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Thursday, April 22, 2010

04/22/10 Ball Busting Greenwich Real Estate Blogger Is Ordered To Take An Ethics Course And Then Told To Take Down His Blog Post About It

First Greenwich Realtors Got Chris Fountain Fired At The Greenwich Post, Now They Are Making Him Take Down His Blog Posts

This is what passes for professionalism in Greenwich « For What It's Worth

By Christopher Fountain

From an actual email received today from that agent I mentioned earlier, confirming all my suspicions. I have been ordered to take a 3- hour ethics course because I


I don’t know what that seller’s agent is thinking, but as a homeowner in the Calhoun Association, I’d like to see those deals done. The houses are old and tired and the owners aren’t paying their Association dues–a real headache for us. The sooner they get sold and torn down the better. Sure, we’ll all take a hit on our theoretical, on-paper “property value” for a while, but the new houses that are built in their place will ultimately make up for it. We’re only delaying the inevitable, at least in these two cases that I know of–so let’s take our medicine and move forward.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered at the quality of representation you are receiving from Greenwich Realtors.

"My major concern is the effect you, and others like you, are having on our real estate market. Can you imagine the impact an $850K sale for a four bedroom colonial on one plus acres in Calhoun Association would have on the market? It would be one thing if that was all the property could command, and quite another to effectuate the sale using “slick”, in my opinion unethical, maneuvers. There are a lot of people in this town that don’t care what they have to do to make a buck, and you are obviously one of them, but I will not participate! I would ask now that we both just drop this whole thing."

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04/22/10 Don't Cry For Argentina Cry For Greenwich Based Gramacy

They Are Crying Three Billion Tears On Dayton Avenue In Greenwich As Gramercy Says It’s ‘Predisposed’ to Accept Argentine Debt Swap

Gramercy, a Greenwich, Connecticut- based investment fund, is “predisposed” to accept Argentina’s offer to restructure $20 billion in defaulted bonds held out of a 2005 settlement, Managing Partner Robert Koenigsberger has told bloomberg news..

Gramercy holds $3 billion in defaulted Argentine debt.


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04/22/10 Weird But True - Greenwich Police Department Website Says That There Is No Woman Missing From Greenwich

While The Front Page Of Todays Greenwich Time Has A Photo And A Headline Screaming That A Greenwich Woman Has Been Missing Since Since Monday, The Greenwich Police Department Website Says Something Different.

So Hours Later On The GPD Website:

Greenwich Town Departments - Police Department

Missing Persons: At this time, there are no active Missing Person investigations being conducted by the Greenwich Police Department.

Please See Yesterday Afternoon's
Greenwich Roundup Post About The
Missing Greenwich Woman:

04/21/10 Westport Police And Ct State Police Are Looking For A Missing And Possibly Suicidal Greenwich Woman

Police from Westport and the state have launched a missing-person investigation after 48-year-old Michiko Kamhi Greenwich woman Florence Road, left her home at 8 p.m. Monday with her family dog and never returned.

On Tuesday evening, Westport police located Kamhi's empty car parked on Bradley Street in Westport.

Using a K-9 unit, Westport officers traced Ms. Kamhi's scent to the area of Compo Mill Beach on Long Island Sound, where the scent was lost.

Ms. Kamhi is s a 5-foot-4, 118-pound Asian woman with black, shoulder-length hair may suicida according to a press release from the Westport Police Department.

Westport Police said she was driving a grey 2020 Volvo V70 when she left her home.

The Westport Police Department's Marine Unit was deployed early Wednesday to check the coastline as well as nearby Compo Mill Pond.

State police and units from the Department of Environmental Protectionare also assisting in the search.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Westport Police detective Bureau at 203-341-6080.


Maybe The Greenwich Police Department Was Too Busy Harassing A Young Police Critic Who Put Up A Facebook Page About The GPD


04/20/10 - 04/21/10 Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Has A PR Problem With The Town's Youth

It Looks Like Police Commisioner Peter Tesei has a public relations problem with the youth of Greenwich.

Maybe it is time for Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg to find better away for his officers to approach the youth of our town.

48 Teenagers and yound adults have joined this Facebook group in the last six hours.

This group is for those who know the Greenwich Police and know how little they do. The Anti - Greenwich Police Group is not for people who rebel against the law or have a dislike for law enforcement,...


Did Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Approve This?

Greenwich Roundup Has Learned That The Greenwich Police Department
Has Went To The Anti - Greenwich Police Facebook Group's Creators Apartment Four Times And Knocked On The Door.

The Facebook Page Administrator Robin Harrison Said That He Just Ignored Them Until They Went Away.

This Is Why Greenwich Roundup Is Important To The Town Of Greenwich.

Greenwich Roundup Listens To All Of The Voices In Greenwich Society.

It Is Clear That Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Doesn't Have The Journalistic Balls To Send Out A Reporter To Cover These Brave Kids.

When Is Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Going To Learn That.....

"It is the duty of a newspaper to comfort the afflicted
and afflict the comfortable"


04/20/10 New comment on 04/06/10 Reader Submitted Comments: Greenwich Police....


Dear James,

Greenwich Roundup Allow All Biased Points - Even Yours.

Unlike The Greenwich Time, We Do Not Censor Reader Comments Or Refuse To Publish Letters To The Editor.....

04/22/08 Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont Criticizes Governor Rell's Early-Retirement Plan

The Connecticut State Republican Republican Reminds Voters Of How Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers And AIG used Smoke And Mirrors

Less than 24 hours after Republican Gov. M. jodi Rell proposed offering early retirement to state employees, Greenwich resident and Democratic candidate for governor, Ned Lamont, ripped the plan.

The Greenwich cable television entrepreneur was soon joined by former Stamford Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor, Dannel Malloy, called the idea penny-wise and pound foolish — saving money in the short term and but costing even more in the long term as state employees head out the door.

The state, they argued, will lose some of its best and brightest as thousands of experienced employees leave.

Mr Lamont has been quoted in the press saying, "The worst part is that the 'savings' this short-sighted proposal offers are a drop in the bucket — savings that are overshadowed by the loss of talent and the time, energy and money it will take to train their replacements, It's time to stop kicking the can down the road."

An estimated 8,000 state employees would be eligible for the plan, and 2,000 are expected to take it.

Since about 1,000 positions would have to be refilled, the state workforce would be cut by about 1,000 positions — saving $65 million per year, the out going Republican Governor has claimed

The amount of savings in both the short and long term depends on the speed at which jobs are refilled.

Mr. Malloy sumed up the plan this way, "The problem with this type of program is clear: They sacrifice long-term economic stability and growth for a perceived short-term benefit. When employees take advantage of the plan they eventually have to be replaced, often at higher costs than if the current workers had stayed on the job. As just one example, in last year's plan we lost approximately 500 correction officers. Obviously, they'll have to be replaced, and it costs approximately $30,000 to train each one."

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