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Saturday, March 22, 2008

03/22/08 - Greenwich Murder Arrest Update

Greenwich News Report: Murder Arrest Update

Greenwich police say 2 men under arrest in Andrew Kissel homicide
Hartford Courant - United States

AP 8:23 PM EDT,

March 22, 2008

The driver of slain Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel and another man have been charged in his 2006 murder, ...

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03/22/08 - Greenwich News Wire - Murder Arrest - Police Say It Was The Driver And Another Person


Greenwich News Reports: Kissel Murder Arrests

Arrests Made In Connection With Slaying Of Greenwich Businessman

WNBC - New York,NY,USA

NEW YORK -- Police in Greenwich Conn., say they have made two arrests in connection with the death of a wealthy Greenwich real estate developer who was ...

...Police have also arrested his 21-year-old cousin Leonard Trujillo, of Worcester, Massachusetts, on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.Police said Kissel, 46, appeared to have been stabbed several times.Before moving to Greenwich, Andrew Kissel and his wife, Hayley Wolff Kissel, lived in a a co-op building on 74th Street near Third Avenue.His death came just three years after his brother, Robert, a successful investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong, was bludgeoned to death by his wife, Nancy. In that case, police said Nancy had one of her children give him a milkshake laced with sedatives. The killing was called the "milkshake murder" in the Hong Kong press.

More Reports ...

2 Are Charged in 2006 Killing of a Connecticut Developer
New York Times, United States - Mar 22, 2008

By AP HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with the 2006 stabbing death of the Greenwich real estate developer Andrew ...

Mr. Kissel, 46, was found tied up and stabbed to death in his home on April 3, 2006, days before he was to plead guilty in a real estate fraud case.

The police said at the time that there was no sign of forced entry into Mr. Kissel’s home, but would not discuss a possible motive or suspects. They said from the start that they did not believe the killing was a random act.

A lawyer for Carlos Trujillo said he had cooperated with the investigation, providing DNA samples, fingerprints and documents, and denied any involvement in Mr. Kissel’s death.

It was unclear Saturday whether Leonard Trujillo had a lawyer.

Chief David Ridberg of the Greenwich police said on Saturday that warrants for the arrests were sealed, and that more information would be released Monday.

Mr. Kissel’s brother, Robert, was a wealthy investment banker who was killed in Hong Kong in November 2003. In September 2005, Robert Kissel’s wife, accused of feeding him a milkshake laced with drugs and then beating him, was convicted of murder in his death.

Andrew Kissel and his estranged wife, Hayley, had cared for Robert Kissel’s three children until they were handed over to the custody of the Kissels’ sister, who lived near Seattle. Andrew and Hayley Kissel had two children of their own.

Andrew Kissel had criminal cases pending in federal and state courts in New York at the time of his death. The federal case charged him with real estate fraud, and state prosecutors charged him with grand larceny, alleging he stole nearly $4 million from his Manhattan apartment cooperative.

Greenwich police say 2 men under arrest in Andrew Kissel homicide
WHDH-TV, MA - Mar 22, 2008

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Greenwich, Connecticut police say two men are under arrest in the 2006 murder of slain real estate developer Andrew Kissel. ...

He's charged with conspiracy to commit murder. His cousin, 21-year-old Worcester, Massachusetts resident Leonard Trujillo, is charged with murder and conspiracy.

Greenwich police say they'll release more details Monday.

Kissel was found stabbed to death in his Greenwich mansion in April 2006, just days before he was to plead guilty in a multimillion-dollar real estate fraud case.

Leonard Trujillo is being held without bond at the Worcester police station, while Carlos Trujillo is held on $1 million bond...

New York Post, NY - Mar 22, 2008

By TOM LIDDY Two men were arrested yesterday for the murder of Connecticut real estate mogul Andrew Kissel, cops said. Kissel's chauffeur, Carlos Trujillo, ...

Carlos Trujillo, 47, of Bridgeport, was picked up Friday night in Stratford after a nearly two year investigation into the brutal stabbing death at the businessman's Greenwich estate, and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Detectives - along with DEA agents - caught up with Trujillo as he was driving on a highway just before 10 p.m. He was taken into custody without incident, authorities said.

He is being held on $1 million bond in Greenwich. If he doesn't make bond, he will appear in Stamford court on Monday.

Also arrested was another man, Leonard Trujillo, 21, of Worcester, Ma, who was charged with murder and conspiracy, cops said.

It was not immediately clear how or if the men are related.

Leonard Trujillo is being held without bond in Worcester and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

"While I am proud of the hard work done by my detectives in this investigation, it is far from over," said Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg. "There is still a lot of information to be gathered and facts to be discerned."

Police did not say what led to the break in the investigation or what the motive might be.

Kissel was found stabbed to death in April 2006 by moving company workers at his home.

Greenwich police say 2 men under arrest in Andrew Kissel homicide
Boston Globe, United States - Mar 22, 2008

GREENWICH, Conn.—Greenwich police say the driver of slain real estate developer Andrew Kissel and another man have been charged in his 2006 murder. ...

Police say 21-year-old Leonard Trujillo of Worcester, Mass., is charged with murder and conspiracy and that his cousin, 47-year-old Carlos Trujillo of Bridgeport, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.Carlos Trujillo was a driver for Kissel, who was found stabbed to death in his Greenwich mansion in April 2006. His death occurred just days before he was to plead guilty in a multimillion-dollar real estate fraud case.

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03/22/08 - Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Doesn't Want Parents To Worry About Eastern Middle School And Cos Cob School's Radon Contamination

"Yes !!! , I Got My Radon Test Kit !!!"

Michael Long, environmental health director for the Greenwich Department of Health, spoke about the contaminated rooms like the music teacher's office at Eastern Middle School, which had suffered from long-term Radon exposure.


"With radon, it's long-term exposure, not a day-to-day thing," Long said. "Now that they found it, they are taking the steps to do what remediation is necessary."


Radon gas in schools raises little concern

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

Moderately high levels of radon were found in two offices at Eastern Middle School, three at Cos Cob School and two rooms at the Board of Education's Havemeyer Building, (unidentified) school district officials said Thursday....

...The seven rooms were the only ones out of 1,000 tested in the school district's 18 buildings that yielded higher than acceptable levels of radon in tests performed in recent months, (Unidentified) officials said.

A recently-enacted state statute requires school districts to perform regular radon testing and remediate rooms found to have elevated levels. Several other school districts, such as Norwalk,...

Please See...

Radon levels reduced at 5 schools
Stamford Advocate, CT - Mar 18, 2008
By Lisa Chamoff

It is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind smoking.

Mark Gorian, Norwalk Public Schools' facilities and maintenance director, said that after mitigation work was completed in a little more than a dozen rooms throughout the district, the schools were retested. One classroom at Wolfpit continued to have slightly elevated radon levels, and one room next to it that was not originally tested had a reading of 5.1.

Two air suction devices were originally installed in the floor at Wolfpit, and the district installed an additional device that has been working for the last 10 days, Gorian said....

...Out of 1,000 rooms tested at 18 Greenwich school district buildings, nearly all had acceptable radon levels. Only seven had radon levels ranging from 4 to 4.8 picocuries per liter, according to the district's (an unidentified) spokeswoman. Radon in a music teacher's office at Eastern Middle School measured 5.4 picocuries per liter.....

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Or you might want to use it to test your child's classroom.....

01/15/08 Town offers free radon testing
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT

By Michael Dinan

"There are pockets throughout Greenwich where levels are high," said Caroline Calderone Baisley, director of the town's Department of Health. "This (testing) is very important, because there are other pockets with high levels that we won't know about until they're tested."

Areas in Greenwich that have been tested since the health department began offering radon air tests in 2000 include downtown, Riverside, Cos Cob and Havemeyer. In those areas, nearly half the homes showed "elevated" levels of radon, according to a federal standard, Calderone Baisley said.

"The heating season is the best time to test for radon because your home is closed up, and radon levels tend to build up indoors," she said.


Radon (pronounced /ˈreɪdɒn/,)is the chemical element that has the symbol Rnatomic number 86. Radon is a colorless, naturally occurring, radioactivenoble gas that is formed from the decay of radium. It is one of the heaviest substances that are gases under normal conditions and is considered to be a health hazard. The most stable isotope, 222Rn, has a half-life of 3.8 days and is used in radiotherapy. Although due to its radioactivity, it has been less studied by chemists, there are a few known compounds of this unreactive element. and

Radon is a significant contaminant that affects indoor air quality worldwide. Radon gas from natural sources can accumulate in buildings and reportedly causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States alone.[1] Radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking, and radon-induced lung cancer is thought to be the 6th leading cause of cancer death overall.

The radon gas which used as a cancer treatment in medicine is obtained from the decay of a radium chloride source. In the past, radium and radon have both been used for X-ray medical radiography, but they have fallen out of use as they are radiotoxic alpha radiation emitters which are expensive and have been replaced with iridium-192 and cobalt-60 since they are far better photon sources.

The National Environmental Health Association administers a voluntary National Radon Proficiency Program for radon professionals consisting of individuals and companies wanting to take training courses and examinations to demonstrate their competency.[50] A list of mitigation service providers is available.[51] Indoor radon can be mitigated by sealing basement foundations, water drainage, or by sub-slab de-pressurization. In severe cases, mitigation can use air pipes and fans to exhaust sub-slab air to the outside. Indoor ventilation systems are more effective, but exterior ventilation can be cost-effective in some cases.

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03/22/08 - Greenwich Education News

Greenwich News Report - Education

Greenwich Education, Hand-in-Hand team for second Spellathon
New Canaan Advertiser - New Canaan,CT

Camp Hand-in-Hand and Greenwich Education & Prep are co-sponsoring their second annual New Canaan Spellathon, open to all students in kindergarten through ...

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03/22/08 - Greenwich Sports Wire

Greenwich Sports Blog Post:

Girls Ice Hockey: No "I" in "Team?"
By Tim Parry

They steadily improved this season, and became a presence in what looked like a three-team race between Ridgefield, Greenwich, and New Canaan. They qualified for the fourth playoff spot and upset Greenwich and New Canaan to take the ...

FCIAC Football Blog - http://fciacfootballblog.com

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03/22/08 - Greenwich Time News Reports

Firehouses deemed safe places for kids

When giving safety talks in schools or other settings, firefighters usually tell children that firehouses are a safe, friendly place to go if they are in trouble, Assistant Fire Chief Robert Kick said.

Town still investigating six headless chickens

Greenwich Animal Control officers are investigating six beheaded chickens found behind a Mason Street bank Thursday afternoon, considering whether the birds were killed as part of a religious ritual, Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran said Friday.

Carrying the cross: Youth continue Easter service tradition

This was the first year twins Gillian and Stephanie, 9, could physically carry the more than 10-foot tall wooden cross down Sound Beach Avenue to Greenwich Point. Slain Norwalk police officer identified

Eleven-year veteran “served with pride and distinction”

The police officer shot and killed early Friday morning was identified as 11-year veteran Officer Matthew Morelli. NEWS UPDATE

Manhunt continues for cop killer

NORWALK -- A massive manhunt is underway for the person who shot and killed a Norwalk patrolman early this morning in South Norwalk.

03/22/08 - Grenwich News Wire - Bucurest Checking In

Greenwich Press Release From Bucurest:

The Promise Of Cancer Gene Therapy For The Treatment Of Lung ...
PRLog.Org (press release) - Bucuresti,Romania

The public is invited to this seminar, which will be held on Wednesday, April 16, 2008, at 7:15 pm, at the Bruce Museum, One Museum Drive in Greenwich, ...

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03/22/08 - Greenwich News Wire

Greenwich News Report:

Archivist finds home builder had artistic bent
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT
By Meredith Blake

Anne Young, archivist for the Historical Society for the Town of Greenwich, researches homes built in town by artist John Henry Twachtman ...

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03/22/08 - Now Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg wants to blame President And Laura Bush for her failures in one of the richest towns in America.

Laura Bush and President Bush discuss “No Child Left Behind,” at North Glen Elementary School in Glen Burnie, Md., Monday, Jan. 9, 2006. “Interestingly enough, in 2003, 45 percent of the African American students in this school rated proficient in reading; in 2005, 84 percent are proficient. In other words, this is a school that believes every child can learn. Not just certain children, every child,” said the President. White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt Full Story

Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Blames Her Poor Performance On George And Laura Bush's No Child Left Behind Initiative.

Westchester Schools Confronting Proficiency Demands

New York Times - United States


IT looms in the distance, a goal meant to challenge the nation’s schools to reach ever higher.It is 2014, the year the country’s schoolchildren must all reach proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics under the federal No Child Left Behind Act...

...Betty J. Sternberg, the school superintendent of Greenwich, Conn., worry that o Child Left Behind is also transforming instruction for all students in ways that are not always good. ...

...Two of 15 schools in Greenwich — which has a sizable poor population despite its reputation as one of America’s richest towns — failed to meet the adequate yearly progress standards for the 2006-7 school year...

..."but the way you judge schools is to judge them solely by a narrow set of skills that are not ‘higher order,’ if you will — I believe this law only hurts.”...

Of coarse the New York Times finds New York Schools that are quick to find school leaders that are failing to meet President Bush's No Child Left Behind Program.The New York Times and Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg dosen't want to talk a New York School like...

Westmoreland Road Elementary School 8596 Westmoreland Road Whitesboro, NY 13495-3201 Ph: (315) 266-3440

This New York School is in the Top 10% in Their States Educational Testing Results with at Least 40% of Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds.

The question for Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg who is Superintendent of the richest town on the richest state in the nation on the face of the earth can't pass the test.

Why are these Mississippi Schools in the Top 10% in Their States with at Least 40% of Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds.

Bayou View Elementary School 4898 Washington Avenue Gulfport, MS 39507-4417 Ph: (228) 865-4625

Biloxi High School 1845 Richard Drive Biloxi, MS 39532-4402 Ph: (228) 435-6105

Long Beach High School 300 East Old Pass Road Long Beach, MS 39532-4402 Ph: (228) 863-6945

Petal High School 1145 Highway 42 East Petal, MS 39465-9740 Ph: (601) 583-3538

But Hamilton Avenue School has failed to meet the standard under Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg's leadership.

Why is this school on the ruff streets of downtown Newark, NJ in the Top 10% in Their States with at Least 40% of Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds?

Harriet Tubman Elementary School 504 South 10th Street Newark, NJ 07103-1802 Ph: (973) 733-6934

But New Lebanon School has failed to meet the standard under Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg's leadership.

I mean if the Bridgeport Schools can get designated as a No Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon Schools award for....

Multicultural Magnet School 700 Palisade Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06610-3457 Ph: (203) 576-7505

....then why can't Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg pass the test.

Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg wants to blame the children and thier parents for her failed leadership.

Greenwich parents need a School Superintendent that can pass the test.

03/19/08 - May God Bless The Children Of Hamilton Avenue School Who Never Get To Compete On A Level Playing Field.

03/20/08 - Why Won't Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Let Hamilton Avenue Parents Independently Test The Contaminated Modular Classrooms?

More On How The Incompetent Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Earns Her Big Fat Pay Check At The Expense Of Single Family Home Owners And Taxpayers.

Coping With the Aches and Pains of School Relocations
Greenwich Citizen, CT
Standing before Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg and her staff in the Central Middle School auditorium, Furano continued: "After three long years of a ...

Glenville's fight Parents push to keep kids together, call for new ... Greenwich Post

At Hamilton Avenue Parents say their children are at academic ... Greenwich Post

Settling in Hamilton Avenue kids finish out year in new schools
Greenwich Post, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg was on hand at Glenville School Monday morning, when the 68 Hamilton Avenue kindergartners hopped from buses and ...

Greenwich superintendent takes responsibility for closed school
Stamford Advocate, CT
By Andrew Shaw
GREENWICH - Betty Sternberg, the town's superintendent of schools realizes her job could be in jeopardy if the Board of Education decides she ...

With Return of Mold, Students Are Displaced
New York Times, United States
Betty J. Sternberg, the Greenwich District superintendent, said officials are doing everything they can to help Hamilton’s roughly 375 pupils make a smooth ...

Schools didn't follow mold policy
Greenwich Time, CT
"Everyone was trained," Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg said of the program called Tools for Schools. "It was variably implemented from school to ...

Mold forces Ham Ave kids from school, parents blame district
Greenwich Post, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg and Charles Schwartz, an environmental consultant, said the majority of the mold is located in the structure’s

Was it maintenance or design flaws?
Greenwich Time, CT
Superintendent Betty Sternberg on Saturday announced the school would be closed this week and students relocated to other locations for the remaining school.

Balancing strategy endorsed: Schools board confident of plan after ...
Greenwich Time, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg last year recommended the board try to racially balance New Lebanon School even while the Supreme Court case cast ...

Parents protest school construction delays
Greenwich Post, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg issued a statement Monday afternoon saying, “The situation at Hamilton Avenue School is one that we are taking ...

Report: Student achievement gap wide
Greenwich Time, CT
... system is really an excellent system, you're addressing all the needs of children in your district," said Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg. ..

District wary of science test
Greenwich Time, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg has cautioned the Board of Education that this year's science results will likely not be impressive, both here and ...

Students' relocation prompts complaints
Greenwich Time, CT
Superintendent Betty Sternberg said these problems would be addressed. The emergency plan was developed quickly, and the board defended its actions. ...

Much ado about Glenville School Greenwich Board of Education to ...
Greenwich Post, CT
Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg said Monday that no option had emerged as a favorite. “It’s way too early,” she said. ...

Committee discusses relocation options for Glenville students
Greenwich Time, CT
Committee members include board members Mike Bodson, Steve Anderson, Leslie Moriarty and Nancy Weissler, Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg and Board ...


More Information On....

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110), often abbreviated in print as NCLB, is a United States federal law (Act of Congress) that reauthorized a number of federal programs aiming to improve the performance of U.S. primary and secondary schools by increasing the standards of accountability for states, school districts, and schools, as well as providing parents more flexibility in choosing which schools their children will attend. Additionally, it promoted an increased focus on reading and re-authorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). The Act was passed in the House of Representatives on May 23, 2001[1], United States Senate on June 14, 2001[2] and signed into law on January 8, 2002.

NCLB is the latest federal legislation (another was Goals 2000) which enacts the theories of standards-based education reform, formerly known as outcome-based education, which is based on the belief that high expectations and setting of goals will result in success for all students. The Act requires states to develop assessments in basic skills to be given to all students in certain grades, if those states are to receive federal funding for schools. NCLB does not assert a national achievement standard; standards are set by each individual state in order to comply with the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which specifies that powers not granted to the federal government or forbidden to state governments are reserved powers of the individual states.


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