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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/05/11 Claire Gordon Says Vote For John Blankley for First Selectman

To the Editor:

I believe John Blankley would make an excellent 1st Selectman for the Town of Greenwich. He is an innovative thinker, who would work hard to make the best use of our resources.

I worked for John some years ago, when he was EVP Finance at Stolt-Neilsen. His leadership style is straightforward, and he communicates his high expectations clearly, and with a sense of humor.

While at Stolt, he pioneered the entry of the shipping industry into the equity markets. His creative approach to problem-solving would be a huge asset in tackling our budget challenges, and John has a wealth of management and financial expertise on which to draw.

Our town has considerable resources, abundant natural beauty and talented people. We also have competing interests and budgetary constraints.

As a father of three, John appreciates the need for excellent schools. Running his own company has made him aware that Greenwich needs to be business-friendly.

Having a few grey hairs means he is tuned in to the needs of seniors – our community should be a great town for everyone to live in.

I urge you to join me in voting for John Blankley on November 8, 2011.

Claire Gordon

Cos Cob, CT

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11/05/11 The Raw Late Night Greenwich News Feed



There was a clear winner and loser in the Greenwich First Selectman debate, held at town hall.

Mr. Tesei answered every attack credibly, accomplishing what he needed to do.

Moreover, Mr. Tesei also gave the best performance. He made no major gaffes and successfully answered attacks from John Blankley. Mr. Blankley seemed sad as he looked down and just read from his prepared notes.

The One Trick Pony who got put out to pasture:

Political novice John Blankley was in trouble from the beginning rounds of the debate and things just got worse from there.

No better analogy fits John Blankley than the tired, old ride-pony that limps around the same corral all day whining about what he has read in the Greenwich Time that day.

Independents are not going to a whinny old mare like John Blankley. The First Selectman wanna be simply has no plan or solution for problems confronting Greenwich.

Best qualified: First Selectman Peter Tesei

If we have to have a Republican as our next First Selectman (and it looks like we probably do) Peter Tesei is the best of the lot. He’s an old school conservative who is still open to new ideas.

Mr. Tesei is the strongest on governing experience, the deepest on town department knowledge and the most compelling on cooperation.

It is no secret that First Selectman Peter Tesei and Greenwich Roundup have disagreed more than a few in the past, but overall almost everyone in town agrees that Mr. Tesei has done a good job during a very tough period.

The only problem, Mr. Tesei has is that he is too loyal to some people in his administration who need to be shown the door.

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10/05/11 Blankley OP-ED Piece


See attached OP-ED piece for posting on your blog. Thanks!
Christopher Smith
Managing Partner
CSDC Strategies


These past few months I have been out and about around the town knocking on doors and introducing myself to voters. Effectively it’s been a listening tour, finding out, on the ground, what people want from their local government. I’m looking for votes of course, let’s not lose sight of that so I have a highly targeted potential constituency that covers a particular selection of Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters. In this traditionally Republican town I need to reach across the party divide to appeal to voters beyond my own Democratic party.

I will confess in the early going I felt some trepidation as I rang the bell of Mr. X, aged 75, and marked on my sheets with an “R”! Would he be a gruff curmudgeon, a kindly gent, or totally indifferent?

Well, I’ve met all of the above and I can say that kindliness or curmudgeonly behavior is not confined to any one party! A universal however is that almost everyone I have met has been delighted to meet a candidate for First Selectman and I want to thank all those who have greeted me with civility and even enthusiasm. Most gratifying however have been the occasions when I’m greeted with “oh, I recognize you from your picture in the papers.” Permit me a little conceit!

Of course the moment I open my mouth I reveal my origins (I was sent here by my British company almost 30 years ago and decided to stay) and as often as not we get into discussions about a future constituent’s third cousin twice removed who used to live in London, and “isn’t London wonderful so why did you come here?”

That answer’s simple: Greenwich really is special. My family and I chose this place to settle all those years ago and in fact we made a second choice after I left my big corporate career – that we would never “retire” to Florida and that we would see out our days in this, our home, Greenwich.

With increasing artfulness I steer doorstep conversations back to local issues, away from British origins and also away from national politics.

Sometimes the floodgates open: why don’t we have a sidewalk here, what are you going to do about the schools, I told the town about that dead tree three months ago and they still haven’t removed it, I don’t like my tax assessment, my trash collection’s now only once a week, look at these abandoned houses, what are you going to do about the traffic and I hate that new cell tower.

And sometimes I get the deer in the headlights. No issues? Seriously, none at all? So then it’s “have a nice day” and on to the next unsuspecting Mr. X.

There are many more doors to knock on between now and November 8th and I and my volunteers can’t possibly reach everybody, so please go to my website (www.blankleyforfirstselectman.com). I’d really like to hear from you – because I’ve found a joy in retail politics that has frankly surprised me and confirmed me in my purpose – to bring new leadership to Greenwich and to make my home town an even better place for all of us.

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10/05/11 BREAKING NEWS: Apple Announces Former CEO Steve Jobs Dies at 56

Apple Announces Former CEO Steve Jobs Has Died

Apple announced Wednesday that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has died.
Jobs stepped down as CEO in August, saying he could no longer handle the job.

10/05/11 BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin Decides Not To Run For President In 2012

Sarah Palin Decides Not To Run For President In 2012

The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008 has been sending signals that she would not run and she confirmed it in a letter sent to supporters, saying "my family comes first."

10/05/11 Community Answers _October 15 Comedy Night @The Cole

Please help us publicize this event. We are sold out of the Dinner Tickets but have over 200 Show tickets available. The money raised through this event will help us fund our Technology Initiative which we are launching later this year.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide in getting the word out for our organization.

Community Answers Presents- “An evening of Comedy @ The Cole “

Community Answers is pleased to announce the return of their Fall Comedy Night to be held at the Cole Auditorium of the Greenwich Library on Saturday, October 15th, 2011.

MC this year is town resident Gary Lico, a 30 year veteran of broadcasting industry, he is the President and CEO of CABLEready.

The event will include talented comics from the very popular Gotham Comedy Club , NYC.

The ticket price includes a wine & cheese reception before the show and three 30 minute sets.

We are a 501 C (3) and a significant portion of your ticket is tax deductible. Tickets for the event start at $65 please visit our online event page ( www.communityanswers.org) to order your tickets.

Full press release and head shots of comics attached.


Chitra Shanbhogue

Executive Director

(203) 622-7916- Phone

(203) 622-7984- Fax



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10/05/11 The Greenwich Quote Of The Day

Tesei called his Democractic challenger, RTM member John Blankley, a "novice who reads the newspaper in the morning to see what issue" he can criticize. "They don't have any real issues ... they're already on record as supporting what we are doing," Tesei said to applause.

Greenwich GOP Opens Election HQs [VIDEO]

Party faithful show support for incumbents.

&nbps;2 Comments

Promises to hold the line on taxes while maintaining the town's infrastructure and educational system, were the campaign themes voiced by the Republican incumbent selectmen as the party opened its election headquarters Tuesday evening on Greenwich Avenue.

First Selectman Peter Tesei, who is seeking a third term as the town's chief elected official, told the crowd of about 100 supporters, "this is not a government of me but a government of we. We are not depending upon someone else to get the job done." Both he and his running mate, one-term incumbent Dave Theis, said they plan to keep the town "on track" with continued investments in the town infrastructure, public safety and support of the Greenwich educational system. (Please see video.)

Tesei called his Democractic challenger, RTM member John Blankley, a "novice who reads the newspaper in the morning to see what issue" he can criticize. "They don't have any real issues ... they're already on record as supporting what we are doing," Tesei said to applause......

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