus on the long term. "Members of the underclass operate within such narrow time horizons and circles of trust that their lives are plagued by chronic chaos and dysfunction," he says. By contrast, he says, elites are well-organized long-term thinkers. Riiiiight. "Modern Wall Street is a system," says Charles Morris—a former Chase banker and author of "The Trillion Dollar Meltdown"—"that rewards crazy risk-taking in the short term without regard for the long-term consequences.".....

...Speaking of the spoiled and morally corrupt overclass, I fell hook, line, and sinker for this Reader whopper. It made me indignant, too.

The Private Intellectual - http://tpi.blogspot.com/


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04/02/08 - A Free Wine And Cheese Reception For An Art Opening

Reception for sites and scenes exhibit is tonight

The William Hegarty Gallery at Bush-Holley Historic Site, 39 Strickland Road, will present a new exhibition, opening today.

"From Harbor to Haven: Connecticut Scenes and Artist Printmakers from the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams" features more than 60 works drawn from the American print collection of Greenwich residents Reba and Dave Williams. The exhibition brings together 19th and 20th Century prints with a focus on Connecticut; its scenes and sites by artists who lived or worked in the state.

An opening wine and cheese reception will take place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Reception admission is free. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 4. Admission is $6; $4 for seniors and students. Children under 6 and Historical Society members are free.

The exhibition will remain on view until Sunday, Aug. 17.


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This Day in History 2005: Pope John Paul II Dies

Learn what happened on April 2nd in History at History.com.

04/02/08 - Connecticut law: A principal is obligated to bring forward for expulsion any student they believe either sold or distributed drugs.

Caught On Cameras


"Overall this school year has been quieter in that regard and I think both the school resource officer and the cameras that were installed have helped," Headmaster Alan Capasso said. "The director of security who has now been in that position for a while has revamped the security staff and has redone their schedule."


Two students arrested on drug charges by police on Friday at Greenwich High School were identified as a result of increased vigilance by school security, Headmaster Alan Capasso said yesterday....

...A couple of hours later, police were back at Greenwich High School to make a second arrest, this time of a 16-year-old student, who lives in Cos Cob. In this case, school personnel received information that the student had magnesium shavings, considered a fire hazard. A search of the teenager's backpack uncovered a wooden puzzle box that contained 11 small plastic bags of marijuana, which in total weighed less than a half ounce, according to a police report....

Please see:

04/01/08 - The Police Blotter - Getting Drugs Out Of Greenwich High School

Question For Alan Headmaster Alan Capasso:

Were Any Greenwich High School Students Involved In John Bria Drug Death Expelled?

Could John J. Bria have been saved?

John J. Bria grew up in the Byram section of Greenwich.

Byram is not a high-income area -- unlike other parts of Greenwich that house the wealthy movers and shakers in business, entertainment and politics.

Some of Bria's friends were from Byram and others were from that larger and extravagant sections of Greenwich where parents run big chunks of the country, from Wall Street to Hollywood.

Many in the close knit community of Byram think that the police were intimidated in the Bria case, because
of the fact that Miss Megan Caron's father, Glenn Caron, creator of the TV series Moonlighting, is a Hollywood big shot?

Grave Indifference Contributed to Death of John J. Bria


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04/02/03 - Mark Your Calendars For These Important Events

Tomorrow In Town

Kids’ creativity on display
Charlie Whiteley, Greenwich fourth grade student, will display his artwork with other students around the world in Norwalk-based Creative Connections’ International Children’s Art Exhibit, exhibit opens Thursday, April 3 and runs through April 27, Flow of Art Gallery in Norwalk; Creativeconnections.org.

Play With Your Food
Greenwich Arts Council and Play With Your Food present three one-act plays followed by a discussion with the actors and buffet lunch, noon to 1:30, Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 3, Greenwich Arts Council; $38 GAC members, $40 non-members; 259-1036.

‘Maximize Your Outcome’
Greenwich Health offers a three-part educational series for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their caregivers, 6:30 to 8:30, Wednesdays, April 2, 9 and 16, Cafeteria Conference Room at Greenwich Hospital; registration required; 863-4277

Tools for coping
Greenwich Hospital’s Dr. Stephen Jones, Director of Geriatrics and Roni Lang, Center for Aging speak at The Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter’s 11th Annual Dementia Conference titled, “Tools to Help, Cope and Hope,” 8 to 4:15, Thursday, April 3, Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell; registration begins at 7; 860-828-2828; Alz.org/ct.

‘Sargeant’s’ signing
Author Icy Frantz and illustrator Nina Weld hold a book signing for their children’s book Sargeant’s Heaven to benefit The Den for Grieving Children and The Center for Hope, 5 to 7, Thursday, April 3, The Arch Street Teen Center.

Infant/Child CPR
Greenwich Health at Greenwich Hospital offers CPR training courses, 6 to 8:30, Thursday, April 3 and 9 to 11:30 a.m., Saturday, April 12 and 26, Healthy Living Center; registration required; $65; 863-4277;

‘A Call to Action’
Greenwich Police Officer Detective Christy Girard moderates a community forum titled “A Call to Action - Keeing Our Youth Safe,” 7, Thursday, April 3, Greenwich High School Auditorium; 863-8803, ext. 3.


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04/01/08 - "When my friends call me up and say, 'Can you get me a deal on a plasma TV?' I say, 'Sure, but you can get a better deal at Best Buy."


"It was not profitable because of the rent expense, which was very significant. I spoke to the Greenwich landlord about four months ago and said, 'You find a tenant, and we'll go,' " said Michael Recca, the company's interim CEO and chief restructuring officer, who declined to say how much the store was paying in rent.


Harvey Electronics closing store in town, 4 others
Harvey Electronics, the victim of a recent bankruptcy filing, is pulling the plug on its high-end home theater, television and stereo business in Greenwich.

Please Read:

03/26/08 - Harvey will close its freestanding stores in Paramus and Bridgewater, N.J.; Greenvale and Mount Kisco, N.Y.; and Greenwich, Conn., over the


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04/02/08 - The Greenwich Police Blotter

Police Watch: (Via The Greenwich Post)


A 37-year-old Greenwich man was arrested March 31 and charged with third degree assault on a pregnant person, first degree criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. He was arrested on a warrant after an alleged Feb. 2 incident where he got into a physical confrontation with a woman who had accused him of entering her home without permission. The man was released on a $2,000 cash bond and was due in court today.


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04/02/08 - News Links From The Greenwich Time

The Greenwich Time RSS FEED

With two men in custody for a conspiracy to murder Andrew Kissel, police and prosecutors will now try to coax the real estate developer's former driver and another suspect to see if they identify other conspirators in a wider plot, former Los Angeles police detective Mark Fuhrman said. Full Story

The discovery of six beheaded chickens in the parking lot of a Mason Street bank two weeks ago concerns a new legislative task force considering tougher penalties on animal abuse and cruelty. Full Story

Ham Ave. gets education award
For a day, Hamilton Avenue School Principal Damaris Rau put aside the problems her school has faced with the closing of its modular building and the dispersal of students to other schools across the district. Full Story

HARTFORD -- Despite opposition from lower Fairfield County Republicans and their colleagues, a proposal to create a state earned-income tax credit for the working poor yesterday passed the legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. Full Story

Just over half the property owners who appealed their tax assessments this year have received reductions from the town, for a total of $30 million.


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04/02/08 - And The Loser Is...

Single Family Home Owners Are Suffering Because Of Idiots Like This


Financial Moron

Does It Again !!!

Meriwether hedge fund down 28 percent in 2008: report


“We have sharply reduced the risk and balance sheet of the portfolio”


NEW YORK (Reuters) - The largest hedge fund run by John Meriwether has plunged 28 percent this year, forcing the co-founder of the defunct Long-Term Capital Management to scramble again to stem losses and keep investors from fleeing, the Wall Street Journal said on Thursday.

Losses for the Relative Value Opportunity leveraged bond fund accelerated this month, after the fund had dropped 9.19 percent from Jan 1 to Feb 28. The broader JWM Global Macro fund, also run by Meriwether's Greenwich, Connecticut firm JWM Partners LLC, was down 6 percent through February, the newspaper said.

Quoting from a March 18 shareholder letter, the newspaper said Meriwether told investors that losing positions have included mortgage securities backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , trades tied to municipal bonds, and "triple-A" rated commercial mortgage-backed securities.

The former Salomon Brothers executive is trying to assure investors that his firm will survive tough market conditions and preserve about $1.4 billion of assets, the newspaper said....

Full Story: Earth Times


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