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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12/16/08 Christmas Shopping In Byram


Bringing hip new styles and designers to Greenwich CT! So far: Alisha Levine, Daftbird, Fighting Eel, Madison Marcus, Meghan, Monrow, Rachel Pally, Twinkle by Wenlan.

Jewelry by Alana Norell.


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12/15/08 Greenwich Post News Links - Public Works Deputy Promoted From With In

What Recession ????
Congratulations To David Thompson On The Promotion And Raise!

Town appoints public works deputy

David P. Thompson has been appointed deputy commissioner of public works for the town. The search process began in October.

Mr. Thompson has served as the town’s chief engineer since September 1995. As the chief engineer, Mr. Thompson plans and directs all activities of the engineering division of the Public Works Department providing in-house design, project management and engineering assistance to other divisions, departments, boards and agencies. Mr. Thompson manages the development and implementation of the town’s capital improvement programs with an annual budget of $5 to $10 million dollars.

From 1984 to 1995, Mr. Thompson served as the director of public works/town engineer for Litchfield where he oversaw the construction, repair and maintenance of public properties including highways, buildings, storm drainage systems, bridges and equipment. Before 1984, Mr. Thompson served for four years as the town engineer for Bloomfield and as design, structural and project engineer for engineering consulting firms.

Mr. Thompson has been published in association publications such as the Public Works Magazine, APWA Reporter, and the New England Chapter of the American Public Works Association Newsletter. Mr. Thompson graduated with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Manhattan College, a masters of science in civil engineering from New York University and a masters of science in engineering science and an masters in business administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is licensed qualified and was choen among four candidates interviewed. The appointment is effective immediately.

Board of Health meeting canceled

The Board of Health meeting scheduled for Monday, Dec. 22 has been canceled and will not be rescheduled. The next regular meeting schedule is Thursday, Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. at the Milbrook Club, 61 Woodside Drive.

Police Watch

The following are this Dec. 16’s released arrests:


Rowena Lewis, 53, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. was arrested Dec. 15 and charged with fourth degree larceny. According to police, video surveillance at Beads in the Loft on Lewis Street pictured Lewis shoplifting a pair of earrings. The value for the earrings was listed at $600. Police said Lewis confessed to the crime. She was released on a $1,000 cash bond and is due in court on Dec. 22.


Patricia Monville, 59, of Springfield, Pa. was arrested Dec. 15 and charged with fifth degree larceny. Police responded to a report that a woman was taking items from McArdle’s Florist on Arch Street. Police reportedly saw Monville with a large bag taking numerous Christmas items on display in the parking lot and putting them in her beg. Police said when confronted sh e admitted to stealing the goods. Monville was released on a $60 cash bond and is due in court Dec. 29.

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12/16/08 Mandoff Family Values


This is London

THE WIFE of Bernard Madoff, the man at the centre of the $50billion Ponzi investment fraud, is coming under scrutiny from investigators as to how much she knew about his business and whether she helped him to raise money from their social network of wealthy individuals.

Ruth Madoff was regularly seen with her husband, entertaining at their three multi-million-dollar homes and the six golf clubs of which they were members.

She accompanied him to charity dinners, often among the elite Jewish fraternity in New York, and is a co-trustee of the $19million Madoff Family Foundation.

She has not been charged and her lawyer Ike Sorkin said: "We are in no position to tell the investigators what to look at."

The scale of the Madoff network is enormous, with close links to the No1 Spanish banking family, the Botins.....

....New York investigators are keen to find out exactly how much Mr Madoff's two sons, Mark and Andrew, knew about his Ponzi scheme.

It is reported that they blew the whistle on him to the FBI after their father told them he had lost $50billion.....

....a New York judge ordered that all the US operations of Bernard Madoff Investment Securities should be shut down and liquidated.

Madoff claimed to investigators when he was arrested that he had lost $50billion and that there was only about $300million left in what is turning out to be the biggest financial scam in history......

On Wall Street

How did Bernard L. Madoff get away with running a suspected $50 billion Ponzi scheme for decades? His own vanity and that of many of his clients played a starring role, say experts. A former NASDAQ chairman and high-profile presence on Wall Street since the 1960s, Madoff created an elite reputation and recruited clients through exclusive country clubs in the wealthy communities in Boston, Greenwich, Conn., and Palm Beach, Fla. Investors and philanthropists felt honored to get into Madoff's hedge fund that was "invitation only."

"My instinct tells me that this is not about wealth," says Randi Grant, a senior-member of the AICPA and partner of Berkowitz Dick Pollack and Brant, a CPA firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "He was a man with an ego and a panache and he wanted to keep it going. When I started working with wealthy families in the mid '90s, I used to see his name all over the place as the advisor to the rich and famous." Grant had clients who invested in Madoff's funds through partnerships. "People came to us and it was like they had been given a business sprinkled with fairy dust when they were able to get into his funds. They thought that they were chosen," she says......

.....A second factor in Madoff's making off with billions in client money was the fact he as both fund manager and broker-dealer, he was overseeing his own operations. "The broker-dealer was self-clearing so there was no oversight by a larger firm," says Robert Heim, a partner at law firm Meyers and Heim in New York City and a former assistant regional director at the SEC. "He was overseeing himself, there was no transparency."

Compounding matters was the fact Madoff's chief compliance officer was his son, which isn't inherently a problem but can be dicey. "Normally a chief compliance officer would look very closely at the returns and where they were coming from," says Heim. The ponzi scheme alleged here is a fairly basic fraud and would have been detected."Whether or not the Madoff sons who worked in the firm had any knowledge of the ponzi scheme, some experts speculate that they turned their father in when the jig was clearly up in a family bid for them to save themselves.

According to Ernest Badway, partner at Rothschild and Fox in Roseland N.J. and New York, and a former SEC prosecutor, the SEC was on to Madoff in the early 1990s. "In 1992 or 1993, the SEC had some examiners in there who raised some serious questions about whether or not there was a ponzi scheme going on. But counsel convinced SEC not to bring an action against him." Questions again resurfaced in a Baron's article in 2001, but that too, was dropped......


AS the financial centres in New York and London continue to grapple with the enormity of Bernie Madoff's $50 billion scam, a single question was increasingly being heard: is there anything left?

Across America, small investors, corporate high rollers and the monied elite wait anxiously to hear if any of the cash they gave Madoff survived his world record-breaking fraud. They were joined by two British banks who are in for £1 billion between them, the City's biggest hedge fund, Man Group, Nicola Horlick's Bramdean Asset Management and fund manager Arpad Busson, among others.

They all want to know what happened to their money. Madoff is out on $10 million bail, posted by his wife Ruth, and he was spotted last night in the window of his duplex on Manhattan's East 64th Street, smoking a large cigar. Understandably, his investors are asking how much Madoff squirrelled away for himself.

Cut to a quiet corner of Mayfair and a set of offices over a smart art gallery. Here, in Berkeley Street, is the headquarters of the US investment veteran's London arm, Madoff Securities International. Compared with his huge Lipstick Building in midtown Manhattan, 12 Berkeley Street is a modest, discreet address. That's exactly how Madoff likes it. A source told the Standard that this anonymous base in Mayfair is Madoff's "dynastic piggy bank".

He kept around £80 million in cash in the London firm and used it to fund deals to benefit himself, his wife Ruth and sons Mark and Andrew. The Berkeley Street office is a trading operation, which, by the standards of Madoff's fraud, appears to handle modest sums.But by the standards of even wealthy families it is a powerful money-making tool, worked by a hand-picked staff of 28 including top analysts and investment specialists.

HSBC's massive exposure to the alleged Ponzi scheme run by Bernard Madoff will add to the pressure on the bank to seek a major fundraising, analysts said today.

The banking giant has admitted it was exposed to Madoff to the tune of $1 billion (£667 million), making it one of the worst-hit of the big European banks.

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets said in a note to clients today that the bank may seek to raise $14 billion as the scandal added to the problems it faces of rising loan defaults in the US and the UK.


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12/16/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Tuesday

Gustav Bertolf Jr., a lifelong fisherman in Greenwich, stands on the pipe carrying sewage from a broken main into the Mianus River near Strickland Road.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time photo)

Lobsterman Gustav Bertolf Jr. couldn't believe what he saw when he arrived at Cos Cob Harbor Monday morning.

A pipe approximately one foot in diameter rose from a sewer opening behind a boatyard and carried raw sewage several hundred feet before releasing it into the Mianus River. A stench hung over the site and bits of white toilet paper washed ashore in the low tide.

"This is where I launch my boat," said Bertolf, 35, "and they're pumping bacteria in the harbor. It's disgusting."

Local officials say Friday's sewer line break on Sound Shore Drive in Cos Cob is forcing the town to dump raw sewage into the Mianus River at three points, residential Chapel and Juniper lanes on its eastern shore and Strickland Road at Cos Cob Harbor on the western shore, where Bertolf stood. A town emergency is in effect until the completion of the repair, complicated by the discovery of a nearby high-pressure gas line.

But that temporary fix was still going Monday night, pumping sewage into the Mianus River over four days with no clear end point.

Commissioner of Public Works Amy Seibert said it was the town's only option, as turning off the water would have meant sewer backups across town.

"You wouldn't be able to use your water in any way," Seibert said. "That would have been a big problem."
The state Department of Environmental Protection sanctioned the bypasses on Friday, advising the town on how to divert the water, according to spokesman Dennis Schain.

Resident will lead band to historic inauguration
With tickets to President-elect Barack Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration priced at up to $20,000 on the Internet, one Chickahominy resident will pay for his spot in song - three to be exact.

Car careens into basement of home

A 65-year-old woman escaped with only minor injuries after her car plowed through a stop sign and careened off the roadway into a Byram home Monday morning, just missing a concrete wall that separated two garage doors of the house, police said.

Brunswick basketball holds off Masters
Coming into this season the Brunswick basketball team had a proverbial bullseye on its back. Several successful seasons in the FAA has made them a target for the rest of the league.


Deputy schools chief to leave
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Kathy Greider will step down as the schools chief's second-in-command in May to take a position as superintendent of the Farmington public school system, officials said Monday.

Tips for keeping older houseguests out of harm's way
Harriet Cooper did not see the dog bed, which she describes as more like a "mat." It was only a few inches high and about a foot long, but it was enough to take her down and hurt her.

Motion for speedy trial rejected in Kissel case

A state Superior Court judge Monday denied a motion for a speedy trial for one of two men accused in the stabbing death of Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel.

CEO benefits from financial turmoil
Frank McBrearity Jr. foresees one beneficial byproduct from the daily bad news that bombards the business pages.

P&Z to hear full docket
Tonight will be a long one for the Planning and Zoning Commission, which is reviewing several controversial items.

Gridlock an issue for rail station

A possible expansion of the Stamford railroad station and transit-oriented development nearby must be meshed carefully to prevent gridlock, a business leader and commuter advocate said.

Madoff's scam victims reel
The recently uncovered Ponzi scheme by prominent Wall Street investor Bernard Madoff will not affect municipal investments in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich, officials said, but a hedge fund in Greenwich may become its worst victim.


For The Record This Is The "First And Only" Madoff Ponzi Scheme Story That The Greenwich Time Has Put On The Web.
Meanwhile, All Last Week Greenwich Roundup And Other Local Bloggers Were Bring Town Residents The Local Angle To The National Story.



Jane Genova: Speechwriter - GhostwriterMadoff - The Musical: "I'm so special" - No question the Bernard Madoff Caper is going to become a musical. The theme song for how so many at such high levels were conned will be: "I'm so special." ...

The New And Improved "For What It's Worth" (Wordpress Edition)One more odd Bernie Madoff story - From the 1992 Wall Street Journal, an article on a mystery money manager who was somehow beating the Street. That would be Bernard Madoff, of course. Update...

Tribune Company's Greenwich News FeedSwiss bank says it has $48M of client assets invested with US financier accused of fraud - GENEVA (AP) — A private Swiss bank says it has 56 million Swiss francs ($47.5 million) of client assets invested under the management of U.S. financier ...
Bernard “Bernie” Madoff arrested and charged with securities fraud- ponzi scheme - Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) — Bernard Madoff, president of Bernard Madoff Investment Securities, a market maker for hedge funds and banks, was charged with securit...

IF Greenwich Residents Wanted To Learn About The Madoff Ponzi Scheme And How It Was Related To Greenwich, Then They Had To Ignore The Local Mainstream Media And Go To The Local Bloggers, Because None Of The Newspaper Websites Had Anything On Madoff.

But For Those Who Only Trust Newspaper Reports They Had Two Choices, Wait For The Greenwich Time And Other Local Newspapers To Get Up To Speed

Or You Can Read:

Until Today Not One Of These Newspaper Article Links Were From The Greenwich Time
Even Forgien Newspapers Are Covering This Story:
Jornal de Negócios - Portugal
O Bank Medici junta-se, assim, ao Fairfield Greenwich Group, Tremont Capital Management, Kingate Management e ao Banco Santander com perdas superiores a ...
Finanza in Chiaro, Italy
La banca Bénédict Hentsch ha reagito annullando la fusione prevista con lo specialista di hedge funds Fairfield Greenwich e confermando che il suo ...
证券之星, China
还有其他一些基金公司也向麦道夫的基金进行了巨额投资,其中包括沃特-诺尔(Walter Noel)旗下的Fairfield Greenwich Group,投资金额约为75亿美元,该公司总资产为141 ...
Riverside Resident Chris Fountain At The "For What It's Worth" Blog Has Been All Over The Madoff Story As The Editors At The Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post And Greenwich Time Have Been A Sleep At The Switch.
December 15, 2008
Just thinking …
December 15, 2008
The first Noel
December 15, 2008
More Madoff fallout
December 14, 2008
Mad Money
December 12, 2008
Fairfield Greenwich Group
Let's Take A Look At The Score Card:
4 Greenwich Citizen Jounalists And Bloggers:
33 Madoff News Links From 12/12 - 12/16/08
The Greenwich Time Editors And Reporters:
1 Madoff News Link From 12/12 - 12/16/08
The Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani And His Gal Pal Reporters
Who Are Going To Destroy The Greenwich Time Over At "Our Greenwich":
0 Madoff News Links From 12/12 -12/16/08
Hearst Newspapers Greenwich Citizen And Hersam Acorn's Greenwich Post:
0 Madoff News Links From 12/12 -12/16/08

Police blotter

Sonia Lagano, 46, of 1 Kellog St. in Norwalk, was arrested Friday night after she turned herself into police headquarters on an outstanding arrest warrant, police said.

The warrant stemmed from allegations that Lagano had made threatening phone calls between Sept. 18 and Sept. 20, police said.

Lagano was released on a $1,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford yesterday.


Rohan Crosdale, 22, of 9019 Avenue A in Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested on Friday night and charged with driving while intoxicated, police said.

Crosdale was observed exceeding the 35 mph speed limit on Lake Avenue and was stopped by police, according to the police report.

Officers observed Crosdale display signs of intoxication and he failed a series of field sobriety tests, police said.

Crosdale was also charged with traveling too fast. He was released on a $100 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Dec. 26.


A 17-year-old Greenwich boy was arrested Saturday night and charged with third-degree assault, police said.

The youth turned himself in on an outstanding arrest warrant stemming from a physical altercation with another student at Greenwich High School Sept. 9, police said.

The youth was released on a $250 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Dec. 17.


Donovan Pottinger, 46, of 20 Cedar St., in Stamford was arrested Dec. 8 and charged with sixth-degree larceny, police said.

Officers responded to 1249 East Putnam Ave., a CVS , on a report of shoplifting .
After an investigation it was determined that Pottinger stole six cases of bottled water out of the front foyer of the store, police said.

Pottinger was released on a $100 bond and was scheduled to appear state Superior Court in Stamford Dec 12.


A 17-year-old Greenwich boy was arrested Friday morning and charged with second-degree strangulation, criminal mischief, interfering with a 911 call and disorderly conduct, police said.
Police were dispatched to a residence on the report of an out-of-control teenager who had smashed items in his house, according to the police report.

An investigation revealed that the youth had attacked his mother and broken several items in the house, police said.

Police believe a verbal argument ensued after the teen returned home after his curfew, leading to a physical altercation with his mother in which he pushed her down and grabbed her neck.
When the mother attempted to call 911, he took the phone away and smashed it.

The subject was transported to Greenwich Police and held in a cell block in lieu of a $5,000 bond. He was scheduled to appear in court Dec. 12, police said.


Michelangelo Calvi, 24, of 43 Deerfield Lane in Ossining, N.Y., was arrested Friday morning and charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

Police were dispatched to Villarina's Pizza located at 551 Post Road on report of a fight between employees, according to the police report.

Upon arrival, officers determined Calvi was involved in a verbal argument with his brother and a physical altercation with his boss, police said.

Calvi was transported to police headquarters and released on $250 bond, police said.
He is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Dec. 19.


James Standish, 54, of 7 Roosevelt Ave., was arrested Friday night and charged with driving while under the influence, police said.

Officers were dispatched to 15 Tomac Ave. on report of a two-car collision that Standish was involved in, according to a police report. He was observed to be intoxicated and failed a series of field sobriety tests, the report said.

Standish was released on a $250 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Dec. 29.

Residents of Connecticut and other states in our region can breathe a healthy sigh of relief - at least healthier than it might have been.The reason is that time has run out on a Bush administration effort to change Clean Air Act rules and make them more permissive.

Under proposed rules that were pushed for years by the administration - and fought from the outset by our state - older coal-fired power plants would have been able to make substantial improvements and upgrades without installing the pollution-control equipment now required. But fortunately, officials at the federal Department of Environmental Protection reported they could not have the rules finalized before President Bush leaves office in January, a task that was complicated by a federal court decision rejecting a related measure. ..... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAJH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH .......

As a long time member of the YMCA and a life-long resident, I was saddened to hear that there has been a delay in constructing access to the new pool for handicap residents. I'm sure that are loads of citizens in wheelchairs who are just waiting around to get their first dip in the beautiful pool.

Why can't the community come up with a simple solution, supported by members and other beneficiaries?

I remember having to wait decades ago, after a small back injury, to get up the strength to maneuver the many stairs, I can't fathom the loss of patience that others less fortunate than I must be feeling.

Get on it, Greenwich!

Susan McHale


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12/16/08 GREENWICH HEDGE FUND UNLIKELY TO SURVIVE: Greenwich Resident Walter M. Noel will likely be singing the blues this Christmas.

Noel and his hedge fund Fairfield Greenwich Group are at the top of a growing list of highfliers expected to topple as a result of Bernie Madoff's alleged $50 billion web of deceit.

Noel and his hedge fund Fairfield Greenwich Group are at the top of a growing list of highfliers expected to topple as a result of Bernie Madoff's alleged $50 billion web of deceit.

More than half of Fairfield Greenwich's assets - $7.5 billion of its $14 billion - have likely gone up in smoke due to Madoff's alleged misdeeds. And while the firm could sue to retrieve some of the lost money, it also faces a great risk of being sued by its own investors, many of whom relied on the firm to ensure their money was in safe hands.

Any hit to Fairfield Greenwich will inevitably financially ding the prominent Noel family, well-known in Greenwich, Conn., and Manhattan social circles, and who have been featured in Vanity Fair and Town & Country

"They took high fees and didn't do the due diligence," said Michael Swick, an attorney with Kahn Gauthier Swick, which is representing Madoff investors.

Already, a Swiss bank that Fairfield Greenwich merged with just three months ago severed its ties as a result of the Madoff scandal. On Sunday, Banque Benedict Hentsch terminated its partnership with Fairfield and repurchased all its capital, according to a statement released yesterday.

"The brand is damaged," said one hedge-fund executive.

Fairfield Greenwich did not respond to calls for comment.

Other funds of hedge funds are also expected to suffer as a result of the Madoff scandal. Darien, Conn., firm ..........


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12/16/08 Breaking NON-News: Debra Friedman Reports, "No further information on the fire was available." - Great Reporting Job Debra (Updated)

HOME AT 35 NUTMEG DRIVE, GLENVILLE, Greenwich fire officials inspect the site of a fire at 35 Nutmeg Drive in Glenville. (Bob Luckey/Staff Photo)

Fire damages Glenville home

By Debra Friedman / Staff Writer
Article Launched: 12/16/2008 03:16:54 PM EST

No further information on the fire was available.



Friedman Sets A New Hearst Newspaper Reporting Record
At The Greenwich Time

Give Debra About 24 Years A She Can

Cover And File A Routine Fire Story.

By Debra Friedman / Staff Writer
Article Launched: 12/17/2008 02:34:42 AM EST

Fire broke out at a house on Nutmeg Drive late Tuesday morning, damaging a work shop and temporarily displacing the family who lives there, fire officials said.

No one was injured in the small house fire, according to officials, but electrical problems resulting from the blaze forced the family to find another place to stay at least for the night, according to Deputy Fire Marshal James McDonald.

"Until they get an electrician out there to fix the problems they can't stay there," said McDonald.

The fire 35 Nutmeg Drive was contained to one room, which was badly damaged, according to Deputy Chief Keith Millette, who was on scene overseeing the firefighting efforts.

He said the 10-by-20-foot workshop was completely gutted.

Firefighters raced to the home after receiving a 911 call from a woman who lived there and reported smelling smoke, officials said. Engine 4 from the Central Stationwas first on the scene, officials said.

"When they got there, there were visible flames and a lot of smoke," said McDonald.

Millette said it took firefighters 10 minutes to extinguish the blaze and officials said they are still investigating the cause.....

....Fire officials said they had not determined whether or not the smoke alarms went off prior to their arrival.

Officials did not identify the residents of the house, but town property records list the homeowners as Percy and Celina Mentore. The house is shown to be assessed at $1,065,000. The residents could not be reached for comment Tuesday due to a disconnected number.

Fire officials said the family has two children who were at school at the time of the fire. They also have three dogs who were located outside when firefighters and police arrived on scene, officials said. Animal control was initially called out to assist authorities in calming the animals who were unsettled by all the commotion, officials said.

McDonald said town fire marshals will continue to investigate the cause of the fire. There was no estimate on the cost of the damage to the house, officials said.


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Did You Happen To Notice That 4 Out Of 8 Of The Inconsistent Greenwich Bloggers Are The Fired Editors And Reporters Who Populate The "Our Greenwich" Blog That Was Designed To Put Their Former Employers Out Of Business.
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