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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/15/09 Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont Says: Stand with me on health care

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

The health care crisis in Connecticut is real. Our small businesses struggle with skyrocketing costs that make it harder and harder for them create jobs, while more and more of our citizens cannot afford health insurance.

Yet, as we've all seen, Senator Lieberman is now threatening to weaken or derail health care reform in the Senate. If he succeeds in his efforts, we will see health care costs continue to surge faster than inflation and wages, making coverage even more unaffordable and bankrupting our small businesses and working families alike.

In 2010, Connecticut voters will elect a new governor who will play an instrumental role in deciding how we address health care reform at the state level. The next governor's job will be a lot easier if Congress can manage to overcome Senator Lieberman's obstruction and pass a health care reform bill that begins to reform the system and contain costs.

Unlike the career politicians in both parties, I wasn't afraid to speak out against the status quo and stand up for the concerns of the majority of Connecticut residents three years ago. And you can be sure I won't be afraid to stand up and speak out in the future.

But in order to do so, I will need your support.

Will you stand with me today?

Our families need and deserve a chief executive who will be a strong advocate for their concerns -- creating jobs, growing the economy, and reforming health care.

Just this year my own business saw a more than 20% increase in health care premiums, and I hear similar stories from small businesses across the state. The uncertainty of spiraling health care costs makes expansion and job growth practically impossible for our small businesses. Cost increases like this are unsustainable for everyone.

Our next governor can -- and must -- make a difference.

Please stand with me on health care -- contribute to our exploratory committee today.

Connecticut's 3.5 million citizens have waited a long time for real reform that will provide our businesses with the relief they need, our families the security they deserve, and our seniors the care they have earned.

As a problem-solver who has never had a problem challenging the status quo, I need you to stand with me in this effort.

Stand with me by making a contribution of $10, $20, $50 or more to our exploratory committee today.



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12/15/09 Greenwich Newsmaker Linda McMahon

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12/15/09 MEDIA ALERT: Linda McMahon Online!

Hello Greenwich Roundup!

This is Mike Lurie and Jodi Latina from the Linda McMahon Campaign’s New Media Department. We’re gathering information on anyone interested in blogging for Linda, tweeting for Linda on Twitter, or simply signing up to become a fan of Linda on Facebook. If you haven’t signed up for Facebook or Twitter yet, here are two quick introduction videos to get going:

Facebook Video

Twitter Video

If you’ve already got a twitter account or just signed up, send us your Twitter username so we can follow you and keep in touch! We hope you’ll join our online team to spread the word about Linda McMahon and how she’s aiming to make a difference in our state and country. Thank you!

All the Best,

Michael Lurie

New Media Assistant Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate 2010

Office: 860 244 2010 Cell: 860 578 5487 Email: mlurie@linda2010.com

Campaign Headquarters

973 Farmington Avenue

West Hartford, CT 06107

Mailing Address


P.O. Box 271386

West Hartford, CT 06127



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