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Saturday, September 6, 2008

09/06/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time: Surprise $500,000 Is Not Enough For Frank Mazza And His Band Of Idiots Now They Want $700,000 !!!!!

Mo’ Money

For Ham Ave

Building Committee Meeting

September 5, 2008

Havemeyer Building

10 members of the Building Committee present

Mike bodson via phone

Betty Sternberg, Nancy Weissler, Sue Wallerstein, Tony Byrne

From Hamilton Avenue School:

Dr. Rau, Rose Furano, Alex Capozza.

Todays meeting consisted on going over the budget of the pending jobs to be done and allocating the monies that are still pending for release of the $500,000.00. Currently, there is $296,753.00 left in change orders.

A report was created (Board Of Education and Pecora Bros.) indicating the jobs and cost, however a request was made by building committee to make such report more specific as to where the allocations and the responsible parties should be.

Major issue still pending is the ventilation system and lack of delivery of steel panels for the front of the building.

The Building Committee is waiting for a full report that should be presented by the end of the day as to any issues or clearance with this matter.

The issues with the thermostats, light switches, parking, front steps, and exits sign are being addressed. (Architect has made an appeal to the state in regards to the violation of the thermostats) We should know by Tuesday the outcomes to these situations.

Building committee has gotten pricing for the chimney caps. Worth Construction refuses to pay for this. Board Of Education and Building department is getting a third party to take care of this matter.

The kitchen was being inspected today by the Board of Health.

Currently, the building committee has $20,000 left in funds. Frank Mazza indicated that we have enough to pay the architect but not the project manager. As of now the Building Committee is going forward to request an additional $200,000 (for a total of $700,000). At this point the Building Committee feels that it is important to request this sum in order to have the job completed and not to delay any other possible cost that may occur later on.

The frustration within the Building Depattment and the Board Of Education was felt and they ultimately want this project completed. Frank Mazza will be presenting this new information to the BET on Monday 09/08/08.

There was no discussion on a moving date, that is schedule to be discussed on next Tuesday's meeting on 09/09/08.

As of now, the Sept. 15th TCO date is pending.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55am.

Please note*

Monday, there will be a BET Special Meeting at 6:PM at Town Hall. As Mike Bodson had requested, it is important to have community support.
Here are the meeting documents:


On Monday, September 15
Here Are The Meeting Documents:

Meeting Explanatory Comments

Maybe Hamilton Avenue Parents And Concerned Citizens Should Start Contacting RTM members

Dean Goss, deangoss@optonline.net
Kevin Brogan, kjbrogan@msn.com
Robert Tuthill, bobtuthill@optonline.net
Robert McKnight, mktrjm@yahoo.com
Mary Ferry, rmferry@ctconnect.com
Coline Jenkins, cocococo@juno.com
Valerie Stauffer, stauftek@aol.com
Richard Kral, rkral@beaconpointemarine.com
Betsey Frumin, betsey@nacca.com
Robert May, rtmay@aol.com

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09/06/08 Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiot's Breakdown from the money discussed at the Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee


Breakdown from the money discussed
at the Hamilton Avenue School
Building Committee Meeting
The Building Committee's $700,000 
interim request breaks down as follows:  
$296,753 for change order request either completed or underway; 
$36,000 to install insulation in the old attic; 
$49,000 to install differential pumps 
to ensure that that the heat pumps work properly; 
$50,000 to cap the chimneys 
that Worth Construction wont pay for, 
$30,000 for the project management fees; 
$125,000 for additional work required to
complete the school???????; 
and a $100,000 contingency that will spent!!!!! 
Frank Mazza will be presenting this new information 

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09/06/08 Ten Years Ago: the Long-Term Capital collapse looks like a small dress rehearsal for our current problems

John W. Meriwether,

the founder of Long-Term Capital Management,

shown in 1998.

New York Times

A FINANCIAL firm borrows billions of dollars to make big bets on esoteric securities. Markets turn and the bets go sour. Overnight, the firm loses most of its money, and Wall Street suddenly shuns it. Fearing that its collapse could set off a full-scale market meltdown, the government intervenes and encourages private interests to bail it out.

The firm isn’t Bear Stearns — it was Long-Term Capital Management, the hedge fund based in Greenwich, Conn., and the rescue occurred 10 years ago this month.

The Long-Term Capital fiasco momentarily shocked Wall Street out of its complacent trust in financial models, and was replete with lessons, for Washington as well as for Wall Street. But the lessons were ignored, and in this decade, the mistakes were repeated with far more harmful consequences. Instead of learning from the past, Wall Street has re-enacted it in larger form, in the mortgage debacle cum credit crisis....

....Regulators, too, have seemed to replay the past without gaining from the experience. What of the warning that obscure derivatives needed to be better regulated and understood? What of the evident risk that intervention from Washington would foster yet more speculative behavior — and possibly lead to a string of bailouts?

Indeed, through the lens of today’s more widespread failure, the Long-Term Capital collapse looks like a small dress rehearsal. But at the time, it sent tremors of fear through the corridors of Wall Street, along the electronic byways of finance and around the globe. Somehow, a geeky band of bond traders was able to throw the financial world off kilter.

In its first four years, Long-Term Capital achieved phenomenal profits with virtually no downside. Thanks to its seemingly flawless computer models, as well as its formidable arbitrageurs — including two Nobel laureates and a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve — it quadrupled its capital without having a single losing quarter.

BUT in the summer of ’98, its fortunes took a frightful downturn. With terrifying suddenness, bond markets turned skittish and all the fund’s gambits ran into trouble.....


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Long-Term Capital Management’s offices in Greenwich, Conn., in 1998. A group of banks bailed out the fund after it lost billions...

09/05/08 "I don't think in these cases you can be over-prepared," said Joan Irish, head of the Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross.

Hartford Courant

Road crews cleaned storm drains, festival organizers secured their tents and homeowners in low-lying areas moved valuables out of their basements throughout Connecticut on Saturday in anticipation of Tropical Storm Hanna's arrival.The wind-driven storm, which came ashore in the Carolinas, was expected to roll across southern New England later Saturday evening and into early Sunday morning.Public safety officials in several shoreline communities and those close to swollen rivers stocked sand bags and blocked off flood-prone intersections Saturday. They also encouraged residents to have flashlights and easy-to-prepare meals ready in case they lose electricity....

...Flooding is something with which Vince DiMarco is all too familiar.

He spent much of Friday moving his belongs off the floor of his Greenwich office, which was partially flooded and suffered mold damage during a storm about 18 months ago.

"If you're not prepared and you're caught with your pants down, boy, you're in trouble," DiMarco said. ....

...."One hundred percent of available crews are on call all weekend," Connecticut Light & Power spokesman Mitch Gross said. "We're ready. We've been watching this storm very closely. We'll just have to wait and see."

The state's homeland security and emergency management departments also were monitoring the storm Saturday, and state transportation workers and extra state police troopers were on standby in case of flooding and other road problems.


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09/06/08 So Much For The Demise of Greenwich

Maybe the Greenwich football team

is not quite dead yet?

The rumor earlier this week was that the Cardinals were down to its third quarterback, and ran the ball a ton in a Labor Day scrimmage against Masuk

But junior signal caller Mike Lefflbine, who was allegedly shelved for the season with a concussion, was brilliant in Greenwich’s 39-6 scrimmage win today over Brunswick....

....Greenwich started slow, as Brusnwick took an early 6-0 lead. But once the Cardinals got revved up, they were a hard bunch to stop. Lefflbine did a great job finding receivers Matt Grant and Demetrius Ferguson, and defensive back Justin ...

...Brunswick head coach Sean Brennan says his team has its work cut out for it, which is not good since they open against defending Fairchester champ Hopkins.

But that’s also the reason they are scrimmaging schools like Greenwich and New Canaan. It’s the old saying, you have to beat the best to be the best.

Brunswick did play the second half without star wide receiver Kevin Royal, who left the scimmage with an apparent leg injury. Royal has given a verbal commitment to University of Virginia.


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09/05/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Saturday

Sound Beach firefighters fill sand bags Friday outside the Sound Beach Fire Station. From left are Lt. Jerry Romaniello, Nate Schulde and Andy Hill. Romaniello said residents can help themselves to the self-serve pile of sand and sand bags if they are concerned about flooding. (Bob Luckey Jr./Greenwich Time photo)

Vince DiMarco spent Friday moving his belongings off the floor of his Homestead Lane office, leery of forecasts that his low-lying Pemberwick neighborhood might be spared from the wrath of Tropical Storm Hanna.

WASHINGTON - After angering Democratic leaders with his address to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night, Sen.

Staff and wire reports

Altria Group Inc., the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is in talks to buy UST Inc.

Longtime Greenwich resident Anne Burns is the president of the Astronomical Society of Greenwich and reservations manager at the Bruce Museum....

In 1939, 11-year-old Malcolm Pray spied a stunning - and improbably streamlined - Delahaye automobile at the French Pavilion of the World's Fair in New York City...
Tradition and Pride. These are two words that have been synonymous with the Greenwich High School field hockey team year after year and success has followed in hand.
The house: A '60s house on a quiet back-country Greenwich street. Over the past few years, our clients had put a lot of money into the exterior: landscaping, new driveway, pool, exterior paint.
Constantin Popescu and his wife Rodica Brune, co-owners of Atelier Constantin Popescu LLC of Greenwich, have provided a haven for professional and aspiring musicians for the past 13 years.
Tribe could have presented problem

We don't hear much in our area these days about tribal recognition controversies and casinos. But a ruling by U.

To the editor:

I am supporting Fred Camillo for state representative in the 151st District. Here's why.
He is a people person. Running for selectman, I quickly discovered that campaigning with Fred was a breeze. All you had to do was stand next to him, and people he knew would come up and chat. And that seemed like everyone. Fred is perhaps the most approachable and friendly person I have ever known.

He has character and will stand up for what he believes, even if that means going against powerful opposition. He has a political rudder that guides him in dealing with difficult issues.

He is a true fiscal conservative. One small example shows how Fred differs from his opponent. On the issue of public funding of elections, Fred stated: "There's got to be a better way than requiring people's hand-earned tax dollars to go for political signs and bumper stickers, especially if they don't agree with the candidate." His opponent fired back, saying that "actually, the Citizens Election Fund uses proceeds from the sale of abandoned property, not taxes, to fund the program." Well. If the state didn't use those proceeds to fund campaigns, they could be used to reduce taxes. So either way, the money comes out of our pockets.

Let's do an experiment. Those who think sending yet another liberal to Hartford will reduce government spending and taxation: Raise your hand. I thought so.

The only negative is that Fred roots for the Yankees instead of the Mets. But I forgive him for that lapse.

Peter Crumbine

The writer is a Republican member of the Board of Selectmen

Property dispute at crux of slaying

Police have identified the victim of Thursday's murder in Pemberwick as Alison McKnight Lombardi, 49, of 24 Indian Pass in Cos Cob, according to spokesman...

Please Also See:

Man, 75, held in killing of Greenwich woman
The Patent Trader
... Gerardo Lombardi, lives at 38 Nicholas Ave., a few blocks from the Port Chester border in the western section of Greenwich known as Pemberwick. Police found Alison McKnight Lombardi, 49, dead next door at 36 Nicholas Ave. shortly before 11 a.m. ...


Greenwich homicide victim named
Connecticut Post
Greenwich police have identified a woman who was shot and stabbed to death Thursday and say the incident appears to have stemmed from a property dispute.


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