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Monday, August 31, 2009

08/31/09 Reader Submitted Comments

Maybe Greenwich Students Should Act "Asian - y"
So That Test Scores Would Skyrocket

Greenwich Roundup Reader Writes.....


If Hispanic students study more they will do better in school!! You can spend all the money in the world on a kid, if his/her family doesn't push study time and the kid doesn't study your wasting your time.....but like those kids were quoted saying in NYC "Hey why looking to act white"?



Dear Gary,

Your comments are derived from a somewhat racist perspective.

It appears that you are confusing cultural identity with academic ability.

Gary would you say that," White Kids Who Act Black Or Like Hardcore Rap Music Are Bringing Down Greenwich High School's Test Scores?

Maybe our new Greenwich Public School Superintendent should mandate that all Greenwich Students K - 12 Should recieve one hour of instruction in how to act Asian, since Asian students score so well on tests at all grade levels.

Gary, do you really think that Hispanic parents are not telling their children to study and do good in school?

Just last week I say a young boy helping a lady take out scores of trash bags at an office building on Field Point Road, and I wondered if he was going to have to help his family put food on the table once school starts.

The problem in Greenwich is that well off and highly advantaged students often get as much as or more school resources than those children who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

The true shame of this town is how we treat the weakest, poorest and youngest members of Greenwich Society.

It is sinful how Multi-millionaires and Billionaires can sit in back Country and Waterfront masions and turn a blind eye to the inocent children of Western Greenwich.

What have Greenwich Billionaires like Paul Tudor Jones and Fddie Lampert done for the poor and disadvantaged children of their community?

Jesus Christ said it best ...

"I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."


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08/31/09 RECESSION BUSTER: Save 75 cents - Read Tuseday's Greenwich Time On Monday Night for Free !!!

Glenville opens its doors for a tour

By Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson

Purely by the numbers, the newly rebuilt Glenville School isn't that different from the recently razed schoolhouse it replaces. Measuring 56,000 square feet, or roughly the size of a football field, the new, single-story schoolhouse is about the same size, in the same footprint, as the old building......

.....The tour was attended by several dozen parents, town lawmakers and school officials, including schools Superintendent Sidney Freund, First Selectman Peter Tesei, Finance Board Chairman Steven Walko......

......The new school, built for more than $24 million, is expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of September, paving the way for students to start class there as early as the end of November ......

.....Glenville mother Donna Curtis was more impressed with another feature: Each of the school's 20 new classrooms all measure roughly the same size -- a welcome change from the hodgepodge of different-sized instructional spaces at the old school, she said......

.....If the rest of the project goes according to plan, the building could be completed both under budget and slightly ahead of schedule, said Frank Mazza, chairman of the school's building committee. Roughly $180,000, out of an initial $2 million, remain uncommitted in the project's contingency fund for unforeseen expenses, Mazza said.......


Get Ready To Kiss That $180,000 Goodbye.

Frank Mazza will be back for more money.

Glenville students will not be in their new building by Thanksgiving.

MTA developing new poll to cover all of its transit services
New Haven line Metro-North Railroad passengers won't see annual customer satisfaction questionnaires at stations this fall, as the Metropolitan Transit Authority moves towards using a region-wide
A Norwalk man who developed a scheme used to deposit stolen checks into a fraudulent account was busted by the newly formed Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force on Friday, police said.

A child's garden of voices
May 11: Took Susan to the park this morning. We climbed onto picnic tables, then jumped off. Even as a 2-year-old, Susan's a good little athlete. A robin sitting on a blackened fireplace let us
With the clock counting down to the start of school Wednesday, parents of incoming ninth-graders at Greenwich High School have one day left to reverify their status as town residents before classes start.
HARTFORD -- Connecticut lawmakers were on the verge of finally passing a new state budget late Monday, a full two months after the start of the new fiscal year.

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08/31/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

Himes holds town hall on health care
Greenwich (WTNH) - Congressman Jim Himes (D-4th district) will be holding a town hall meeting in Greenwich tonight on the contentious topic of health care ...

How Arthur Levitt Helped Ruin US Economy
Black Star News

The crimes which Levitt helped cover up in his capacity as Chairman of the American Stock Exchange and later as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have helped destroyed the financial power of America. When America is relegated to “developing world” status because of the ruinous greed of the Wall Street elite, China and other countries shall erect a statue of people like Arthur Levitt thanking him for protecting his friends at the expense of America.

There are many financial scandals that should have been exposed long ago. Perhaps some of the financial meltdown would have been prevented. Let’s go through a few examples.

The mainstream press, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, have refused to examine the connection between Cohmad and Fairfield Greenwich and the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). This has been done to protect Arthur Levitt. The destruction of the American way of life and its inherent values of fair play and compassion for the poor mean nothing to the press barons that own The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. ...

Health Care 101 Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of Greenwich ...
By gb
State Representative Lile Gibbons, who sits on the Human Services Committee, and Dr. Dickerman Hollister, a Board Member and Attending Physician at Greenwich Hospital will share the basics of the problems and explain the proposed ...
Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of... - http://greenwichblog.com/

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08/31/09 Final casting call for Greenwich Has Got Talent

I would appreciate your printing this in your Datebook section, Auditions,
etc. We would also appreciate any further mention you can provide to us.

Thank you very much.

Jeff Weber
Executive Vice-President
Business TalkRadio NetworkR
Lifestyle TalkRadio NetworkR
P.O. Box 4826
Greenwich, CT 06831
FAX: (203)323-7302

Greenwich Has Got Talent: Variety Show 2009 will be having its final casting call this Thursday, September 3 at Cole Auditorium at Greenwich Library.

It is open to adults and kids (8-16 years of age). Artistic Director/Producer is
Maria Kelly Stevens. Those auditioning should bring their own music and/or
CD's. This event is sponsored by The Greenwich Chamber of Commerce and is
their major fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds will fund a scholarship to
a GHS student majoring in business in college. The show will take place on
October 16 and 17, 2009.

For further information email


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08/31/09Greenwich Real Estate Report: Fools Still Paying $100 A Square Foot In Greenwich

Hedgies Still Paying Record Rents In Greenwich
Despite the sputtering economic recovery, some Greenwich-based hedge funds continue to pay over $100 per square foot for space at the best location in town, ...

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08/31/09 BREAKING NEWS: Greenwich Senior Service phone line discontinued

Press release- September 1st 2009- Please publish as soon as possible, Thank you.

Greenwich Senior Service phone line discontinued

The Greenwich Senior Services, a dedicated phone line for seniors which was housed and hosted by Community Answers is being disconnected effective immediately. Callers may continue to call Community Answers @ 203-622-7979 to get information on services available to seniors in town. The phone lines are answered by volunteers Monday through Friday from 9-3. After office hours and on weekends the phone lines will be answered by the staff of the Greenwich library. Community Answers, Inc. is a unique service that goes above and beyond a simple information and referral service giving out phone numbers. Here is an example of a call we recently answered:

“An elderly woman called asking if we knew where she could purchase this oil that helped with arthritis. She said she couldn’t remember the name but that it sounded like a dog breed and that it was used for joints on large animals such as horses. It turned out it is called “Bigeoil” and it is pronounced “beagle oil”.

Community Answers has been providing answers to people for 37 years. We are located in the Main Greenwich Library and we can be reached M-F from 9 -3 @ 203-622-7979 or our services can be accessed through the website www.communityanswers.org


Chitra Shanbhogue

Executive Director

(203) 622-7916- Phone

(203) 622-7984- Fax



08/31/09 When Greenwich Roundup Types The Greenwich Time And The Greenwich Police Department Listen

First Greenwich Roundup Posted This......

08/23/09 The Greenwich Police Department And The Greenwich Time Have Spent Another Year Ignoring A Murdered Little Greenwich Boy

Nothing Has Been Done For 25 Years:

Matthew Margolies - Greenwich's Other Unsolved Murder ......

Then The Greenwich Time Publishes This ......

Margolies, 25 years later: Still no killer, but cops are hopeful

Police say investigation is still active and the case can be solved

Twenty-five years after Pemberwick teenager Matthew Margolies went missing and was later found slain near his home, the killer remains at large. Despite all the time that has gone by, officials remain hopeful newly developed evidence will help crack the case.

"It is an active investigation and there have been some things worked on very recently," said Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane, who took over supervising the state's cold case squad little more than three years ago.

"I think the case can be solved. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that these new developments will lead to it being solved," he said......

......In 2006, investigators informed the Margolies family that a request for a grand jury to indict a former Port Chester, N.Y., policeman had failed.

Police had begun focusing on the retired police officer, Roger Bates, who had been convicted of child molestation in Texas. During Bates' sentencing, a childhood friend of Matthew Margolies testified that Bates had molested him too, in 1984, and that Bates had taken the two boys fishing on one occasion that year, according to Shelley Hallman, the Dallas assistant district attorney who prosecuted Bates. .....

.....Soon after, Sgt. Timothy Duff, who had been handling the investigation, retired and Sgt. Mark Zuccerella took over. Zuccerella said he felt many hurdles faced in the past had to do with bad information.

"The investigation has been hindered in many ways primarily by people intentionally misleading us or withholding information......

....."We are excited that these past obstacles we had to deal with can be overcome and we have already produced evidence we didn't have in the past," Zuccerella said.

Zuccerella said police have narrowed the number of suspects, but neither he nor Kane would comment on whether any previous suspects, such as Bates, had been cleared in the case.

It took 25 years for Greenwich police to solve another long-time cold case, the murder of Martha Moxley, who was beaten to death with a golf club in the backyard of her Belle Haven home.....

.......Zuccerella said he and two other Greenwich detectives are in regular contact with the family.

"We are in contact with the family quite often," said Zuccerella. "A lot of things, however, we are holding close to our chests."........

Read More »


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08/31/09 Frank Mazza Was Pissing On Glenville Parents Legs And Telling Them It Was Raining When He Said Their School Could Open As Soon As March 2009

Last Year Frank Mazza Was Bragging That He Was So Far Ahead Of Schedule That The Glenville School Could Be Finished In March Of This Year.

Mazza Even Boasted That Glenville School Could Be Finished Before Hamilton Avenue School, Because He Had A Brand Spanking New Building Contractor To Work With.

Frank Mazza Even Boasted Than Glenville Students Would Be In Their New Classrooms This September.

He Just Didn't Tell Glenville Parents That The New Classrooms Would Be In The Mold Plagued Hamilton Avenue School Modulars.

Glenville gets under one roof

By Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson

It may not be ideal, but Glenville School parents say the temporary modular facility at Western Middle School where their children begin class this Wednesday will at least reunite students and staff under one roof.....

......Since mid-August 2008 crews have been reconstructing Glenville's old building on Riversville Road, which was demolished after being cited for a lack of natural light, problems with the heating and cooling systems and a leaky roof.

The rebuilt school is expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of September, paving the way for students to start class there after holiday recess ends in January 2010.....

.....But concerns linger about the health conditions at the modulars facility for some Hamilton Avenue parents.

Last week, a group of parents filed a lawsuit against the town claiming the school board failed to address persistent moisture- and mold-related problems at the modulars. That school's students were dispersed to six different schools in spring 2008 following the discovery of mold in the modular units. Because of long-term exposure to mold, students have developed a number of health issues such as lasting cases of strep throat, ear and sinus infections, and neurological symptoms......

......a consultant later said that only low, non-hazardous levels of mold remained.

The district has tested inside the modulars every three months, as well as doing repair work after a major rain storm or snow fall, a school official said. The district will continue to follow those procedures while Glenville students are housed at the modular facility......

....."I'm sure they (crews) have been doing a good job of checking to make sure the modulars are dry and keeping it safe," said Donna Curtis, the school's PTA president.......
Read More »

What Makes Donna So Sure?
The Great Record That Greenwich Public Schools Have Had At The Hamilton School Modulars?

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