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Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14/08 You had better update your bookmarks if you want to read about the "Next big bust in Greenwich?

The So-Called Real Estate Reporters At Greenwich's Three Corporate Owned News Paper's Seem To Be Clueless About This Story, But Citizen Journalist Chris Fountain Has More On DFT Builders

Chris Fountain at "For What It;s Worth" has found what is possibly the here's the next crack up:


By the way, Chris has abandon Google's Blogspot and has switched to a site hosted by Wordpress. Pastor Nick Uva at Harvest Time Church has recently left the Blogspot Service Too.

It should be better for Chris, in the long run, but I'm sure he is still learning the idiosyncrasies of Wordpress and tweaking it. I was interested in the cleaner and slicker Wordpress which is also a Free service, but you have to find your own host.

However, when Pastor Nick started describing the steps involved and the things that he had to spend hours figuring out, I decided that Greenwich Roundup was sticking with Blogspot.

Blogspot's Blogger product has been very good to me.

It is a lot like Greenwich Roundup, it's not to pretty and a little ruff around the edges, but it gets the job done in a somewhat crude way.

In the meantime, the lazy Greenwich Time Webmaster should observe if I get all of Greenwich Roundup's old links to Chris Fountain's web site get quickly updated. Before, the Greenwich Time webmaster put up a screaming headline that reads.....


Greenwich Roundup's Links To For What It's Worth Now Go To A Defunct Blog. Every Other Blog In Greenwich Has Updated Their Links To Greenwich's Number One Real Estate Blog. What The Heck Is Wrong With Greenwich Roundup???????

I am very busy this weekend and Thanksgiving week, because my clients are giving me extra work and projects to accomplish over the holiday week and weekend. Plus my wife is having a medical procedure performed the day after Thanksgiving.

So. Dear Readers at your convenience and if you're so inclined, you would be very wise and Chris would be very pleased you could update your bookmarks to "For What It's Worth".

If you have troubles or want to speak to Greenwich's Wordpress Guru, you can reach Chris Fountain (The nicest and sharpest Citizen Journalist in Riverside) at (203) 249-4394 or take a look at:


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/14/08 Greenwich Post News Links

The outlet store at George Weston Bakeries at 10 Hamilton Ave., was getting demolished this week as bulldozers sifted through the rubble. The outlet burned down in a fire.

— Ken Borsuk photo

Superintendent promises 'prudent' budget

With the country wearing a tight financial belt these days, everybody seems to be feeling the pinch. As new budget requests make their way to town department heads for 2009-10, the superintendent of schools says her proposed budget is “responsible” and “fiscally prudent” at $127 million without increasing class size, eliminating entire programs or services or applying an arbitrary percent decrease across all schools and programs.

“Wherever we can, we’re trying not to impact classrooms and school budget but really sharpen our pencils” said Assistant Superintendent Sue Wallerstein about working on reductions in other services. She spoke to the school board Wednesday during the annual budget presentation. .....

....the district must decrease its certified staff by 25.5 full-time equivalents from current staffing levels, “not a minor number.”

However, Ms. Sternberg said, “We don’t expect that there will be a layoff situation or a loss of jobs.”.....

....The second largest capital expenditure proposed — $1.4 million — is for removal of carpet and asbestos tile, and replacement with vinyl composite tile, at Eastern and Western middle schools..

The school budget has many more meetings of review before getting final approval from the Representative Town Meeting on May 11. A Board of Education business meeting and public hearing will on Nov. 20 will be the first chance for members of the community to voice their opinions on the proposal. The school board is set to vote on the budget on Dec. 18.....


What the article fails to mention is that Assistant Superintendent Sue Wallerstein is coming soon to the RTM looking for up to $500,,000 for busing Glenville kids all over town and must get the 2009-10 budget approved before she comes in with her semi-annual more money for the Hamilton Avenue School screw ups appropriation request.


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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