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Monday, March 9, 2009

03/09/09 Before the Public Simply Goes Apesh-t and Starts Burning down Greenwich Via Motley Fool's Beta Blog CAPS

It's Getting Ugly Out There

We Must Raise The Town Hall Threat Terror Level From Yellow To Red As In Red Alert

There Is A Lot Of Internet Chatter About Harming Our Fair Town


Maybe We Should Force The Investment Scamsters And Hedge Fund Losers To Move To Port Chester So That Maurading Hoards Will Stop Short Of The Greenwich Border !!!!

Has Greenwich Police Chief David Prepared His Men For The Possibility Of Murdering Hoards Coming Into The Backcountry.

Has Police Commisioner Peter Tesei Got The Conneticut National Guard On Speed Dial .....

Forget About "Recovery"

At the risk of confirming my critics' dumbest charge -- that I am a "doomer" -- the mandate of clarity requires me to ask: to what state of affairs do we expect to recover? If the answer is a return to an economy based on building ever more suburban sprawl, on credit card over-spending, on routine securitized debt shenanigans in banking, and on consistently lying to ourselves about what reality demands of us, then we are a mortally deluded nation. We're done with that, we're beyond that now, we've crossed the frontier and left that all behind, and we'd better get our heads straight about it.

I maintain that there are countless constructive tasks waiting to occupy us on a long national "to do" list for rebuilding a national economy, but they are way different than the ones currently preoccupying government and the mainstream media. The Obama White House, Congress, and The New York Times are hung up on exercises in futility -- "rescuing" banks and insurance companies that cannot be rescued (because they are hopelessly trapped in "black hole" credit default swaps contracts), and re-starting a "consumer" binge that was completely crazy in the first place, based, as it was, on a something-for-nothing standard-of-living.

Meanwhile, if the buzz on the blogosphere is a measure of anything -- and I think it is -- then a new consensus is forming out there about where to start doing things differently. Unfortunately after less than two months in office, President Obama finds himself awkwardly behind-the-curve on this. It begins with the understanding that a general bank rescue is hopeless and, going a step further, that the people who caused the train wreck of "innovative" securities have to be prosecuted. The public's collective voice on this is muted but growing. It has been muted by the general air of blackmail that the banks have used to enthrall policy and opinion -- the "too big to fail" idea -- in effect holding the nation's future for ransom.

Last week, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo hauled Bank of America chief Ken Lewis into his office to explain who, exactly, received an aggregate several billion dollars in bonuses late in 2008 after the US Treasury forked over billions of dollars in TARP money to his bank. That was a good start. Mr. Lewis, being lawyered-up to the max, had the temerity to reply that answering the question would compromise his ability to keep talented people in his employ. For that impertinence alone, Mr. Lewis ought to be dragged over fifteen miles of broken chardonnay bottles behind a GMC Yukon -- but that is not how we do things in American jurisprudence. To be more realistic, a simple indictment would be in order, and then Mr. Lewis can answer this question, and a few others, in the comfort of an air-conditioned courtroom. Ultimately, that might lead to Mr. Lewis becoming the wife of a bodybuilder in one of New York State's houses of correction -- a just outcome that would go far in rejiggering the nation's expectations about how people in authority ought to behave. And such an outcome might lead to the conviction of many other brides-to-be from the Wall Street debutante pool.

Now it has come to light, just last week in the wake of AIG's latest bail-out, that previous AIG bail-out money to the tune of $50 billion was distributed to a set of banks including Goldman Sachs (former employer of then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and then New York Federal Reserve Governor Tim Geithner), plus Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Mr. Lewis's Bank of America, and a long list of European banks with operations in the USA. Since the transactions took place in New York State, the investigation of these irregularities alone could solve the unemployment problem here if NY Attorney General Cuomo were given a free hand in hiring staff to depose everyone involved -- including the hiring of caterers to bring in coffee and meals for round-the-clock proceedings.

All of this raises another awkward question: where is United States Attorney General Eric Holder in this situation? Surely the federal statutes offer some grounds for inquiring about the misuse of Treasury funds -- and many other issues arising from Wall Street's stupendous orgy of misbehavior. What I'm hearing out in the blogosphere is a growing clamor to call people to account before we are really able to move on to the massive task-list that awaits us in rebuilding our economy.

The bigger question for now is whether any of these authorities will act effectively before the public simply goes apeshit and starts burning down Greenwich, Connecticut. The dangerous shift in public mood is liable to occur with shocking swiftness, in the manner of "phase change," where one moment you see a bewildered bunch of flabby clown-citizens vacuously enraptured by "American Idol," and the next moment they are transformed into a vicious mob hoisting flaming brands to the window treatments of a hedge funder's McMansion. The moment of opportunity for avoiding that outcome is looking sickeningly slim right now.

Another thing that President Obama can set into motion anytime -- and pull himself back to the head of the curve of leadership -- is to either by executive order or by proposal to congress, shut down the credit default swap system for a period of time while procedures are drawn up to place all these dubious contracts in a "clearing" market, where the holders of them will have to come clean about what they're sitting on. The lack of this procedure is allowing zombie banks to hold the United States hostage for never-ending bail-out ransoms. None of these banks are going to survive another six months anyway, so the basic blackmail motif that the whole money system will collapse if ransoms are not paid is a bluff that has to be called sooner or later in any case. So Mr. Obama might as well get on with it.

Once these two matters are dealt with -- an earnest start-up of prosecutions and disabling the credit default swap blackmail racket -- then perhaps a stressed-out and impoverished public might be induced to not go apeshit and instead get on with the mighty task of rebuilding our nation along lines that have a plausible future.

Forget About "Recovery" http://jameshowardkunstler.typepad.com/


Doomsday is coming and it’s going to destroy parts of Connecticut, David Wilkerson, the founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, is predicting.

David Wilkerson, author of "The Cross and the Switchblade," a book about his ministry to troubled New York street kids that was later made into a movie starring Pat Boone, ruined the weekend for people who follow his blog.......
...... His divine message is a little murky.For instance, it did not come with useful information including when and where damnation would strike. Are people in Greenwich safe?.....

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03/09/09 READERSUBMITTED COMMENTS: Brant Foundation Art Study Center

PHOTO: Peter Brants Headquarters At 80 Field Point In Greenwich

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

I am trying to make an appointment for the Foundation Study Center in

How do I do this. brant foundation @gmail.com doesnt allow me
to do this.
Thank you so much for your help.

Sharon Abrams


Dear Sharon,

First of all of I was surprised that the Brant Foundation Used A Free Gmail address instead of an email address linked to a domain like "BrantFoundation.com" or "BrantFoundation.org"

You Can Write to the Brant Foundation at this address:


This is the same address as Mr. Brant's Business Interests
Or You Can Call This Phone Number Listed For The Brant Foundation

203- 340-2203

However This Number Is Out Of 941 North Street In Greenwich.
This Is Probably Out Of Mr. Brant's Home

Here Is A Link To The Original New York Times Article About The Brant Foundation.
It Was Published On March 5th Article.

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03/09/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: An Open Letter To Governor Wanna Be Dan Malloy

To the Editor: Please post this letter to Mayor Dan Malloy:

Dear Mr. Mayor,
Since you have your eyes on becoming a STATE official, what's it gonna be like when you have to provide "real" answers to the voters of CT.? For example, how will you explain using Stamford's city funds to throw elaborate parties for you and your partners in covering up your shady dealings? Do you really think the Police Commissioner is gonna cover for his Police Chief and officers? Do you think Ben was gonna be the new boy scout poster boy? Do you think your family is entitled to special treatment with regard to the laws? Mr. Mayor, do you plan on using Mr. Joe Pisani as your Pinnochio puppet? Joe Pissani could pass for Pinnochio, you know. The nose, the bow tie, the little mannerisms, etc. The "I cannot tell a lie" line is what Stamford and Greenwich have been listening to for decades. It is now "I never told the truth because I wasn't working in that office" blurb. Mr. Pisani selected what's news, and what part of the news we readers should know. In addition, he repeatedly praised you, leaving out anything hinting of negativity. Mr. Mayor, all politicians don't have the police and the press in check. In fact, almost none do.

So, I have to ask: what did you give Mr. Pisani, in exchange for his "omissions"? Money? A love shack for him to bang the "MY TOWN IS GREENWICH" staff? Or did Mr. Pisani do it out of the kindness of his heart? What heart?

-Just wondering


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03/09/09 Greenwich Post Breaking News: Shrinks And Judge Say Greenwich Killer Can Stand Trial

Covering the news of Greenwich, Connecticut

Breaking News

After completing an evaluation program, today accused murderer Gerardo Lombardi was been deemed fit to stand trial.
Read more Comment Share

Behiond The Times:

Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Once Again A Sleep At The Switch

This is an exclusive at the Greenwich Post.

There is nothing at the two Hearst Newspapers - The Greenwich Time And The Greenwich Citizen


11 Hours Later....

Greenwich murder suspect ruled competent for trial
By Debra Friedman

STAMFORD -- A 75-year-old grandfather can now stand trial in the September slaying of his ex-daughter-in-law after a judge ruled him ...

Why Can't A Billion Dollar Corporation Like Hearst Newspapers Beat The The Litle Ole Greenwich Post?

The Greenwich Post Has Ace Reporter Ken Borsuk, While The Greenwich Time Has A Stable Of Wet Behind The Ear Rookies

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03/09/09 Last Fall Greenwich Roundup Warned Stamford Taxpayers That Dan Malloy And Libray Administrators Were Wasting Library Funds

Ernest Di Mattia, Jr. Cut Children's Resources And Hours At The Ferguson Library Wasted Precious Library Resourses For Greenwich Hyatt Party For Joe Pisani And Mayor Dan Malloy

"What really struck me that night was the selflessness and sacrifice of the people who labored for months to put this affair on, starting with the major domo, Ernie DiMattia, head of the Ferguson Library in Stamford" - Joe Pisani

Here Is The Complacent Media Report That Tells You Who And What, But Fails To Tell You Why.....

By Sarah Lipman

STAMFORD -- The Ferguson Library is asking taxpayers to fund a 7.6 percent increase in their budget for the fiscal year 2009-10 to cover increased expenses.

The library has asked for about $100,000 to make up for decreased revenue and $400,000 to cover the cost of expenses, including increased material purchases, salary increases and pension plans for its staff. If Mayor Dannel Malloy does not grant the library the requested amount when he releases his proposed budget, it could face cuts in programming, staffing and hours, Library President Ernest DiMattia said.

If Malloy rejects the funding, DiMattia said, the library's board of trustees will have to deteremine where the money is most needed.....


....This year, fundraising from Bucks for Books was down nearly $20,000, but Friends of Ferguson funds remained in line with the previous year, DiMattia said.

"The prospect for fundraising is not great," he said. "It's already tax-supported, so it's there for everyone."

Taxpayers pay more than 90 percent of the library's costs .....

The Ferguson Library Administrators
Started Cutting Library Hours Last July
But They Had Funds And Resources
For A Fancy Nancy Party For
Ex-Greenwich Time / Stamford Advocate Editor
Joe Pisani

Where The Hell Was
Library President Ernest DiMattia
When Mayor Dannel Malloy Was Using
Library Money, Personell And Resources To
Wine, Dine And Pocketline


How many times have public funds and resources been misused?

Greenwich Roundup Exclusive

Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Creates Controversy Where Ever He Goes.

More On The Ferguson's Library Funded Dan Malloy Political Event

Fergouson Libray Director And Employees Working For Malloy

Taxpayer Fergouson Computer Server Used For Political Event

Ferguson Library Tax Dollars Used To Pay For Pisani And Malloy's Private Party

"What really struck me that night was the selflessness and sacrifice of the people who labored for months to put this affair on, starting with the major domo, Ernie DiMattia, head of the Ferguson Library in Stamford" - Joe Pisani
(Our Greenwich - Oct 21st, 2008 )

"For tickets or more information, call Melanie at 351-8206 or email mailto:emailmkeiffer@fergusonlibrary.org." - Susie Costaregni
(Greenwich Post - DarienTimes - New Canaan Advertiser - Thursday, October 16, 2008)

Ernie DiMattia, head of the Ferguson Library in Stamford and Melanie Keiffer Have Not Responded To Greenwich Roundup messages left seeking comments about the Furuson's ticket sales for Pisani's private party.

Maybe Ct Attorney General Blumenthal
should investigatethe improper use of public funds
and resourcesused at the very event he was giving a presentation.

Fun with Dick and Dan
by joyhaenlein

There were high points aplenty during last weekend’s toast-and-roast testimonial at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich for Joe Pisani, my friend and colleague. The turnout was strong, with guests from various parts of Joe’s life over the last 25 years, and many of those through his work with The Advocate and Greenwich Time.

(I’m always shocked to see Joe’s four daughters. They are so gorgeous — each could be a super-model tomorrow. They also look like Joe. How is this possible, I always wonder? Then comes the aha! moment: Sandy Pisani, Joe’s gorgeous wife.) .......


No self respecting mainstream newspaper or blogger covered Joe "the Censor" Pisani's tribute. Only Joe "The Censor" Pisani covered his party at his own little website called "Our Greenwich". Plus Joe was able to get his former subordinate Ex-Greenwich Time writer Joy Haenlein to tell us how "shocked" to see Joe’s four "gorgeous" daughters.

Joy further writes,"Then comes the aha! moment: Sandy Pisani, Joe’s gorgeous wife."

Could someone please tell me what's up with that.

Why is there this great need to publicly reassure Sandy and her four girls that they are sooooooo gorgeous !!!!!!

This kind of gives one a little wierd and creepy feeling that says something is just not Kosher here.

No wonder Hearst Newspapers fired Greenwich Time Staffers Joe Pisani, Joy Haenlein and Susie Costaregni All At The Same Time.

Who Is Going To Take Sarah Littman and "Our Greenwich" Seriously If Is Associated With The Juvinile High School Girl Style Writtings Of Joy Haenlein and Susie Costaregni.


Written For, By And About Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani

...I learned a great lesson while friends and pretend foes gathered to toast me for my deeds and roast me for my misdeeds over the years at The Advocate and Greenwich Time.

The great lesson I learned, if you can believe this, is humility. How, you might wonder, do we learn humility when people praise you? Because I knew beyond a doubt I’m not the wonderful person they think I am.

We’re all a mixture of weak and strong, good and bad, paisley and plaid, true and false. I won’t continue. You get the idea. It’s called the human condition.

But what really struck me that night was the selflessness and sacrifice of the people who labored for months to put this affair on, starting with the major domo, Ernie DiMattia, head of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, inspired, he said, by Father Richard Futie, Greenwich native and pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Stamford.

Joined by my former colleagues, Durrie Monsma, Joy Haenlein, John Breunig, Barbara Bind, Bruce Hunter and Susie Costaregni, not to mention the people who put on the show, former publisher Durrie Monsma, who came back from California for this affair, the eminent Bernie Yudain, his sidekick, guitar-strumming thespian and attorney wannabe Ted Yudain....

I’ve seen so many proclamations given out over the years that I was delighted to receive one from First Selectman Peter Tesei and a citation from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and a superb standup routine by Mayor Dan Malloy.

And let me never forget my tireless personal paparazzi John Ferris Robben....


Please send your comments, news tips press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

03/09/09 Pastor urges everyone to stockpile a 30-day supply of food and other necessities to deal with the catastrophe he foresees

Connecticut’s Doomed, Pastor Predicts

Doomsday is coming and it’s going to destroy parts of Connecticut, David Wilkerson, the founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, is predicting.

David Wilkerson, author of "The Cross and the Switchblade," a book about his ministry to troubled New York street kids that was later made into a movie starring Pat Boone, ruined the weekend for people who follow his blog.

Saturday, he wrote an “urgent message” predicting an "earth-shattering calamity" is about to happen.

“For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires—such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago,” he wrote.

His divine message is a little murky.For instance, it did not come with useful information including when and where damnation would strike. Are people in Greenwich safe? How about Mystic or East Hartford?.....
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

03/09/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Hearst Newwspaper Employee Reports That Morale Is At An All Time Low At The Greenwich Time And Stamford Advocate

The Advocate/Greenwich Time has begun another round of consolidations.

The talented employees here will be terminated to make room for the Connecticut Post virus.

Hearst has decided to eventually transform these two iconic newspapers into an extension of the Post. Read the editorial content and see for yourself.

What a monumental screw up of business management.


Please send your comments and news tips to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.


Dear Editor,

Someone wants to play WHERE'S Joe "WALDO" Pisani so here it.

JOE'S MISSING!!!! Let's find him, boys and girls!!!!!!!


Joe lives in Orange CT, but works in NYC, and writes for his town of Greenwich (?????)

Joe wears bow ties b/c regular neckties hang to his knees.
Joe's friend Susie Costaregi wears Victoria Secret because she knows Harry Connick's wife does too.

Joe likes to hang with the Mayor,the Bishop, and the candlestick maker.

Joe can be spotted in and among large groups of large women who say he's "cute"

Joe can always be spotted near a Catholic Church to help boost his self-righteous image.

Joe and Dan Malloy are BFsF. Look for 2 men holding hands, or one handing the other $$$$$

Joe travels to New York by Metro North, but GETS OFF in Greenwich as often as possible.

Have you spotted Joe Yet? Keep trying...

Look for a man surrounded by GORGEOUS WOMEN (his wife/kids)
Look for the guy who pretends he is only searching for truth :)
Look for the man with the biggest mouth and bigger ego.
Look for Susie Costaregi, and you might find Joe, with a red pen, correcting her work

Do you see him? Look harder, boys and girls....

Maybe he is quoting Cicero.
Maybe he is holding group therapy with the staff at 'MY GREENWICH"
Maybe he is following the limelight
Maybe he is having a HAIRY CANARY
Maybe he is hiding behind Mayor Dan Malloy's son Ben
Maybe he is at the Stamford Marriot planning a fundraiser using Greenwich Library funds.

He's standing in the middle of Greenwich Ave, dressed up like a clown.

Next week, we'll play WHERE'S DAN?

Grinning in Byram

03/09/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed - This Just In....

The Latest Greenwich News:

Conn. man charged with owning ape
Hartford Courant
Authorities say the 49-year-old Fairfield resident left the siamang at the Lionshare Zoological Center in Greenwich and Stamford in October while trying to ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

It's Almost Saint Patrick's Day – Our Greenwich
By johnferrisrobben
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Our Time: Older workers aren't planning for future (Greenwich Time ...
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Also, I'm still debating between my Monday destination. Right now, I'm deciding between Avon/Darien, Greenwich/South Windsor, Northwest Catholic/E.O. Smith and Newington/Berlin. Suggestions? Wish I could catch more than just one. ...
Courant Blog Feed - http://mt.courant.com/courant_blog_feed/

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03/09/09 The Raw Overnight Greenwich News Feed

If You Want To Know What's Really Going On In Greenwich You Have Got To Read The Out Of Town News Papers......

More On The Local Multi-Million Dollar Scam That The Greenwich Time Fails To Cover Online

New Madoff redux 26 institutional investors had a total of $667...
Pensions & Investments

The fraud allegedly perpetrated by Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh, co-operators of a commodities trading pool that was supposed to provide the alpha in an enhanced index equity strategy, was the first of the recent round of investment scandals to exclusively affect institutional investors.

In all, 26 institutional investors — 10 with separate accounts and 16 in commingled funds — had a total of $667 million invested in an enhanced index strategy marketed by Westridge Capital Management Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif. Those assets were supposed to be managed by Messrs. Greenwood and Walsh in an affiliated company, a commodities trading pool operator, WG Trading Co. LP, after it passed through a second affiliate, WG Trading Investors LP. Both WG Trading entities are based in Greenwich, Conn. Messrs. Greenwood and Walsh also are shareholders of Westridge Capital Management......
* SEC has been too lenient on swindlers
* Regulators missed
* Economic travails create investment opportunities

NEW YORK, March 6 - Former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Richard Breeden said accused swindler Bernard Madoff belongs in prison, and that regulators were lax in their oversight of financial markets and activities of alleged white-collar criminals.
Breeden, who ran the SEC from 1989 to 1993 and is now a private investor, in an interview said regulatory shortcomings stem not primarily from deficient rules but from a simple failure to do the job.

Investigators have accused Madoff of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, and have themselves been faulted for not catching it sooner. Madoff has not been jailed and continues to live in his penthouse apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

"No one in government or in the private sector should tolerate someone who thinks it's appropriate to steal $50 billion, and Bernie Madoff should be in the worst prison and not in his apartment," Breeden said. "It may reflect an era in which the SEC was too light in its treatment of the scum who think stealing other people's money is acceptable behavior."

Breeden added, though, that Madoff deserves his day in court.

Mary Schapiro, the current SEC chairman, on Thursday pledged to improve how the agency handles whistleblower complaints and enforcement tips.

U.S. regulators, including the Federal Reserve, have been faulted for turning a blind eye for years to financial excesses, such as the risky mortgage loans that fueled the now-burst bubble in housing and securitization activity.

The global financial crisis is widely considered the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s.
"There was a problem principally in bank regulation, of regulators not doing their job," Breeden said. "The Fed sat and watched the housing bubble build for years. There was no lack of information, there was a lack of action. You look at some institutions that have cratered, and both the managements and the boards, and regulators externally, missed opportunities to walk away from the edge of the cliff."

Breeden is now a principal at Breeden Capital Management LLC, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based firm that typically invests with a five-year time horizon.
Greenwich Fire Marshall Anticipates More Car Fires Due To Arson?
Signs Suggestion An Increase In Auto Arson
Hartford Courant
...Although FBI statistics show that during the first half of 2008, the number of all arsons was down nationwide, officials are bracing for a rise as the economy continues trending downward.....
....New Haven Fire Marshal Joseph Cappucci said there's been a slight increase in car fires of suspicious origin during the past few months. So far, there have been no arrests."We usually find these cars on poorly lit streets with no witnesses. It's difficult many times to determine if a fire was intentionally set," he said. "I imagine we'll see an increase in suspicious car fires if the economy gets worse."
Joseph Benoit, the Greenwich fire marshal, echoed Cappucci's concerns.
"We haven't seen anything yet, but we anticipate we will," he said. "We saw a lot of suspicious car fires in our last big recessions. We'd find a car out in the middle of nowhere at 3 a.m. in flames. I remember one car brought here from New York state and burned. Turned out that the person hired by the owner to get rid of the car left his library card in it. So we were able to figure out what happened."
People on the move
Stan Pearson has been named manager of the health care division of Triton Construction in Garden City. The Greenwich, Conn. resident has 30 years of construction industry experience, most recently as senior vice president and head of project development at Barney Skanska Construction, where he managed operations in New York City.
Greenwich Post
State Senator Scott Frantz, a Greenwich resident, will be among the speakers at the Rising Star breakfast Tuesday, March 10, at the Windsor Marriott. The role Bradley International Airport plays as a regional portal and invaluable asset to an estimated 4.7 million travelers will be the featured topic at MetroHartford Alliance’s breakfast.....
The 26th annual March Into Spring Women Against MS Luncheon of Fairfield County will take place Thursday, April 23, at the Greenwich Country Club. The luncheon will feature 25 area vendors and New York Times best-selling author Jacquelyn Mitchard as the keynote speaker....
Greenwich Time
Town could save jobs by avoiding needless expense
To the editor
As a follow-up to the correct arguments made by Gerald A. Pollack and printed on March 5 ( "Town budget situation needs proper handling," Greenwich Time, Letters from Readers): Before dismissing town employees in this time of distress, spending millions in people's money on very questionable projects should be considered. The following are just a few.

The roundabout at South Water Street and Mead Avenue -- Total cost is close to $1 million, including consulting design and construction expenses. People are still questioning the reasons.
Sound Beach Avenue and Lockwood Avenue -- More than a half-million dollars. For people who are still questioning the project, the reason was to slow down traffic. Wow! The same dubious result could have been achieved by painting or printing the crossing. The installation of islands and brick pavers over a concrete base was very expensive, considering that Sound Beach Avenue concrete had to be removed first.

Sound Beach Avenue at Shore Road project -- It has the same questionable elements as the previously mentioned project.

Birth: Blosser
Todd and Michele Blosser of Greenwich, Conn., announce the birth of their twin boys, Grant Michael Blosser and Hudson Nye Blosser
Greenwich Post
Whitby School continues its annual tradition of staging Shakespeare plays by its seventh and eighth grade middle school students with this year’s production of As You Like It. This Shakespeare play continues to be an audience favorite featuring its heroine Rosalind as she flees persecution in her uncle's court to find safety and eventually
Greenwich Time Editorial
Police and fire protection is about as basic as it gets for municipal government. Yet an acknowledged need for a new firehouse in the King Street area has gone unfilled for years. Worse, it now is very possible that the painful progress toward building that facility will come to a grinding halt. Town finance officials should ask themselves whether it would be responsible to let that happen.

Tommy Hilfiger chats about his lifestyle at home
San Jose Mercury News
... But it's also because he splits his time between two homes, one in New York City and one in Greenwich, Conn. And it's mostly because he's the restless type. "I grew up with eight brothers and sisters, so there was always a lot of ...
Brunswick School and Greenwich Academy performed Les Misérables, Brunswick’s first major musical production in the new Baker Theater at the Upper School on Maher Avenue.
Analysts say Greenwich Hedge Fund Honcho's annual piece is short on details to turn around retailer......
Greenwich Time Wire Services
By Sandra M. Jones
Chicago Tribune
Most annual letters to shareholders are dry and perfunctory. A few, like those from investment oracle Warren Buffett, are revered for their wisdom. And then there are the writings of Greenwich's Edward Lampert, the one-of-kind chairman of Sears Holdings Corp.

Sears' business has been in trouble for years, and investors are eager to know how Lampert plans to fix it. In his 15-page letter released Thursday, he has plenty to say but sheds little light on Sears' strategy.

The hedge fund manager with the Goldman Sachs pedigree expounds for 8,500 words (about the length of a New Yorker story) on topics as far-flung as the government's missteps trying to contain the financial meltdown, short-selling rules, civil liberties, the writings of free-market Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek and the notion, repeated in past letters, that the credit rating agencies are unfairly rating Sears' debt junk

Man due in court for illegal possession of ape
Connecticut Post
... left his pet siamang, a type of gibbon and the largest of the lesser apes, at the Lionshare Zoological Center in Greenwich and Stamford while he tried to sell his house, according the affidavit. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection ...

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Been There Says:

I've been in the house and seen all of these animals. Fairfield Animal Control was well aware of what was going on.

This is just one more instance of animals being treated as commodities. And the animals always lose.

Ape Man Adds:

Rich people who own exotic animals are usually mentally unbalanced.

Dartmouth Big Green
... who fed it back to her and she fired a low shot past Irish keeper Erin Goodman. Plumb and Shannie MacKenzie (Greenwich, Conn.) turned Notre Dame over on the next possession and rookie Sarah Parks (Ellicott City, Md.) found her classmate, Plumb, for ...
Greenwich Post
The Greenwich Hibernian Association will raise the Irish flag at Town Hall on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17, at 8:45 a.m. The ceremony will take place at the flag poles in front of Town Hall.
With major losses in assets, coupled with a decline in patient volume, Greenwich Hospital has been hit hard by the recession, according to Frank Corvino, the hospital's chief executive.

Since October, the hospital has lost $25 million in its financial investment portfolio, seen a 6.9 percent decline in patient volume and a 13.8 percent decline in inpatient surgeries from 785 to 720, he said. These are just some examples of how the hospital, which for years has shown record growth, has been affected by the collapsing economy, Corvino said.

"Nobody anticipated the meltdown in the financial markets," he said. "This is going to be a tough year."....

Lawmakers pledge to ban private ownership of exotic animals
Friends of Animals
... Roy and Meyer made the announcement during a news conference with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Greenwich; Gina McCarthy, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Protection; and a representative of the Humane Society. ...
Greenwich Citizen
The squeeze is on to reduce the Board of Education's (BOE) already slim budget for the 2009-2010 school year.
Greenwich residents Brownie Roe and Louise Puschel intertwined artichoke, asparagus and leucadendra and placed them atop a miniature iron bicycle for their environmentally friendly floral arrangement that symbolized someone biking to the store to get fresh vegetables.

Students honored for academic work
The Leaf Chronicle
... is really your oyster now," said keynote speaker John Sites, a partner in Wexford Capital LLC, a hedge fund in Greenwich, Conn. Sites is a 1970 Clarksville High School graduate who formerly served on the board of directors of Bear Sterns & Co. Inc. ...
Greenwich Citizen
"We're here to learn," First Selectman Peter Tesei - ever the peace-maker - calmly said after an "artificial turf" war consumed 90 minutes of a Board of Selectmen meeting in Town Hall last Thursday
Fay theft spurs legislation to give laypersons control of purse strings - Bishops Go Nuts !!!!
After a priest stole $1.4 million from a church in Darien, state legislators have proposed a law that would regulate how parishes are controlled and operated.

The state's Catholic bishops rallied opposition from the pulpits at weekend Masses.

The law essentially would strip the dioceses of all financial control of parishes and leave bishops and priests to oversee "matters pertaining exclusively to religious tenets and practices." A board of elected laypersons would handle parish finances.

The bill, introduced Thursday by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, and Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, caught many Catholics by surprise. They heard about it during Masses.

McDonald introduced the bill at the request of members of St. John Church on the Post Road in Darien, where the former pastor, the Rev. Michael Jude Fay, was convicted of stealing from parishioners over several years......
The human singularity is near
Harvard Crimson

The future is most palpable looking out at Mumbai or Shanghai from a high floor. Here is not the septic progress of Silicon Valley or the paper profits of Greenwich’s risk arbitrageurs. Here is the stuff that would be instantly recognizable to the industrialists who built America: the hustle of men advancing fast and the delight of knowing for sure that the world is getting better, quicker. As the savings-investment cycles reach their fever pitch in South and East Asia, these societies will undoubtedly spend their trillions of reserves on infrastructure, unlocking once and for all the mass of human capital.
Proponents of the so-called technological singularity ...

Worried about finding work? Listen to this axed worker's inspirational tale
New York City's Hometown Newspaper - NY Daily News
... at the A&E television network. "It was drawn out, shocking and painful," DeMakes, 44, a father of two girls from Greenwich, Conn. , said. "It was one of the lowest points in my life." DeMakes decided he would do everything he could to avoid staying ...
Greenwich Time
Adrienne Hedvat, 9, eyed the shaving-cream covered balloon cautiously, considering the best method for removing the cream with a knife without popping it.

Her strategy? Using the back side of the knife.
"It was pretty easy," she said.

Adrienne was just one of more than 250 people who came out to play games during Temple Sholom's annual Purim Carnival celebration held yesterday at the temple on East Putnam Avenue.

Purim is a Jewish holiday, lesser known than Hanukkah or Rosh Hashanah, but just as celebratory, said Rabbi Allison Berlinger, Temple Sholom Director of Education. It commemorates a story told in the Book of Esther when the Jews were saved by Queen Esther from persecution in Persia, after she persuaded the King not to have them destroyed

Malloy says he's still running for governor
Connecticut Post
... was later arrested on drug charges and for falsely reporting the incident as a home invasion. In November 2007, Greenwich police accused Benjamin Malloy of being a drug dealer and searched the mayor's Shippan home. He later entered a drug ...

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Hot Soup Says:

Children come first to a responsible and loving father, politics are second,but power can be an addiction like any other so both, father and son need REHAB

The Bpt Kid Adds:

This kid, Ben is a rotten apple.Despite being born to a rich,priveliged family-he continues to dabble in drugs and crime.Daddy pulled strings last time and got him off easy-a pat on the hand.But sonny has now violated his probation and will go to jail.But although Danny-Boy can't be responsible for a bad kid-he IS responsible for allowing illegal aliens to congregate in "hassle free" zones in Stamford.He has in fact-circumvented all our immigration laws.For this reason I will not support him-although I WILL vote for ANYONE BUT RELL

Vineyard Vines talks success
Connecticut Post
... on Madison Avenue, shared their story Thursday evening at the Darien Sport Shop. The brothers, who grew up in Greenwich, said they learned about the good life from traveling around the world with their parents, both of whom were travel writers, and ...

The Latest Comment From The Message Boards About This Story:

Not Success Says:

Awesome success - please if dady hadnt of giving them everything they would be nothing - I would've been more impressed if they started with nothing a built it into a something - i'm sure daddy's connections and money helped them get in to the stores and make connections - how many stories dont we hear about were peope have a great product but cant get on the store shelf because they didnt go to the same private school as these punks.

Huh Reponds:

Jealous much? ok so they were fortunate enough to have parents who had the means to invest in their business, but it takes brains and talent to SUCCEED in business. If they didnt work hard and have good ideas this wouldnt have ever taken off. People buy these products because they like them and Im sure 99% of the people who buy them have no clue who these guys are. nor do they care.

Hundreds Of Squash Players Compete At Meadow Mill
WJZ Baltimore
... youngsters are having a ball. "It's a great sport and it's a lot of exercise, too," said Will Holey, player from Greenwich, Conn. About 275 junior squash players are at Meadow Mill for the tournament and they come from all over the country. ".....
Greenwich Time
With the approval of a fifth and final cash infusion expected tonight, the Hamilton Avenue School project is expected to top out at more than $31.
At its regular meeting at 8 p.m. at Central Middle School, the Representative Town Meeting is scheduled to vote on a request by the school's building committee to inject an additional $200,000 into the almost-finished school rehabilitation project.

Building committee members say the interim appropriation, approved by the town finance board last Monday, will be the absolute last boost in funds they'll need to ensure the school complies with all of the requirements laid out by safety inspectors and planning officials.....

Closed: Baang in Woodbury
... am I going to get by without that great Asian chicken salad?" a friend wonders. Guess she'll have to trek up to Greenwich, Connecticut, where the original Baang remains open and running. ...
Greenwich Time
STAMFORD -- Nearly a year after cousins Leonard and Carlos Trujillo were arrested and charged in connection with the slaying of Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel, the battle over who should be tried first continues.

Locals believe Gov. Rell's proposed tax is fishy
Norwalk Citizen News
... other product that is taxed between one-third and one-half of its value." Ed Stilwagen, of Atlantic Clam Farms of Greenwich, harvests from about 2,500 acres in Greenwich waters. Stilwagen, like Duff, explained the tax would be inappropriate because ...
After oil companies and gasoline suppliers opposed ending zone pricing for gasoline, the legislature's General Law Committee approved a law backed by a Stamford legislator that would ban fuel distributors from charging different amounts for fuel to gas stations in the state.

Pen pal program bridges gap between generations
Darien News-Review
... Yet the art of letter-writing is being resurrected between the second grade students at Brunswick School in Greenwich and the residents of an assisted-living home, Atria Darien. "The program offers a great outlet for both sides because they're ...
Kids learn how Revolutionary War soldiers lived
Standing outside a tent that could have been plucked directly from a Revolutionary War camp, 9-year-old Andrew Nisco taught visitors how six soldiers would live in the cramped tent, hang their muskets above their heads and wear their uniforms to bed.

Brant Foundation Art Study Center to open in May
Artforum Intl.
This May, Peter Brant, the newsprint magnate, and his wife, Stephanie Seymour Brant, the model, will open the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut, ...
Greenwich Time
Skatepark opens for season today The Greenwich Skatepark, at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park next to the Arch Street Teen Center, is scheduled to open for the season today.

More than 3,700 job-seekers search for work at N.Y. fair
... store's hiring goals. One popular table, that of AQR Capital Management LLC, an investment management firm in Greenwich, Conn., said it had one position open, for an accountant. Recruiter Meghan Baruno said she had collected hundreds of resumes. ...

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