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Monday, August 2, 2010

08/02/10 Greenwich News Maker Linda McMahon

Stratford Mayor John Harkins endorses Linda
Stamford Plus Magazine
By Linda for
Senate campaign West Hartford, CT - August 2, 2010 – Linda McMahon for Senate 2010 today announced that Mayor John Harkins of Stratford has ...
The endorsement that wasn't
Hartford Courant (blog)
M. Jodi Rell was set to make a public endorsement of
Linda McMahon. Not true, says Rell's spokeswoman. The governor did introduce McMahon to the crowd at ...
Lieberman sounds off on Conn. races
Lieberman says he is watching the
Republican primary between wrestling executive Linda McMahon, former congressman Rob Simmons, and financial advisor Peter ...
SSP Daily Digest: 8/2 (Morning Edition)
Swing State Project
Linda McMahon has already spent at least $22 million on her senatorial bid - and though she has plans to shell out much more, she's already the ...
CO Sen: Challenger Romanoff Surges Ahead of Incumbent Dem Bennet
Firedoglake (blog)
... in Connecticut, establishment pick Rob Simmons is expected to lose his strangely suspended (but not really suspended) campaign against Linda McMahon. ...
Can Money Really Buy That Senate Seat?
Mother Jones
... ironically, are self-styled as "populists" and "outsiders"—like Florida Senate candidate Jeff Greene, Connecticut Senate hopeful Linda McMahon, ...

Mother Jones
The 10 richest, poorest Texans in Congress
Houston Chronicle
Connecticut Republican
Linda McMahon has injected more than $22 million from her own pocket into her campaign for Chris Dodd's Senate seat, and California ...

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Linda McMahon Writing Self-Funding History, Earmark Moratorium ...
linda-mcmahon-pic.jpg McMAHON NO. 4 SELF FUNDER OF ALL TIME: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon of Connecticut has poured more than $22 million of her own personal money into her campaign, making the Senate hopeful the ...
OpenSecrets Blog - http://www.opensecrets.org/news/
LINDA McMAHON: What They're Saying - Jonathan Kantrowitz ...
By Jonathan Kantrowitz
LINDA McMAHON: What They're Saying. August 2, 2010 at 11:47 am by Jonathan Kantrowitz. NEW LONDON DAY: "McMahon made her riches through an exploitative and often degrading form of entertainment with links to steroid use" ...
Jonathan Kantrowitz - http://blog.ctnews.com/kantrowitz/
Linda McMahon's world of wrestling | Investing Contrarian
By Contrarian
Investing contrarian provides a contrarian, aggressive approach to investing. Financial news is interpreted to understand the implication for investors.
Investing Contrarian - http://www.investingcontrarian.com/
Godless Liberal Homo: Linda McMahon's Ad Makes Her Supporters Look ...
By libhom
Linda McMahon's Ad Makes Her Supporters Look Like Idiots. Posted by libhom Monday, August 02, 2010. Linda's ad people really screwed up on this one. She'll have to spend millions more undoing the damage done by this commercial. ...
Godless Liberal Homo - http://godlessliberalhomo.blogspot.com/
Greenwich Roundup: 08/02/10 Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon Wants ...
By GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com (Greenwich Roundup)
We want to keep you informed and show you the latest advertisement and pictures. You are invited to join our
Linda McMahon Norwalk Field Office Facebook page. Please use the link below to become a member of the page and show your ...
Greenwich Roundup - http://greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/
HotAirPundit: Republican Rob Simmons Takes a Subtle Shot at Linda ...
By HotAirPundit
Republican Rob Simmons Takes a Subtle Shot at
Linda McMahon in New Campaign Ad. Announcer: "The right to serve is earned, it's not bought"...That can only be directed at Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon ...
HotAirPundit - http://www.hapblog.com/
Chris & Nancy: Muchnick's Letter to Weekly Standard About Linda ...
By Irv Muchnick
As soon as its excellent article on
Linda McMahon was published on July 14, I sent a letter to The Weekly Standard adding a few points. The magazine will not tell me whether it intends to publish the letter. ...
Chris & Nancy - http://benoitbook.blogspot.com/
The latest McMahon gossip from Ring Of Hell author Matthew ...
By kjh
Due to
Linda McMahon's advisors believing that Vince would hurt his wife's run for the U.S. senate seat in Connecticut by continuing to appear on television, WWE creative is told to devise a way in which Vince's TV character can be ...
Cageside Seats - http://www.cagesideseats.com/
The Ridiculous Endorsement « Radocracy
By Matt
The campaigns of endorsed Republican
Linda McMahon and financial adviser Peter Schiff are based on a promise to change the way Washington works. Before you can change something, you first have to understand it — and they don't. ...
Radocracy - http://radocracy.wordpress.com/
A bit more on the McMahons and the ring boy sexual harassment case ...
By Brian Lockhart
Linda McMahon, who, with husband Vince, built WWE into an international entertainment mega-giant, is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Christopher Dodd. She won the Republican nomination in late May and will ...
Political Capitol - http://blog.ctnews.com/politicalcapitol/
Hair washing and groin kicking: Accusations fly in CT-Sen ...
"Given her wrestling background,
Linda McMahon knows all about kicks to the groin and cheap shots. Linda and her hired guns from Washington continue to attempt to distort Peter's record in her quest to buy this election. ...
Capitol Watch - http://blogs.courant.com/capitol_watch/
CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive ...
By cnncr
But Simmons faces an uphill battle against
Linda McMahon, a former WWE executive who won the Connecticut GOP convention. Simmons received a boost Friday from Connecticut newspaper The Day, who endorsed Simmons while at the same time ...
CNN Political Ticker - http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/
Lieberman sounds off on Conn. races
By ConnPolitics.tv Staff
Lieberman says he is watching the Republican primary between wrestling executive
Linda McMahon, former congressman Rob Simmons, and financial advisor Peter Schiff. He notes that this is a year of primary surprises so no one should ...
ConnPolitics - http://connpolitics.tv/index.php
CT News Junkie | Blumenthal Promises to Campaign Like He's The ...
By Sharon Bass
Blumenthal still holds a healthy lead over his likely Republican opponent, World Wrestling Entertainment tycoon
Linda McMahon, 54-37, according to the last Quinnipiac poll in mid-July. The event in the back yard of Selma Frohn's home ...
CT News Junkie - http://ctnewsjunkie.com/ctnj.php
Betsy's Page
By Betsy Newmark
Politico looks at how the sleaze of the WWF might affect
Linda McMahon's chances in her run for the Senate in Connecticut. Jonathan Last looked at this same subject a couple of weeks ago. It really is a dismaying story and I don't see ...
Betsy's Page - http://betsyspage.blogspot.com/
Word Virus - Should We Fear Super-Rich Candidates?
By djapollo2k
In Connecticut, entertainment impresario
Linda McMahon appears likely to spend $50 million, from her family fortune, on a U.S. Senate seat bid. Down in Florida, former for-profit hospital CEO Rick Scott has invested almost $23 million ...
Word Virus - http://djapollo2k.livejournal.com/
WWE Not All That Unique « L STREET BLOG
By Larry
Politico had a profile of Connecticut GOP Senate candidate
Linda McMahon. I get the main point as being that her WWE background could be a hindrance. Social conservatives aren't a fan of it for sure. So-Cons aren't much of a factor in ...
L STREET BLOG - http://lstreet.wordpress.com/
Connecticut Political Reporter: A Preview Of A Post-Primary ...
By Don Pesci
Republican primary attacks on, say,
Linda McMahon boost the prospects of her likely Democratic Party opponent in the general election. Jonathan Kantrowitz, an intelligent progressive blogger who has taken a sudden interest in Rob ...
Connecticut Political Reporter - http://connecticutpoliticalreporter.blogspot.com/
A look at the best of the 90s and 00s, Hall of Fame, SummerSlam ...
We've got notes on
Linda McMahon's campaign, why she didn't appear for the debate this past week, comments from her opponents and what they are targeting about her. We've got notes on a number of Bret Hart matches scheduled including ...
zacsgames.com - http://zacsgames.com/wrestling/
Camkh.com, Hot News, Global News, News around the world | Blog ...
By nearnine
Linda McMahon gets the title "Liberal... OMG It's Michelle Obama: Local T.V. Reporter Overjoyed At First Lady's Visit To Panama City ». I'm sure she would have the same reaction if Laura Bush was visiting,. ...
Camkh.com, Hot News, Global News,... - http://www.camkh.com/
[UPDATED] Note to Jeff Greene: Being Called a "Sleazy Guy" Is Not ...
By Thomas Francis
Another self-funded U.S. Senate candidate,
Linda McMahon of Connecticut, received a letter from the FEC earlier this campaign cycle asking her to correct a similar issue with her campaign. Mr. Greene has had questionable business ...
Fox Forward: AEHQ newsletter - Talk Hot Trends Hit!
By mocowiz
Zach Wamp is ripping up the scenery down in the Volunteer State; Andrew Romanoff may pull off a shocker in Colorado;
Linda McMahon will have to dodge a late push by Rob Simmons in Connecticut; There may be two statewide upsets in ...
Talk Hot Trends Hit! - http://grazip.blogspot.com/
Monday Highlights | Pseudo-Polymath
By Mark
Linda McMahon, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Connecticut, tells National Review Online that she "probably would not join a tea-party caucus." A handful of GOP Senate candidates this cycle, like Rand Paul in Kentucky, ...
Pseudo-Polymath - http://www.pseudopolymath.com/
More On Linda McMahon's Senate Run | Mick Foley Joins Twitter ...
By noreply@blogger.com (System Administrator)
WNW reader Jordan sent the following… Here is an article from Politico entitled "
Linda McMahon's world of wrestling". It covers the steroid trial and Tom Cole story. You can read it at this link - Mick Foley setup an official Twitter ...
WWE Superstars - http://wwe-wrestling-superstars.blogspot.com/
Politics By Beast: The Beast Buzz - August 2nd
By Andrew Carden
Linda McMahon is already the fourth-highest self-funding U.S. Senate candidate of all-time. http://bit.ly/ajdvmY (Photo courtesy of Iba Buzz.) Posted by Andrew Carden at 8:48 AM. Labels: Andrew Romanoff, Charlie Rangel, Linda McMahon, ...
Politics By Beast - http://polibeast.blogspot.com/
Stratford Mayor John Harkins Endorses Linda « Linda McMahon for Senate
By mlurie
Linda McMahon knows how to create jobs and foster a favorable business environment. I'm endorsing Linda because we need to focus on improving our economy, and she's the one who knows how to fix it." Mayor Harkins was elected chief ...
Linda McMahon for Senate » Press... - http://www.linda2010.com/
Real Story - Linda McMahon - Real Story - Linda McMahon ...
Real Story -
Linda McMahon. related videos from youtube on smashits.com.
Recent Videos of News Category - http://newstoday.smashits.com/

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08/02/10 BREAKING NEWS: Hearst Newspapers Chooses Michael Fedele Over Greenwich Resident Tom Foley In The Republican Primary For Governor

Photo: Republican gubernatorial candidate and Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele

Connecticut Post Says Fedele The Choice Among Republicans

Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele has the combination of government and business experience that, given the chance to serve in the No. 1 seat, would be good for the state of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Post endorses his candidacy in the Aug. 10 Republican three-way primary.

The 55-yearold Fedele brings 10 years of legislative experience, serving in the state House of Representatives from 1992 to 2002, and three years in his current position.

But Fedele is also a self-made businessman and understands that job creation is the top challenge to the state.

Fedele understands in no uncertain terms that improving the atmosphere in Connecticut for small business is essential to turning around the state's economy.

His stand against any new taxes speaks to his understanding of the situation.

We compliment him for his position.

Given his experience, Fedele is confident solutions to the state's problems of spending and borrowing can be resolved through good management, and not through new taxes.Though Fedele has been part of the Rell administration ... well, that in some respects sums it up.

It was indeed the Rell administration, and if anyone can name a Connecticut lieutenant governor who shaped policy from that office, we'd be curious to know who it was.

Fedele rightly says he can be held accountable only for those areas in which he had authority.

He's been an effective ambassador for the state, recruiting business and reaching out to the Henkel Corporation, manufacturer of Loctite adhesive products and successfully encouraging them to consolidate operations in Rocky Hill.

Fedele also figured in the move of Columbia Elevators from New York to Bridgeport.

We also applaud Oz Griebel, another candidate in the GOP primary, for his passion and clear commitment to improving the business climate in the state.

And Tom Foley brings a business background as well. But he also brings some unpleasant baggage to the race.

But Fedele earns our endorsement. We believe he's the best of the three choices to lead the state.


  1. Fedele the choice among Republicans - NewsTimes

    Aug 2, 2010 ... Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele has the combination of government and business experience that, given the chance to serve in the No.
  2. Fedele the choice among Republicans - StamfordAdvocate

    Aug 2, 2010 ... Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele has the combination of government and business experience that, given the chance to serve in the No.
  3. Fedele the choice among Republicans - GreenwichTime

    Aug 2, 2010 ... Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele has the combination of government and business experience that, given the chance to serve in the No.


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08/02/10 Peter Schiff Says Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon Dodges The Issues, Attempts To Distort Opponent's Record

Schiff for Senate

Monday, August 2, 2010

Schiff to McMahon: People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Self-funder Attempts to Distort Record, Continues Rejecting Idea of Debating Real Issues

Milford, CT - The Schiff Campaign today released the following statement from Communications Director Jen Millikin in response to McMahon campaign comment in today's CQ Politics post.

"Linda's camp had no answers as to her whereabouts for reporters covering last week's debates. Whether washing her hair or organizing her sock drawer, the tweet's were simply calling attention to the fact that Linda was a no show. In 2010, both women and men shower and do laundry, right? As for sexist, she would know that term well - she and her husband profited off of tawdry story telling for years.

Given her wrestling background, Linda McMahon knows all about kicks to the groin and cheap shots. Linda and her hired guns from Washington continue to attempt to distort Peter's record in her quest to buy this election. Linda has refused to debate or engage on the issues in this race. Why? Because without a script, she can't hold her own.

"She has come to rely on her high priced Washington consultants to design her pretty mail, write her issue positions and jobs plan and undermine the others in this race. Linda's more like a marionette than a true candidate with ideas. Voters should be asking who's really pulling the strings."


In 2006, businessman Peter Schiff warned of a coming financial crisis. Now, Peter sees the same problems repeating themselves in Washington. As Connecticut's Senator, he will stop Washington's spending binges that destroy jobs and lead to higher taxes. Born in New Haven, Peter lives in Fairfield County, where he raises his seven-year-old son.

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08/02/10 Dan Malloy's Campaign Manager, Dan Kelly Has A Message For Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont: "It's Working""

Greenwich Roundup,

Like this campaign on Facebook

It’s been a busy week on the campaign trail, and these last days have made one thing abundantly clear.
What we’re doing is working.
In the past week, Dan earned the endorsement of the Hartford Courant, New London Day, Connecticut Post, and Norwich Bulletin. Leaders like Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney and Representative Chris Caruso have endorsed Dan. Our canvasses and phonebanks are larger than ever, and we’re thrilled to see Ned Lamont caving to the political pressure and joining Dan in a debate!
Your phone calls, your canvassing, and your efforts will make the difference and will put us over the top on election day. Can we count on you to volunteer on Election Day and one day before?
This race is competitive and will likely be decided on by only a handful of votes. With only a couple hours on the phone or knocking on doors, you can make all the difference and help put us over the top on August 10th. Volunteering on election day and one day before can make the difference.
There is a clear difference in the race; we are fighting

Dan Malloy

299 tweets
following 535 people


Contact Us:
Dan Malloy for Connecticut
PO Box 110073
Stamford, CT 06911

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