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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

07/01/08 Where To Celebrate The 4th

Area Fireworks Schedules

Fairfield County fireworks shows

Fireworks shows are scheduled in the towns of lower Fairfield County...

...In Greenwich, fireworks will be held Saturday, July 5 at Binney Park and Tod's Point. Guests must have a beach permit or pay a $5 daily pass to attend....

Please See The Full Schedule

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07/01/08 Kathleen Greider Is large And In Charge. More Administrative Appointments

Your Hired

7/1/08: Acting Superintendent Appoints Parkway School Assistant Principal

7/1/08: Acting Superintendent Appoints ESL/FLES and ESL/World Languages Coordinators

07/01/08 New York Times Editorial - Stop The Teardowns In Greenwich

Published: July 1, 2008

The downturn in the real estate market has slowed but by no means halted the number of teardowns. Teardowns is the practice of buying an older home to demolish it and replace it with a house that dwarfs structures nearby and covers most of its own lot. Just this month in Greenwich, Conn., a granite 1886 Richardsonian Romanesque home was razed with nary a peep of protest. In the last three years, Greenwich has lost scores of homes built in the 1800s. The issue is not merely taste. Some “starter castles” irrevocably change the character of established neighborhoods. And while few mourn the passing of a 1965 split-level ranch, razing real architectural gems should not be taken lightly.

In 2002, the National Trust for Historic Preservation identified 100 communities in 20 states where teardowns were taking place in architecturally significant neighborhoods. By 2008 the list had grown to around 500 communities in 40 states — with about a third of those in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. In Dallas, during the last 10 years, as many as 1,000 homes have been torn down in the early-20th-century sections of Highland Park and University Park, and teardowns have proliferated in a dozen historic neighborhoods in Denver.

Communities are properly wary of denying owners the right to build, but circumstances can demand action. Hinsdale, Ill., which has lost one third of its houses to teardowns since the 1980s, restricted the practice when the spread of pavement and patios prevented water from sinking into the soil and increased flooding problems.

The most thoughtful approach increases public awareness and participation. In Westport, Conn., a popular Web site features Teardown of the Day, which publicizes planned demolitions as well as before-and-after pictures. Other towns have imposed mandatory demolition delays for houses older than 60 years to give time for the public to react and offer alternatives. That, at least, gives preservationists a fighting chance.


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07/01/08 Greenwich Business News Reports From Around The World

The Raw Greenwich Business News Feed

  1. Brazil's Real Falls for a Second Day as Oil Price Curbs Demand for Assets


    ... oil prices,'' said Flavia Cattan-Naslausky , an interest-rate and currency strategist at Royal Bank of Scotland in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``There is a general sell-off in emerging markets on concern we will inevitably have a deceleration in global ...

  2. United Rentals Comments on Pending Tender Offer

    Business Wire

    ... Rentals is a member of the Standard & Poor ' s MidCap 400 Index and the Russell 2000 Index and is headquartered in Greenwich, Conn. Additional information about United Rentals is available at www.unitedrentals.com . Certain statements in this press ...

  3. Genesee & Wyoming spent $180K lobbying in 1Q

    Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

    ... lobbying in the first quarter on issues affecting the rail industry, according to a recent disclosure report. The Greenwich, Conn.-based company lobbied on legislation related to railroad safety, investment, competition and service improvement, and ...

  4. Weeden & Co. Names Oilfield Service & Equipment Analyst Geoff Kieburtz to Energy Research Team

    Business Wire

    ... and depth offered by our highly ranked block, program, and algorithmic trading desks. " About Weeden & Co., LP: Greenwich, Conn.-based Weeden & Co., LP is a full-service Institutional broker specializing in domestic and International equity trading, ...

  5. Filene's Basement says it will leave White Plains

    Journal News

    ... 'This place is a great place to shop because it has such great prices.' Terrance Miller, a flower shop owner from Greenwich, Conn., also was surprised. 'This is where I come to shop for all of its designer clothing at such an affordable price,' he ...

  6. Connecticut hedge fund scammer wants diploma


    ... was sentenced last year to 3 1/2 years in prison for persuading investors to pour millions into a nonexistent Greenwich-based hedge fund. A $21 million gift that Yalincak had promised to New York University proved to be an a fraud. The $1.25 million ...

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07/01/08 Uncollected pet feces and overtaxed sewage treatment plants contribute to the Byram beach problem

Beaches marred by runoff carrying filth into water

The Boston Globe

The summer along Connecticut's shoreline and lakes is being marred by beach closings due to bacteria and contaminants....

... But several persistent problems continue to plague some areas. Troubled areas include Hop Brook Lake Beach in Middlebury, Mixville Pond in Cheshire, Wharton Brook State Park in Wallingford and Byram Beach in Greenwich.

At Byram Beach, local authorities don't have to test for bacteria following a heavy rain. Experience teaches that runoff from a heavy rain will contaminate Long Island Sound and officials pitch a "No Bathing or Fishing" sign in response to a heavy rain.

Barbara Beqiraj, 48, a lifelong Greenwich resident, says she swam in the Sound when she was a youngster.

"I don't go in the water in Greenwich whatsoever. It's disgusting," she said....

Information originally from: The Hartford Courant:

Connecticut Beaches Have Been Closed Thousands Of Day Due To Contamination

The Hartford Courant

On a recent sweltering afternoon at Byram Beach in Greenwich, Barbara Beqiraj reclined in the shade of a pavilion and recalled the time she startled the daylights out of her Albanian-born husband, a recent immigrant who hadn't seen much ocean in his life.

He'd sprinted joyously across the sand at Byram and was just about to dash into Long Island Sound when Beqiraj screamed, "Don't go in the water!"

Stopped him cold. She chuckled at the memory and added that she hasn't gone into the water at Byram in five years. A few yards away, a well-worn "beach-closed" sign was stuck in the sand, punctuating her point. Seven-tenths of an inch of rain had fallen the night before, more than enough to raise the bacteria count and shut Byram Beach. ...


Connecticut Beaches Have Been Closed Thousands Of Days Due To Contamination

Connecticut's WB 20

On a recent sweltering afternoon at Byram Beach in Greenwich, Barbara Beqiraj reclined in the shade of a pavilion and recalled the time she startled the daylights out of her Albanian-born husband, a recent ...


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07/01/08 Greenwich Post Newslinks For Tuesday

Program empowers parents for civic life

“Who am I? What do I stand for? Where do I want to go? How will I get there?” These are the key questions that Liliana Herrera asked herself during her speech at the town’s first Parents Leadership Training Institute graduation Tuesday, June 17.

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07/01/08 Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg says, "Don't worry everything is fine we are doing a great job." (Updated)

Retiring Greenwich Detective Duff Sits Above ....

......The Newly Proposed
Welcome To Greenwich Sign
To Be Placed On The Port Chester Border.
(Greenwich Time And Stock Photos)

The Shame Of
Unsolved Drug Deaths
In Greenwich

When is the Greenwich Police Department Going To Start Holding Drug Dealers And Drug Users Responsible For The Deaths Of Children In Greenwich.

Officer retires from force after 30 years

By Martin B. Cassidy
Greenwich Time Crime Reporter

Whether working on high profile cases like the investigation of crooked financier Martin Frankel to rooting out drugs in town, Detective Sgt. Timothy Duff said he will miss working on criminal cases but not the irregular hours or weekend shifts...

....After supervising the Greenwich Police Narcotics Unit for more than half a decade, Duff, worked his final day last week.The 52-year-old town native said he has accepted a job as a loss prevention investigator for a supermarket chain....

...."During the years I've served as a narcotics investigator I've seen trends in the narcoticsbeing used change but one thing that has remained constant is that there has always been narcotics use in the town of Greenwich," he said. "There are always cases going on and the unit is well equipped to move forward."....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

This Greenwich Time Story is just an amateurish fluff piece that doesn't even mention the the unsolved Greenwich teenage drug deaths and the drug pushers and purchasers who get away with murder.

No Mr Cassidy ignores the serious unsolved teenage drug deaths that occurred on Detective Duffs watch and sums up this narcotics detective career with insipid stories like.....

.....Another time Duff and other officers searched a house high and low looking for a man wanted on a warrant.

Officers found him crouching inside the refrigerator, Duff said.

The man later sent Duff a friendly letter from jail telling him that the light went out when the door closed, Duff said....

No wonder Greenwich Detective Timothy Duff's new career is being a loss prevention officer at a grocery store.

Maybe, the Greenwich Police Department needs to stop denying that there is a gang problem in Greenwich, because gangs and drugs go hand in hand. Gang fights over turf ussually are over who is going to control drug sales in that area.

Please see:

Also Please look at how the Greenwich Police Department has displayed a grave indifference to the drug homicide of
teenager John J. Bria in Byram.

Have Greenwich residents seen any progress in the investigation of this three year old drug Murder investigation?


Two months after police filed arrest warrant applications in the 2004 fatal overdose of John Bria III, prosecutors have not approved charges in the death of the teenager who overdosed in his Pemberwick home...

..."I'm astounded by the reluctance shown by the State Attorney's Office in this case when the reports are full of information providing probable cause," Seeger said...

...A lawsuit filed by Bria's parent in 2005 is still pending and names Katie Hanscom, Savannah Lamotte, Megan Caron, and Jason Cunningham, four youths who spent time with Bria the night of his death, and Donna Cunningham, who picked up her son the morning after the party.

Attorneys for all five defendants said their clients bear no responsibility for Bria's death.

Full Greenwich Time Story

Western Greenwich residents are complaining about the drug problem, but police officials just are not listening.

Please see:

04/21/08 - Reader Submitted Comments: Nightmare On Pemberwick Road - Or, Should We Say "Hell"-o From Pemberwick Road.

Greenwich Parents Also Want To Know Why hasn't the drug dealer been arrested in the year and half old drug death of

Greenwich High School student

Kyle Lendenmann?

And please don't for get about the other Western Greenwich Boy who's killer was never brought to justice. .....

Matthew Margolies
"Greenwich's other Unsolved Murder."

Please See....

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

07/01/08 - Thank You Journal News!!! Where is The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Citizen? (Updated)

Journal News

GREENWICH, CONN. - A fire that engulfed two floors of a single family home today in Cos Cob was extinguished by 7:30 a.m., the city fire department said.

Volunteers from the Banksville Fire Department rushed to the emergency at 20 Fado Lane about 6:30 a.m.

Other details about the 6 a.m. fire were not immediately available.

No injuries were reported.

No rescue was needed, the Greenwich Fire Department said.

A cause was not given.


Banksville / Greenwich Ct. Structure Fire 7-1-08

Date: 7-1-08
Time: 06:05 hrs
Location: 24 Fado Lane
Frequency: 46.26 , 60 Fire 16
Units Operating: Car 2581 , Rescue 7, Tanker 7 , Engine 157 , Greenwich Ct. FD
Description Of Incident: Working Fire
Writer: TR54

06:25 Banksville Eng 157 relocating to Station 8 in Greenwich Ct. Released from the fire scene per Greenwich command.

EMTBravo Network - http://www.emtbravo.net/index.php

A Greenwich Home Is Destroyed And Greenwich News Reporters And Websites Totally Ignore The Fact.

Cablevision News 12 Has Has Video Of The Fire On TV
, But The Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Time Websites Are Clueless.

These Chowder Head News Reporters Wouldn't Know News If It Came And Bit Them On The Nose.



Fire engulfs Cos Cob home

Article Launched: 07/01/2008 01:23:16 PM EDT

The fire marshal's office is investigating an early morning blaze that destroyed a home in Cos Cob and damaged some neighboring ones, officials said.

The fire erupted at 20 Fado Lane shortly before 6 a.m. and took an hour to extinguish, fire officials said.

No one was injured. The two-story home, which sits on a cul-de-sac off of Cognewaugh Road, was completely destroyed. Some neighboring homes sustained heat damage, fire officials said.

Officials are at the property investigating what may have caused the fire.

- Martin B. Cassidy

That's The Full Greenwich Time Story!!!!!


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07/01/08 Greemwich Time News Links For Tuesday

Dan Delia of Old Greenwich sips coffee at Arcadia Coffee Co.
(Bob Luckey Jr./Greenwich Time photo)

Investors step in to save coffee shop and book store

Arcadia Coffee Co. and Just Books Too are going to remain open, but under new ownership. The two Old Greenwich businesses, located on Arcadia Road, were put up for sale earlier this year when owner Jenny Lawton said financial pressures were forcing her to sell or seek investors.

Golder fights kidnapping rap

Don't call the suspect charged in the "Dinnertime Bandit" burglaries a kidnapper, his lawyer is asking.

Construction delays mar corner

Unnerved by the labyrinthine walkway beneath the heavy scaffolding, Leona Castillo avoided the northeast corner of Greenwich Avenue and East Elm Street one day last week.

A judge has denied the town's request for a second round of arguments over whether internal memos from municipal lawyers to the first selectman are exempt from public disclosure under the attorney-client privilege.

Teachers recall student's smile

When Daisy Pacheco smiled, she radiated. It was the kind of smile that her former English as a Second Language teacher Alison Tepper found hard to turn down, particularly if she flashed it in the course of asking for something.

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07/01/08 Lois Taylor Wants Free Open And Transparent Government In Greenwich

Town officials should not be so secretive

To the editor:

The administration of the town of Greenwich seems to feel justified in emulating the conduct of the White House by ruling in secret on anything apt to be controversial. The selectmen were elected by the people to carry out the will of the people, not their own agenda.

Knowing of the concern of a large number of residents as to who is entitled to use Greenwich beaches and under what conditions, the question of allowing out-of-towners to take the ferry to Island Beach should have been debated in the Representative Town Meeting.

On another topic: I live in Hillcrest Park. The only convenient way to the village of Old Greenwich is down Havemeyer Lane. Imagine my surprise one morning on discovering that construction had started on a traffic circle in the middle of this narrow road, presumably to accommodate those who will eventually move into the condos on the Stamford side of the road. Havemeyer Lane is the thoroughfare, but the stop signs are for those traveling on Havemeyer Lane, not for those emerging from the condo development. Havemeyer Park, a residential area of mostly young families with children, can expect a deluge of through traffic.

Rumor has it that a traffic light is to be installed at the corner of Havemeyer Lane and Palmer Hill Road. The people most affected by this would be the residents of Hillcrest Park, who would find it very difficult to exit onto Palmer Hill Road. To my knowledge, no one asked our opinion about the light.

It might be a good idea for the selectmen to remember that this is still a democracy and that such high-handed behavior is not acceptable.

Lois Taylor

Old Greenwich

More Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor:


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