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Friday, June 27, 2008

06/27/08 Today's Real Estate Report From For What It's Worth

Some houses are selling, even at (especially at) the higher price ranges, by which I mean $11,000,000 - $7,000,000. I notice though that of the 10 sales reported yesterday all but one had sat on the market for 12-18 months, and almost all sold for substantially less than their original asking price. Hmmm there may be a lesson there. One exception: 56 Rockwood Lane, a teardown on a nice street, was listed May 12 of this year for $2,250,000 and went to contract May 20th. It sold yesterday for $2,610,000, showing that (a) you can still generate a bidding war if you price things right and (b)you can't underprice your house, even in this market. If you undershoot the right price, there are still buyers out there willing to correct your "mistake" or your smart move. Forget Casey Kasin and don't reach for the stars.

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06/26/08 Is Chris Fountain Going To Report On Real Estate Or What? This Guy Has Not Updated Up His Blog In A Month.

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06/27/08 Greenwich Citizen News Links For Friday

Triplets, from left, Allegra Grunberg, Tatiana Grunberg and Zachary Grunberg were among the 667 graduates at Greenwich High School's 2008 Commencement. All three were students in Clark House.
(GREENWICH CITIZEN photo / Felix Andreoni)

GHS Graduates Told 'Readiness is All'

Inclement weather last Wednesday forced the 139th Commencement of Greenwich High School (GHS) indoors in two acts by last name, but there was no dampening of spirits among the 667 graduates - one of the largest graduating classes in the state and the most diverse, representing 33 nations of origin speaking 16 different languages.

Recalling Our Town, in War and Peace

After the gathering in of local history last Tuesday at the Greenwich Library's Oral History Day, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Oral History Project, Ken Burns, documentarian of "The War," might have benefited by stopping off in Greenwich in his research of the home front during World War II.

Greenwich's GOP Delegation Voted Against Wage Hike

Siding with Gov. M. Jodi Rell Monday, Greenwich's four-person delegation to the Connecticut Legislature voted against raising the minimum wage to $8 an hour Jan.

Patriotic Tableau at Town Hall to Mark Nation's Birth

If your thing is back to basics, before firin' up the barbie July 4, you'll be well-served by taking in a Greenwich Independence Day Association (GIDA) tableau starting at 9 a.m.

Teufel Tabbed for Faifield County Sports Hall of Fame

Former Greenwich resident and St. Mary's High School graduate Tim Teufel is among the 2008 class of inductees into the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame.

Hot Commodity on Ice

Cameron Atkinson had his doubts. He and his brothers - all five of them - were stationed in different rooms, each hitting the refresh button on a computer keyboard.

Spring Surely Served Up its Share of Memorable Moments

As the weather heats up, it's always a nice time to reflect on the past spring high school sports season.

Greenwich Runners Persevere at Ffld Half Marathon

FAIRFIELD - They came from as far as Kenya, various parts of the U.S., throughout Fairfield County and, of course, Greenwich.

A Rare Chance for Change

"Shall there be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the Constitution of the State?" Start thinking about your answer.

'Sweetheart' Dodd's Barely Legal Behavior To the Editor: It was recently revealed that Sen. Chris Dodd has received two "sweetheart" mortgages from Countrywide Financial in 2003.

July 4th marks the birth of a nation - in my opinion, for all its flaws, the greatest nation in the history of humankind.

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06/27/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Friday

Santana and Marc Anthony performed at the
China Care Foundation's annual private concert

Private concert with Santana, Anthony benefited China Care

Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana and the Gipsy Kings joined forces for a private live performance on a stage overlooking Long Island Sound to benefit the China Care Foundation on Saturday, June 14.

China Care Foundation, the nonprofit that provides life-saving surgery to special needs orphans in China, raised more than $1.3 million at the event, its sixth annual fund-raiser, which was held in Greenwich. All proceeds will benefit the hundreds of orphans in China Care's programs, since 100% of the event was underwritten by the organization's board of director.

After a delay from severe thunder and lightning storms, the legendary Carlos Santana and the musical family the Gipsy Kings revved up the crowd with their rhythmic sounds. Santana was making a repeat performance, as he played for China Care's fund-raiser three years ago. The more than 300 invited guests were then treated to an up-close and personal performance with salsa king Marc Anthony, who called Santana back on stage so the two could jam together for the intimate audience. Attendees were close enough to shake hands with the artists and even got to see Mr. Anthony's wife, famed singer, actress and fashion entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, when she made a surprise appearance on stage while he played....

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Redbirds 18U team looks to fly high

With a three years worth of experience under their belts, the girls on the Greenwich Lady Redbirds travel softball team are ready to make some noise, not only in Fairfield County, but also in the tri-state area.

“We are strong,” Greenwich head coach Frank DeNicola said. “I am really happy with my 18U team and I think we’re going to make a lot of noise in the tournaments this summer. The people in PONY have taken notice that we’re a solid team this year.”

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06/27/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

Guy A. Bignell, CEO and president of Griffin & Howe, holds a Lebeau Courally .470 nitro express double rifle used to kill large animals while on safari in Africa. The rifle costs $138,000.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Photo)

Both sides see victory in Supreme Court ruling
Having worked at the Griffin & Howe store on West Putnam Avenue for a year, John Franco sees many townspeople coming to peruse the store's collection of high-end shotguns and rifles.

Dixieland Jazz will perform some of its distinct Orleans-style music aboard the Island Beach ferry and at the beach

Town gets a bit more powerful
Helen Neafsey/Staff photo
At the start of the summer months, the season when energy use is at its peak, more power is available to Greenwich residents.

Businesses hit by rising gas prices
When Tom Doyle, owner of Springdale Florist and Greenhouses, saw a gas bill of $1,800 for his automobiles in mid-December, he knew he had to change how the shop delivers flowers.

A project that has drawn ire and support from Byram residents and businesses for several years has been given the final nod to proceed by members of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Town prepares Salute to Veterans
Between 500 and 1,000 veterans of the armed forces will gather behind Town Hall tomorrow. The occasion will be the 17th annual Salute to Veterans military appreciation ceremony, which begins at 11 a.m.

Greenwich is not "green" enough? A newly established environmental group told members of the Board of Selectmen yesterday that the town could do a better job conserving energy and needs to adopt a broad policy on the subject.

After surviving an eight-inning thriller on Wednesday with a one-run victory over Garden Catering, Indian Harbor had its shot at sweet revenge in the Babe Ruth National League playoffs, as it faced a Griff Harris squad that had beaten them once already this postseason.

Townspeople ought to get used to the idea that their island recreational areas will remain accessible to any out-of-towner with the price of a beach permit and a town ferry ticket.

To the editor:

To share or not to share Island Beach with out-of-towners is the question. It should be put to Greenwich residents.

I vote in the negative - not that I was given the opportunity to do so.

As a young girl, Island Beach was the place to go with your friends every day. We couldn't get there on the ferry fast enough. We would hurry the walk, and go over to the picnic area to claim a table. We would deposit our things on the table and head for the beach and the water. Next, we would stretch out for tanning, and then have our lunch. What joy!

Another swim and tanning session, and then we would gather our things and catch the ferry home, tired but happy.

Joyful memories stay with me to this day.

To share our "Paradise Island" with outsiders would be to the detriment of Greenwich residents who, after all, pay the bills. Should we not have some say? The island is small, and early arriving out-of-towners would grab the best areas, and residents would be out of luck.

Even though my beach days are long over - I'm 89 - my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren should be able to enjoy the island.

Let's keep the policy where nonresidents must be accompanied by a resident for a small fee. That way, young people who have been forced out of town can still enjoy the island even though they can't afford to live in Greenwich.

We should always put what's best for Greenwich residents first.

Tina Dennis



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06/27/08 Sarah And Mike's Voters Guide

The Voter's Guide to Lee Whitnum*

* aka Lee Roystone, Marianne Cook, Masked Man, Lisa Whitnum, etc, etc.

Kudos to MikeCT over at MLN for compiling The Voter's Guide to Lee Whitnum.

It's a shame the people who signed her petition didn't read this first. They might have thought twice signing their name and having it entered into the public record that they supported someone like this.

Anyway, if you click on the above link you'll be able to read all about:

# John Kerry and Hedge Fund Mistress. Her first claim to fame - the use of a personal relationship with John Kerry to sell books.
# The anti-blogger. Her antagonistic encounters and misadventures with bloggers.
# Her campaigning skills. And the lack thereof.
# Her issues and Nazi conspiracies. Calling her opponent a Nazi, and her other issues.
# Racism and immigration. Her views on immigration, her racial rhetoric, and her reliance on information from racist hate groups.
# Her fundraising. And the lack thereof.
# The many faces of Lee Whitnum. Her multiple incarnations.

I'm sure there will be many more stories before the primary is over.

Source URL:http://saramerica.livejournal.com/47219.html

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