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Thursday, April 9, 2009

04/09/09 Clueless Greenwich Time Editors Who Approved Biased Reports About The Wibur Peck Riot Now Try And Opine On The Situation

Preserving peace at housing complex
Greenwich Time Editors

The Greenwich Housing Authority deserves a nod for stepping up and meeting residents' concerns following last month's melee at the Wilbur Peck Court housing ...

Aldina Portu moved into Wilbur Peck two years ago and has since made multiple complaints to police and the Housing Authority about the increased violence and harassment she says plagues the complex. Last weekend's clash between some residents and police has been a long time in the making, she said
......"There is a lot of violence and it's gotten worse," said Aldina Portu, 47, a two-year resident of Wilbur Peck Court. "I'm sick and tired of calling 911."
Portu said she has spoken to police and housing authority officials informing them that a small group of people harass neighbors, fight, abuse drugs and alcohol in public and create loud noises during all hours of the night.....
..........Eby Kerekes, 52, an eight-year resident of Wilbur Peck Court, said she is constantly disturbed by a group of young men she sees hanging out from her window."I have no peace," said Kerekes.
"You have to walk on egg shells around here. It keeps getting worse."Ramone Medrano, 86, who has lived at Wilbur Peck Court for 20 years, said he often hears a group of men drinking and making noise late at night."Every day it's the same thing," he said.....
The Greenwich Time Editorial Continues.....
The authority this week announced it will pay for extra police patrols on "critical evening hours, Fridays and weekends when trouble may arise," said Jonathan DuBois, chairman of the authority's board.

Officials as of yet haven't said how many extra hours they will pay for.....
The Clueless Greenwich Time Editors Should Have
Exposed How Jonathan DuBois, Chairman Of The Authority's Board,
Has Ignored The Violence And Gang Problem At Wilbur Peck
Please Notice How The Clueless Greenwich Time Editors Fail To Mention That Terry Mardula, Deputy Director Of The Greenwich Housing Authority Doesn't Think The Extra Security Will Work Against The Rowdy Gang Members.....
"People think this wouldn't have happened if there was more security there, or if there were more cameras. That is not the cause of this. These are young adults who abuse alcohol and do not like to be directed on what to do," - Terry Mardula, Greenwich Time 03/20/09
The Greenwich Time Editorial Ends With.....

....Housing Authority officials in this case have been responsive to residents' concerns. And it will be the residents who will be able to tell them if the added patrols make a difference. If so, they may need to become permanent.
Once Again The
Greenwich Time Managing Editors
Are So Full Of Crap
As Greenwich Roundup Mentioned Above It Has Been Widely Reported That Residents Complaints Were Repeatedly Ignored By The Greenwich Housing Authority.
The Housing Authority Was Only Responsive When The Very Powerful Greenwich Police Union, Became Upset With After 3 Police Officers Were Sent To Greenwich Hospital.
Lets Flash Back To The Greenwich Time Article
Of March 14th, 2009 That Only Quoted
Greenwich Police Union
President Jim Booney
Well The Mob Made To Havemeyer Today......
Just A Half A Block From Greenwich Avenue
Wilbur Peck Court Turns Into Fort Apache The Bronx .......
To Bad Paul Newman Wasn't Around To Help Protect The Police Station !!!!!
Gang Awareness: Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Needs To Learn To Recognize The Signs Of Gang Activity

The Davis Avenue Are Has Around The Clock Drug Sales, Gang Graffiti Tags, Young Men And Teens Throwing Down Gang Signs, As Well As, Repeated, Escalating And Aggressive Behaviour Towards Law Enforcement.

The Only Argument Is Just How Embedded And Organized The Gang Culture Is In The Neighborhood That Is Just Blocks Away From Greenwich Avenue
The Greenwich Time Likes Referring To Gang Members Who Assault Police Officers As Just "Residents", Because They Don't Want To Upset Chief Ridberg Who Keeps Insisting That There Are No Gangs In Town.
Many Of The Gang Members And Some Of Those Arrested Are Not Even "Residents" At The Wilbur Peck Projects .....
"It was unlike anything that I've seen before," said Sgt. James Bonney, who responded to the call.

The incident began when officers arrived to disperse the crowd. Several members of the group began yelling profanities at them, Bonney said.
.....More officers were called to the scene as the crowd grew to more than 50 people. Several members of the group continued to incite others to attack the officers, police said, adding that dozens rushed the police vehicles......
......After nearly an hour, the crowd finally dispersed, Bonney said.
"We probably could have arrested another 15 people, but we just didn't have enough officers," he said. .....
.....Three of the 12 responding officers sustained injuries ranging from a lacerated hand and a contusion on the head to a possible concussion.....
.....In all, five people were arrested and charged with inciting to riot and breach of peace....
The Article Ended With Police
...... Police will follow up this week with the Greenwich Housing Authority, which oversees the housing complex, to determine if the alleged offenders will face further consequences, possibly eviction, for their actions.....
At A Minimum The Greenwich Time Editorial Should Have Noted That It Was Bad That Greenwich Housing Authority Executive Directer Had Been Negligent By Ignoring Residents Complaints.
Further, It Was A Disgrace That Greenwich Police Officers Had To Get Injured In Order To Get Anthony Johnson To Take Wilbur Pecks Security Problems Seriously.
If The Greenwich Police Union Was Not Under The Strong Leadership Of Jim Bonney, Then There Would Not Be Extra Police Patrols At Wilbur Peck.
The Greenwich Time Editors Are A Lot Like Anthony Johnson And Terry Mardula.... They Just Simply Are Not Doing There Job.
The Greenwich Time Editors Should Be Asking:
Shouldn't The Port Chester And Stamford Police Departments Have Been Called Under The Mutual Assistance Agreement When You Have......
* More than 50 people inciting others to attack the officers
* An Incident That Lasted An Hour And Involved All 12 Officers,
*Leaving The Rest Of The Town Uncovered For An Hour
* That Allowed At Least 15 Rioters To Escape Arrest.
*That Had Three Officers Injured.
*And Had A Mob Marching On The Greenwich Police Headquarters.
Why Didn't Greenwich Time Editors Ask .....
Why Didn't Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Call For Backup From Port Chester And Stamford To Contain This Gang Of Thugs Attacking His Men?
Could It Be That Chief Ridberg, Minimizes The Wilbur Peck Problems, By Falsely Claiming That There Are No Gangs Members Just Blocks Away From Greenwich Avenue?
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04/09/09 PRESS RELEASE: Just Books' Events April 13-18 - Cokie Roberts at Just Books!

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04/09/09 GPD Undercover In Byram

Cops go undercover to bust crosswalk violators
Greenwich Time

....Lt. Timothy Berry said officers posing as civilians repeatedly tried to cross two heavily traveled streets -- one in Byram and the other in Old Greenwich -- using clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks and took notice when cars failed to stop.

"Uniformed police officers were stationed down the street and would be alerted by radio which cars committed a violation and were to be stopped," said Berry.

The operations occurred at a crossing on Mill Street at Henry Street in Byram and at Sound Beach Avenue in front of the First Congregation Church across from Binney Park in Old Greenwich, Berry said.

After just over an hour at the Mill Street location, police issued 25 citations -- 21 of which were for drivers who failed to yield to pedestrians, officials said. Three citations were issued for operating without a license and one for a red light violation, police said.....

....Kevin Allmashy, who owns the Executive Corner Deli on Mill Street, said he has complained to police numerous times about the Mill Street intersection. His store looks out on the dangerous crossing, where children and the elderly often have trouble making it safely across, he said.....

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04/09/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed Updated)

If You Want To Know What's Going On In Greenwich You Have To Read The Out Of Town Newspapers.....

Racer seeks sponsors in finance
Connecticut Post
"There's an endless amount of possibilities that companies can benefit from this, like investment companies in Greenwich. There's a demographic of viewers ...

Store owner fights ban on freestanding placards
Stamford Advocate

....Greenwich allows business signs on sidewalks, but they may not exceed a certain size. The signs are permitted unless they block sidewalks or are chained to ...

Gabelli pushes his own directors as he targets poison pills
Connecticut Post
By Don Jeffrey
Greenwich resident Mario Gabelli, who persuaded Fisher Communications Inc. and Sonesta International Hotels Corp. to support his candidates ...

I want you,’ Uncle Sam says to unemployed Wall Street analysts
Daily Times

... 24 event will include Virginia Donner, 43, who called a friend at the Federal Reserve after losing her job at a hedge fund in Greenwich, Connecticut. ...

Three firms progress in Auto X-Prize
Norwalk Advocate

Shelton-based Poulsen Hybrid, Ridgefield-based Alternative Fuel Sciences and Greenwich-based Electric Truck all made it to the next round of competition and ...

Himes condemns AIG subpoenas
Stamford Advocate

...."I think that was wrong-headed," Himes, a Greenwich resident who worked in the financial services industry for 12 years, said during a meeting with The Advocate's editorial board.

On March 20, state Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, and state Rep. Ryan Barry, D-Manchester, co-chairmen of the committee, subpoenaed 13 individuals they said were identified in the media as employees of AIG's Financial Products office in Wilton who shared in the taxpayer-funded bonuses.

The Banks Committee of the Connecticut legislature was wrong to issue subpoenas last month for Fairfield County residents who reportedly received some of the controversial $218 million in bonuses from AIG, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes said Thursday......

WSJ SmartMoney editor to talk on market comeback
Norwalk Advocate

... Darien and graduated from Darien High School in 1976, interned at several local newspapers before college, including the Darien News and Greenwich Time......

Is the IRS giving banks the kid glove treatment?

They get multi-million dollar bonuses, live in Fifth Avenue apartments, own spreads in Greenwich, CT, and summer in seaside cottages in the Hamptons. ...

Black Friday: Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth
Stamford Advocate

Lewis E. Lehrman of Greenwich is president of the Lincoln Institute and author of "Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point" (Stackpole Books, 2008)....

34th Time's The Charm: Union Beats Middlebury
Lacrosse Magazine Online
Middlebury was led by Dana Heritage (Cheshire, CT), who scored three goals while the Panthers had single tallies from Chase Delano (Greenwich, CT), ...

Opportunities in the Arts: Sunday, April 12
Stamford Advocate

THE GREENWICH ART SOCIETY Classes Featuring Botanical Illustration, The Story of Art and Artists in Film, Off the Beaten Path: Contemporary Art Tours, ...

Textron shares up on takeover rumors

Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst at Interactive Brokers Group in Greenwich, Conn., said the significant increase Thursday indicates a possible deal ...

Piracy a concern for local shippers
Stamford Advocate

Southwestern Connecticut's considerable shipping industry is more concerned than ever about the resurgence of piracy on the high seas.

Unlike last month's hijacking of a Stamford company's cargo ship, Wednesday's pirate seizure of a U.S. flagged ship off the coast of Somalia does not have local implications, but it still sets off alarms for those in this area.

"It's a major issue, and the answer is for the world to police these guys to get rid of them," said Basil Mavrolean, a manager for the projects group for Charles R. Weber Co. Inc., a Greenwich-based ship brokerage and marine consultant. "This is ridiculous." ...

Dodd Rallies to Union's Side to Oppose F-22 Budget Cuts

Roger Pearson, a Democrat from Greenwich, Conn., told a Hartford Courant columnist last week that he has formed a committee to explore a run for his party's ...

OMG, is it STILL school vacation?
Lower Hudson Journal news
Bruce Museum: 1 Museum Drive, Greenwich, Conn
. Open Tuesdays through Sundays; hours vary. $7 adults, $6 students (5 to 22), seniors. ...

How Madoff's victims fell for his $92b scam
Sydney Morning Herald

The Massachusetts Secretary of State, Bill Galvin, has filed fraud charges against Fairfield Greenwich, a hedge fund which was among the biggest "feeder funds"...
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04/09/09 Breaking News - The Greenwich Time Staff Can Predict The Future

Traffic is backed up on Interstate 95 in Greenwich due to a car fire between exits 2 and 3. (CDOT)



Accident cleared from I-95

Greenwich Time Staff
Posted: 04/09/2009 04:15:05 PM EDT

CDOTGREENWICH -- A vehicle fire that partially shut down the northbound side of Interstate 95 in Greenwich has been cleared.

The 3:49 p.m. accident between exits 2 and 3 shut down two lanes of traffic. The accident was cleared at 5 p.m., according to the state Department of Transportation.

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04/09/09 Greenwich Post Breaking News - Greenwich Man Who Ignored Protective And Tried To Murder His Wife Has A New Order To Stay Away From Son

Covering the news of Greenwich, Connecticut

Breaking News

A Greenwich man accused of attempting to murder his estranged wife last week has been blocked from having any contact with the son who allegedly witnessed the incident.

Read more


The Greenwich Time Files A Report.....

Greenwich man accused of stabbing wife with screwdriver barred from contacting son

STAMFORD -- A 61-year-old Greenwich man accused of stabbing his estranged wife nine times with a screwdriver has been barred from contacting his 18-year-old son, who was present during the violent incident, according to a court order signed Thursday.

Michael Parrotta, of 26 Byram Terrace Drive, appeared in state Superior Court in Stamford Thursday afternoon as prosecutors stated their concern for the safety of his child, who suffers from autism and is completely non verbal.

There is already a restraining order barring Parrotta from contacting his wife, officials said......

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04/09/09 Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter Starts To Cover Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel With A Wire Report. Now Maybe He Will Finally Asign A Reporter

If You Want To Know What's Really Going On In Greenwich You Have To Read The Out Of Town Newspapers And National Wire Services......

Madoff victims seek assets of those who helped him

.....A judge in Connecticut issued a temporary restraining order late last month freezing the assets of top executives at Fairfield Greenwich Group, another "feeder fund" that reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in fees marketing investments with Madoff.

The court order covers the extensive, exotic real-estate holdings of the family behind the fund.

The holdings are believed to include the hilltop villa called "Yemanja" that Fairfield Greenwich co-founder Walter Noel built several years ago on the private Caribbean island of Mustique, where the family's neighbors include Tommy Hilfiger.

The Noels also have homes in Connecticut, Manhattan and the Hamptons. Noel's managing partner and son-in-law, Andres Piedrahita, has mansions in London and Madrid and a getaway on the island of Mallorca, off the Spanish coast......

.....Federal prosecutors also want his sons, Andrew and Mark, who own expensive Manhattan apartments and country homes in Greenwich, Conn., to return more than $31 million in loans they received from their parents in recent years.......


Greenwich Residents Sure Are Gullible

The Noels Andrew Madoof and Mark Madoff Say They Were Fooled
By Bernard Madoff Like Everyone Else, And Had No Idea His
Investment Operation Were A Fraud
I’m no hedge fund manager, but this much I know: If someone handling my clients’ wealth coaches me on what to say to federal agents, I’m going to suspect the guy is doing something wrong.

Bernard Madoff in 2005 instructed executives at his biggest client, Fairfield Greenwich Advisors in Connecticut, on how to handle Securities and Exchange Commission questions about him.
“Obviously, this conversation never took place,” Madoff said in a recorded telephone call that was recently made public.

He told them to tell the SEC he has a “Chinese Wall” between his money management and brokerage businesses, though Fairfield had no way of knowing that.
He told them not to mention paperwork “because any time you say you have something in writing they ask for it,” according to a transcript of the phone call.

If that conversation raised the hair on the back of the necks of the two Fairfield managers listening, it didn’t stop them from sending billions of dollars to Madoff .....
Criminal Charges?

My question is: Why are these civil lawsuits instead of criminal charges? If these men indeed lied to investors in material ways to keep their business, isn’t that fraud?

You can’t get them for making false statements to authorities because hedge funds don’t have any reporting requirements to speak of
Beyond that, neither Cuomo nor Galvin accuses the fund managers of acting as accomplices to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. But can we infer they ignored that he may have been crooked and didn’t care?

To make criminal charges stick, prosecutors have to prove the accused meant to cheat people. It isn’t enough to show negligence or neglect of fiduciary duties. It isn’t enough to prove they lied, unless you can show they did it with the specific intent to steal. .....
.....OK, so what if the managers suspected wrongdoing and went out of their way to not find out? That is called “willful blindness” or “deliberate ignorance” or, in less stilted language, the “ostrich defense.”

If prosecutors can prove the defendants were willfully blind to Madoff’s crimes, it’s as good as proving they knew about them and that puts them closer to a criminal indictment......
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04/09/09 Greenwich Post Breaking News - Greenwich Killer Close To A Plea Deal

Covering the news of Greenwich, Connecticut

Breaking News

A plea deal appears to be on the horizon for a Riverside man accused in the drunk driving death of Joseph Borselio.

Read more


Over Three Hours Later The Greenwich Time Covers The Breaking News Story About A Drunk Greenwich Killer's Plea Deal

Plea deal proposed in fatal drunken-driving case

By Debra Friedman
Posted: 04/09/2009 07:36:45 PM EDT

A Riverside man charged with killing a bicyclist in a drunken-driving accident last October could face significant jail time if a plea deal is reached next week, officials said.

Greenwich attorney Philip Russell, who represents the driver charged in the fatal crash, said Thursday that a plea agreement is on the table.

"It's likely that there will be a resolution next week and we're optimistic that we will be able to see eye-to-eye with the state," Russell said in Superior Court in Stamford. Moore's next court date is Wednesday.

Douglas Moore, 24, is charged with manslaughter with a motor vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol for the Oct. 5, 2008, accident. Officials said his blood alcohol content was .21 percent at the time of the crash, more than double the legal limit of .08 percent.

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04/09/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: This Just In ....

The Latest Greenwich News Brief:

Greenwich High boys lacrosse routs Norwalk
Greenwich Time
By Jesse Quinlan Greenwich High School's Dave Fraser looks for a crack in the Norwalk defense during the Cardinals' 10-2 win Wednesday. ...
Westhill holds off late Greenwich rally
Stamford Advocate
By Rob Kelley GREENWICH -- For six innings Westhill pitcher Jen Joseph dominated Greenwich High School, allowing just one hit while striking out seven in ...
Westhill opens with a win
Norwalk Advocate
It was important for Valenzano to get things going because Greenwich scored a run in the top of the first off Rivera (four innings, four runs, one earned, ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

Norwalk girls open season with victory against Warde - Norwalk ...
By The Hour Staff
Greenwich 10. Norwalk 2. The Cardinals proved to be too much for the Bears while jumping out to a 6-0 halftime lead en route to the win at Greenwich High. Nick Esposito scored Norwalk's lone goals, both in the third quarter, ...
The Hour Headlines - http://www.thehour.com/

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04/09/09 Teachers Say No To Paying For Frank Mazza's Multi-Million Dollar Screwups At Hamilton Avenue School


Greenwich Public School Union offers health plan deal to pay for Failed School Administion screwups, but wants town to Honor Wage In New Contract Signed Last October

THE WEALTHY OF GREENWICH LOOK ON AS PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN SUFFER: It's Time For Hedge Fund Managers Who Are Taxed At A 15% Tax Rate To Step Up And Donate To Help Teachers Who Are Taxes At A 35% Tax Rate

GREENWICH HEDGE FUND BILLIONAIRE PAUL TUDOR JONES CANT BE BOTHERED: He Is Too Busy Reclaiming The Everglades Next To His Florida Mansion And Planing This Years 30,000 Bulb Christmas Light Show At His Greenwich Mansion.


"It is vital to us to have that contract honored," said Cathy Delehanty, president of the Greenwich Education Association. "Contracts have been negotiated fairly throughout the years, and it didn't matter if Greenwich was in the pink. When times are good it is what it is. When times are tough, we still need to uphold it."


Colin Gustafson


Teachers say no to pay freeze
Greenwich Time

With the school board seeking broad labor concessions in hopes of heading off future budget cuts, the town teachers' union is beginning to draw the line on how much it's willing to give up.....

....the school system, which is already bracing for a $4 million reduction in its 2009-10 budget, is to avoid even deeper cuts from a projected $10 million shortfall in town revenue in the 2010-11 town budget, school board members say.

Union officials contend that teachers shouldn't have to shoulder the economic burdens of the town by forfeiting wage increases or paid school days, which have already been guaranteed under their new, three-year contract.....

Advocates of the 25 Million GHS Auditorium, Which Include the Board of Education, Want Teachers To Take A Pay Cut So That Thier Pet Project Can Go Forward
Workers are busy boring holes in the ground near Greenwich High School's auditorium this week, part of an effort to assess soil conditions in preparation for the facility's planned renovation.
Since Monday, crews have been drilling holes in the soil near the auditorium to assess subterranean rock and water conditions. Their work, set to finish by the time students return from spring recess next week, is meant to give designers of the auditorium project a clearer picture of how the terrain will affect their building options....
Greenwich Time Reporter Cub Reporter Colin Gustafson Did Not Talk To One Parent As He Regurgitated Greenwich High School Press Releases.
School Officials Have A Stong Voice At The Green Kitty Litter Liner While Greenwich Parents And The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich Are Ignored By The Local Rag
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'Stop Injustice Now' News Letter

'Stop Injustice Now' Newsletter

News and Stories

9th April 2009

Please Tell Me What You Think Of Our NEW Newsletter - Feedback

In The News

Sedation link to birth defects - Kendall House Abuse

Teresa Cooper, Church Has Has Learned NothingHundreds of girls heavily sedated in UK care homes during the 1970s and 1980s may be at risk of having children with birth defects, the BBC has found.

Radio 4's Today found 10 ex-residents of a children's home run by the Church of England in Gravesend, Kent, have had children with a birth defect.

They were given massive doses of tranquilisers and other drugs while being restrained as teenagers.

The Diocese of Rochester says it will co-operate with any future inquiry.

One childcare expert said hundreds of children may have been drugged in the care system across the UK throughout the 70s and 80s, potentially subjecting them to the same health risks as those learnt about by the BBC.

Mike Lindsay, national co-ordinator for the Children's Rights Alliance for England, said: "Using drugs to control the behaviour of children was perfectly acceptable as far as their own professional understanding at that time went."

The Kendall House home in Gravesend was run by the Church of England in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s but the site is no longer a children's home.

In a statement issued through the Church of England, the diocese said it was unable to discuss individual circumstances for legal reasons.

The Full Article

Chief social worker quits before crucial inspection

Sandra Power took early retirementA father branded a paedophile in a police and social services 'witch hunt' is claiming damages for being put through a 'ghastly nightmare' five years long.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was suddenly accused by his disturbed ex-girlfriend of abusing their three-old-daughter - and an investigation was launched.

Although the mother was later said to be suffering from Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy - in which parents fabricate afflictions for their children - her claims were treated with deadly seriousness.

A social worker, Sandra Sullivan, and a policewoman identified only as WPC Grey, carried out an 'outrageous and oppressive' interrogation of the toddler, and decided sexual abuse had definitely occurred.

And it is claimed that WPC Grey then falsely told the father, identified only as B, that medical evidence proved he had abused his daughter, known only as L.

The Full Article

Kim Bromley-Derry says profession has felt 'under siege' since Baby P

The new president of the Association of Directors of Children's Services has promised to restore morale to children's social work by highlighting its value to society and working to improve post-qualifying training.

Kim Bromley-Derry, director of children's services at Newham Council in London, told a reception yesterday to mark his election that the profession was "feeling under siege" following the Baby P case.

Public criticism

He feared recruitment and retention problems could worsen as the sting of public criticism took effect, adding: "Social workers have said to me, 'why would you want to enter this profession [in the current climate]?'."

But Bromley-Derry pledged to take action on the issue.

'Demystify social work'

Firstly, it was important to "demystify" social work by engaging with families and the media, Bromley-Derry said.

The Full Article

Brothers charged with boys attack

A police tent covers the scene where one of the boys was foundTwo brothers have been charged with attempted murder over an incident which left one child with serious head injuries and another with knife wounds.

The boys, aged 10 and 11, were arrested after another 11-year-old boy was found with head injuries in a ravine in Edlington, Doncaster, on Sunday.

His nine-year-old friend was found bleeding from knife wounds nearby and has undergone surgery.

The boys are also charged with robbery, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

They were remanded into secure local authority care after appearing at Doncaster Youth Court and will next appear in the same court on 14 April.

The older boy wore a red England shirt and his younger brother a grey T-shirt as the charges were read to them.

Chris Hartley, head of the service's Crown Court Unit, said: "We have now authorised the police to charge a boy aged 10 and a boy aged 11.

The Full Article

Social worker put kids at risk

A social worker has been struck off after she put children at serious risk by ignoring allegations of child abuse and domestic violence.

Joy Coles’s failure to follow up warnings by police, the NSPCC, schools and the public meant vulnerable children were needlessly left in danger for many months.

Miss Coles, a manager at Leicester City Council, failed to properly deal with 90 referrals.

She put the children of nine families at “significant risk of further harm”.

Today, Bob Clark, the city council’s director of children’s services, said systems were now in place to ensure Miss Coles’s “deception” could never be repeated.

A conduct hearing yesterday banned her from working as a social worker again.

It was told Miss Coles failed to take action on cases referred to her, which she was supposed to assess and allocate to staff.

George Davies, chairman of the hearing, said: “These were serious failures which left vulnerable children at significant risk and she knowingly misled managers about the numbers of cases she had not dealt with.

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My adopted son came home after 23 years.. and nearly ended my marriage
Millions tuned in to watch EastEnders’ tragic adoption storyline last week. Here, Philippa Hope tells how being reunited with the son she gave away almost ruined her marriage.

TA reunion with a long-lost family member may seem like a cause for joy â€" but things don’t always turn out the way you planned.

When Philippa Hope found the son she’d put up for adoption 23 years earlier, it had a catastrophic impact on her marriage.

Having given up Anthony when she was just a teenager, she’d gone on to marry Rick Hope, 40.

But when Anthony found her, it almost ended their marriage.

“It wasn’t that Rick was unhappy about me finding Anthony, it was just he’d never imagined how jealous it would make him feel,” says Philippa, 47, a charity worker from Whitstable, Kent.

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Reunited with adopted son
At just 19 Philippa Hope (now 47) gave her baby boy, Anthony up for adoption. 23 years later, Anthony tracked her down and they were reunited.

At just 19 Philippa Hope (now 47) gave her baby boy, Anthony up for adoption. 23 years later, Anthony tracked her down and they were reunited.

But, all was not happy as the son she gave away almost ruined her marriage. Philippa had been too ashamed to tell her husband Rick the truth about the adoption.

Rick says; "I was hurt and angry, I confronted her straight away. But I calmed down and we had a proper conversation about it and I understood why she had done it."

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Social worker struck off

A SOCIAL worker convicted of stealing money from a mentally ill pensioner she was providing care for has been struck off by the General Social Care Council.

Martha Wright, 33, was employed by Trafford Council’s Social Services when she stole almost £5,000 from the elderly woman over a period of nine months.

She was convicted of nine counts of obtaining money by deception at Manchester Crown Court in 2007, and given 240 hours community service, and a suspended sentence.

At a hearing yesterday, the GSCC Committee said Wright had significantly abused her position of trust and had caused direct harm to a particularly vulnerable service user, who was left with virtually nothing in her bank account.

They said Wright’s behaviour was fundamentally incompatible with continuing to be a registered social worker, and that dishonesty associated with professional practice is so damaging to public confidence in social care services, removal was the only appropriate sanction.

They also said she’d clearly breached the Code of Practice all social workers sign up to when registering with the GSCC.

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Social worker put kids at risk
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