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Friday, August 13, 2010

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Connecticut Post Plagiarizer - Jonathan Kantrowitz Quietly Corrects Bogus Article


08/13/10 New Comment From Hearst Newspaper Plagiarizer Jonathan Kantrowitz - The Lawyer And Harvard Educated Fool Who Knew Better (UPDATED)

Jonathan Kantrowitz has left a new comment on your post "08/11/10 The Day After His Primary Victory Dan Debicella Is Getting Screwed By The Pagerizing Connecticut Post Writer Jonathan Kantrowitz":

Jonathan Kantrowiz Says:

I'm not a Connecticut Post writer, I'm an independent (unpaid) blogger. Is it plagiarism to quote a campaign press release without attribution? Perhaps. But how does my doing so "screw" Debicella?

His positions are his positions, and if shining a light on them "screws" him, he has nobody to blame but himself.


Dear Jonathan,

The way you talk out of both sides of your mouth it's no wonder that the good people of Connecticut voted down your failed attempts to be a congressman in 1994 and 1998.

We can also thank God, that Connecticut voters turned down your 1972 and 1984 attempts to be a Connecticut State Senator like Dan Debicella.

There are so many fake, phony and fraudulent points in your comment's I will have to address them one by one.

Jonathan Kantrowiz says....

"I'm not a Connecticut Post writer, I'm an independent (unpaid) blogger."

Response ....

Did Touche Ross & Co ask you to leave as Assistant General Counsel because you were this deceptive and dim witted?

It is clowns like you that make working men and women want to use the words liar for hire, instead of lawyer.

Jonathan, as usual you are being disingenuous and dishonest to the citizens in the Fourth Congressional District of Connecticut.

Hey, maybe it's not your fault, because it has been well over 40 years since you got your JD degree from Harvard's Law School, so please let this blue collar working man break it down for you.

The Secretive Hearst Corporation owns and hosts the blog you write for at The Connecticut Post.

Lincoln Millstien made sure you got the password to use the Hearst Corporation's blogging software that let you become one of stable of partisan democratic party bloggers.

Millstien is also turning a blind eye to your unethical popularizing practices.

If Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz grew pair of Journalistic balls he would say,"The buck stops here, Hearst Newspapers will never tolerate plagiarism as long as I am in charge"

Then Jonathan. your unethical behavior would come to an immediate end as your buddy Lincoln Millstien pulls the plug on your plagiarized writings.

Jonathan, even a hopelessly incompetent lawyer, such as yourself couldn't help, but notice that at the bottom of each and every one of the Connecticut Post blog entries supposedly written by you, is the following legal statement....

Copyright 2010 Hearst Communications Inc.

When Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber let popular Hearst Newspaper Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl go earlier this year and took down her blog, she had to negotiate with the Hearst Corporation to get pdf copies of her own blog posts.

And the Hearst Corporate lawyers limited who she could share those pdf's with.

Basically Hearst lawyers said she was only allowed to share the pdf's with potential employers.

It is still unethical to plagiarize and not give attribution, but at least most readers know to take these kinds of blog posts with more than a few grains of salt.

But Jonathan, when you plagiarize by cutting and pasting the entire body of one of Congressman Jim Himes' fundraising emails and then put your name in the byline of a Hearst Corporation owned blog, readers falsely assume that your writings are adhering to a journalistic code of conduct.

You would never see Connecticut Post Blogger Ken Dixon slapping his byline on one of congressional candidate Dan Debicella's fundraising email's, because unlike you Mr. Dixon a writer who subscribes to a journalistic code of ethics.

Would Lennie Grimaldi Be Allowed To Plagiarize At Only in Bridgeport ?

Would Brian Lockhart Be Allowed To Plagiarize At Political Capitol ?

Would Former Stamford Mayor And Connecticut Gubernatorial Candidate Dannel P. Malloy Be Allowed To Plagiarize At The Blog that Works ?

Who knows, If Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz lets Jonathan Kantrowitz to plagiarize, who is to say that he wont let Lennie Grimaldi, Brian Lockhart and Dan Malloy plagiarize too.

Enough of this already, lets go to CT Post Political Writer Jonathan Kantrowitz's next fake, phony and fraudulent statement.

Jonathan Kantrowiz says .....

Is it plagiarism to quote a campaign press release without attribution? Perhaps. But how does my doing so "screw" Debicella?

Response ...

Jonathan your arrogance is what makes a working class guy like myself want to give you such a strong 8 Bit Bitch Slap .

First Of all Jonathan, you did not just "QUOTE" you cut and pasted the entire body of Jim Himes fundraising letter and then made it appear that you independently wrote the material.

Your entire post was made up of the words of Jim Himes' campaign manager Mark Henson. Not one word in the Connecticut Blog was your own, that is until you were exposed as a plagiarizer and then added some attribution

Second of all you should really go and have your medications adjusted, because you appear to have lost touch with reality when you say that "PERHAPS"you plagiarized.

Jonathan, there is no "perhaps".

You definitely plagiarized when you cut and pasted one Congressman Jim Himes' Fundraising email and made it look like you wrote it.

Jonathan you purposely took the language and thoughts of another author (Jim Himes' Campaign Manager Mark Henson) and represented these words and thoughts as your own on a Hearst Corporation blog.

This is called plagiarism and according to United States law plagiarism is the theft of intellectual property.

How can a lawyer be so clueless about what plagiarism is.

Jonathan if your post at the Connecticut Post was not plagiarism, then why did you secretly go and change your blog entry?

The Journalistic Code of Conduct says that ....

"Corrections are published openly and honestly when errors or violations of Journalistic standards are discovered"

Apparently, Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden failed the course on ethics when he studied journalism at the University of Maryland.

Just today a Christian evangelical group held a press conference today saying that Connecticut Post reporting was inaccurate.

Marilyn Carroll, of the a Christian gospel outreach group, Operation Save America Connecticut accused Connecticut Post reporter Daniel Tepfer and others of filing a false news reports.

Today a different Connecticut Post reporter Rob Varnon covered a press conference attended by nine news organizations where Ms. Carroll said,""Nobody in our group said, "Jesus hates Muslims" or shoved placards at children and shouted "Murderers,"

Hearst Newspaper Editor Tom Baden was quoted as saying, "The Post stands by its story."

But how can we be sure.

If Tom Baden will let Jonathan Kantrowitz play fast and loose with the journalistic standards on the Connecticut post web site, then how do we know that he he not granting that privilege to Hearst Newspaper writers like Daniel Tepfer or Rob Varnon.

What Hearst Newspaper Editor Tom Baden fail to realize is that ultimately the Connecticut Post has only its credibility and reputation to rely on.

Hearst Newspapers and Tom Baden should publicly come clean about Jonathan Kantrowitz's plagiarism and let the Connecticut Post's readers know that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated at any Hearst owned newspaper.

Moreover, Jonathon Kantrowitz should apologize to all of the Hearst Newspaper readers who were mislead by his plagiarism.

Enough of this already lets go on to Jonathan Kantrowitz's next fake, phony and fraudulent statement.

Jonathan Kantrowitz says....

But how does my doing so "screw" Debicella? His positions are his positions, and if shining a light on them "screws" him, he has nobody to blame but himself.


Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan

Are you so morally bankrupt and lacking in social graces that you have no empathy

If Connecticut Post Editorial Page Editor, Michael Daly cut and pasted one of Dan Debicella's fundraising emails and posted it as a Hearst newspaper opinion piece written by himself do you think that Congressman Jim Himes would feel screwed over.

Of Course Jim Himes would feel screwed over if Michael Daly acted unethically.

This is not about what Jim Himes' campaign manager Mark Henson wrote, it is about how you plagiarized what he wrote and presented as your own thoughts and writings.

Personally, I am probably agree more with Mr. Himes than Mr. Debicella if you remember I posted Congressman Jim Himes' email at Greenwich Roundup at 11;09 PM On Tuesday August 10th.

I was shocked to discover that you cut and pasted the body of that same email and presented it as your own thoughts and writings at the Connecticut Post 3:23 PM on Wednesday August 11th.

Jonathan, just what else have you plagiarized at the Connecticut Post and just how many other Hearst writers are involved in this unethical practice?


Why aren't you and Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden apologizing to Hearst Newspapers readers and assuring them that this practice will no longer be tolerated?



08/12/10 Have You Seen The Unattributed Plagiarism In Jonathan Kantrowitz's Other Blogs



Hopefully, Jonathan Kantrowitz is not also popularizing at educational publisher Queue Inc .

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