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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

09/10/08 You Won't Read This In The Greenwich Time: RTM To Vote On Giving Instructional Aides A $500 Bonus

Instructional Aides Were Shocked To Learn That Their Contibution To Health Care Cost Would Lower Their Take Home Pay.

So RTM Will Be asked To Approve A $500 One Time Bonus In The First Year Of The Contract, So That Instructional Aides Wont Get A smaller Paycheck Immediately After Signing The New Contract That Gives Them A 15 Minute Break For The First Time.

First they Will Get The Bonus Check, Then They Will Get The Smaller Paycheck.

Nothing But The Best For The People Who Take Care Of Our Children!!!!


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time. Will There Be Mold In The Byram Library? How Hard Can It Be To Get Windows

What's Up With The New Byram Library Building?

When Will It Be Open To Western Greenwich Patrons.

Library Insiders Say That The Library Can't Open Until They Find Some Kind Of "Fancy Nancy" Glass For The Second Floor.

Moreover, they can't put the insulation In Until This "Fancy Nancy" Glass Is Procured.

There Was A Fear That Mold Could Develop Around The Insulation Why The Library Looks For The "Fancy Nancy" Glass.

However, Some Library Insiders Are Saying That The Company That Made The Special Glass Went Out Of Business, So The Byram Library Construction Is At A Virtual Standstill.

09/10/08 You Won't Read This In The Greenwich Time: Janet Lockton From District 7 Shakes Up The Planning And Zoning Commission

District 4 Byram RTM Members Are Reporting:

Temperamental Planning and Zoning Commission Member Paul Marchese Resigned, At A RTM Land Use Committee Meeting.

Former State Representative Janet Lockton Passed Out A Letter To The Land Use Committee Questioning Mr. Marchese's Ethics About A Property He Developed While Being A Member Of The Planning and Zoning Commission.

Ms. Lockton Contended That It Appeared That Mr. Marchese Received Illegal Approvals From The Planning In Zoning Board.

Ms. Lockton Further Argued That Marchese's Conduct At Best Gave An Appearance Of A Conflict Of Interest.

The Temperamental Marchese Stormed Out Of Town Hall Shrieking, "This Is An Insult To My Integrity."

Paul Marchese's Controversial Appointment Has Been Postponed Two Times Since April.

One Of The RTM Committee Members Voting Against Marchese Said He Voted Against The Republican Insider, Because He Wanted To Shake Up The Planning And Zoning Board And Bring In New Blood.

This RTM Committee Member Is Right.

It Is Time To Shake up The Planning and Zoning Commission.

Greenwich Has Too Many Ethics Problems.

Paraphrasing Harry Truman....

"If Paul Marchese Can't Stand The Heat He Should Get Out Of The Kitchen And Go Back To Working Out Of His Home at 15 Greenbriar Lane"

The Planning and Zoning Commission Needs Some Level Headed Members Who Wont Get The Town Involved In Litigation.

However, The word Is That Now That Paul Marchese Has Cooled Down, He Is Going To Try And Worm His Way Back On The Planning A zoning Commmision.

This should make some intesting television at next Tuesday's RTM meeting.

Marchese's Appointment Is scheaduled For The Third Time.

Will The Item Be Withdrawn From The RTM Call?

Or Will The Well Copnnected Republican Eat Crow And Try And Worm His Way Back In For An Up Or Down Vote.

Let's See What Happens.


Please send your comments or reports of Greenwich Officials with ethical flaps to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time: Fire Alarm Fine Scandal - Sound The Alarm - Greenwich Taxpayers Are Getting Ripped Off

There Is A Dirty Little Secret At Town Hall....

No one is collecting delinquent false alarm fines !!!!

There is over $65,000 in outstanding false alarm fines.

The town is loosing a fortune on false fire alarms.

Not the mention the costs of rolling out fire equipment on false alarms.

Many Greenwich Fire Fighters Say The False Alarm Fines Are Too Low.

Multiple Offenders Are A Drain On Greenwich's Fire Resources.

The Greenwich Fire Department Has To Respond Once Or Twice A Week To A False Alarms From The New YMCA Building.

Has The Greenwich YMCA Paid All Of It's False Alarm Fines?

The Town needs to set up an alarm fine collection system and get that $65,000 for the single family homeowners of Greenwich.


Please send your comments and tips about Greenwich government waste to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiots On The Hamilton Avenue School Committee Want The Taxpayers To Pay More Than 30 Million Dollars For This???

Hey Frank, Is That Mold????

I Hope We Are Not Paying More Than 30 Million Dollars For A "NEW" Hamilton Avenue School Contaminated With Mold!!!!!

Shocking Greenwich Roundup Photos Take Parents And Taxpayers Inside The "New" 30 Million Dollar Hamilton Avenue School!!!!

The Hamilton Avenue School disaster, which began in 2005, has stretched from an estimated 18-month work period to three years of disappointment after disappointment. The single family homeowners of Greenwich have had to watch the project's price tag balloon to more than $30 million from the $24 million that was originally promised by Frank Mazza and the Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee.

The Board of Estimate and Taxation has approved three requests, one in June 2007, another in January 2008, and another in May 2008, totaling nearly $1.3 million, on the promise that the project would be finished. While The Greenwich Time regurgitates Board Of Education press releases that make ignorant statements like Small fixes are left for Ham Ave.

Last Monday night the Board of Estimate and Taxation unanimously approved a request by the school's building committee to provide a $700,000 cash infusion to the Hamilton Avenue School disaster project. The BET's failure to closely monitor Frank Mazza and the Band Of Idiots on the Hamilton Avenue Building Committee has forced First Selectman Peter Tesei to urge spending curbs and town service cuts.

This cash infusion included an additional $200,000 that was above and beyond the $500,000 that BET had had received preliminary approved at an August 15th meeting. Why wont the BET find a pair of balls and tell the Greenwich Board Of Education that they will not OK anymore Hamilton Avenue funding so long as Frank Mazza is in charge of the building committee.

The project, which began in 2005, has stretched from an estimated 18-month period to more than three years. Worse yet the spineless morons on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) voted to approve the Board Of Education's request to put Frank Mazza in charge of the Glenville School Building Committee. Only district 11 had the guts to stand up to the out of control Board of Education and unanimously vote against Frank Mazza being placed in charge of the Glenville School Building Committee.

After spending more than $30 million Frank Mazza and the Band Of Idiots On The Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee have less than $30,000 left and that's why we need more RTM members who will stand up for the single family homeowners of Greenwich.

Why didn't the rest of the RTM district leaders have the insight to get their districts to follow the lead of District 11's town legislators?

Hats Off To The Wise Legislators Of District 11

Michael R. Chait
RTM District 11
14 The Avenue Greenwich, CT 06831

James Fahys
RTM District 11
11 Barnstable Lane Greenwich, CT 06830

Despina K. Fassuliotis
Occupation: Retired
RTM District 11
62 Ridgeview Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830
Home: 661-5991
Email: wdfass@yahoo.com

Rosa A. Fini
RTM District 11
4 Dewart Road Greenwich, CT 06830
Home: 203-661-0787

James D. Hann
RTM District 11
46 Beechcroft Road Greenwich, CT 06830

James M. Hesburgh
RTM District 11
117 Clapboard Ridge Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Corinne A. Hughes
RTM District 11
230 Stanwich Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Todd Kennedy (Vice Chair)
Occupation: Nurseryman
RTM District 11
1004 North Street Greenwich, CT 06831
Work: 203-869-3152 Home: 203-869-6872
Email: arcturusct@aol.com

Harry A. LeBien
RTM District 11
64 Burning Tree Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Mary Hope Lewis
RTM District 11
72 Doubling Road Greenwich, CT 06830
Home: 203-869-4588

Fern M. Lindsey
RTM District 11
37 Skyridge Road Greenwich, CT 06831
Work: 203-661-3311 Home: 203-661-3311
Email: lindsay1@usa.net

Robert A. Maddux
RTM District 11
33 Butternut Hollow Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Kunduck Moon
RTM District 11
10 Parsonage Lane Greenwich, CT 06830

Neal E. Neilinger
RTM District 11
125 Clapboard Ridge Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Dana G. Neauman
RTM District 11
86 Burning Tree Road Greenwich, CT 06831

Richard J. Neuman
RTM District 11
86 Burning Tree Road Greenwich, CT 06831

Rosalind Nicastro
RTM District 11
141 Doubling Road Greenwich, CT 06830
Home: 203-869-1337
Email: roz141@aol.com

Vinay S. Pande
RTM District 11
75 Husted Drive Greenwich, CT 06830

Joseph L. Pellegrino
Occupation: Investment Manager
RTM District 11
5 Beechcroft Road Greenwich, CT 06830
Work: 203-625-2602 Home: 203-611-1889
Email: jpellegrino@psquareinvestments.com

Kathaerine S. Prokop
RTM District 11
26 Meadowcroft Lane Greenwich, CT 06830

Adam J. Savits
RTM District 11
94 Birch Lane Greenwich, CT 06830

Charles B. Seelig
RTM District 11
96 Rockwood Lane Greenwich, CT 06830

Michael G. Wacek
RTM District 11
15 Wyngate Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Mary S. Waldron
Occupation: Real Estate Sales
RTM District 11
5 Hawkwood Lane Greenwich, CT 06830
Work: 203-869-7800 Home: 203-629-4423
Email: maryatfive@aol.com

Hopefully, more RTM members will wake up and follow these legislative leaders at next Tuesday nights full RTM meeting.

Please send your comments, news tips and pictures of the screw ups made by Frank Mazza and the Band Of Idiots on the Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee To GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 Is Frank Mazza Nuts?? The Greenwich Fire Department Is Not Going To Be Stupid Enough To Sign Off On This Crap. The Fire Corps Protects Kids!!

How In The World Is Fire Chief Peter J. Siecienski Going To Let His Fire Department Sign Off On These Health And Safety Hazards?????

Fire Chief Peter J. Siecienski Can't Let Small Children Be Exposed To This!!!!

What Is Joseph H. Benoit, Jr., Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Going To Do About This??????

Where Are Fire Inspectors Chris Doyle, John Fronio And James McDonald ??????

Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiots On The Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee Are Going To Tarnish The Fine Reputation Of The Greenwich Fire Department !!!!

The Greenwich Fire Department Has Always Rushed To Protect The Small Children Of Greenwich, And They Must Continue That Fine Tradition By Protecting The Small Children Of Hamilton Avenue School.

Please send your comments, news tips and Greenwich Public School Pictures To GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 It's Time To Beat The Press: You Won't See This In The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post Or The Greenwich Citizen Shame On These Newspapers!

There Is A Rumor Going Around That These Pictures Were Offered To At Least One Of The Towns Newspapers, But The Reporter And/Or Editor Was Afraid To Publish The Pictures !!!!

We Don't Know If This Is True Or Not.

But We Do Know That When Original Copies Of Fake Beach Passes Were Delivered To A Greenwich Time Editor. He And Or His Editors Did Not Have The Journalistic Balls To Publish The Fake Beach Passes That Made National News!!!!!

We Do Know That This Has Been Going On For Years At The Greenwich Time!!!!!

We Do That When The Greenwich Time Hired A Special Investigative Reporter To Go Over The Martha Moxley Murder, The Greenwich Time Did Not Publish The Investigative Report When It Was Completed.

Years Later, It Took Disgraced Los Angeles Detective Mark Furman To Write A Book Called "Murder In Greenwich" To Help Bring Martha's Killer To Justice.

The Greenwich Time and other Greenwich Newspaper can not help hold government officials accountable to the taxpayers of Greenwich, If They Are Afraid Of Those Public Officials Of Greenwich.

The Greenwich Time Can Not Help Protect The Weaker Members Of Greenwich Society From The Excesses Of The Rich And Powerful, If They Are Afraid Of The Rich And Powerful Of Greenwich.

A Real Newspaper

"Comforts The Afflicted And Afflicts The Comfortable."

When Is The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Citizen Going To Wake up And See That The Poor Little Children Of Hamilton Avenue School Have Been Afflicted Over And Over And Over For Years.

When Is The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Citizen Going To Realize That The Little Children Of Glenville School Have Also Been Afflicted Over And Over And Over For Years.

These Newspapers Have Given Betty Sternberg, Sue Wallerstein And Anthony Byrne A Free And Comfortable Ride For Way Too Long. These Failed School Administrators Need To Be Afflicted.

Let's Fire These Losers From Their High Paid Jobs!!!!

Greenwich Tax payers Deserve Much Better Than This!!!!!

The Newspapers Have Given Nancy Weissler, Leslie Moriarty, Steven Anderson And Michael Bodson A Free And Comfortable Ride For Way Too Long. These Hopelessly Incompetent School Board Members Need To Afflicted.

Let's Encourage These Lackluster Board Members To Resign In Shame, So That We Can Get Some Real Leaders Who Will Stand Up To Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiots Of The Hamilton Avenue School Building committee.

Greenwich Tax payers Deserve Much Better Than This!!!!!

It Is Time For The Greenwich Newspapers To Stop Ignoring The Mothers Of Small School Children Instead Listening To A Bunch Of Board Of Education Windbags.

When the Mothers Of Hamilton Avenue School went to the press and complained of water leaking in their school classrooms they were repeatedly ignored, but when they came to Greenwich Roundup last February we did story after story until Betty Sternberg was forced to shut down the contaminated modular classrooms.

Please See:

03/05/08 - "I don't think they looked into the water problem," Mina Bibeault said "We've Put Up With A Lot And They Have Put Our Kids At Risk."

03/05/08 - The Joke Of The Day - "I'll hold the staff accountable." Superintendents Of Schools Betty Sternberg Promised - Yeah Right

03/03/08 - Parents Bring Protest To The "Oldie Moldy Moldie" School Administrators (Note: Check Out The Original Greenwich Roundup Photo In This Posting)

03/02/08 - Another Administrative Screw Up - "They let it happen again. Shame on them. They should be fired"said Laura Dibella Past PTA President

02/27/08 - School Board Cover Up? - Are Displaced Hamilton Avenue School Children Getting Rained On?.

02/19/08 - Video Puff Piece - No one mentions water pouring into classroom trailers, failing no child left behind or being displaced by mold

02/14/08 - Which High Paid School Administrator Is Responsible For Maintaining The Temporary Classrooms At Western Middle School?

02/07/08 - School Parents Are Having To Suffer Incompetent School Administration Fools.

For the record, before March 2nd there was not even one article about the water soaked modular classrooms in the Greenwich Time, the Greenwich Post or the Greenwich Citizen.

All three Greenwich Newspapers ignored Hamilton Avenue parents, only Greenwich Roundup would listened to them and help them close down the leaking contaminated modular classrooms.

The same is true today.

All three Greenwich Newspapers are ignoring Hamilton Avenue parents, only Greenwich Roundup is listened to them and trying to help them get a safe and sanitary school building for their children.

The three newspapers are still listening to failed administrators, board members and building committee members instead of the parents who have been right all along.

See how Windows connects the people, information, and fun that are part of your life. See Now

09/10/08 Thanks A Lot Nancy Weissler, Leslie Moriarty, Steven Anderson And Michael Bodson!! Shame!!!! How Can You Do This To Hamilton Avenue Children?

Why wont Dr. Betty J. Sternberg, Superintendent of Schools , fire Susan Wallerstein and Anthony Byrne?????

Is Building Inspector William Marr Going To Sign Off On Exposing Small Children To Conditions Like This?????

What Is Assistant Building Inspector John Vallerie Going To Do When Hamilton Avenue Parents And Their Lawyers Start Filling Freedom Of Information Requests For Building Department Documents And Photos????

Only A Fool Would Give A temporary Certificate Of Occupancy To A School In This Condition.

Frank Mazza And His Band Of Idiots On The School Building Committee Could Possibly Put Building Department Inspectors In Legal Jeopardy If A Child Is Hurt In An Incomplete School That Was Not 100% Ready To Be Opened.

Please send your comments, news tips and school facility photos to GreenwichRoundup@gmil.com

09/10/08 Oh My God ! Just Look At The "New School" Frank Mazza And The Mob Connected Contractors At Worth Construction Are Delivering To Greenwich!!!!

It Looks Like Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiots Of The Hamilton Avenue School Committee Are Going To Give Greenwich Taxpayers Another Multi-Million Dollar mold problem !!!!!

Would someone please Email The Attorney General's Office And Tell Richard Blumenthal What Frank Mazza And Worth Construction, Which Has Often Been Accussed Of Being Mob Associated , Are Doing To The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich !!!!!!

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is no joke he is going to be all over Michael S. Long, MS and the entire Greenwich Health Department if they sign off on putting the small children of Hamilton Avenue School in classrooms like this.

Michael S. Long, MS had better wake up and realize that Hamilton Avenue Parents will not let their children be out in danger again. These small children and their families have suffered enough!!!!!

Please send your comments, news tips and pictures of any Greenwich Public School to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 The Greenwich Building Department And Health Department Are Going To Give A Temporary CO To Hamilton Avenue School When It Looks Like This???

These pictures are from inside the "new" Hamilton Avenue School.

This looks more like a horse barn than a school.

How can the Greenwich Health Department approve letting small children going into a school that looks like this ???????

Hamilton Avenue Parents had better start emailing Caroline Calderone Baisley at the Health Department before their children are subjected to these conditions.

Is Frank Mazza's Folly Going To Get Caroline Calderone Baisley In Trouble Or Possibly Fired ?

What's the United States Department Of Justice going to think when they find out Caroline Calderone Baisley is approving putting poor and disadvantaged minority Western Greenwich School Children in substandard facilities, while wealthier Greenwich Children enjoy far better facilities ??????

Did Caroline Calderone Baisley forget that a Hamilton Avenue parent has made a formal complaint to the Department of justice, based apon unequal educational facilities and resources?

Please send your comments, news tips and pictures of Hamilton Avenue School To GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 Breaking News - Greenwich Police make arrests in 2004 John Bria drug death. Byram Family Finaily May Get Justice.

Lt. Daniel Allen told the Post today that the investigation is still open and it is unclear if there will be more arrests. "That will depend on what information is given during the course of the investigation."

Police make arrests in 2004 drug death

Written by Kristan Zimmer

Breaking News

Posted 2:39 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008

More than four years after his January 2004 death, police have arrested two people in connection with the drug overdose of 19-year-old Greenwich resident John Bria III.

Jason Cunningham, 24, of 49 Chapel St. and Savanna Lamotte, 23, were arrested Sept. 9 and charged with felony counts of possession of a narcotic. The two were released from custody after posting $1,000 cash bonds and are due in court on Sept. 17.

In 2004, police responded to a report of an unresponsive male at the Brias’ Hollow Wood Lane home on Jan. 16 and Mr. Bria was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation found that there had been a party in Mr. Bria’s bedroom the night before, and cocaine and heroin were consumed.

The Greenwich Post Is Already Screwing Up The Story By Getting The Facts Wrong !!!!!!

The Greenwich Post Reports...

At the time, no charges were brought against anyone who attended the party, but on Dec. 4, 2007, police reopened the investigation based on new information. Police allege that Mr. Cunningham and Ms. Lamotte had bought drugs and brought them to the party......

  • Please Read This Greenwich Time /Stamford Advocate Article:
  • Police reopen fatal overdose case
  • By Martin B. Cassidy
  • February 13, 2008
  • Three years after closing the case, police are reinvestigating the 2004 fatal overdose of a Greenwich teenager following a civil suit they say has raised questions about whether drug or other charges are warranted.
  • Police reopened their probe after information from a civil case showing prescription and illegal drugs in John Bria III's blood as well as civil court affidavits an attorney for Bria's family said show inconsistent statements.
  • The evidence is from a separate suit against friends who were at a party at the young man's Pemberwick home the night he died, police Chief David Ridberg said. Bria, 19, was found dead by his father in his basement bedroom around 3 p.m. on Jan. 16, 2004.
  • Three years ago, then-Chief James Walters said the case had been closed without making any arrests, with investigators finding there was no criminal fault by the youths.
  • In March 2004, the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner determined that Bria died of accidental heroin and cocaine toxicity.
  • After the case was closed, Bria's parents challenged police to reopen it, arguing the fatal overdose was due to a lethal stew of prescription and other drugs provided by his teenage friends.
  • "I had been thinking about (the case) for a while and the family had garnered more information during the civil case that led to us taking another look at the old case," Ridberg said. "We decided it warranted more investigation."
  • "We are looking into whether there is any criminal culpability in his death," Ridberg said.
  • The youths who attended Bria's party that night are included in the probe, Ridberg said....
  • ...The suit alleges the four youths gave Bria illegal and/or prescription drugs at the party. It also alleges that the defendants, except for Lamotte, worked to cover up rather than notify Bria's parents, police, paramedics or anyone who could render Bria medical assistance.
  • Last year Bria's family won a legal victory when a Stamford judge ruled against a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, finding that those who provide fatal doses of illegal drugs can be civilly responsible for injuries and deaths.
  • Eugene Riccio, an attorney for Caron, said his client was not responsible for Bria's death and had not been contacted by police for additional information."I firmly believe as to the claims against Ms. Caron that this lawsuit is without any basis," Riccio said. "I understand that John Bria's death was a terrible tragedy but Ms. Caron does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for it."
  • Katherine Nietzel, the Stamford-based attorney for Jason and Donna Cunningham, said there was no evidence that Jason Cunningham provided Bria with drugs. She said Donna Cunningham picked up her son at Bria's home the morning after the party and had no knowledge of the overdose....
  • ...John Meerbergen, who represents Hanscom, said his client also would seek to have the suit against her dismissed.
  • "Katie Hanscom has no culpability whatsoever," Meerbergen said. "There is absolutely no evidence she gave anyone anything."
  • Lamotte's attorney, Jack Slane, of Heagney, Lennon &Slane in Greenwich, said his client was at Bria's home for 10 minutes the night of the party before leaving.
  • "That was the extent of her involvement at the party," Slane said. "Furthermore I will say her testimony in the civil deposition was identical to two statements she gave to police without the benefit of counsel."


Cops await charges in Bria case

  • Two months after police filed arrest warrant applications in the 2004 fatal overdose of John Bria III, prosecutors have not approved charges in the death of the teenager who overdosed in his Pemberwick home...
  • ..."I'm astounded by the reluctance shown by the State Attorney's Office in this case when the reports are full of information providing probable cause," Seeger said...
  • ...A lawsuit filed by Bria's parent in 2005 is still pending and names Katie Hanscom, Savannah Lamotte, Megan Caron, and Jason Cunningham, four youths who spent time with Bria the night of his death, and Donna Cunningham, who picked up her son the morning after the party.Attorneys for all five defendants said their clients bear no responsibility for Bria's death.


According to press reports as late as 07/31/05

Bria Family Attorney Steven Seeger said the test results will be provided to police as evidence that one or more of the youths who were with Bria the night before he died provided the drugs and should be arrested on drug charges in connection with Bria's death, Seeger said.

The Next Greenwich Police Department Cold Case File To Be Solved Is The Drug Death Of Kyle Lendenmann....

Greenwich Parents Also Want To Know Why hasn't the drug dealer been arrested in the year and half old drug death of Greenwich High School student Kyle Lendenmann?

Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg has previously said police also are continuing a criminal investigation into the death of Kyle Lendenmann, a 17-year-old Greenwich High School student, found dead at his home on Feb. 23 of last year of what authorities said was a methadone overdose.

Let's Arrest Kyle's Drug Dealer!!!


Where Is Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Matin Cassidy????

When will the Greenwich Time cover the arrest of persons involved in the Bria Drug death?????


One Hour Later Debra Friedman Steps In For Martin Cassidy


By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer
Article Launched: 09/10/2008 03:30:13 PM EDT

A Greenwich man and a New Haven woman were arrested Tuesday night in connection with the criminal investigation surrounding the overdose death of John Bria, Jr.

The charges do not implicate the suspects in the death of Bria, according to Lt. Daniel Allen, spokesman for the department. In March 2004, the state medical examiner ruled the 19-year-old died as a result of an accidental heroin and cocaine overdose, police said.

An initial investigation revealed that on the night prior to Bria's death a party was held in Bria's bedroom where cocaine and heroine were consumed, according to a police report. At the time, no charges were brought against those who attended the party.

On Dec. 4, 2007 the case was re-opened on account of additional information that determined the two arrested subjects had allegedly purchased and brought narcotic substances to the party, police said....

If The Case Was Reopened On December 4, 2007, Then Why Did Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Call Up Martin Cassidy Just Before February 13 2008 Annoucing The Bria Case Had Been Reopened?

Could Police Chief David Ridberg was reacting to the exrensive Greenwich Roundup articles on the John Bria Jr Drug Death Case?

Or are Greenwich Police Department personell back dating when they really opened the John Bria Drug Death Case to make it appear that they were already working on the cold case file, when Greenwich Roundup started to expose the the case to Greenwich residents?

You decide.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/10/08 Greenwich Time News - Sorry For The Delay I Am Still Fighting The Flu



Revolving Door At Himes Campaign During Close Election Against Christophers Shays.

Insiders Say Internal Himes Campaign Polls Prompted The Sudden And Drastic Change

Jim Himes Is Going To Need More Than $2.1 Million For His Challenge Against Christopher Shays.

Can New Campagin Manager Dana Houle Get Back The Momentum That The Static Jim Himes Effort Once Had


"I think it's a good move", said Frank Farricker, a former state Senate candidate who served with Himes on the Democratic Town Committee of Greenwich."I welcome it, personally,"

"This was a way to take us to the next level where we need to be for the next two months," said Michael Sachse of the Himes campaign. "Maura has done an amazing job, and it's no accident that, thanks to her work, thatthis is a targeted race and Jim is viewed as one of the top Democratic challengers in the country."

"You don't normally shake up a campaign unless it's in trouble," said Gary Rose, professor of politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. "I think it does raise some questions of probably some divisiveness within the campaign organization, and that's probably not such a great sign this late in the game."

"If it's a static campaign, it's probably a losing campaign," said George Jepsen, a former state Democratic chairman who is honorary political chairman of Himes' congressional bid. "Modern campaigns are multimillion-dollar efforts. They're very complex and they need certain experience and expertise."


By Neil Vigdor

Staff Writer

In a major shake-up at the top of his organization, Democratic congressional hopeful Jim Himes has replaced his campaign manager with a veteran party operative who has been the architect of several other high-profile bids for political office...

...A message seeking comment about the changes at the Himes campaign was left Tuesday for Michael Sohn, the manager of Shays' re-election bid.

To some political observers, the shakeup was viewed as an ominous sign for Himes....


The attorney for the Greenwich High School student who was tasered by a school resource officer has obtained the videotape of the May 13 incident and is reviewing it with his clients before determining their next move....

...Calls to the State's Attorney Office regarding the matter were not returned....

...Londono was tasered three times in May by School Resource Officer Carlos Franco after he allegedly became combative and unruly, police said. Capt. Michael Pacewicz said in May that an on-campus officer properly used his stun gun to shock Londono after the 18-year-old defied orders from school officials and then police to report to the main office after his suspension from school....

...Martinez said even if Londono enters into the accelerated rehabilitation program, it would not keep him from pursuing a civil case regarding the matter.

"I think there are two issues, which are the charges that are against him, and a separate issue about whether or not there was excessive force used in terms of with the Taser," Martinez said.

"The bigger question - which is separate from him - is should police officers use them (tasers) in school and what are the protocols for using them."

Martinez said that issue is a matter of debate for parents, teachers and school administrators. Martinez said he has only been retained for the criminal case and does not know of any plans for Londono to pursue a civil case.

"This is probably not something that will be resolved anytime soon," Martinez added.


The Final Word On Tasers Today:

  • Many people think the Idea of the Taser as a magic bullet conflict-ender may have convinced police forces to overlook the possibility the devices are not as safe.(I use a lot of strong words but I don't use "brainwashed" but others have)

  • A San Francisco Cardiologist Zian Tseng recently stated Studies on tasers are flawed. Dr. Tseng pointed out, Most commonly cited studies that show the devices are safe were financed by Taser International.

  • The Taser dilemma is also indicative of the continuing transformation of US police forces into a more Paramilitary mindset.

In the era of unmanned drones, wiretapping and Army Special Forces, the town of Greenwich is proposing a new line of defense in the war on terror - lobstermen.

When Al Primo began his career in TV news - as a 17-year-old mailboy at Pittsburgh's WDTV - the medium was still considered risky.

The 2007 volleyball season was one of historic proportions for the Greenwich Cardinals as they won a program best 20 games and made it to the FCIAC finals.

Most everyone welcomes competition that might bring down the cost of television service.

Many a citizen, I venture to say, is pleased to see that both First Selectman Peter Tesei and Steve Walko, chairman of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, are warning that we as a town have to start tightening our belt when it comes to spending...

...The wake-up call has to be taken seriously because down the road, when new, tougher disciplines are called for, it always boils down to where cuts can be made, what pet projects can be deferred or reduced in scope, and similar hard decisions.

The better the populace understands the reality of the picture, the more likely it is that planners can act wisely, effectively and in a timely fashion. As everyone knows from personal financial pressures, the good old boom days are over....

Bernie Yudain, whose column appears Wednesdays and Sundays, is a former managing editor of Greenwich Time. His e-mail address is bernardct6@aol.com.

Support saving the trees near Bruce Museum

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Peter C. Sutton, executive director of the Bruce Museum ("Museum didn't seek removal of trees in park," Greenwich Time, Aug. 29) - Save the trees!

I am speechless after learning of the possible destruction of as many as 10 most beautiful, tall, 100-year-old oak trees located near the museum. This is in preparation for expansion.

I appreciate the concern for the safety of visitors. However, if the trees are healthy and sound, I cannot see a problem with safety.

The people who run the Bruce Museum are impressed with, and almost worship, the fine works of artists. These trees also are great works of art. They control pollution, are beautiful, and present enjoyment and comfort to all of us. They have been doing this for 100 years. They cannot be replaced.

Residents should try to attend the public hearing that will be announced in Greenwich Time via legal notice, and/or contact Bruce Spaman, tree warden, at Town Hall. We should let him know how we feel about this.

Mary G. Pellegrino

The writer is a member of the Representative Town Meeting from District 1.


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