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Thursday, April 1, 2010

04/01/10 Greenwich High School special education assistant has been put on administrative leave after GPD chaged him with sexual Assualt


Andrew Knapp, 28, a Greenwich resident and Greenwich High School special education assistant, was arrested by Greenwich police March 29 and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.
Greenwich Police Department Photo.

After An Arrest For Sexual Assault, A Special Education Assistant At Greenwich High School Has Been Placed On Administrative Leave.

Andrew Knapp, 28, of 40 Riverside Ave., Riverside, was arrested March 29 after he surrendered to police custody on an active warrant.

He was charged with fourth degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

No details about the victim or the nature of the crime were given, because the arrest warrant in the case has been sealed.

Mr. Knapp is due in Stamford Superior Court on April 7.

GHS special education assistant charged with sexual assault

Debra Friedman, STAFF WRITER
Published: 09:48 p.m., Thursday, April 1, 2010

.....Sgt. Mark Zuccerella, head of the department's Youth Division, said detectives began investigating Knapp after the they received a complaint from the victim's family. Police said the incident happened in Greenwich, but they could not indicate where.

"We've been investigating this since the beginning of this year," Zuccerella said. "It involved us having to contact other agencies and talk to people outside Greenwich, which took a little bit longer than we would have liked.".....

.....Kim Eves, spokeswoman for Greenwich Public Schools, said Knapp was put on leave with pay a result of the charges. Eves said the human resources office knew of Knapp's arrest before Thursday, but did not say when his administrative leave started. A message seeking comment on Knapp's arrest was left with Chris Winters, the headmaster of Greenwich High School.....

.....Knapp had a brief stint as an assistant coach for the Greenwich High School boys swim team last year. In a January 2009 Greenwich Time article, head swim coach Terry Lowe credited Knapp, along with assistant coach Paul Ramaley, for "keeping the squad sharp." Knapp is no longer listed as an assistant coach with the team. Lowe did not return a call for comment. Messages were left with Gus Lindine, the athletic director for Greenwich High School regarding Knapp's coaching status.......


Greenwich High School Staff Directory Page For Andrew Knapp Lists Him As A Professional Assistant In The Cantor House And The Special Education Department


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04/01/10 Homeless Greenwich Farmer Del Zannette Passed Away Last Night

Some of Del Zannette's former neighbors have reported that long time Greenwich Farmer Del Zannette died last night.

Greenwich Roundup just saw the homeless farmer Tuesday using the red phone at First Selectman Peter Tesei's office in an effort to get some of his property out of storage,

Mr. Zannette was not invited into Mr Tesei's office, nor was he referred to the Social Services office on third floor of town hall.

The homeless Greenwich farmer was 80 years old and still owned 50% of the farm that he was not allowed to live at.

Rest In Peace Delmo Zannette

This is a sad day for a town that has no pity for the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, poor and homeless.

When are we going to start treating the common folk of Greenwich the same way we treat the bankers and hedge funds guys.

Del Zannett Had Repeatedly Told Greenwich Roundup That
The Greenwich Time Had Treated Him Poorly And Refusd To
Tell His Sad Story, Because The Paper Did Not Want To Lose Car Ads.

Del Zanette -- described by his grandson Paul Zanette as "a very loving man" -- died....
.....Paul Zanette said he died of natural causes. He said his grandfather had suffered from a variety of ailments including respiratory difficulties and asthma......
.....John Zimmerman, who lives at the property, placed a sign saying....
...... "Del's Dead! May He R.I.P." at King Street and Bedford Road......
.....The signs were taken down twice by man who said he represented Weichert Realtors. He declined to give his name. A woman at Weichert's Greenwich office declined to comment before hanging up the telephone......
.....Prior to his 2008 eviction Zanette was one of the last two farmers in Greenwich. The last remaining farmer is John Augustin, who operates a farm on King Street.....
Shame, Shame, Shame On The Compliant Greenwich Time

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04/01/10 Hamilton Avenue School Principal Announced

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sidney A. Freund announced today the
appointment of Cynthia L. Womack as Principal of Hamilton Avenue School,
effective July 1, 2010. See attached for more information.

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail:
Fax: 203-869-8003


(For immediate release: Thursday, April 1, 2010 – Greenwich, CT) Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sidney A. Freund announced today the appointment of Cynthia L. Womack as Principal of Hamilton Avenue School, effective July 1, 2010. Ms. Womack is currently a principal with the Manchester Public Schools in Manchester, CT at Washington Elementary School and has led the school for the last eleven years. Washington Elementary School is a Media Arts Magnet School. Dr. Freund said, “Ms. Womack is an experienced elementary building principal, she is a true instructional leader – well versed in many of the strategies and initiatives already employed by the District, and she has a track record of improving student achievement.”

Ms. Womack has over 20 years of experience as an elementary educator working with diverse populations. She has initiated, developed and implemented instructional programs and strategies to address the needs of struggling learners, advanced learners, and learners with varied interests. She is practiced at running a magnet school and understands the value of collaboration and shared decision-making when planning for improvement. Ms. Womack takes a personal interest in her students, their learning and their general well-being, and she is committed to raising achievement at all levels.

Ms. Gloria Sprigg, Hamilton Avenue School Kindergarten Teacher, participated on the interview committee for the new Principal as well as the site visit to Ms. Womack’s school, she noted, “I was very impressed not only with the personal connection Ms. Womack has with her students and their families, but also with her dedication in creating a productive school environment.”

In 1999, Ms. Womack was appointed as Principal to the Washington Elementary School, Manchester Public Schools, Manchester, CT – a Media Arts Magnet School. As Principal of Washington Elementary School, Ms. Womack introduced various instructional strategies including academic review and analysis of student work, differentiated instruction, and Scientific Research-Based Interventions (SRBI/RtI). She has focused on mentoring and coaching her teaching staff using Walkthroughs, a comprehensive evaluation process, and conducting workshops and other professional learning opportunities. She works collaboratively and communicates regularly with parents and members of the community. Ms. Womack procured a $500,000 federal grant to implement an after school, extended day program for K-5 students, providing academic support and recreational activities. She created an inclusionary, motivational learning environment for students with special needs using a co-teaching model.

Ms. Womack began her career in education as a second grade teacher at Public School 81 in Brooklyn, NY in 1987. One year later she moved to Public School 346 in Brooklyn as a fifth grade teacher and taught there for the next ten years. Working with a diverse student population, Ms. Womack differentiated instruction to meet the varied needs of her students, introduced multi-cultural themes into the classroom, and established a track record for effective instruction of students on grade level, those working at an advanced level and those with special needs. During her time as a classroom teacher she was also selected to teach gifted students, implementing a rigorous and challenging curriculum as well as a series of cultural fairs. She also created the school’s first formal K-5 writing curriculum and served as a Writing Teacher for three years. Ms. Womack initiated an after school reading tutorial program for 250 students in grades 3-6 and served as the Director. She was Coordinator for the Parent as Partners in Science and Math Conferences, directing this hands-on Science and Math day-long workshop; and chaired the School Leadership Team.

Ms. Womack received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA in 1984; her Masters in Elementary Education from New York University, New York City, NY in 1993; and her Administrative Certificate from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY in 1995.


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04/01/10 Popular Ex-Hearst Newspaper Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl Is In The News

Popular Ex-Hearst Newspaper Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl Is All Over The Web

'teri. amanda teri leigh evans' 'teri bross'
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What the NY Mag story didn't tell you about Stevie Cohen v. Mrs-Ex ...
By Teri Buhl. Today we learned that the secretive hedge fund manager from .... Teri Buhl is an investigative financial news reporter who has written for: ...
Greenwich Time Sucks — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Greenwich Time fired Teri Buhl. Every time I hear some pean to the main stream media about the importance of maintaining its independent voice, ...
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By Teri Buhl, Staff writer banking merger, acquisition and takeover · AG addresses rising credit card rates ...
christopherfountain - Bing Blogs
A new Teri Buhl article. - http://christopherfountain.com/2010/03/22/a-new-teri- buhl-article/. I like these two (ancient) jokes ...
Pervasive Hostile Environment Hostile Environment
A hostile work environment was pervasive at AIG-FP, lawsuit claims ... Feb 25, 2010 ... Teri Buhl is a Wall Street investigative reporter. ...

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04/01/10 Here is the speech that blogger Jane Genova delivered today on career transition to the NY State Bar

Remarks by Jane Genova, President of Genova Writing, Coaching and More, at the New York State Bar Association Career Transition Program, Manhattan, New York, April 1, 2010


Lauren, thank you for that kind introduction. Rosemary, I appreciate your getting us started.

And I want to thank all of you here and on our web link for having the courage to be thinking about career change. It’s a scary topic. I know. After 9/11, my communications boutique collapsed. I had to start something new. C.S. Lewis has said: “Experience is a brutal teacher but we learn, boy do we learn.” I learned. I’m bundling what I learned and what I know from my communications and coaching background. And I hope to send you back into the work world with the tools you need for your own career transitions.

Our generation selected career paths and assumed we will stay on them. That isn’t how things are working out, though, is it. The shock of that has made some of us inefficient in getting to What’s Next. The most efficient way to move from where we are to where we need to be to earn a living is this: Creating the right stories and communicating them exactly right. The wrong stories told ineptly make everything harder. Or even impossible.

Here is how two different former partners started out their stories:

Story 1: “My firm said it wasn’t performance reasons.”

Story 2: “I’m a businessperson with 30 years experience and a law background.”

Guess who gets the job offers or is approached about starting a business?

Okay, both partners are bright, educated. Why does the first make such a poor presentation of self? Why so defensive? So stuck in what was?

I have come to see that there are five reasons why too many of us best and brightest make a mess of career change, at least at the outset.

One reason is Self-hate. When Buddhist monks come to America what they notice is the epidemic of self-hate. In their nation of Tibet, there isn’t even a word for self-loathing.

We tend to hate ourselves because that’s how capitalism operates. America has been the Magic Kingdom of capitalism. That system shaped us.

Capitalism is based on two beliefs: More and individualism.

The more impels us to strive to be more successful and acquire more material goods to show evidence of that success. Of course, the game is rigged. We will never get enough of the more. So we wind up seeing ourselves as less-than. Self-doubt becomes the default mode.

The individualism part of capitalism puts the responsibility for being more squarely on us. So when there are setbacks, we blame ourselves. Shame follows. For our generation at least, setbacks carry stigma. We have been bad capitalistic girls and boys.

Our stories reflect this self-hate. We exclaim:

“I should have.”

“If only.”

“I was never meant to be a lawyer.”

These stories are what we tell the world and ourselves.

How do we stop telling them?

Here’s a shortcut. Pretend you’re guiding someone else’s career transition. How would you advise them to present themselves? Often small changes make big impacts.

The “I should have” can become “I did.” The focus is on accomplishment, often in the face of obstacles.

The “If only” becomes “We don’t know, do we.” The focus shifts to reality. The reality is that we will never know if we did X, Y would follow. So, we don’t go there. It’s mere speculation and it can be painful.

The “I was never meant to be a lawyer” becomes “From my legal background I can offer these skills.” The reality is that over the years we have acquired many skills.

One more tip about self-hate. It can be transformed by simple self-love. Try embracing yourself just as you are, with no need for an extreme makeover.

The second reason we tend to stumble in career change is that the past grabs us by the throat. The past controls us. When the past is in the driver’s seat, we aren’t in the present. We are not able to read situations and people accurately. We are not able to spot opportunity, pounce on it, and exploit it.

We tend to wind up in the past because that’s what we know. Human beings aren’t wired for uncertainty. The present is not very comfortable when we are in transition. The future is a total unknown.

How to lift ourselves out of the past? We listen to the stories of career changers who have gone before us. Think about Hillary Clinton. She’s a wonderful role model for presenting herself to her advantage in the now.

We also tell ourselves stories about what could be. The most conversations in life, including in our dreams when we sleep, are with ourselves.

We tell the world optimistic tales about our progress in the now.

One day we wake up and we are in the right now. And it’s an okay place to be.

The third reason for presenting ourselves poorly is ambivalence. That’s expected. Most of us aren’t ready for a long time to surrender our former identity and take on a new one. Understandable but lethal. Those who can help us become confused by the mixed signals we give off. Employers, customers, and clients don’t have a clear idea who we are or what value we can create for them.

We apply for a public relations position with a lawyer’s persona. Of course we don’t get the job.

We try to start a dog-walking business and who the dog owners meet is a lawyer. Of course, we don’t get too far.

We apply for a temporary job in document review as a partner of a top law firm. Those in charge of assigning scratch their heads.

The way out of this ambivalence is to select those in fields we want to enter. Study their professional persona. Imitate. Eventually we will find our own style.

We observe the head of a public relations agency who lives next door to us. What is her language? Her attire? Her eye contact? Her car? Her attaché case?

We observe the pharmaceutical writer who’s at our gym.

We observe the entrepreneur at our 12-step meeting.

From all that, we put together a new image. We leave the lawyer behind. Change our behavior and the mindset will follow.

The fourth reason we don’t have an edge in career change is fear. That is one of the most primitive emotions. And it can kill. The woman is attacked. She’s too gripped by fear to even scream. She winds up murdered. The former partner is overcome by fear of the future. He starts on a downward trajectory. The partner fears being laid off. That so controls her that she makes all the wrong moves. She is laid off.

The good news is that science and experience show that fear is manageable. Fear doesn’t have to determine our behavior.

The first step is awareness. We ask ourselves: What’s going on? The answer could be fear. Awareness is our primary tool for dealing with fear.

Once we’re aware, we take action. There are so many tactics. We can concentrate on how we inhale and exhale. It’s a calming and centering ritual. We can learn more sophisticated meditation techniques. We can attend a free support group, such as 12-step meetings, to learn how to turn our fear over to the universe. There are medications which block anxiety attacks so they won’t occur. We can take advantage of cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. FORBES, the bible of capitalism, recognized CBT as working and only taking five months treatment time. The effectiveness of CBT comes from its orientation toward doing something. If we are in the act of doing, not feeling, we are not in the fear zone.

The fifth reason we blow opportunities to move to a fresh career is immaturity. None of us is fully grown up. During crisis, we tend to regress. His or her majesty the baby emerges and messes up everything.

There are a number of definitions of being grown up. One comes from a short story by Truman Capote. That story is “New York, 1949.” In it, the narrator concludes maturing means realizing that not everyone loves us. Another definition comes from psychologists. They posit we grow up when we accept that we are totally responsible for taking care of ourselves and that we are fully equipped to do that job. If we accept that responsibility we don’t waste energy blaming others for what was, is or will be.

Believe me, career transition goes more easily when we are grown up. In 2003, I finally achieved that developmental milestone.

Okay, we know the Five Demons lurking to derail us: They are Self-hate, The Past, Ambivalence, Fear, and Immaturity. Now let’s look at how to steer clear of them as we do our resumes and cover letters and perform in interviews.

The resume. Actually, it’s plural: ResumeS. There will be resumes. We have to custom-make them for each line of work we are exploring. Generic resumes get tossed.

Essentially resumes are stories we create to tell employers, customers and clients what they want to hear. Resumes are not about us. They are pitches to reassure skittish buyers that we are the ones to purchase.

Buying is a high-stakes decision in this economy of scarcity. The wrong decision can cost money, the brand, the organizational confidence.

Here are resume must-dos.

Find out the format of resume the industry or the company prefers. There are many kinds of resumes. Contact headhunters or human resources at the organization about the pattern you should follow.

Research the industry and the organization to pick up on what matters, the language used, the way to signal accomplishments. Switch over to that mode of presenting yourself rather than how you presented yourself as a lawyer. The first thing smart professionals do when entering a new field or organization is talk like “they” do.

Limit your professional history to the last 10 years. Otherwise you’re flagging yourself as “old.”

Be concrete. The more quantitative the better. Example, “The team brought in $2.3 million of new business.”

Turn negatives into positives. If you were in prison, describe the literary program you created there.

Fill in gaps. It doesn’t matter how. What matters is that you’re communicating to the employer that you know the game. The game is that there can’t be gaps in employment history. You might have been trying to start a new business. You might have been consulting. You might have been taking temporary assignments. You might have been working for your brother-in-law.
Delete what doesn’t align with a specific job description or assignments. The story has to be consistent and move forward. Less is more.

Video resumes are fine. But make sure your photo puts you at an advantage.

Keep asking yourself: Does this resume sound like it’s from a lawyer or does it communicate a new professional identity?

Based on feedback, keep revising the resume.

I have been asked? Is lying okay.

No, lying is not okay. What is okay is positioning and packaging yourself to give you the advantage in applying for a specific opportunity. Everything has to be geared to that particular job or assignment.

What are the red flags a resume isn’t effective? There are two. One is no response. The other is too fast a response. And that response is rejection.

Should you use a professional resume service? If you are not getting interviews, that means your resume isn’t working. If you can’t fix that, yes, research resume services. They vary in quality.

Next is the cover letter. I view the cover letter as a type of performance art. It’s dynamic. It should set off electricity. We are pulling out all stops to get the reader’s attention. Our goal is for the reader to take the next steps, which are moving on to review our resume and then invite us for an interview.

Again, we are telling the story employers want to hear. This is not our story. This is a story custom-made for them.

Business is personal. We start out saying something about the organization. That means we did our research. What we say should be directly aligned with why we’re enthusiastic about applying for this opportunity.

Next, present your strongest evidence that you are the best candidate. Make explicit what edge you’re bringing. Be concrete. Employers want to hear about how you can do more with less. How your legal background can prevent problems with compliance. How you developed new business for a previous employer.

Go beyond. Offer to develop a marketing plan as part of the application process. Offer to work free for a week. Offer to do a competitive analysis.

Yes, you can attach material that is directly related to that job. For example, I would attach a chapter I ghostwrote on measurement when applying for an assignment on metrics in online communications.

Give a call to action. Say you will follow up with a phone call if that’s allowed.
Otherwise let them know how they can reach you.

If you’re not getting a response, try other approaches. If those aren’t effective, then consider hiring professional communications help. Strong cover letters do get a response. That’s the purpose of cover letters: To have you stand out so the employer notices you.

The third piece is the interview. You could be reviewed by email, phone, and in-person. As every salesperson knows, the way to “close” is to mirror the organization and the particular people in the loop. We humans are tribal. We want to be with our own. You want to demonstrate you can become a member of that tribe.

Mirroring requires research about the organizational culture and, if possible, about the screeners. In addition, once the process is underway, you will do speedreading. Based on what you are picking up, you will adjust your tone, pacing, language, and the kind of evidence you present. One technique is to act as if you are already a member of the team. Use the term “we.” Suggest ways you can help out.

Mirroring is an art, not a science. Mirror too closely and you come across as a caricature. Mirror too selectively and you will be giving off mixed signals that confuse the screeners.

Mastering this art demands practice. That’s why you will push for every interview you can get. In the beginning you will probably perform poorly. After the interview, reverse-engineer every aspect to discover what you could have done better and what was a fatal move.

Here are the interviews must-dos.

Understand that interviewers fall into types. There are essentially two types. One is the good cop. That tactic is meant to lull us into relaxing – too much. Never fall for that. The other is the bad cop. That approach is meant to shake us up. Once we are aware this is the game, we can manage it. The focus is presenting yourself as the best candidate for the position.

Accept that not every organization is the fit for you. Interviews are a two-way street. We are checking them out just like they are checking us out. The marketplace is fragmented. That means there are diverse settings in which we can work.

Be detached. The most successful salespeople adopt an attitude of nonattachment. Intensity scares others. It also inhibits our ability to speedread and make the best response. One trick is to position the interview as for something which will be a sort of temporary assignment. Nice to have. Useful. But not to take too seriously.

Mid-course, interviews going badly can be rescued. One tactic is to become explicit about sensing concerns by the employer or misconceptions they might have. Then address them. You have nothing to lose and the practice will do you good.

Follow-up. Yes, you can forward a paper you just published or an accomplishment on a part-time job.

Accept that there is learning curve. The way to keep count is if you’re improving in how you present yourself, not if you get the job.

Okay, we know how to approach resumes, cover letters, and interviews. What else could we be doing to change our behavior to make transition smoother and to get what we want in terms of how we earn a living?

Here are seven tips.

One, Be optimistic. There’s good reason for that. A study done by policy experts Barry Bluestone and Mark Melnick predicts this: By 2018, the American economy will create 14.6 million nonfarm jobs. That will generate a job GLUT. There will be a gap between demand for manpower and the supply. That’s where we come in. We older professionals will receive incentives to keep in the labor force. If you choose, we will stay employed into our 70s, 80s, and 90s. Already that phenomenon has been framed as The Gray Revolution. Human resources departments are already busy making Gray-friendly policies.

Two, Never leave home without a cover story. We owe no one information about what is going on inside us or in our job search. The best defense is the offense. Cover stories about what we’re up to puts us out there on the offense. We only have to let our families in.

Three, Get work. Any type. No, not volunteer activities. No matter how much severance you receive, paid employment puts us in the marketplace now. We’re liberated from the past.

We have a front-row seat at observing the new marketplace.

Four, Planning can box us into only seeing certain opportunities. Better to stay totally open. This is a volatile marketplace. Good things usually fall into our laps.

Five, Prune your network. The old crowd probably doesn’t want to see you. Research shows that weak links or distant ties are where jobs come from. Once we’re out of our traditional networks we have access to new sources of information. Also our new contacts don’t pigeon-hole us as to what we can or cannot do. They might say, “Mike, there’s an opening in my building for a salesman you’d be perfect for.” Our former contacts might not have seen us in the salesman role.

Six, Honor the Sabbath. Taking breaks from career transition keeps us alert and creative.

Seven, Love learning. That’s what the new economy is all about. Learn and earn. We learn from every “no” we receive. Failure is the new rite of passage. If we’re not failing often and failing fast we’re not trying enough that’s new and learning enough.

Well, you can learn a lot more from my new book OVER-50: HOW WE KEEP WORKING. It’s available online from Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.com.

Thank you for your attention.


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A little information about Excel Tutoring :

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04/01/10 The Greenwich First Selectman Report

The Latest News About Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei

FEMA tours town to assess damages
Greenwich Time
First Selectman Peter Tesei, who was on hand for the tour, said the visits were key. "This is an integral part of supporting the overall request for a ...

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei In The Blogosphere

UPI - 03/31/10 Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei Says No To Accountability ...
03/31/10 Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei Says No To Accountability. Greenwich Roundup. Mar. 31, 2010. To The Editor, The last two emergency responses ...
03/31/10 Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei Says No To ...
To The Editor, The last two emergency responses I've witnessed in Greenwich have been far from what could be called managed. The major flooding of April ...
fwix.com/.../033110_greenwich_first_selectman_peter_tesei_says_no_to_ accountability
Community leaders launch yearly campaign against sexual assault ...
First Selectman Peter Tesei, right, proclaimed April to be Sexual Assault ... Richard ...
Initial tab for town storm damage hits $800000 - New Canaan News
... an initial step in qualifying for any financial aid from the federal government, according to First Selectman Peter Tesei. In a meeting at the Emergency ...

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04/01/10 Local Greenwich Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

Some Greenwich Headge Funds Have Ceased To Function Overnight

The trouble began after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in fact, just a meaningless and intangible social construct.

What began as a routine appearance on the Larry King Show ended with Bernanke passionately disavowing the entire concept of currency, and negating in an instant the very foundation of the local Greenwich economy.

"Though raising interest rates is unlikely at the moment, the Fed will of course act appropriately if we…if we…" Bernanke, who then paused for a moment on the Larry King Show and then shook his head in utter disbelief. "You know what? It doesn't matter. None of this—this so-called 'money'—really matters at all."

"It's just an illusion," a wide-eyed Bernanke added as he removed bills from his wallet and slowly spread them out before him. "Just look at it: Meaningless pieces of paper with numbers printed on them. Worthless."

The CNN talk show host Larry King sat in thunderstruck silence for several moments until he finally shouted out, "Oh my God, he's right. It's all a mirage. All of it—the money, our whole economy—it's all a lie!"

Today as news of the nation's collectively held delusion spread, the economy ground to a halt, with dumbfounded citizens everywhere walking out on their jobs as they contemplated the little green drawings of buildings and dead white men they once used to measure their adequacy and importance as human beings.

At the New York Stock Exchange, this morning's opening bell echoed across a silent floor as the few Greenwich traders who arrived for work out of habit looked up blankly at the meaningless scrolling numbers on the flashing screens above.

"I've spent 25 years in this room yelling 'Buy, buy! Sell, sell!' and for what?" Greenwich resident Michael Bennett said. "All I've done is move arbitrary designations of wealth from one column to another, wasting my life chasing this unattainable hallucination of wealth."

"What a cruel cosmic joke," he added. "I'm going home to hug my daughter."

Sources at Greenwich Town Hall said First Selectman Peter Tesei was "still trying to get his head around all this" and was in seclusion with his coin collection, muttering "it's just metal, it's just metal" over and over again.

"The First Selectman will be making a statement very soon," town administrator John Crary told reporters. "At the moment, though, his mind is just too blown to comment."

A few Greenwich banks have remained open, though most teller windows are unmanned due to a lack of interest in transactions involving mere scraps of paper or, worse, decimal points and computer data signifying mere scraps of paper. At the Chase Bank branch at 500 West Putnam Avenue, curious former customers wandered aimlessly through a large empty vault, while several would-be robbers of a Chase bank in Old Greenwich put their guns down and exited the building hand in hand with a security guard, laughing over the inherent absurdity of the idea of $100 bills.

Likewise, the real estate industry has all but vanished, with mortgage lenders seeing no reason to stop people from reclaiming their foreclosed-upon homes.

"I don't even know what we were thinking in the first place," said real estate blogger Chris Fountain, as he jimmyed open a door to allow a single mother and her five children to move back into their house. "A bunch of people sign a bunch of papers, and now this family has no place to live? That's just plain ludicrous."

The realization that money is nothing more than an elaborate head game seems to have penetrated the entire town: In Byram, for instance, a collection agent reportedly broke down in joyful sobs when he informed a woman on the other end of the phone that he had absolutely no reason to harass her anymore, as her debt was no longer comprehensible.

For some Greenwich residents, the fog of disbelief surrounding the nation's epiphany has begun to lift, with many building new lives free from the illusion of money.

"It's back to basics for me," Sam Romeo of Cos Cob said. "I'm going to till the soil for my own sustenance and get anything else I need by bartering. If I want milk, I'll pay for it in tomatoes. If need a new hoe, I'll pay for it in lettuce."

When asked, hypothetically, how he would pay for complicated life-saving surgery for a loved one, Romeo seemed uncertain.

"That's a lot of vegetables, isn't it?" he said


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04/01/10 New comment about the Whitby School in Greenwich

Tami McCarthy has left a new comment on the Greenwich Roundup post "03/31/10 Whitby School is a Shining Star in Greenwich.":

Thanks for getting the word about this special school and its recent accomplishments!
Love your blog.


Tami McCarthy

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04/01/10 Greenwich Saab Is Growing As Westport Saab Is Closing

You Wont Read This At The Greenwich Time:

Greenwich Time Business Editor Jim Zebora Is Once Again Asleep At The Switch

Saab of Westport to merge with Cadillac-Saab of Greenwich

Saab of Westport announced that it will be merging its operations into its sister dealership, Cadillac-Saab of Greenwich. The announcement was made today by Pat Ryan, president of Saab of Westport, a member of The Ryan Auto Group.

According to Mr. Ryan, “This merger will enable us to increase operating efficiencies and maintain our service levels to our customers. It reflects the continuing business model of having fewer dealerships in a geographic marketplace, aiming to pass on to consumers savings realized by creating these economies of scale. Although we are sad to leave Westport after almost 30 years, Cadillac-Saab of Greenwich, which has been serving Greenwich for more than 10 years, will continue to serve the Westport marketplace and will become the largest dealership for those brands in Fairfield County.”

Saab of Greenwich is conveniently located at 144 Railroad Avenue in Greenwich, just off Exit 3 of I-95 and 1 block from the Greenwich train station. The dealership’s telephone number is 877-345-7222.

With regard to Saab’s future, the Saab brand was sold by General Motors to Spyker NV, a European manufacturer of exotic Sports cars. In a statement from Spyker with regard to its acquisition, they said, “(It) is great for Saab’s customers, dealers, suppliers and employees around the globe. The level of passion and support shown to Saab over recent months has been remarkable and this does bode well for the future. Now we aim to get back to the execution of our business plan, starting with the introduction of the new 9-5 later this year, and with the continued support of our employees and business partners, I am confident we will succeed.”

Mr. Ryan echoed enthusiasm for Saab’s future, “This is a great brand with a deep history and a unique plan to go forward. We are excited about being Saab’s largest dealer in Connecticut and, in fact, one of the largest in North America. Saab will return to its preeminence in an amazingly short period of time. Spyker’s new ownership has the vision right!”

It was also announced today that the current dealership location in Westport has been listed for lease with Cushman & Wakefield. Skip Lane and Jim Fagan of Cushman & Wakefield will be handling the assignment. While the property is well suited for a variety of uses, it is ownership’s intention to keep it as an auto dealership.

About Cadillac-Saab of Greenwich:

Ryan Auto Group owns and operates Saab of Greenwich the largest Saab dealer in Connecticut and one of the largest Saab dealers in the country. They additionally own and operate Cadillac of Greenwich which is one of the largest Cadillac dealers in the state. Patrick Ryan is the President of Ryan Auto Group.

About Cushman & Wakefield:

Cushman & Wakefield is the world's largest privately-held commercial real estate services firm. Founded in 1917, it has 231 offices in 58 countries and more than 13,000 employees. The firm represents a diverse customer base ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It offers a complete range of services within five primary disciplines: Transaction Services, including tenant and landlord representation in office, industrial and retail real estate; Capital Markets, including property sales, investment management, investment banking, debt and equity financing; Client Solutions, including integrated real estate strategies for large corporations and property owners, Consulting Services, including business and real estate consulting; and Valuation & Advisory Services, including appraisals, highest and best use analysis, dispute resolution and litigation support, along with specialized expertise in various industry sectors. A recognized leader in global real estate research, the firm publishes a broad array of proprietary reports available on its online Knowledge Center at

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04/01/10 YOU WONT READ THIS IN THE GREENWICH TIME: Greenwich Democratic Senate Candidate Lee Whitnum Calls For The Resignation Of Richard Blumenthal

Democratic candidate Lee Whitnum calls for the resignation of Richard Blumenthal as Attorney General and as a Democratic candidate for the US Senate.

Candidate Whitnum will meet press members:

4/1/10 8:00 – 8:30 pm and 4/2/10 7:30 – 8:00 am in the lobby of her residence
2 Homestead Lane, Greenwich, CT 06831. Please buzz unit 305.

Democratic Senate candidate Lee Whitnum called for the resignation of Richard Blumenthal today as the Attorney General and as the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. “He’s not fit,” said Whitnum. “He should have been protecting us, the people of Connecticut and the people of the United States. He should have installed the Martin Act the first year he was in office. The entire AIG FP fiasco could have been prevented. He didn’t do his job and as a result, the greatest financial debacle and bailout in this recession took place right here in Wilton, Connecticut.”

AIG Financial Products Division (AIG FP) in Wilton, Connecticut, is the branch of AIG responsible for guaranteeing the subprime loans and the office responsible for the biggest losses in Wall Street history since the Great Depression. According to the Hartford Current, “FP’s share of the AIG bonuses, combined with its central role in the meltdown that led to $170 billion of taxpayer bailouts, has incited politicians of every stripe, from President Barack Obama to state lawmakers, to decry AIG and its FP unit as “the great villains of this recession.”

AIG FP the biggest villain of this recession, and it happened right here in Wilton! Why? Because Richard Blumenthal didn’t do his job. Our country will now have to pay for that bailout for years to come,” said Whitnum. “He needs to resign. He should have barged into the Wilton office and cracked heads Elliot Spitzer style. He didn’t. He’ll say his hands were tied – well he should have installed the Martin Act.”

As Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer used the Martin Act to crack down on abuse. The 1921 Martin Act grants extraordinary powers to an attorney general when fighting financial fraud. According to Nicholas Thompson in Legal Affairs (
http://www.legalaffairs.org/Library/sub_pop_032003.html) an attorney general can “subpoena any document he wants from anyone doing business in the state,” make investigations secret or public at his whim, and “choose between filing civil or criminal charges whenever he wants. …”people called in for questioning during Martin Act investigations do not have a right to counsel or a right against self-incrimination. Combined, the act’s powers exceed those given any regulator in any other state.”

“The Martin Act gave Elliot Spitzer the power to crack heads and everyone in Wall Street knew it,” said Whitnum. “Never once did I hear a Wall Streeter express any fear for our Attorney General. Connecticut was lawless land for these guys.” Whitnum claimed. “Conversely, fear and disdain for Spitzer was expressed all the time. To his credit, Spitzer had the power and the knowledge and used it.”

“None of the Connecticut General Statutes grant the power of the New York Martin Act and Donnelly Acts, but Blumenthal failed us either way, if he had the power and didn’t act he failed us, and if he didn’t have the power he should have anticipated their need and made sure he got it,” said Whitnum. “As Wall Street offices migrated up here to get away from Spitzer and the power of the Martin Act, why didn’t Blumenthal take the necessary legal steps to install the Martin Act in Connecticut? Why didn’t he protect us? It was his responsibility. Common sense should have dictated that,” said Whitnum. “So Blumenthal literally drove past the AIG FP Wilton office every day to work in Hartford. If he had the power of the Martin Act, Blumenthal could have stopped in at any time. Did he even know they were there? It was his job; he failed us and his country.”

“A failure at such a cataclysmic level should not go rewarded. It’s bad enough that he hasn’t resigned as Attorney General, it is morally wrong to reward a man by making him the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate,” said Whitnum. “In his own words Blumenthal called the AIG FP meltdown ‘financial failure and economic destruction at the outrageous expense of taxpayers.’

“Well Mr. Blumenthal should look no further than his own mirror when assigning blame,” said Whitnum pointing out that Blumenthal also stated that he would prevent the AIG FP office from getting bonuses this year and failed.

“A year ago, Blumenthal said that he would stop the bonuses to the AIG FP office. He didn’t. Bonuses to the very people responsible! It’s outrageous!” said Whitnum. “If he’d had the Martin Act he could have filed civil or criminal charges. Even if he didn’t have the Martin Act, he could have modified any cause of action – being creative – anything to prevent those bonuses with taxpayer money – instead he failed and gave us excuses.”

Whitnum is referring to Blumenthal’s statement in March of 2009, “We should use any and every well-founded legal weapon to recapture these baseless bonuses at AIG — rewards for financial failure and economic destruction at the outrageous expense of taxpayers. My office will carefully investigate the merits of AIG’s claims under the Connecticut Wage Act, and will take every step necessary to fight this gross misuse of taxpayer money. Corporate collapse demands accountability — not windfall payments.”

“Blumenthal is all talk and no follow-through,” said Whitnum who claims she called AIG FP and they did indeed get bonuses in March of this year. “He could have stretched some cause of action to prevent those guys from getting their bonuses. Did Mr. Blumenthal even try to stop them?” Asked Whitnum. “I doubt it.”

Whitnum claims she got an email on March 18, 2010 from Mark Herr of AIG and they recently paid, ‘sharply reduced retention payments to employees of AIG FP”. In other words, they got bonuses this year. “This Attorney General did not do what he said he would!” said Whitnum. “Why do we keep rewarding those most responsible for the complete financial meltdown of our country – including Richard Blumenthal?” asked Whitnum. “Blumenthal has proven he’s reactive not proactive. We don’t need that in the Senate – there are enough go-along-to-get-along-types there already.”

Whitnum added, “Now Blumenthal is going after the rating agency Moody’s like he’s some sort of maverick. It wasn’t even his idea – the attorney general in Ohio did it first. Blumenthal has proven he is no star. It’s all about headlines.” said Whitnum. “We needed someone with an intellect that anticipates and the moral outrage to fight.”

Whitnum contrast him to Elliot Spitzer who as attorney general according the New York Times, ‘ridiculed regulators for not cracking down enough.’ “He was like the naysayer at the party, and he was mocked for it, who’s laughing now,” said Whitnum. “You’ve got to admire a guy who is a purist and a fighter,” laughs Whitnum referring to Elliot Spitzer Time 3/15/10 Magazine article. “Spitzer on his Utah ski vacation, stripped of power, and he’s still fighting, having words with the “Wall Street guys” at the bar for what they did to their country. If we’d had an Attorney General with a half of Spitzer’s fire perhaps AIG FP financial melt-down could have been prevented. Here’s another example…,” said Whitnum.

In the September 16, of 2005 Greenwich Time Blumenthal said he had “..plans to lead a task force to explore reforming the industry,” the hedge fund industry. “Like the AIG FP bonuses, Blumenthal grabs headlines at what he is going to do and then he drops the ball – and this is just the public stuff. Makes you wonder if anyone is watching his legal work. Blumenthal has to go.

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