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Monday, June 2, 2008

06/02/08 - Marc D'Amico Has A Very Serious Integrity Issue - Can He Be Trusted With The Care Of Children Who Are Headed To The Modular Classrooms?

"It's Time For Principal Marc D'Amico To Take His Medicine"


Only a fool would think this is about cupcakes and a parent brining ice cream to a Glenville School.

It is not about any of that - only a very
naive person would not be able to see that?

Take away the cupcakes and what is or wasn't in the on-line handbook and all you have left is that Principal D'Amico lied and covered something up, and therefore he was suspended.

The single family home-owners of Greenwich have been trusting Principal D'Amico with an entire school.

The citizens of Greenwich expect Principal D'Amico to be fair and reasonable.

The parents of Glenville School need to be able to trust Principal D'Amico.

It was malicious and wrong of Principal D'Amico to doctor a public document to make the Mr. Carbino look bad?

The ethically challenged Principal D'Amico so far has refused to issued an apology for what he did to Mr. Carbino, the Glenville Parents, the Glenville School Children, the Board Of Education, and to his superiors.

Even though Principal D'Amico's lawyer has been quoted in the media suggesting that he should apologize.

It appears that Principal D'Amico has no remorse for what he has done.

This has been going on since May 6th, mistakes or errors in judgement don't take a month to admit to.

Principal D'Amico had a lot of time and chances before, his suspension, last week to make things right.

Perhaps Principal D'Amico is only sorry that he got caught by the technologically astute Mr. Carbino.

What is Principal D'Amico teaching the young children who are told to trust and obey him as if he were their parent.

Principal D'Amico is teaching them an invaluable lesson.

Never tell the truth until you are so backed into a corner you have no other choice!

When all else fails...Lie!!

Never ever apologize when you are wrong!!!

Is this the lesson that you want your children learning at Glenville School.

Maybe, Dr. Betty Sternberg
should immediately call in the
Greenwich Boy Scouts
to counter the awful lesson that
Principal D'Amico
is teaching the children of
Glenville School.

Principal D'Amico should be Trustworthy.
A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on him.

Principal D'Amico should be Loyal
A Scout is true to his family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and nation.

Principal D'Amico should be Helpful.
A Scout cares about other people. He willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.

Principal D'Amico should be Friendly.
A Scout is a friend to all . He is a brother to other Scouts. He offers his friendship to people of all races and nations, and respects them even if their beliefs and customs are different from his own.
(Even to a parent who opposed to putting small children in contaminated modular classrooms, that failed school administrators knew about for over one year.)
Principal D'Amico should be Courteous.
A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.

Principal D'Amico should be Kind.
A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. Without good reason, he does not harm or kill any living thing.

(Nor does he silently sit back and let his supporters threaten Mr. Carbino's child at the Topix / Greenwich Time Message Boards)

Principal D'Amico should be Obedient.
A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobeying them.

Principal D'Amico should be Cheerful.
A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.

(Especially little children who are celebrating their special day with their classmates).

Principal D'Amico should be Thrifty.
A Scout works to pay his own way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.
(How much time and money has Principal D'Amico's reckless and selfish actions already cost the Board Of Education? How much will it cost in the future?)

Principal D'Amico should be Brave.
A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.
(A scout would have told his supierors. I made a mistake. I was wrong. Can you please forgive me I will immediately rectify the situation if you allow me to so.)
Principal D'Amico should be Clean.
A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He chooses the company of those who live by high standards. He helps keep his home and community clean.
(Principal D'Amico unethical behaviuor has polluted the Glenville School Community with hatred.)

Principal D'Amico should be Reverent.
A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.

(Principal D'Amico will have to answer to his maker for what he has done to the Glenville Community in general and to the Carbino family in particular.)

A Boy Scout would not consider an unrepentant liar a "Role Model".

Anyone supporting Principal D'Amico should take a long look in the mirror and see what you consider to be your core values.

Do Glenville parents really want a principal that falsified documents and then lied to his superiors, as one of your child's primary moral guides?

Glenville parents ask the school system to teach their children citizenship, fair play and community values.

Should a liar and manipulator lead your child's school?

Principal D'Amico should have been fired once the Board of Education became aware of the facts.

Who knows what else they found out when they began to dig.

How can Greenwich Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg not dismiss an unrepentant liar like Principal D'Amico.

How many in Greenwich remember when the hockey coach got fired for the same thing?

Lying to the Superintendent.

Are Principals in Greenwich allowed to lie to the school superintendent and coaches are not allowed to lie to the Superintendent?

Is Western Greenwich Society built on the the failed aristocratic theory that rank has somekind of special privilege.

Or is Western Greenwich Society based in the common sense Conneticut Yankee democratic values that say, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

How could Superintendent Dr. Sternberg keep Principal D'Amico, he lied and tried to cover it up?

For over a month there has been no apology.

This is not right it is not ethical.

Ethics And Education Go Hand In Hand.

What would be next Principal D'Amico changing test scores?

But would that OK with you?

It could make Principal D'Amico and the school "look" better.

Maybe, then the high paid Principal D'Amico could get a big fat raise for changing test scores that would temporarily make him and Glenville School look good.

Then, maybe we could make Principal D'Amico the school superintendent so that he could lie and change test scores all over the town.

Then we could wait for the State Of Connecticut coming in to take over our public schools, as the federal government cuts off all our grant monies.

What is the State Education Department going to think of the Greenwich School System, when they learn that one of the Principals is an unrepentant liar who manipulates public documents?

According to press reports Principal D'Amico through his lawyer stated that he did in fact lie to his superiors and did lie about how long the policy has been in the handbook.


"The school representative did not feel and neither does Mark at this point…that he was as candid as he could have been with them as to when he amended it and that's what really seems to be the sore point," said Principal D'Amico's attorney, John Gesmonde

Principal D'Amico is basically admitting to lying and trying to cover it up.

This all because Principal D'Amico singled out Mr. Carbino.

For the record, Mr. Carbino has given honest straight forward answers and stayed on point. You have not seen wild distractions from the Carbino family. Nor has the Carbino family needed to hire a Hamden lawyer.

Any Glenville Parent Could Be The Next Victim.

Has it ever occurred to the Glenville parents that if Principal D'Amico treated Mr. Carbino like this he probably bullied others parents and famlies.

If Principal D'Amico covered up this scandal he probably covered up others.

  • Since when is it OK for our Principals to lie to us?
  • Since when is making up rules after the fact OK with us?
  • Since when is altering documents after the fact to prove a point OK with us?
  • Since when are Principals with personal vendettas OK with us?
  • Is any of this acceptable?

If Principal D'Amico lied to his superiors and to Board of Education members this time he probably lied to them in the past, not to mention parents and teachers.

How can Glenville parents trust Principal D'Amico with their little children?

How can someone who is supposed to mold children.

Why would a parent want their child to have a caregiver with such low standards?

It's NOT OK to have a principal with such low standards!!

The single family home-owners of Greenwich hope and pray that Dr. Sternberg feels the same way !!!

This is about his character and integrity,
both is which Marc D'Amico doesn't have!!!!

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06/02/08 An Open Letter To Nancy Weissler Of The Greenwich Board OF Education - Situation At Glenville - Where's The Leadership And Accountability (Updated).

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05/31/08 Friday's News Headlines From The Greenwich Citizen - Late And Incomplete

05/30/08 Serious "Cup Cake" Allegations? With Ten School Days Left In The Year It Is A Disgrace That School Spokesperson Kim Eves Is Withholding Vital Information From Parents.

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05/29/08 This month principals from all over the world have been suspended and in each and every case the parents were told why, except in Greenwich

05/28/08 Greenwich Post And Greenwich Time Websites 
Have Breaking Glenville School News
Where's The Greenwich Citizen?

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06/02/08 Reader Submitted Event - Greenwich author booksigning and reading saturday june 7th

details at

Meg Robustelli
Founder, Fairfield County Child, LLC

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06/02/08 An Open Letter To Nancy Weissler Of The Greenwich Board Of Education - Situation at Glenville - Where's The Leadership And Accountability?


Dear Ms. Weissler,

Rumors regarding the problems at Glenville School are running rampant. Both the Board and the Superintendent need to inform the public, at least a bit, to stop this nastiness.

A simple statement regarding the issue would be sufficient.

At this point no one has assured the parents that the children were never in any danger. By the Superintendent stating Mr. D'Amico was suspended due to ...."serious allegations"...and that an investigation is commencing, a parent cannot be assured that this does not have to do with improper behavior of any nature with a child or children.

At the very least the parents should receive some peace of mind from you.
I know that you are well aware of my feelings regarding Betty Sternberg. She promised accountability, as did you, and still the parents of Ham Ave are waiting to hear who was responsible for the mold at the modulars.

Betty Sternberg does not have the least respect for the Town of Greenwich. I do not support extending her contract.

Laura J. DiBella

Nancy sends a reply to Ms. DiBella

Another non-answer from Nancy.

Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008 9:55 PM
Subject: Re: Situation at Glenville

Dear Ms. DiBella,

Thank you for your email. As you know, Mr. D'Amico was suspended--with pay and without prejudice--pending an investigation. This is a confidential personnel matter currently under investigation by the Greenwich Public Schools Human Resources Department so Board members cannot provide any further comment. However, I understand from Dr. Sternberg that she may be able to provide more information when that investigation is concluded. As you know, Mr. Don Strange, retired Western Middle School principal, is serving as interim principal. Mr. Strange and Ms. McCullough are working hard to provide the support necessary to Glenville School during this difficult time.

As for the causality of the mold at the modulars, the independent experts have indicated that it was due to design and construction flaws.


Nancy Weissler
Chair, Board of Education


Please send your comments and letters to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

Being accountable means…
“being liable to be called to account, to have to give an explanation, to be responsible”
(Oxford Dictionary)

Education law Connecticut is underpinned by the principle that local boards of education are primarily accountable to their communities in carrying out their roles and functions and achieving their objectives. Ultimately, accountability is measured through the ballot box at election time.

Accountability means little unless the people who are entitled to receive explanations have information from which they can ask questions. In their strongest form, accountability arrangements also include prior opportunities for the wider community to provide input into the Greenwich Board Of Education's decision-making at a strategic and policy level.

For far to long Greenwich society has long suffered the fools who set policy for and poorly administer our schools.

Enough Is Enough !!!

It is time for Greenwich Society to stop being polite to fools who are wasting the tax dollars of the single family home-owners of Greenwich.

It is time for a change. It is time for accountability from Nancy Weissler and her failed Board Of Education.

Nancy Weissler's leadership is beyond ridiculous.

All the Town Of Greenwich has seen is one massive failure after another.

Nancy Weissler and her Greenwich Board Of Education has allowed a minor issue to become a horrific and grand embarrassment for the district.

Ever since Nancy Weissler was put in charge of the Greenwich Board of Education there have been almost weekly embarrassing national press headlines about Greenwich School.

Construction mismanagement, cost overruns, the modular school mold cover-up, parents hiring lawyers, the Boyscout controversy and now "cupcakegate".

Perhaps if we had a leader at the Greenwich Board of Education who put children and parents first, and if this leader was skilled at listening to disgruntled parents, and if this leader was willing offering reasonable compromises, then we would not be where we are.

Nancy Weissler and her school board have turned our school system into a sinking ship of fools, and it's going down fast.

Nancy Weissler's Board of Education's new tactic of throwing a cupcake controversy in front of that fact doesn't obscure her lack of leadership... it only makes it more obvious to all the taxpayers in town.

  • The ethically challenged Nancy Weissler knows damn well that this latest school scandal is not about cup cakes. Yet she sits on her hands and provides no leadership what-so-ever.

  • The ethically challenged Nancy Weissler knows that there was no school policy in place. Yet she sits on her hands and provides no leadership what-so-ever.Yet she sits on her hands and provides no leadership what-so-ever.

  • The ethically challenged Nancy Weissler knows that this was a personal vendetta that Principal D'Amico had with the parent (this parent spoke against the contaminated modular buildings that his children will be forced into next fall). Yet she sits on her hands and provides no leadership what-so-ever.

  • The ethically challenged Nancy Weissler knows that Principal D'amico then decided to lie to his boss about the incident stating that the policy has been in the handbook. Yet she sits on her hands and provides no leadership what-so-ever.

  • How do we ever have respect Nancy Weissler for allowing Principal D'Amico to make things so personal he would come point of lying to his boss and changing a document after the fact?

Maybe, It was Nancy Weissler example that taught Principal D'Amico to make things so personal with parents who questioned contamination in the modular classrooms.

Nancy Weissler's poor attitude and lack of leadership has created this administrative "open season" on parents who question school board policy and actions.

How much you want bet that Ms. Weissler, like almost every parent in Greenwich has brought birthday treats in to the Greenwich public schools.

It is time for Nancy Wessler to start providing some leadership or let some one else represent the parents and the single family home-owners of Greenwich.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/02/08 The Mets Are Comming To Richards On Greenwich Avenue

Meet The Mets

Several players, including Johan Santana, David Wright and Carlos Beltran, will partake in the Mets' "Teammates in the Community" fundraiser on June 9 at Richards in Greenwich, Conn.

Guests will mingle with the players and bid on baseball experiences, such as hitting and pitching lessons.

Ticket information is available at (718) 803-4074.

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06/02/08 Video - Cablevision News 12 - Murder Suspects Website

Murder suspect's lawyer uses Web to 'find real killer'

The attorney for the man accused of murdering Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel has taken his fight for justice online.

Mark Sherman, defense attorney for murder suspect Leonard Trujillo, has launched a Web site for people to share information on Kissel's death. The attorney says the page will help bring out the truth in the crime.

"[Trujillo] did not commit this murder, and a Web site like this is going to be helpful for us to find the real killer in this case," says Sherman.

Sherman's client was charged with the murder two years after Kissel's body was discovered stabbed to death in his basement. Trujillo's cousin, Carlos Trujillo, faces conspiracy charges for his alleged role in the murder.

The attorney hopes the promise of anonymity will encourage witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

"It's helpful for us in a high-profile case like this to streamline tips and allow people to confidentially submit tips to the Web site," says Sherman. "Sometimes, people tend to share more information if they know that their identity is going to be protected."

Police set up a confidential tip line in 2006. They say it did not bring many useful leads to their investigation.

Play the video

See Also:

Who Killed Andrew Kissel?

Judge postpones unsealing of warrants in Kissel case

Several theories float around developer's murder

Police make arrests for 2006 slaying

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06/02/08 Greenwich Citizen Continues To Ignore The Fact That Principal Marc D'Amico Was Suspended For Unethically Manipulating Public Documents

The Greenwich Citizen Still Has
It's Head In The Sand

Greenwich Citizen Website Has Not Been Updated For Days

Greenwich Citizen readers are uninformed about the
Glenville School Principal being suspended.

Please see:

05/31/08 Friday's News Headlines From The Greenwich Citizen - Late And Incomplete

Please also see:

06/01/08 One Of Principal Marc D'amico's Supporters Is Keith Crocco Who Posted On The Topix Greenwich Time Message Board 26 Times In 24 Hours.

05/31/08 Sometimes Greenwich Time Reporters Remind One Of The Bush Administration Before Nine Eleven. They Just Can't Connect The Dots.

05/30/08 Serious "Cup Cake" Allegations? With Ten School Days Left In The Year It Is A Disgrace That School Spokesperson Kim Eves Is Withholding Vital Information From Parents.

More Information:

05/29/08 This month principals from all over the world have been suspended and in each and every case the parents were told why, except in Greenwich

05/28/08 Greenwich Post And Greenwich Time Websites 
Have Breaking Glenville School News
Where's The Greenwich Citizen?

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/02/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Monday (Updated)

The Greenwich Post Website Has Not Been Updated
For Three Days.

It's 11:15 And The Greenwich Post Website Has Not Put Up Any News.

Maybe The Greenwich Post Web Master Will Put Up Some News After His Lunch Break. We Will Keep You Posted.



The Greenwich Post Has Finally
Updated It's News Web Site

Caring for pets

Junior Girl Scout Troop 50201 in Old Greenwich, who organized the recent Pet Care Badge Program. Eighteen scouts from her troop were awarded the Pet Care badge after completing the required Pet Care Badge Program. The event was held at Pet Pantry and aimed toward finding homes for homeless cats and dogs. The troop spent the morning of May 10 at Pet Pantry learning about the importance of placing pets in good homes. At the end of the day, the Girl Scouts had completed all six requirements for the badge, and Lauren had donated 100 items that she had collected over a three-month drive to Adopt a Dog.

Greenwich students ‘tune in to music’

Fifty-five student musicians will have their moment on stage at Greenwich Library’s Cole Auditorium this Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., in the Greenwich Alliance for Education’s Tuning In to Music program’s second annual year-end music recital.

Hebrew school open house is Sunday

Chabad of Greenwich invites all parents interested in a positive Jewish learning experience in program for all children. Chabad’s Hebrew school will hold its open house this Sunday, June 8 from 9:30 to 10 a.m.

Police Watch: The following are released reports of June 2

Wallace Brabham, 56, of New Haven was arrested May 31 and charged with second degree burglary, fifth degree larceny, second degree criminal mischief, two counts of interfering with police, criminal impersonation and two counts of second degree forgery. A person on Railroad Avenue had called police alleging a man was trying to break down her front door. Several officers responded to the scene and reportedly saw the door had been forced open and a suspect was running out of the back door and onto Sound View Drive. An officer then saw Brabham running on Arch Street and followed him off a 10-foot retaining wall before apprehending him. Police also determined Brabham was wanted on warrants out of Stamford, Woodbridge, Fairfield and two in New Haven. Brabham was held on a $1,000,000 bond and is due in court June 6.

Jaime Sacta, 45, of Port Chester, N.Y. was arrested June 1 and charged with risk of injury to a minor and disorderly conduct. Police said Sacta turned himself in on a warrant that stems from a 2007 incident when he allegedly made inappropriate comments toward a co-worker. Sacta was released on a $5,000 cash bond and is due in court June 9.

A Greenwich husband and wife were arrested June 1 and charged with breach of peace. The woman, 36, had come to police headquarters and told an officer she and her husband, 46, had a fight at their home earlier that day. She told police that he called her derogatory names and she became angry, kicking his car door and slapping him in the face. The woman said when she attempted to slap him again, her husband punched her in the face, causing her lip and nose to bleed. When police spoke to the husband, he contended his wife had started “throwing punches” at him and when he put his arm up to block her, he accidentally struck her lip. The husband was also charged with third degree assault. The couple was released on bonds and were due in court June 2.

Matthew Adler, 20, of Rye Brook, N.Y. and Giancarlo Sumiano, 24, of Norwalk, were arrested June 1 and charged with disorderly conduct. According to police, the two had gotten into a fight at Johnny Cakes on North Water Street. Sumiano had allegedly slapped Adler in the face after Adler had reportedly made racial slurs to him, causing the two men to get into an argument. Officer interviews of witnesses reportedly determined that the slurs had been made. No one suffered any injuries. Adler and Sumiano were both issued misdemeanor summonses and released at the scene. They are due in court June 9.

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06/02/08 Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor

To the editor:

A recent front-page story in the Greenwich Time outlined the progress made by farmer John Augustin, who lost a leg in an accident in 2006 at his farm on King Street ("Farmer John test drives the latest in prosthetics," May 18).

He is now trying out a new prosthetic leg that costs $45,000. He hopes that Medicaid will provide him with the new leg when he turns 65 this year. It seems he can't afford to pay for the new leg since his medical costs for the accident total almost $500,000. John has paid over $100,000 of these costs, with fundraisers held on his behalf providing the balance.

Too bad John isn't an illegal alien because his treatment wouldn't have cost him a cent.

In 2006, a Greenwich neurosurgeon recounted in a newspaper column how she and a team of doctors operated on and treated at no cost a 25-year-old Guatemalan illegal alien in the country all of 90 days. He walked into the emergency room at Greenwich Hospital speaking no English, with a highly contagious case of fulminating tuberculosis meningitis. He received an emergency operation and then spent 22 months in the hospital, which wrote off $200,000 in direct costs exclusive of fees that probably would have cost another $100,000 from attending doctors who donated their services.

Hospital emergency rooms have closed across American, including in Port Chester, because of unreimbursed services and bankruptcy.

Be a law-abiding, beloved citizen like John Augustin, and be prepared to pay your medical costs in full - or else. Be a non-citizen, break our laws, and it's welcome to America for free medical care, no matter what the costs. Some of John's tax money can go to provide these "free" services to illegals.

Crazy is an understatement to describe an immigration policy that produces results like this in pursuit of cheap labor. Maybe that labor isn't so cheap after all.

Raymond P. Justus


Other Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor:

Town should have sought beach agreement
To the editor:
Contrary to a recent news article, I will not pursue the Tod's Point matter any further.

To the editor:
As a resident of Greenwich, I applaud the May 19 decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission to reject the application to build a 27,000-square-foot mansion on Simmons Lane for reasons including construction vehicles, narrow roads and traffic ("P&Z rejects plan for mansion," Greenwich Time, May 21).

Don't confuse Jews with lobby
To the editor:
Alan H. Stein, in his letter of May 19 ("Criticism about Israel only contradicts itself, Greenwich Time), has misunderstood Stephen Walt on two counts.

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06/02/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Monday

Robert Scheuer, a World War II veteran of the China Burma India...
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time photo)

Burma WWII veterans renew ties
As American-trained Chinese troops and U.S. infantry fought to break the Japanese stranglehold in northern Burma, communication specialists like William Kiskin and William Drescher played a part constructing and maintaining telephone and communications systems under combat conditions, they said

Greenwich Hospital was recently recognized by a national nonprofit for offering superior stroke care.

Few find fault with Tesei's first 6 months
Six months into his first term as Greenwich's chief-elected official, First Selectman Peter Tesei is making few enemies thanks to what even his toughest critics say is his willingness to sit down with aggrieved constituents and his high-esteem for town employees.

Aspiring fashion designers at Greenwich High School will show off their work Thursday at the annual fashion show in the auditorium at 6 pm...

Roundabout is not fair play
Designed to ease traffic congestion from a new housing development, a recently constructed roundabout on Havemeyer Lane is spawning complaints from some residents of the neighborhood.

June 2 Central Middle School Book Fair, Media Center. Compass (yearbook) Night: 6 p.m., Greenwich High School June 3 English as Second Language Awards: 7:30 pm...

FYE focus
Kerrin Kinnear is the state winner of the Connecticut Laws of Life Essay Contest where students submit essays that express the core values, principles and ideals that guide their lives....

When the Transportation Association of Greenwich went to fill up their diesel vehicles recently, they found more than five gas stations closed and out of fuel, said James Boutelle, executive director TAG....

A mansion-sized victory for residents
For those who have been appalled and frustrated by the proliferation of oversized houses in town, the town Planning and Zoning Commission's rejection of the ultimate abomination proposed for Simmons Lane comes as a welcome relief.

James Kiernan hates losing. So do his teammates and coaches. Maybe that's why it took the Greenwich High School boys lacrosse team until the middle of this past week to get over its heartbreaking, last-second setback to Ridgefield in the FCIAC semifinals on May 23.

Cardinals conquer Bobcats in Division I tournament
Prior to yesterday's state playoff matchup against South Windsor, the Greenwich High School girls lacrosse team hadn't played a game since it suffered a gut-wrenching one-goal loss to Wilton in the FCIAC semifinals on May 22.

Anyone who knew Katie Higgins knew she was one of the special student-athletes that puts the heart in Convent of the Sacred Heart.

Sweet 3-peat: GHS girls tennis captures Class L crown
NEW HAVEN - The Greenwich High School girls tennis team, which has turned sweeping the opposition into an art form, produced another Picasso in their final match of the season yesterday.

Long distance offshore sailboat racing is not something typically equated with American sailors, who tend toward inshore and smallboat racing.

GHS boys golf falls in FCIAC playoff
NEW CANAAN - All year, the margin between the top teams in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference was razor thin.

Freshman B-Division Skipper and Riverside resident Elizabeth Barry, sailing for the Brown University Bears, finished a staggering 29 points clear of her nearest competitor at the 2008 Intercollegiate Sailing Association's Women's National Championships yesterday in Newport...

Greenwich volleyball eliminated from states by Amity
Edging Amity Regional High School in the first two games of yesterday's state tournament showdown, the Greenwich High School boys volleyball team was in perfect position to record its biggest victory to date and continue its most successful season ever.

Two for one. No this wasn't a post Memorial Day sale but rather how the Greenwich girls tennis team punched its ticket to the Class L state semifinals, beating both Newtown and Glastonbury by identical 7-0 scores yesterday afternoon thanks to Tuesday's heavy rains.

GHS softball blanked by Newtown in LL opener
The Greenwich High School softball team saw its season end with a 2-0 loss at Newtown in the first round of the Class LL tournament yesterday.

WEST HAVEN - Two facts emerged from Westhill's 13-6 CIAC Class LL state tournament victory over Simsbury yesterday that were as clear as the cloudless sky over Whitey Piurek Field: A) Simsbury obviously had an off day, and B) good teams are opportunists, and Westhill is definitely a very good team, capable of manufacturing runs.

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