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Friday, August 22, 2008

08/22/08 ELECTION 2008 SHOCKER: Shays And Himes Both Like Obama

GOP Rep. Shays lauds Obama in campaign ad
San Diego Union Tribune

WASHINGTON – Rep. Christopher Shays, who co-chairs Republican John McCain's campaign in Connecticut, is speaking favorably about McCain's Democratic rival Barack Obama in a new TV ad for Shays' own tough re-election fight.

Shays is airing a TV ad that opens with a black-and-white shot of Obama followed by a similar image of McCain.

The hopefulness of Obama, the straight talk of McCain,” an announcer says. “It's what Christopher Shays has always stood for. He goes where the truth takes him.”

Shays represents a district anchored by Greenwich and other wealthy suburbs outside New York.

The congressman who stresses his independent ways teamed up with McCain on campaign finance legislation in 2002. Two years ago, McCain campaigned in Connecticut for Shays.

Shays downplays his GOP ties in the commercial that began airing this week. Shays was the only House Republican from New England to keep his seat as Democrats swept to power in fall 2006.

“In a sea of partisanship, Shays is different,” the announcer says. “It's not what is Republican or Democrat, it's what's right for America.”

Shays' ad is not the first time this election cycle that a Republican congressional candidate has invoked Obama ties. GOP Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon earlier this year aligned himself with Obama in an ad that cited legislation they worked on to improve automobile fuel efficiency standards.

This fall, Shays is expected to face a hard battle against Democrat Jim Himes, a former banker who is vice president of an affordable housing operation.

Obama is backing Himes.

Barack Obama has strong, positive vision for America and a long record of bipartisan accomplishment, and we are pleased that it is respected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues in the House,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “However, in this race, the good people of Connecticut should know that Barack Obama supports Jim Himes and believes Himes is the candidate who will bring the change American families need to Washington.”

Shays' support for the Iraq war nearly cost him re-election two years ago in a southwestern Connecticut district where anti-war sentiment runs strong. Initially one of Congress' strongest war backers, Shays said during his 2006 race that U.S. policies weren't working. President Bush lost the district in 2004.


US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is preparing to name his running mate from a small field that includes at least one surprise finalist. ...


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08/22/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Barack Obama chooses Jim Himes

Jim Himes for Congress

Dear Brian,

Have you heard the news?

Chris Shays, who co-chairs John McCain's campaign in Connecticut, is running a new TV ad where he claims to represent the "hopefulness of Obama".

In response, the Obama campaign just put out this statement in full support for Jim Himes moments ago:

"In this race, the good people of Connecticut should know that Barack Obama supports Jim Himes and believes Himes is the candidate who will bring the change American families need to Washington."

It's clear who Barack Obama is choosing in this important race. Now we need you to help make sure everyone knows that Jim is the true candidate of change in this campaign.

Fight back against Chris Shays' new ad today by contributing or writing a letter to the editor about Barack Obama's support of Jim Himes:

Contribute Write a Letter to the Editor


Maura Keaney
Campaign Manager
Jim Himes for Congress

This email was sent to: GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

0822/08 Dr. Betty Sternberg Responds To Laura DiBella's Questions About Modulars In Less Than Eight Hours

Dr. Sternberg,

With all due respect, these answers need to be made available PRIOR to the meeting at the open house on August 26th. School starts the next day.

I very clearly stated that at the end of my email.

Laura J. DiBella

Email Sent To:

peter.tesei@greenwichct.org; Damaris_Rau@greenwich.k12.ct.us; william.marr@greenwichct.org; jcohen@ticc.com; michaelbodson@yahoo.com; lesliemorarity@gmail.com; nvoye@aol.com; mpclake@optonline.net; sellis6@optimum.net; andersonsb@optonline.net; nqueen124@aol.com; jlevine@sgtlaw.com; kborsuk@greenwich-post.com; furano11@verizon.net; dbn3793@msn.com; rdequeker@hotmail.com; tmjtb@verizon.net; jabdo67@optonline.net; bica621@aol.com; donnaf4@optonline.net; mpdarling@yahoo.com; freckles76@aol.com; kerrydu@aol.com; cheryl1021@optimum.net; tandersenc@aol.com; clchorch@optonline.net; beth@insurexchg.com; gvd68@aol.com; mikenjacki@aol.com

From: Betty_Sternberg@greenwich.k12.ct.us

Dear Mrs. DiBella,

We are working on the answers to your questions and will have them ready
in time for the meeting Dr. Rau is having with parents early next week.


Dr. Betty J. Sternberg
Superintendent of Schools

290 Greenwich Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830

Tel: (203) 625-7425

FAX:(203) 618-9379


Please See:

08/22/08 Questions and information needed regarding the modulars

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08/22/08 Laura J. DiBella Starts To Get Her Questions Answered About The Modulars - Will The School Board Step Up To The Plate?

The Greenwich Fire Department Is On The Ball

Greeenwich's Bravest Are Serious About
The Safety Of Our School Children

Dear Ms. DiBella,

Thank you for inquiry as to information requested on the noted modulars. As
you may or may not be aware the statutory responsibility for those life
safety inspections rests with the Fire Marshal Division. I will forward the
request to Fire Marshal Joe Benoit.

I do know that Fire Marshal Benoit and his staff have been working
diligently on continued compliance inspections and insuring egress is
continuously maintained unobstructed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have additional

Peter J. Siecienski
Fire Chief
Greenwich Fire Department
75 Holly Hill Lane
Greenwich, Ct. 06830

Email Sent To:

peter.tesei@greenwichct.org; Damaris_Rau@greenwich.k12.ct.us; william.marr@greenwichct.org; jcohen@ticc.com; michaelbodson@yahoo.com; lesliemorarity@gmail.com; nvoye@aol.com; mpclake@optonline.net; sellis6@optimum.net; andersonsb@optonline.net; nqueen124@aol.com; jlevine@sgtlaw.com; kborsuk@greenwich-post.com; furano11@verizon.net; dbn3793@msn.com; rdequeker@hotmail.com; tmjtb@verizon.net; jabdo67@optonline.net; bica621@aol.com; donnaf4@optonline.net; mpdarling@yahoo.com; freckles76@aol.com; kerrydu@aol.com; cheryl1021@optimum.net; tandersenc@aol.com; clchorch@optonline.net; beth@insurexchg.com; gvd68@aol.com; mikenjacki@aol.com
> From: Betty_Sternberg@greenwich.k12.ct.us

Please See:

08/22/08 Questions and information needed regarding the modulars

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08/22/08 ADVISORY: Press Conference at Congress St. Bridge

Jim Himes for Congress

August 22, 2008
Contact: Michael Sachse, 646 265 0556, Michael@HimesforCongress.com


BRIDGEPORT, CT: On Monday, August 25, Jim Himes, Democratic Candidate for Congress and local elected officials will hold a press conference at the foot of the Congress St. Bridge.

WHO: Jim Himes, Democratic candidate for Congress, local elected officials.

WHAT: Press Conference

WHEN: Monday, August 25 at 11 AM.

WHERE: Base of the Congress St. Bridge on the East Side, at the intersection of Crescent Ave, William St, and Knowlton St.

Good visuals for television will be available.


Paid for by Jim Himes for Congress

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08/22/08 Abruzzini and Hirsch relish in Greenwich Time Exposure

Please See The Full Story Here

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08.22/08 National Inquisitor Reports: Greenwich's "Rock Star Diary" Blogger Arrestted In Brooklyn (View The Shocking Photos)

Cops are out in full force in Williamsburg....ever since the word got out that Greenwich's "Free Time Bandit" was up to no good in the area.....

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08/22/08 Should We Take The Bait?

Dario Taus Writes....

hello my name is dario taus I"m from Argantina and I would like to tell you something very important about a greenwich resident his name is omar vitte he owns a limousine company in greenwich, if you are interest in this information please mail me dariotaus@hotmail.com thank you very much for your attention.

Sorry Dario I Am Starting To Feel Like A Greenwich Time Reporter

I Am Just Too Lazy To Follow Up On This.....

Please see:

08/21/08 Is Greenwich Time a real newspaper? CROCKEFELLAH on NBC Today Show

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08/22/08 Search For Greenwich Real Estate Here

Tim Judge real estate broker
has posted search page
Byram homes for sale

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08/22/08 Greenwich Diva Exposes McCain's Flip Flop Express!

Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop, McCain is a Flip-Flopper

by Claudette Rothman

McCain’s Abortion Flip-Flop. By Zachary Roth - August 22, 2008, 11:29AMAh yes, that’s the principled, straight-talking maverick we all know and love… Back in 2000, when John McCain was running for the GOP nomination as an insurgent ...

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08/22/08 Thank God Mr. Clark Does Not Read This Blog Which Is Pounded Out By A One Eyed Guy Who Hunts And Pecks On The Keyboard With One Finger

The Yellowwich Time Can't Speak English

by Bill Clark

Today's headline in the local rag, AKA Yellowwich Time, shows us all just how pathetic they really are:

Cops relish in Golder verdict

So there you have it, dear reader: the illiteratest dumbest waste of newsprint on the planet at its shining worst. Why the Hearst Corporation doesn't just fire the cretinous staff and close the rag down is one of the world's great unsolved mysteries.

Hey Bill is "illiteratest" even a word???

Bill please do not come to Greenwich Roundup and show the world that am not a man of letters that I pretend to be. Everyone in Greenwich already knows that I lack the most basic skills of language and literature.

Because I do an excellent job of demonstrating my inability to use reading, writing, and computational skills efficiently and correctly in virtually every blog posting.

"I may not rite wright, but I know what I am talking about"

To be quite truthful, I am not a very smart man at all, because I warned everyone that you....

"...Don't Mess Around With Bill"

And the first chance I get I foolishly try and match wits with the almost amazing and semi-incredible "Scribe Of Greenwich"

But I just could not pass up pointing out a spelling error in a post about poor grammar.

Well Anyway, Here is more from the literatest man at the Greenwich Library.....

Maybe if I put a big :) at the end of this post Bill Clark Will Not Come Here And Shred My Blog To Pieces.

Update: I Am So Stupid

I Went And "Messed Around With Bill" When I could Have Pointed Out How The Greenwich Time Is The Laughing Stock Of Greenwich By Linking To This Other Greenwich Blogger's Post....

Copy Editor! The Greenwich Time, fresh from laying off half of it's editorial staff announced to day that Cops Relish In Golder Verdict

More From For What It's Worth postings for Friday:


08/22/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

  • Why didn't
    Martin "I Am The King Of Incomplete Crime Reporting" Cassidy ask Cornell Abruzzini about the shoe print at the cellar door that was never linked to shoes that Golder wore or the partial finger print that could not be linked to the Dinnertime Bandit.
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08/22/08 Questions and information needed regarding the Modulars

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the Hamilton Avenue school children will, most unfortunately, be returning to the modulars, there are still outstanding questions that need to be asked and information that needs to be shared with the public, at large, regarding the modulars.

First question - Why is the replacement trellis skirt not fully around the building? Why is the skirt still solid material on the side of the building up against the hill? Both inspectors, the BOE's and the parents', stated that the entire skirt area needs to be open for circulation to hinder the growth of mold.

Second Question - Why were the contents of the pods put into the modulars prior to the release of the content testing results? As referenced at a recent BOE meeting by Leslie Moriarty, contents in one pod, at least, showed significant levels of mold. What are those results, what was tested and how was remediation accomplished?

Third Question - Have fire code inspections been done on the remediated modulars? What is the official occupancy limit of the Multipurpose Room? Is that occupancy prominently posted?

Fourth Question - Have building inspections by the Town of Greenwich been done on the remediated modulars? Will those results be posted publicly?

Fifth Question - Will there be a storage pod left on site in addition to the small storage shed for overflow contents, gym equipment and supplies not needed immediately? The school community has asked for this since the completion of the modulars as there is truly not enough storage in the modulars.

Sixth Question - Has the Modular Tools for Schools Committee been formed? Who are the members of this committee. Is this committee receiving the necessary training to perform their duties? What is the meeting schedule for this committee?

The community requests answers to these questions, prior to the scheduled open house on August 26th. These are very real concerns and expedient answers are needed.

Respectfully yours,

Laura J. DiBella

Email Sent To:

peter.tesei@greenwichct.org; Damaris_Rau@greenwich.k12.ct.us; william.marr@greenwichct.org; jcohen@ticc.com; michaelbodson@yahoo.com; lesliemorarity@gmail.com; nvoye@aol.com; mpclake@optonline.net; sellis6@optimum.net; andersonsb@optonline.net; nqueen124@aol.com; jlevine@sgtlaw.com; kborsuk@greenwich-post.com; furano11@verizon.net; dbn3793@msn.com; rdequeker@hotmail.com; tmjtb@verizon.net; jabdo67@optonline.net; bica621@aol.com; donnaf4@optonline.net; mpdarling@yahoo.com; freckles76@aol.com; kerrydu@aol.com; cheryl1021@optimum.net; tandersenc@aol.com; clchorch@optonline.net; beth@insurexchg.com; gvd68@aol.com; mikenjacki@aol.com

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08/2208 Greenwich Citizen News Links For Friday

Siebert Lands DPW Top Job

Town Native, GHS Grad to Draw $155K a Year

For the first time, a woman has been appointed to run the Greenwich Department of Public Works (DPW).

own native and Greenwich High School graduate Amy Siebert's selection as DPW commissioner was announced Thursday by Selectman Peter Tesei during the Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting in Town Hall.

The slightly built Siebert, wearing a boardroom-perfect black suit, sat in the last spectator row, far from the podium, and blushed a bit as Tesei told why she edged out four other finalists in a nationwide search for the job ....

...Since July 2007, she served as DPW deputy commissioner under then-Commissioner Lloyd Hubbs. In 2007, he collected the Town of Greenwich's third fattest paycheck - $163,934.69.

After Hubbs resigned in late spring because due to his wife's desire to return to California....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Story

Please See:

08/16/08 Home Much Did The Single Family Homeowners Pay Walters Odani To Recruit The Deputy Commissioner To Be The Commissioner Of Public Works?

08/18/08 Greenwich Time - Siebert to lead public works

08/21/08 Greenwich Post - Public Works commissioner here to stay

Kelly Goes to Washington as Connecticut Governor

By Anne W. Semmes

When Greenwich High School senior Dan Kelly, 17, as a junior came across the American Legion-sponsored Boys' State program that teaches local and state government, he thought it would look good on his college application. Little did he know it would land him in the White House with the title of Connecticut Boys State Governor.

A member of student government, he was familiar with "sitting in a room talking about parking problems and why muffins had decreased in size," he said. But, last month, he was in Washington discussing Iran at the State Department along with an Iranian-born student....

Please See:

08/07/08 - Greenwich Round Up Posting: GTNL - Fictitious President From The State Of Texas Stops Kelly Of Greenwich From Repelling Of "The Don't Ask Don't Tell" From Becomming Law.

  • Headline:

    American Legion Post 29 Surely Is Proud Of Their Fictitious Lawmaker Who Tried To Put An End To "Don't Ask Don't Tell"


    "Everybody else was trying all these gimmicks in their speeches, like stepping down into the crowd or listing their accomplishments in student government," Greenwich High School senior Dan Kelly recalled. "I just thought it would be best to get people excited about the program, so I talked about what a great opportunity we have" to participate in Boys State.

    GHS senior makes waves in Washington

Reinken, 11, Tackles Local, World News - and Too Much Homework

Mortimer Zuckerman, Rupert Murdoch and other top-tier newspaper publishers may want to make way for Blake Reinken, 11 - the newest publisher on the block.

But unlike Zuckerman and Murdoch, Reinken wears three hats. He is founder, publisher and editor of Greenwich Kids News - his newspaper "for kids, by kids."

The Whitby School sixth grader has three issues under his belt. Respectively, the January, February and May editions of GKN featured front page stories on global warming, too much homework and delays in Hamilton Avenue School construction....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Story

New Beginnings

GHS Gridders Excited On Day 1 of Practice

It had been 241 days. That's the last time Greenwich High's football team officially suited up. It's the day the 2007 Cardinals emerged victorious, 28-14, over Shelton in the CIAC Class LL state championship game.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Story

We are going to get right to the point: The next time you are at the supermarket, buy an extra bag of groceries and donate it to the Connecticut Food Bank.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Editorial

Call me a chicken, but when I was a kid I would've been way too scared to take a train into Harlem, get off at the 125th Street stop, walk a couple blocks over to the subway station, and then hop onto the #4 headed for 161st Street in the South Bronx....

..."Just like me"? Turns out, I was the clueless one. When I finally realized that she wasn't looking for a handout, I held out my hand. She took it and she shook it. As she held it for what by Greenwich standards would be way too long, I was reminded of something Mother Teresa once said. She claimed that the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ could be written on one hand, with the five fingers representing these five words: "You did it to me."

According to the soon-to-be-saint, my five fingers, at the end of my life, will either excuse me or accuse me of doing it to the least of these. Now, that scares me.

Rev. Kenneth Kieffer is pastor of First United Methodist Church in Greenwich. E-mail: 27Yankees@optonline.net

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Feature Article

Task Continues to Hold Those Accountable in the Wiffle Ball Controversy

By Anne W. Semmes

The latest chapter of the Wiffle ball controversy is that a Riverside property owner, Thomas Gallagher, disputed the takeover of the municipal lot bordering his property by a group of teenage Wiffle ball players, and in doing so distributed an unauthorized juvenile criminal report of one of the ballplayers to other property owners - as well to the first selectman as a means to bring an end to their takeover.

As the report was also sent anonymously to the police, Chief David Ridberg ordered an internal investigation as to where the widespread leak of the report took place. The trail led to Gallagher.

Ridberg was "relieved that the report was not released by any police officers," he said. "People did what they did for their own motives."

The trail began with the mother of the juvenile featured in the report who had apologized to Halsey Road resident Patricia Doyle, whose house her son had burgled. To best explain the incident, she obtained the report from her son's Stamford-based lawyer, Edward Nemchek, and gave it to Doyle.

"Quite honestly," the mother stated in the report, she had not been told she "could not pass it out." Doyle had then passed the report to Gallagher. "Handing out a copy of the report to a client is legitimate in my mind," said Ridberg. "The lawyers sharing information with a client of a report is totally legitimate. We are not moving forward with any charges against the people who distributed these reports." There would be "no penalties attached."

Regarding the attorney's sharing of the report, Ridberg called it a possible "civil punishment. They may be subject to internal sanctions by the court," he said.

Neither Nemchek nor Gallagher was available for comment.

Doyle, when reached, said only, "I'm so done with this whole story - I'm sorry."

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Story

Where Did Cheif Ridberg Get His Law Degree From?

The Back Of A Cereal Box!!!

This Kind Of Amateurish Reporting Drives Me Nuts!!!!

Why does Anne W. Semmes always take what Town officials say as the gospel?

Why is rookie reporter Semmes to lazy to pick up the phone and call a legal expert?

How about the state bar association or a the court clerks office?

How about a U Conn Or Yale Law Professor?

Why didn't cub reporter Semmes interview anyone who was in favor of the whiffle ball field or the family whose son was harmed by this intentional, spiteful and illegal release of juvenile records.

Why didn't Semmes ask Cheif Ridberg about if Mr. Galagher had filed a freedom of information request or about police computer logs that would definately prove that no police employee illegally down load the juvinile file?

Seenes so called "news report" reads like a

one sided Town Of Greenwich Press Release


Greenwich Citizen readers deserve reporting

that is much better than this.


08/19/08 GREENWICH TIME WHITEWASH: Newspaper Provides No Proof That A Police Employee Did Not Illegally Release A Juvenile Police Report To Thomas Gallagher.


Once Again The Local Rag Sells Out It's Readers Right To Know To The Powers That Be In Greenwich

Forget About "Let The Chips Fall Where They May" The Greenwich Police Department Is Giving Special Consideration And Playing Favorites With Anti-Wiffle Ballers.

The Greenwich Police Department should know that youth cases are shielded from the public by law to prevent minors from being stigmatized by the crimes they commit.


"No child grows up to perfection,"
said the mother, who Greenwich Time agreed not to name because it would reveal the identity of the juvenile. "I just want them to know how hurtful adults can be. What kind of lesson are they trying to teach by doing this?"


Wiffle woes dog neighbor

By Neil Vigdor / Greenwich Time Staff writer
Article Launched: 08/19/2008 12:48:07 PM

First Neil Vidgor Dutifully Reports On The Town's Smoke And Mirror Activities Designed To Distract Citizen's From A Serious Breach Of Conneticut State Law....

A Riverside man's complaints to the town about an unauthorized Wiffle ball field that sprouted on a municipally owned lot next to his property may come back to bite him.

First Selectman Peter Tesei has ordered the Department of Public Works to survey the area near town Lot 5A on Riverside Lane to see if any of the abutting residential properties encroach on the parcel.

The directive comes after several of those who tried to save the ill-fated field from being shut down last month questioned whether a picket fence, bushes and driveway belonging to the homeowner at 100 Riverside Lane are located on town property.

"I think it's a good idea, in light of all the controversy, to delineate what the boundaries are," Tesei said...

Now Towards The End Of The Article Neil Vidgor Sheepishly Brings Up The Problem That A Juvinile Police Record Was Illegally Disimenated In Greenwich.

Please Read How The Ameturish Vidgor Whitewashes The Towns Handeling Of The Crime....

...Gallagher also declined to comment about the release Monday of an internal affairs investigation by the police department, implicating him in the unauthorized distribution of a juvenile criminal report on one of the teens who built the Wiffle ball field.

The report, which was sent anonymously to those who live near the field, related to the alleged burglary of fireworks from a residence in May by one of the teens, who is under 18. Several of the recipients complained about the public disclosure of the report to police, prompting an internal investigation into a potential leak....

....According to the 15-page internal affairs probe, which the newspaper obtained through a Freedom of Information request, Gallagher sent a copy of the report to Tesei, the first selectman, on July 15, by e-mail....

Did The Greenwich Police Department Honor Thomas Doyle's Freedom Of Information Request, Or Did They Officially Notify Him That Dispersing Such Information About Youthful Offenders Is Against The Law?

The Greenwich Time Story Continues....

....According to the investigation, Gallagher obtained the report from the victim of the burglary, Patricia Doyle, who lives on Halsey Drive. During a visit to the field, Doyle informed Gallagher about the burglary, leading him to request a copy of the police report, according to the investigation....

Why Is The Greenwich Police Department Choosing Sides In The Wiffle Ball Controversey Fall Out?

The Greenwich Police Department Needs To Stop Playing Favorites.

Patricia Doyle admitted to The Greenwich Police Department that she illegally disiminated a juvinile police report?

Why wasn't Doyle charged in the crime she admitted too?

The Greenwich Time Article Continues...

...In the police investigation, it said that Doyle was "willing to take blame for the incident" and "never anticipated the report would have been used in this manner."....

The Greenwich Time Article Continues....

According to the police investigation, Doyle received a copy of the report from Stamford attorney Edward Nemchek, the lawyer for one of the other juveniles involved in the burglary. A message seeking comment was left Monday night at Nemchek's law office...

Can The Greenwich Police Department Show Proof That They Officially Denied Thomas Gallagers Freedom Of Information Request As Required By Conneticut State Law?

The Greenwich Time Article Continues....

Police Chief David Ridberg said the investigation puts to rest any theories that the report was leaked by a member of his department.

"I'm happy to find out that we maintained a professional demeanor and didn't take sides in this argument and also didn't violate policy and statute by releasing confidential information," Ridberg said. "I recognize there are some that might believe I don't want to find someone responsible within the department, but we invite anyone to request a copy of the investigation."

Can We Also Request A Copy Of The

Greenwich Police Department Letter

Officially Dening Thomas Gallagers

Freedom Of Information Request?

Everyone Knows That The Greenwich Police Department has an official policy that all requests for documents must be made in witting.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to obtain records of all public agencies with certain exceptions.

Open Records Law Conn. Gen. Stat. §1-18a et seq.

Exempt: Fifteen total exemptions including: Personnel, medical and some law enforcement files; juvenile records; some witness and victim identification records; pending litigation files; and real estate documents.

All Public Agencies, including the Greenwich Police Department, are required to respond or fill Freedom Of Information Requests with in 4 business days.

As usual, Neil Vigdor And The Greenwich Time's News Story Is Woefully Incomplete.


Any Person's Freedom Of Information request is a public document and can be legally requested by another person.

Two quarters will buy anyone in town, including Neil Vidgor, a copy of Thomas Gallager's Written Freedom Of Information Request And The Greenwich Police Department's Official Written Response to Mr. Gallager.

Thomas Gallager's Written Freedom Of Information Request And The Greenwich Police Department's Official Written Response To Mr. Gallager's request are both public documents that a "professional and competent" reporter would have routinely requested copies of.

But, Ameture Reporter Neil Vigdor And The Greenwich Time Blindly Trust Greenwich Police Cheif David Ridberg Who Has A Vested Interest In Trying To Vindicate His Department Knowledge Of The Illegal Release Of A Juvinile Report

If Police Cheif David Ridberg Has Nothing To Hide He Can Send A Copy Of Thomas Gallager's Written Freedom Of Information Request And The Greenwich Police Department's Official Written Responce To GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com And We Will Post The Documents Here At Greenwich Roundup.

Or, Better Yet Police Cheif David Ridberg can release Greenwich Police Department Computer Logs showing that the specific juvinile file had not been downloaded in the past 120 days.

More Information:

The mission of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission is "to administer and enforce the provisions of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, and to thereby ensure citizen access to the records and meetings of public agencies in the State of Connecticut."
For additional information on the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, go to www.state.ct.us/foi or contact the Commission by phone at (860) 566-5682 or via email at foi@ct.gov.


Neil Vidgor was the reporter who did not publish copies of the fake beach passess he received last February, thus assisting the Greenwich Police Department in yet anither Whitewash.

Criminals in Greenwich are safe as long as Niel Vidgor is responsible for reporting on and keeping Police Chief David Ridberg accountable to the public.


Please send your comments or copies of Thomas Gallager's Written Freedom Of Information Request And The Greenwich Police Department's Official Written Responce To Mr. Gallager's request
to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

08/22/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Friday

Whitby teachers prepare for international program

Whitby teachers have been busy this summer attending IB training sessions in preparation for their introduction of the highly-acclaimed International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years programs at the school.

“We’ve had teachers attend two workshops this summer with the International Baccalaureate Program,” said Ben Thrash, assistant head of Lower and Middle Schools at Whitby. “More than 30 faculty members participated in the professional training, which will help strengthen Whitby’s IB philosophy and teaching methods, and combine IB with Whitby’s strong Montessori education.”....

Register now for programs at YWCA

Future Olympians can register now at the YWCA for Olympic sports including swimming, gymnastics basketball and soccer. Limited openings are available.

Call 869-6501, ext. 0 to register. Programs include swim instruction for children six months to four years old; gymnastics school for children 16 months to 17 years; Super Soccer Stars for children 2 to 7 years old; Dance classes for children three to 13 years old; Basketball clinic for children five to 10 years old;...

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

08/22/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Town man making waves in water sport

By Colin Gustafson Staff Writer

Greenwich native Matt Sexton, 23, is making a name for himself in a little-known water sport that only recently began gaining its own name recognition.

The sport is paddle boarding, an ancient Hawaiian pastime with elements of surfing and kayaking that is growing in popularity among both hardcore surfers and novice leisure seekers.

Sexton, a Greenwich High School graduate and senior at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla., is now emerging as a person to watch in this once-obscure sport - both as a promoter and as a competitor.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer

In Greenwich, it's illegal for a real-estate agent to post a "For Sale" sign in front of any home - and, The New Yorker's Nick Paumgarten argues, that's probably all for the best given the increasingly dire state of the housing market.

"The absence of such signage has been a blessing as the town's brokers and homeowners have sought to maintain, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, that they are immune to the ravages of the credit crisis," Paumgarten writes.

"If brokers' signs were allowed, the town might look, from the right distance, like a giant and very expensive tag sale," he writes in his latest New Yorker article, "A Greenwich of the Mind," which is due to hit newsstands Monday.

In his nine-page article, Paumgarten suggests that the sub-prime fallout, once thought to be relegated to lower- and middle-income areas, has crept into the town's wealthiest enclaves in the wake of a speculative mansion-building boom.

As evidence, he points to the ill-fated foray of one commercial real-estate developer, Antares Investment Partners, into the backcountry market....

...Late last year, the local market was starting to deteriorate: Of the two homes that Antares built at its Taconic Road site, one sold for $10 million last August. Some months later, another sold for a disappointing $6.6 million.

In January, Antares also failed to attract enough buyers for its plans to convert two Greenwich apartment complexes into high-end condos.

With a worsening outlook, the company in April sold its remaining vacant lots for $9 million - a move that sparked a lawsuit from investors accusing the company of breach of contract. That sparked a countersuit by Antares, which was later settled this month, Paumgarten writes.

Just this week, the Lake Carrington property, which originally went on the market for $28 million, was purchased for $13.75 million.

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08/18/08 EASING THE $QUEEZE Nick Paumgarten examines the impact of the subprime mortgage fiasco in on Greenwich a place he calls more prime than sub


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For What It's Worth
New Yorker Article on Greenwich
There's a terrific article in the New Yorker this week by Nick Paumgarten that captures the town nicely - its Old money (which was new not so long ago) its new boors and their flashy houses and all of us middle class schnooks in between. The article is not available on line but, and I would almost never say this, the piece is worth the news stand price of the entire magazine. Read it.


Friday, August 22, 2008

The New Yorker article
The Greenwich Time has discovered Nick Paumgarten's article on Greenwich. Paumgarten's tone may be a bit pessimistic on the current state of our real estate market (could be because he spent too much time talking with me) but I think he's right on, naturally. Leave it to our local paper, however, whose last revenue source is real estate advertising, to seek out and quote those Realtors still capable of whistling past the graveyard.
But local brokers say that explanation only gives part of the picture. While it's true Greenwich's upscale market is not as robust as it once was, it's certainly not bad enough to doom a well-planned project to failure, many said.
"I don't think Greenwich has been that hard hit," said Jackie Hammock, a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker. "There are still plenty of these houses that are selling."

[Coldwell Banker - isn't that the firm that got your column axed for saying mean things about real estate? Ed. Why yes, I believe it was]

While I'm delighted that there are still optimistic agents working the beat and while I don't believe that the market has died forever, I personally stopped whistling awhile ago.
The Greenwich Time has discovered Nick Paumgarten's article on Greenwich. Paumgarten's tone may be a bit pessimistic on the current...

Cops relish in Golder verdict

By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

For years Cornell Abruzzini and Jim Hirsch remained confident that the Dinnertime Bandit would eventually pay his tab in hard time.

Between Alan Golder's disappearance from New York in 1997 and his capture in Belgium in 2006, Abruzzini and Hirsch would talk almost weekly about the fugitive,convinced their prime suspect, Alan Golder would pop up...

"My ideal of a burglary detective is to be like a dog who is digging for a bone buried in the backyard," said Hirsch, who retired in 1999 and now is director of security for multi-billion dollar hedge fund Tudor Investments. "....

...Golder will make a motion for a new trial, his lawyer, Public Defender Howard Ehring said, but the cops who dogged him believe justice has been done....

..."Here it is 12 years later and it is coming to a conclusion," Abruzzini said of the case. "Even early on in the investigation, some of our colleagues and even police from other police departments were very cynical about us pursuing this case and if we'd get Golder.

Abruzzini credited the assistance of other investigators who targeted Golder for Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey jewel burglaries in 1996 and 1997, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York State Division of Parole for helping him continue to build the case in Golder's absence....

...Hirsch and Abruzzini first suspected Golder in the burglaries in mid-November 1997, after a tip from Golder's Queens, N.Y. parole officer that Golder had committed similar burglaries during the 1970's, and was now a free man. ...

..."As soon as I heard that I knew we weren't chasing a ghost anymore," Hirsch recalled. "We knew who we were after."

The Greenwich charges were not pursued when Golder went to jail....

...Both officers were dismissive of efforts by Ehring at trial to raise speculation about whether the the Dinnerset Gang, "Silver Thief" Blane Nordahl, or another individual or group of top-notch burglars might be responsible for the Greenwich break-ins.

Like Golder, the other burglars touted by Ehring all preyed on affluent homes and adhered to a strict set of procedures, Abruzzini said.

Last week under questioning from Ehring, Abruzzini tried to debunk Ehring's theory that Nordahl was the Dinnertime Bandit, explaining that he and Hirsch ruled out Nordahl because he always stole sterling silver and struck in the middle of the night....

..."Any theory that those others were credible suspects was just baloney and we ruled them out."....

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Please see this previous Greenwich Time Article.

It looks like the Greenwich Time Forgot About It's Previous reporting.

Why didn't
Martin "I Am The King Of Incomplete Crime Reporting" Cassidy ask Cornell Abruzzini about the shoe print at the cellar door that was never linked to shoes that Golder wore or the partial finger print that could not be linked to the Dinnertime Bandit.

Golder case not open and shut


"Because they don't have footprint or fingerprint proof, they produce a witness who alleges he sold a lot of jewelry for the guy at the time," said Stephan Seeger A Stamford criminal defense attorney , who is not involved in the case. "It all goes to credibility of the witness and when a like this takes the stand it undermines the state's case."

"The trial will not be decided based on his past or all the information and background known about him," said Todd Fernow, a professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law. "From what I hear there seems to be reasonable doubt everywhere and the state has a very tough row to hoe in this case."

"People assume he is the bandit because he has done it before, but I don't think a jury will convict him simply upon their past if the evidence in the immediate case is not there," said Mickey Sherman, a Stamford-based criminal defense attorney.


The questionable credibility of a prosecution witness and the lack of eyewitness identification could lead to the acquittal of Alan Golder of charges that he was the Dinnertime Bandit who stole jewels from town mansions a decade ago, according to Stephan Seeger, a Stamford criminal attorney.

Prosecution witness Robert Liebman testified last week that he drove Golder to Greenwich for burglaries and helped sell jewelry stolen from town homes.

He also admitted he lied to police for two years to protect the man who actually purchased the jewelry - a Manhattan jeweler who dated Liebman's sister....

...Also troubling for the prosecution is Judge John Kavanewsky Jr.'s ruling that evidence about Golder's past crimes as a prolific cat burglar who swiped millions of jewels from wealthy estates from 1975 to 1980 is inadmissible and prejudicial...

...Prosecutors also lack a firm identification of Golder. In court last week, a woman who was eight at the time of a 1996 burglary said she had picked out a profile photo of Golder shortly after a 1996 burglary of her home, telling police that his nose was similar to the burglar's.

But Kavanewsky warned the jurors that picking out a similar facial feature was not a positive ID of the suspect....

...Last week, Assistant State Attorney Joseph Valdes argued that a similar technique in all four burglaries points to a single perpetrator, noting the burglaries were committed in the early evening hours.

But Cornell Abruzzini, the retired Greenwich detective who investigated the case and obtained warrants for Golder, acknowledged that a shoe print found on a cellar door at the scene of one of the burglaries was never linked to shoes that Golder wore.

A partial fingerprint also could not provide identification, Abruzzini said.

Abruzzini declined comment Friday....

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08/02/08 Prosecutor Joseph Valdes Falsely Claims That John Christoffersen's Testimony And Notes Are Needed To Prove Golder Is Guilty Of 10 Felonie

  • Disparate And Lazy Prosecutor Joseph Valde Wants The Associated Press To Save The Poorly Investigated Greenwich Police Department Case.
  • ”If people knew that every time they talked to a reporter they'd be talking to a state prosecutor, they'd stop talking to reporters,” New York attorney David Schulz said. “The state is trying to get the benefit of a reporter doing his job covering this case. That's exactly what the shield law does not allow.”
  • “It's a fishing expedition.”said Howard Ehring, Golder's public defender.


08/01/08 Judge John Kavanewsky Jr Would Be A Fool To Try And Weaken Connecticut 2006 Reporter Shield Law

  • Judge John Kavanewsky Jr had better tell the Connecticut States Attorney to have the Greenwich Police Department to hit the bricks and uncover another states witness. Otherwise Judge Kavanewsky is going to find his overturned decission in featured in law school text books.

Please also read:

07/17/08 When asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person that she described to police she said no.

  • Howard Ehring Says Greenwich Detective's Police Work Does Not Meet Judicial Standards
  • Patricia Solari identified Alan Golder a decade ago from an array of eight photos as the intruder who robbed her home in 1997. She said she only saw him for a few seconds and that he wore a ski mask and gloves.
  • "We have a photo array here that really does not meet the standard," said Howard Ehring, a public defender representing Golder.
  • Ehring said Golder's photo had a background distinctive from the other seven photos and that police presented Solari with all the photos at once, alloing her to quickly eliminate all but two based on eye color. Ehring also said the lead investigator should not have shown her the photos because of the potential for bias.
  • Solari only saw the intruder for a few seconds and was not certain of his eye color, Ehring said. He also said she felt badgered to make an identification.
  • Solari said last week she eliminated six of the eight photos quickly because their eye color was not blue or green.
  • Asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person she described to police, she said no. Golder, who has blond hair and blue eyes, was in court.
Police blotter

John L. Coloma, 30, of 60 Wilbur Peck Court, was arrested Aug. 7 and charged with illegal use of a credit card and identity theft in connection with ordering food delivery using stolen credit card numbers, according to a police report.

On June 16, Greenwich police received a complaint from a Chinese restaurant in town that Coloma may have used other people's credit card numbers, according to the report.

The victims were not aware of the charges until they were contacted by police, according to the report.

Coloma was charged with six counts each of illegal use of a credit card, sixth-degree larceny, criminal impersonation, five counts each of receiving goods from illegal use of a credit card, and third-degree identity theft, according to the report.

He was released on $1,000 bond, and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford last Friday, Aug. 15, according to the report.


A 16-year-old town boy was arrested Tuesday evening at his Armstrong Court residence and charged with disorderly conduct in connection with a fight with his sister, according to a police report.

The 18-year-old sister alleged that during an argument her brother, who is much larger, shoved her in the head, according to the report.

Police withheld the boy's name because of his age.

The boy was released on $1,000 bond and was to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford yesterday, according to the report.

Greenwich resident Bill Smith, the Secretary for USA Water Polo and the head coach Greenwich YMCA water polo team is attending the Olympics in Beijing.....

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Talking 'Top Design': Greenwich native to appear on Bravo reality show

By Beth Cooney
Staff Writer

Martha Stewart herself must have packed Eddie Ross' suitcases for Los Angeles. How else can the Greenwich native and senior editor at Martha Stewart Living explain the sterling butler trays and exquisite vintage silverware he just happened to have on hand when he competed recently in the second season of Bravo's "Top Design....

... "I think I paid 70 dollars. I walked out the door of that store and felt guilty, like I was stealing. I knew what I had and it was a major find." He took them to a silversmith to have them engraved. "And then they were a perfect match."

Will he have that kind of luck on "Top Design?"

"Watch Bravo and see what happens, that's all I can say. The experience was wonderful. Grueling, but absolutely wonderful."

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Setting priorities for state heating aid

No matter what energy aid plans eventually emerge from the special session of the state General Assembly scheduled to begin today, lawmakers should consider channeling a portion of that aid to public school districts.

In typical state Capitol fashion, just before the session was slated to open there were myriad proposals being floated by majority Democrats, minority Republicans and Gov. M. Jodi Rell on how the state should utilize the projected state surplus that has been pegged at $75 million. ...

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Hospitalists need to put patient care first

To the Greenwich Time editor:

If the hospitalists are to take on the important role of inpatient care at Greenwich Hospital, they must have the experience and skills necessary to maintain a high quality of patient care that Greenwich Hospital has come to represent.

In order to ensure high-quality hospitalists, they must meet standards set by experienced and dedicated physicians. To have anyone else determine an incoming hospitalist's ability would suggest that they were more qualified than the experienced physicians, or that a different agenda was at the forefront.

At Greenwich Hospital it is not the experienced physicians who choose the hospitalists. Instead, it is the hospital administration and its employees who choose the hospitalists. The hospital administration is concerned with the bottom line, i.e. economics first. If those concerned with economics are choosing, who will care for the patient? Perhaps bottom-line concerns have eclipsed concern for patient care.

Who would you rather have take care of you or a loved one in the hospital for a serious and potentially life-threatening situation? Someone your primary care physician determines is a qualified caregiver or someone from the hospital administration with help from a physician staff employee who figures they can do the right thing?

Anthony P. Redmond


The writer is a retired physician.

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