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Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS : IMPORTANT WEB REMOVAL --- Or Greenwich Roundup Will See Nicholas Blatsiotis And Attorney Bruce Koffsky In Court!!!

Nicholas Blatsiotis Legal Problems Are Begining To Grow
Greenwich Resident Nicholas Blatsiotis
Might Be Transfering Substainal Amounts
Of His Assets To Greenwich Roundup
To Whom it May Concern

I have been informed from my lawyer that under a Google search of my name Nicholas Blatsiotis, it appears a link from your Web Site that contains inappropriate information about myself .

My lawyer Bruce Kofsky contact the google team and they informed us that, as a first step I have to please ask you, the webmaster of the web page, to remove the specific URL. The specific case it is inaccurate as it has been reported from your article.The case has been dismissed from the Court ,but it still caused a complicated problem of identity theft against me .

I would like to please ask you to remove the specific info from your Web Link .

The URL is

Greenwich Roundup: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Nicholas Blatsiotis, 43, of 389 Farms Road, was arrested and charged with ... According to the police report, Blatsiotis left the scene of an accident on ...

According to the police report, Blatsiotis left the scene of an accident on Orchard ...... Nicholas Blatsiotis, 43, of 389 Farms Road was arrested Dec. ...


Thank you in advance
Nicholas Blatsiotis


Dear Nicholas,

First of all your lawyer spells name with two ff instead of the one f you put in your email, above.

Second, this are pretty bad when a Blogger who is blind in one eye, crossed in the other corrects the spelling of your lawyers name. Usually, readers of this blog are correcting the multiple spelling errors that I make when I hunt and peck on the computer key board using one finger.

Lastly Nick, you might want to get a new lawyer, because Bruce Koffsky, should have said hey Nicholas this is derived from a public record known as a police report which was published in a corporately owned mainstream newspaper and then cut and pasted at Greenwich Roundup with a reference link back to the original source.

The only difference is that the corporately owned mainstream newspaper has started selling the story of your police incident and we offer it for free on the web.

Nick, as always, you or anyone else can click on this link or any other link pertaining to your public record and it's publication in a corporately owned mainstream news paper.

I would also like to remind you that you may also send an email to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com to explain your side of the story involving the police incident. We Are sure that our readers would be more than happy to learn the final outcome of the case probably known as the People of Connecticut vs. Nicholas Blatsiotis.

Nick would be more than happy to publish anything you have to say about this unfortunate incident. If you feel the police officer involved filed an inaccurate of false police report put it in an email and we will be Happy to publish it, because unlike the Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post or the Greenwich Time we are not afraid of the Greenwich Police Department.

Nor is the very litigious Greenwich Roundup afraid of big buck lawyer Bruce Koffsky, who is advising you to file false and misleading reports to our web host in a deliberate attempt to cause harm to a very fast growing web site that has had purchase offers and is on the cusp of being monetized in the upcoming months.

Did Attorney Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky advise you to file a civilian complaint report over the alleged inaccurate information in the public document, known as the, Greenwich Police Department Police report?

Did Attorney Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky advise you to send a letter to the corporately owned Greenwich Newspapers telling them that you contend that the police report was inaccurate?

Did Attorney Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky advise you to send a threatening little note to threatening the corporately owned Greenwich Newspapers demanding that they stop selling the news report of your police incident?

No, According To Your Email, Attorney Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky Is Advising You To Target And Cause Sever Economic Harm To This Web Site, By Falsely Reporting That The Posting The Publication Of A Newspapers Account Of A Public Record Is Somehow A Violation Of The Web Hosts Terms Of Service.

Nick, Please Go Ahead And Send Your False And Misleading Complaint About The Very Litigious Greenwich Roundup

In Fact, The Very Litigious Greenwich Roundup Is Anxiously Awaiting Notification Of Your False Claim With Copy Of Your Email Saying Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky Advised You To Maliciously Single Out And Cause Irreparable Harm This Growing Enterprise Over A Public Record That Has Been Published By Others.

Nick, We Soon May Soon See You Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky In Court.

Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky Must Have Been Out Of His Mind When He Advised You To Make False And Malicious Claims That Greenwich Roundup Violated It's Web Hosts Term And Conditions In A Posting Concerning A Public Record About You.

Further Nick, This False Claim By You And Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky That Says Greenwich Roundup Somehow Assisted Soimeone In Stealing Your Identity Is Telling You Report Cause Someone To Steal Your Idenity With In The Last 30 Days Is Absurd At Best.

Nick, If In Fact Your Identity Was Truely Stolen It Was Not Because We Cut And Pasted Your Address From The Greenwich Time, Who In Turned Copied It From Police Department Public Records.

Did we give out your Social Security Number? - No.

Your mothers madien name? - No

The name of your employer? - No

Nick, Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky Is An Idiot For Advising You To Contact Our Web Host And Falsely Maliciously And Falsely Claim That Your Identity Was Allegedly Stolen, Because We Cut And Pasted Your Address From The Greenwich Time.

Nick, You Are Listed In The Phone Book, I Just Called Directory Assistance And They Told Me Your Phone Number Was (203) 329 - 8277.

The operator, also confirmed your address.

Nick, Did Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky only advise you to file a false and malicious report about Greenwich Roundup concerning the alleged identity theft, or did he do the right thing and have you file a police report with the Greenwich Police Department.

Nick I am not saying that you are a complete and utter fool, but my web host is blogger which is owned by Google, which has the entire Greenwich Time Cached web page in their servers located in Mountain View, California

Nick, Bruce "Big Bucks" Koffsky Has Apparently Advised You To File A False And Malicious Report Designed To Harm A Growing Enterprise To A Company That Has The Same Information On It's Cached Web Server And Is Offering The Information For Free, Even Though The Greenwich Time Is Selling The Report For $2.95.

Personally, I Would Just Go Down And Give Greenwich Police Chief 25 Cents For The Public Record With Your Address And Other Information.


Please send your comments and corrections to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/4/08 More The Year In Review From Hearst Newspapers

Cameron (left) and Tyler Winklevoss, ...

2008 Summer Olympics by the numbers

Stamford Advocate

By Kate King

2 Medals won by Connecticut athletes, both rowers. Bristol native Michelle Guerette took home a silver medal in the women's single sculling event. Norwalk's Dan Walsh won a bronze in the men's 8 race.

5 Sports represented by Connecticut athletes at the Olympic games: Archery, rowing, tennis, shooting and equestrian.

9 Connecticut athletes who represented the United States in Beijing.

11 The age Emily Caruso of Fairfield began practicing her Olympic event: Shooting. Caruso trains for six to seven hours a day.

27 The age of Greenwich twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who rowed in the men's pair event.

46 National championships won by Connecticut athlete Richard Johnson, of Woodstock, who won an archery gold medal in the 1996 Olympics in Athens but came back from Beijing empty-handed.

60 Years since a Norwalk native won an Olympic medal. Swimmer Marie Mortell brought home a gold medal in the 1948 Olympic games. Walsh earned a bronze medal this summer.

65 The number of workers who tracked the games on live video feed at an office in downtown Stamford for NBC's Olympics Web site.

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1/4/08 What Is This A Fairfield Greenwich Bailout? CT Treasurer Denise Nappier wants to invest up to 8 percent of state pension assets in Hedge Funds!

Hedge Funds: Proceed With Caution
Hartford Business

Hedge fund assets in Connecticut, the sector’s third largest center in the world after New York City and London, approached $200 billion earlier this year. But market losses and withdrawals triggered by the financial crisis have whittled the industry down considerably from its $1.9 tillion peak in June – possibly by as much as 45 percent as of Dec. 31. Connecticut once had 30 hedge funds with at least $1 billion in assets, mostly clustered in Greenwich, Stamford and Westport. Their decline may accelerate in the wake of the Bernard Madoff scandal. Prosecutors say that when Madoff was arrested Dec. 11, he confessed to running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. The biggest loser so far is the Fairfield Greenwich Capital Group, which turned an estimated $7.5 billion over to Madoff, money that is now presumed gone for good. Critics of the sector have long warned about the lack of transparency at many hedge funds, and the Madoff case is expected to spur a significant push for more regulation.
Meanwhile, Connecticut Treasurer Denise Nappier, has asked for approval to begin investing up to 8 percent of state pension assets in alternative investments, including hedge funds.
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1/4/09 The main Madoff-related vehicles for Fairfield Greenwich Group, a major Madoff feeder fund, are registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Walter Noel's Man In Bermuda Is Amit Vijayvergiya, Partner, is Head of Risk Management of Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda) Ltd. and focuses on the Fairfield Sentry Fund and risk management for FGG.


FGG Managing Director
1001 Brickell Bay Dr Ste 2406
Miami, FL 33131
United States
Phone: 1 786 425 2511
Fax: 1 786 425 2428

Amit Vijayvergiya, Director of Lion Fairfield
Fairfield Greenwich operates affiliates in offshore money havens like the Cayman Islands. At another affiliate, in Bermuda, Amit Vijayvergiya, Fairfield Greenwich’s chief risk officer, managed flows into Sentry, its largest fund that was a main recipient of money that had been invested with Mr. Madoff. It also runs Fairfield Sentry in Ireland, one of Europe’s largest offshore money havens, and a joint venture in Singapore, a leading Asian offshore money haven, called Lion Fairfield Capital Management.

Greenwich Resident Walter Noel Wont Tell You About The Money In The Cayman Islands And The British Virgin Islands, Ireland Or Singapore, But Greenwich Roundup Will.

Fairfield Greenwich Investors Looking For Some Of There Money Should Take A Look At This Link:

You Wont Read This Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel
Love Letter In The Greenwich Time:

Romasco Place, Wickhams Cay 1
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands, VG 1110

December 22, 2008

Suspension of the Calculation of Net Asset Value

Reference is made to the extraordinary events of last week regarding Bernard L. Madoff Investments Securities LLC ("Madoff"). As you are most likely aware, on December 11,2008 Bernard Madoff was arrested and charged with securities fraud for operating inessence a giant Ponzi scheme. It has been alleged that Madoff's fraud involved a loss inboth cash and securities of possibly US$50 billion.

As you will have read in the press, Fairfield Sentry Limited (the "Company") was significantly exposed to Madoff. At this point in time the value of the Company'sinvestment in Madoff is not certain. There may be residual assets in Madoff to bedistributed or, alternatively, there may be no assets.

With the view to acting in the best interests of the Company and all of its shareholdersand creditors, the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board") has suspended thecalculation of net asset value with a corresponding suspension of redemptions andsubscriptions pursuant to Article 11(4) of the Articles of the Association of the Company,due to the fact that the Board determined (i) that circumstances exist as a result of whichin their opinion it is not reasonably practicable for the Company to dispose ofinvestments or that any such disposal would be materially prejudicial to shareholders, (ii)that a breakdown has occurred in the means normally employed in ascertaining the valueof investments of the Company, (iii) that the value of the investments of the Companycannot reasonably or fairly be ascertained and (iv) that the Company is unable torepatriate funds required for the purpose of making payments due on redemption ofshares. As such, pursuant to the powers contained in the Articles of Association of theCompany, the Board has suspended the determination of the net asset value.
As a resultof such suspension, all subscriptions into and redemptions from the Company have beensuspended. With respect to redemption requests received for the November 30, 2008 dealing date, the payment of these proceeds of redemption have been similarly suspended pursuant to the powers contained in the Articles of Association of the Company.

The Company has retained counsel in the British Virgin Islands and the United States to represent its interests. These counsel will advise as to what action should be taken toensure the Company's interests in the remaining assets of Madoff are represented, toensure an orderly running of the affairs of the Company and to ensure that all shareholders and creditors are treated equitably and fairly.

In this regard and as advisedby counsel, we are not able to respond to requests for information by individual shareholders at this time. Rather, information will be provided to all shareholders to ensure that no one shareholder is at an advantage. We note that the manager to the Company, Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda) Limited, has waived all fees until furthernotice. We will endeavour to keep you advised of developments with respect to the Company.

Yours faithfully,
The Board of Directors

After Reading This You Might Want To Explore The Walter Noel Network:

Then You Might Want To Read The Class Action Lawsuit Against Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel And Fairfield Greenwich......

So Just How Much Money Does Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel
Have In The Cayman Islands And Other Off Shore Money Havens?

Fairfield Greenwich Group has taken more than $500 million in fees since 2003 alone from the money it placed with Madoff.

Fairfield Greenwich, and its partners, had about 7.5 Billion invested with Madoff, But There Is Still 6.5 Billion That Fairfield Greenwich Has Stashed Somewhere.

A statement released by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regarding charges of massive investment fraud by Bernard Madoff indicates the authority is following the situation closely.

“CIMA has done a check of its records and database and has found no evidence so far that Bernard Madoff or any Madoff company is providing direct services to any Cayman Islands–regulated fund,” it stated.

An initial check of the Companies Registry shows no Madoff–related entity incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

However, given that investors in Mr Madoff’s investment funds include banking and other institutions across Europe, the UK and the USA, CIMA anticipates that there could be a number of Cayman–regulated funds as well as other institutions that have made investments into the Madoff funds/schemes and which, therefore, could be impacted.”

A check of the CIMA website reveals Fairfield Greenwich and Fairfield Capital Management are registered with the authority, along with twenty–nine funds beginning with the name “Fairfield”.

Fallout from the Madoff scandal could affect Cayman in many ways.

Don't Forget That......

Offshore entities played key roles at Bayou Management, a Connecticut hedge fund that collapsed in scandal in 2005, as well as at Enron, which used nearly 900 offshore entities, mostly in the Cayman Islands, to conceal bogus trades and accounting fraud.

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01/04/09 Greenwich Time News Links For Sunday

On average, Lt. Richard Cochran says the Greenwich Police Department sees roughly 200 domestic incidents a year, with the majority involving some type of physical violence.
Domestic violence focus of new unit
Following a year in which many families were saddled with economic stress, the Greenwich Police Department has formed a new unit aiming to combat the high number of domestic violence incidents that occur each year and to provide assistance to victims, officials said.
Lt. Richard Cochran, who has served as the domestic violence liaison officer for the department since 2004, proposed the domestic violence unit last year in hopes that more manpower could be directed towards handling the second most investigated crime in Greenwich. While the problem has always been prevalent in town and nationwide, Cochran said this year had a noticeable jump in incidents.

"The economy I see as the biggest issue," said Cochran. "There are a lot of stressors. People are getting laid off and you try not to bring them home but it happens."

In the final days of 2008, Cochran said he had recorded 187 domestic violence arrests during the year. That means there were at least 187 victims that he is responsible for following up with after an incident occurs.

"It's important we offer them some guidance," said Cochran of the hundreds of victims he spends his days reaching out to.

"For years it was just me, and I do my best to contact victims every day," said Cochran. "But what was lacking was home visits."

Cochran said he is in the process of choosing officers who will be assigned to make follow-up visits to recent domestic violence victims to obtain more in-depth interviews and to photograph injuries that sometimes take a few days to show up, such as bruising. Officers will also help to ensure the victim is safe by enforcing protective orders, Cochran said.

Police Chief David Ridberg said he felt the unit was a much-needed addition since Cochran was handling a large workload alone.....

Sci-fi garbage cans arrive at Greenwich Point
Greenwich Point now has three garbage cans that sense when they are full and then compact trash to make room for more.
Although this sounds like science fiction, they are real, and are called Big Belly solar-powered trash cans.

Each has an electronic eye that indicates the receptacle has reached its target level, and the solar-powered compactor, which is run on a battery, turns on, compacting the trash to 20 percent of its normal size.

"It's really a great thing," said Amy Burke, publicity chairperson for the Friends of Greenwich Point, "It is completely self-reliant when it's full."

Once the garbage can has reached its capacity, a red light turns on so the maintenance crew knows to take the bag out and put in a new one, she said.

Greenwich Time quiz

Think you're an avid reader of Greenwich Time? Put your knowledge to the test in the 2008 Year in Review pop quiz:
1) The makeshift Wiffle ball field in Riverside that sparked a national controversy last summer was modeled after which of the following?
A) Yankee Stadium
B) Wrigley Field
C) Fenway Park
2) Name of the members of Greenwich's 2009 General Assembly delegation.
A) Jim Lash, Peter Tesei, Lin Lavery and Peter Crumbine
B) Livvy Floren, Lile Gibbons, Alfred Camillo and L. Scott Frantz
C) Livvy Floren, Lile Gibbons, Claudia "Dolly" Powers and William Nickerson
3) Alan Golder is better known by the following moniker:
A) "The Dinnertime Bandit"
B) "The Man with the Golden Gun"
C) "Gold Digger" ......

Himes swarmed with inauguration ticket requests
One would think Rep.-elect Jim Himes, D-Conn., was giving away tickets to the Super Bowl or the opener of the new Yankee Stadium the way the requests have been flooding into his office from those who want to attend the Jan. 20 swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama.

As an incoming member of Congress, Himes said he was allotted about 198 tickets for the inauguration ceremony, including 21 highly coveted seats on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.
The vast majority of the tickets, Himes and his transition Chief-of-Staff Don Carlson said, will go to elected officials from the 4th District, heads of labor and community groups such as the NAACP and local churches, and key supporters.

"Put it this way, I certainly could get rid of 100 times the number of tickets I've been given access to," Himes said in an interview on Friday.

Around 28 remaining tickets were distributed via lottery on Himes' Web site, he said....

Folks head to gym for new year

While working out at the Greenwich Family YMCA on Saturday, Joe Mahon, 37, said it was his New Year's resolution to get in shape this year.
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