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Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/02/08 Peeping Toms Are A Huge Problem In Greenwich

I'm very excited for tonight's debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. If I had any friends in Connecticut who gave a crap about the debate, I would have a debate party. Instead, I will have a party in my pajamas with Chubby Hubby ice cream. I hope they ask Palin about abortion, the Supreme Court, Russia and gay marriage. She is an IDIOT.

Also, our "roof dwellers" are back. For those of you who don't know about the roof dwellers, these are kids that somehow climb onto our roof and look into our bathroom skylight. Needless to say, I'm afraid to shower until it gets dark out. Not because I really care all that much if they see me, but because when I see THEM I freak out. I have no idea why they go up there, but apparently ours is not the only building they climb on. This is a huge problem in Greenwich. This is our crime in this town. Peeping Toms. Insane.

When you take your next shower, imagine the possibility of Peeping Toms watching you. I bet you suck in your stomach and contort a little differently than you would in a "windowless" bathroom. I hate trying to look like a supermodel in my shower. It's hard enough to come close hours AFTER my shower. Then I look like Gisele. Or was it a gazelle? I can't remember. Probably the first one.
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10/02/08 Now You Can Downlaod What Joe Pisani Hid From You For So Many Years

Now Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe "the Censor"Pisani Can Get The Movie That's Based On The Book That's Based On The Greenwich Time Investigative Report That He Sat On For Over A Decade

by winikblogikx

The true story of former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman’s investigation into a Greenwich, Connecticut murder, resulting in the arrest and conviction of Kennedy nephew Michael Skakel. Starring Robert Forster (Mulholland Drive ...

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10/02/08 In These Tough Times Will You Be Willing To Drop A $100 Per Person For A Charity Wine Cheese Event?

This annual event to support the Orchestra`s Young People`s Concerts for students in Greenwich public and private schools will be at Richards 359 Greenwich Avenue for its fourth year. Again it will feature over 50 wine selections by Terry Rogers of Horseneck Wine & Liquor paired with an array of gourmet cheeses donated by Whole Foods and passed delicasies from Food Design. Background music of soft jazz peformed by Greenwich Symphony Orchestra persussionist Larry Spivack leading a quartet. There will also be a silent auction of excellent wine and cheese related items

10/02/08 Cos Cob Volunteer Firemen Get Ripped Off For Close to $2,000

Maybe Next Time The Fire Patrol Should Use VISA

Winners In A Cos Cob Fire Police Prize Discover They Had Been Cheated

Recently, members of the Cos Cob Fire Patrol Handed Out Five Prizes.

They Were Each An American Express $500 Gift Card.

But When Winners Went To Use The Cards They Found Out That They And The Fire Patrol Had Been Scammed. Most Of The Money Stored On The Cards Had Already Been Spent.

American Express Should Take This Situation More Seriously And Help The Volunteer Fire Patrol Find Out Who Ripped Them Off.

The Fire Patrol Has A Right To Know What And Where Items Were Bought With The $500 Gift Cards. American Express Should Understand That The Way This Situation Is Being Handled Has Let Many In Town Very Angry.

The Fire Patrol Should File A Police Report With The Greenwich Police Department, Who Might Be Able To Get American Express To Say What, When And Where Things Were Purchased.

Maybe There Is Surveillance Cameras In Those Stores.

Not To Mention The Embarrassment That Has Been Caused To The Volunteer Fire Patrol.


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10/02/08 Every time Greenwich Roundup sets a new record I get lazy and unfocused. I start thinking of the future instead of today's news events.

We can Change Things In America

And We Can Change Things

In Greenwich.

In Fact, We Already Are Changing

Things In Greenwich.

We Set Another Record !!!!

Yesterday we had 1,256 Visitors !!!!

When I looked at yesterday's web traffic I was sure I had a feeling that we were going to break 1000 visitors in a day, but I had no idea that we would break the 1200 mark !!!!!

The first thing I did was to tell my family and all of them including my wife had no interest what so ever. But my family has all ways been that way.

When I set up a Linux Server, they yawned.

When I dumped micro$haft and put Linux in my Laptop and everything actually worked.

They walked away as I danced around the house saying,"Yes !!!, Yes !!!!, Yes !!!!"

Years ago when when I founded a stamp collecting message board called All-Nations Stamp Club my family was unimpressed even though it still has 1252 current members and is the most active stamp collecting message board at MSN. In the days of blogs and social networking the message boards or Internet groups are a thing of the past. In fact if you go to MSN.com and look for MSN Groups you can't even find a link anymore.

MSN GROUPS is almost like the old USENET GROUPS you have to know where to look. If MSN provided a Prominent link on it's home page All-Nations Stamp Club would easily have over 5,000 active users.

To this day if you punch the Words "All Nations Stamp Club" the listing comes up number one on Google.

If you go to Google and type in "Free Stamps" or "Free USA Stamps" or even "Free United States Stamps" you will get my very first website FREE UNITED STATES STAMPS . Getting the top listing at Google using the keyword "FREE" is not easy.

Twice a week I pick up a couple of dozen requests for collectible stamps for beginners.

But my family could care less.

It is just like when you type in the words "Greenwich Roundup" into the worlds most popular search engine and you will see this website as the number one listing on Google

When you type in "Greenwich Guy" you don't get that blog on the main Google search page.

When you type in "Our Greenwich" you don't get Sarah Littman and Joe Pisani's blog on the main Google search page.

When you type in "For What It's Worth" you don't get one of my favorite bloggers Chris Fountain on the main Google search page.

I am not saying this to brag or to put down any other bloggers.

I am saying this to prove what I have been saying for well over a year. The town of Greenwich is going to have a web portal that provides an alternative voice to the compliant mainstream news websites in town.

It might be this blog which has a goal of "Rounding Up" all the voices in Greenwich society into one place or it might be someone who is much more wealthy and smarter than I who develops a whole different platform for Greenwich.

It really doesn't matter how it comes about, it just needs to come about as soon as possible.

Since January or February of this year I have had people laugh in my face when I have said that Greenwich Roundup will eventually have more web traffic than the Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich-Post and the Greenwich Time combined. Some of the people that laughed the hardest were my own family members.

If the publishers of one of the so-called Greenwich News Websites were able to think out side of the box they would reach out to bloggers Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip or Claudia Rothman at Greenwich Diva and set up Greenwich Blogger page that linked prominently from their main page.

But they are not smart enough to include the voices of citizen journalists on their websites. If they were really able to think out side of the box they would put me in charge of the project.

But these empty corporate suits are not entrepreneurial or smart enough to build a social network around their news websites and will be buried by a website that can do this.

Soon the Bloggers of Greenwich will have enough combined web traffic that they can combine and monetize a Greenwich Web Portal.

Fortunately for Greenwich Newspaper publishers organizing independent bloggers and citizen journalists is like herding cats down the Post Road.

Not every one of my web projects has went to number one, for example I am the editor for the Topix Message Board for Greenwich, CT . Currently out of over 300 community message boards for Connecticut the Greenwich Message Board is ranked number three in the state. I have just barely beat out New Haven and now must take down Stratford, CT And Hartford, CT in order to be number one.

I already have better numbers than Bridgeport, Danbury, New Canaan, Norwalk, and Stamford. I would have already been the top message board in the state, but I have been very busy with Greenwich Roundup lately.

However now that Greenwich Roundup has came in with over 1000 visitors for two of the last six days I can go back and pay a little more attention to the Greenwich CT message board.

I was the topix editor before I even started Greenwich Roundup and at one time the topix page was ranked number 1 in Connecticut, but I put that project on the back burner as I put all my efforts into Greenwich Roundup.

Right now my head is so big I can barely dance around my house singing "We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions".

The Greenwich Newspaper had better start getting hyper local and including all the voices of Greenwich or someone is going to eat their lunch.

One more note this is really turning out to be a fun day, I was invited to watch Sarah Palin's debate tonight, but I bowed out when I found out that there was going to be this big drinking game centered around her anticipated screw ups. I am just not into that anymore.

Instead, I am going to a dinner and Bible study group. Actually at the last two dinners Sarah has been brought up and by this group which includes a person that works at Fox News. We have had extensive debates about Ms. Palin, and some how out of this group of well educated men I am the only one saying that she is not ready for the national stage.

Maybe tonight we should watch the debate after the Bible study and they can pray for John McCain every time she screws up. Miracles do happen.

Please See:

09/26/08 We Don't Know Why, But Yesterday We Had Over 1ooo Visitors Come And Read About What's Going On In Greenwich.


I would like to recognize the web skills of of one my pastors Nick Uva.

Harvest Time Church website is listed as number one at Google. Even though there are many other Harvest Time Churches around the world. In fact there are 754,000 links for Harvest Time Church at Google.

Pray Connecticut website is listed as number one at Google.

The Daily Spurgeon website is listed as number one at Google.

Besides being a great webmater he is a real egghead.

Be is a former attorney like Chris Fountain.

He is a nusician and leads one of the church's bands.

He known for prepaing outstanding church divotionals.

And unlike myself, he is kind to everyone he meets.
Hopefully, I will learn to tame of some of the justified anger I have and take Greenwich Roundup to the next level. If anyone would like to help me work on improving Greenwich Roundup for the better, then please send me an email.
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10/02/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Thursday

Blogs About Greenwich Or That Are Written By Citizen Journalists Who Live, Work Or Used To Live In Greenwich......

For What It's Worth
So who's lying, the Democrat Majority Leader or his spokesman? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pressed for passage, with the alarming news that ...

Greenwich Forum
Ham Ave. keeping contractor - Greenwich Time - 3 Comments, last updated on Thursday Oct 2 by Wrong end of the stick

Greenwich News
Hurricanes send jobless claims highest in 7 years - The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for jobless benefits rose to their highest in seven years due to the impact of hurricanes Ike and Gustav....

The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
Book Recommendation: Indignation - *Indignation, by Philip Roth* *"Is that what eternity is for, to muck over a life's minutiae? Who could have imagined that one would have forever to remem...

As you settle down with your popcorn tonight - to watch the Palin/Biden debate, let's remember what our Congressman Chris Shays thinks about Govenor Sarah Palin - in a word: "Awesome!" Shays has got ....

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Great Books - *When:* Thursday October 2nd, 2008 - 09:30 AM *Where:* Greenwich Library at The Jewel Discussion Series

The Harvest From Harvest Time Church On King Street
Day 14: They Kept Going, And Going, And Going... - Hanun and the inhabitants of Zanoah repaired the valley gate; they built it and set up its doors, its lacks and its bars, and a thousand cubits on the wall...

Greenwich Diva
McCain has given up on winning Michigan - McCain Campaign Pulling Out Of Michigan And Staffing Up In Virginia By Greg Sargent - October 2, 2008, 3:15PM John McCain is pulling out of Michigan, acc...

John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy Page At Our Greenwich
There Really is a Lovers Lane, this one is in Madison, Conn. -

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
Seeing Palin over thru Tina Fey - Pop Culture Always Trumps Reality - T.S. Eliot nailed it decades ago: We human kind can't handle too much reality. No surprise, we grab onto everything we can to duck that reality bullet. The b...

The Blonde Excuse
The Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen To Me - So, remember a little while ago when I said that Thataway Cafe is my favorite place to "see and be seen"?? Well, I was absolutely right (as always). Apparent...

Exit 55
Stand Up, Chuck! - Priceless. By the way, I'd do it for either side of the aisle. I have no rooting interest here. Enjoy the debate tonight! I'll be flipping between that a...

Sarah Darer Littman - Politics Above the Parapet At Our Greenwich
Himes raises record $800K in third quarter - Despite an economic climate where even the people who I normally call when I’m freaking out about the stock market are freaking out about the stock market,...

Pray Connecticut
What happens when same-sex marriage is permitted? - Think it can't affect you or affect many different spheres in society? Think again! Watch this video which is being used to rally people to the pro-family ...

The Daily Spurgeon
Pray for the man of God - It would be well if every youthful aspirant to the gospel ministry would remember this, if merely to put our hand to the plough proved us to be called of...

Rock Star Diary
Fall BBQ - The skybars days are numbered....maybe a couple of warm days left in October and the roof will be shuttered for the winter. Sigh. So I have started to clean ...
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10/02/08 Reporters And Real Estate Insiders Are Still Talking About The IRS Auction Held In Greenwich

NY Daily News

While people are pointing at Manhattan, the Hamptons and Greenwich, Conn., as wealthy communities facing foreclosure, no one really seems to want to capitalize on paying less for homes put on the block by the IRS or banks that now own these properties. At a front-step live auction held in Greenwich last week, only one bidder showed up. He got the property for the asking price of $2.5 million, $200,000 more than was paid for the 7,000-square-foot mansion in 1999.

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The Real Deal

... ket four years after listing it for $70 million. Outside the city, the price of Leona Helmsley's 40-acre estate in Greenwich, CT has been slashed from $125 million to $95 million.
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10/02/08 Frank Chimblo Gives Republican A New Cos Cob Headquarters At 407 East Putnam Avenue

Just in time to watch the first and only debate between GOP sweetheart Sarah Palin and vice presidential rival Joe Biden, Greenwich Republicans opened their new headquarters Thursday under windy but sunny skies.

The weather fit the message relayed by each speaker to stand before the red, white and blue bunting-clad podium outside 407 East Putnam Ave., during a noon ribbon cutting ceremony: A hard fight lay ahead, but victory for the entire Republican ticket is the certain reward.

"There's a great deal of hope here today," said Republican Town Committee Chairman John Raben before introducing Scott Frantz, candidate for the 36th District state Senate seat against Democrat Mark Diamond.

In an interview, Frantz, fresh from the previous night's League of Women Voter's debate, said he welcomed the prospect of working for his district now more than ever.

"I love a challenge," he said. "If everything that's going on with the economy is as bad as it's said to be, now is the time for those with experience to step up."

Fred Camillo, who is running for the 151st state House seat against Democrat Ed Krumeich, said from under the shade of his Yankees cap that he's ready to serve his community,
"It's fitting to have the headquarters in this part of town," he said of the location in Cos Cob, where he grew up, "and I say that with enormous pride." ....


GOP Headquarters open in Cos Cob

by sarahdarerlittman

The Republican Town Committee has opened its election headquarters at Cos Cob Plaza. Open for business - GOP Election HQ in Cos Cob. Open for business - GOP Election HQ in Cos Cob. Coming soon - Democratic headquarters on Railroad ...

Our Greenwich - http://ourgreenwich.com


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10/02/08 Wall Street Sinks On Unemployment News - Jobless claims hit 7 year high

KEX-AM Portland

... rate will peak about 6.7 percent next year," Saporta said. Steve Goldman, market strategist at Weeden and Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut, agreed "the economic picture is going to get worse," but the stock market's 9-percent drop last month showed ...


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10/02/08 Hearst Media is in the House - Greenwich Citizen Updates It's Website On A Thursday

Hearst Media Radically Shakes Things Up

Before Hearst Media Took Over The Greenwich Citizen Only Updated It's Web Site Only Once A Week On A Friday afternoon. This Week The Greenwich Citizen Updated At Least Three Times This Week.

Greenwich Citizen Sports Links For Thursday

Pigskin Preview

Greenwich at Danbury, Today, 7 p.m. The Cardinals certainly got a listing ship righted last week.
Memories Flow When Teufel, Friends Talk About the Old 'Homes'

Greenwich native Tim Teufel, now a manager in the New York Mets farm system and former Met player, returned to Greenwich last Thursday for the 18th annual Tim Teufel Celebrity Golf Classic at Tammarack Country ...

Angry Cardinals Stomp Senators, 48-7

Greenwich High halfback Erik Camacho busts through the line of scrimmage in last week s blowout win over McMahon of Norwalk.

Bruins Give Wyverns the Royal Treatment

... Royal rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns in last week s win over Kingswood-Oxford. (Dave Choate / for the Greenwich Citizen) second quarter, but to his credit, he came back in there and showed a lot of courage when he returned. I think, at that ...
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10/02/08 Big institutional investors are growing unsure about hedge funds in general

CNN Money

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The domino nature of the looming hedge fund crisis is neatly illustrated by the troubles of a high-flying .....

... on behalf of pensions, endowments and wealthy individuals. It saw its $200 million investment in SageCrest LLC, a Greenwich, Conn.-based real estate lending fund, jeopardized last year when that fund wrote down 55% of its portfolio. In August, two ...
Financial Times, UK
By John Authers
Wall Street's eyes are on Washington, but there are increasingly anxious glances towards Greenwich, Connecticut, the capital of hedge fund ...


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10/02/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Thursday

Daniella Sklarz and Leigh Freedman cast away their transgressions as they cast bread into the water at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park Tuesday afternoon during a Tashlich service of Greenwich Reform Synagogue.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has rescheduled last weekend's planned skatepark competition for this weekend, Saturday, Oct. 4 at 2.

This is the kind of season that the Greenwich High School girls volleyball team has been dreaming about.

As of press time, the Cardinals are a perfect 9-0 on the season and have already qualified for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference tournament.

For Greenwich resident Lory Kelsey, the past 18 months have been anything but a walk in the park. Now, with a complaint against the town filed in court, she’s hoping to recoup her losses and move on with her life.

When a wild turkey that had been making its home in Old Greenwich over recent months was taken into custody by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Monday morning, Henrietta had to be renamed Henry.

For Greenwich resident Lory Kelsey, the past 18 months have been anything but a walk in the park. Now, with a complaint against the town filed in court, she’s hoping to recoup her losses and move on with her life.

Margaret Barisone remembers the day well.

Her grandfather, through a business associate, had the use for a day of a yacht that had once

belonged to J.P. Morgan, and she’d been invited to come along as it sailed on Long Island Sound. Even though they were from the Greenwich side of the sound, the ship set off from New York.

Ms. Barisone looked forward to a fun day on the water. But while she was swimming in Cold Spring Harbor, her class ring from Greenwich Academy slipped off her finger and fell to the ocean floor, where she believed it would stay.

If more Connecticut residents worked from home, could it help solve some of the state’s transportation and environmental issues?

The Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee has decided against pulling the bond for the project’s contractor, Worth Construction, saying the school is nearly finished and such an action would cause too many delays.

Thomas G. Petersen Sr., 88, died Saturday, Sept. 27 in his home at Edgehill in Stamford. He was retired from his position as chairman of the board of Emerson Quiet Cool Corporation and chief operating officer of the Jepson Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.

He was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.. During his life, he lived in Wilton, then 25 years in Rumson, N.J.; before moving to Edgehill to be closer to his family.

He was proceeded by his parents, Thorwald and Florence Downey Petersen, his wife of 59 years, Margaret O’Connor Petersen, a son Timothy Edward Petersen and a sister Marguerite Petersen Marchinek.

Surviving him are two sons and daughters-in-law: Thomas G. Jr. and Kathleen Rearick Petersen of Riverside and Robert L. and Arlene Doherty Petersen of Westport, grandsons T. G. “Sloop” Petersen III and Ryan Thomas Petersen, granddaughter Kathryn Margaret Petersen and great grandchildren Grace Elizabeth Petersen and Juliet Connor Petersen.

There is no visitation. A memorial mass will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Riverside. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name to the American Heart Association, 5 Brookside Drive, Wallingford CT 06492.


Mickelle Reece-Miller, 27, of Bridgeport was arrested Sept. 30 and charged with criminal attempt at larceny in the fourth degree. Reece-Miller reportedly turned herself in on a warrant stemming from an Aug. 22 incident. She had allegedly stolen three checks from a previous employer in town and attempted to cash one of them at a Bank of America in Norwalk. Reece-Miller was released on a $100 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 7.


Anthony Rinaldi, 38, of 5 Pleasant St. was arrested Sept. 30 and charged with second degree threatening and second degree harassment. Police had been investigating an unrelated incident when it was determined the department held an active warrant for Rinaldi’s arrest. He had allegedly sent several threatening and harassing text messages to another person on Aug. 17 after having been previously advised by authorities not to have any contact. Rinaldi was released on a $500 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 8.


Lucia Espinoza, 30, of Port Chester, N.Y., and Soraya Espinoza, 31, and Esmerelda Torres, 21, both of Greenwich, were all arrested Oct. 1 and charged with disorderly conduct. Police had been sent to the scene after reports of a disturbance, and determined the women had been having a discussion that escalated into an argument and then into a minor confrontation. They were all released on promises to appear in court Oct. 2.

Stop The Presses It Is Time For Susie "The Dish" Costaregni

Scene ... Rap mogul Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy, was seen with his bodyguard at Greenwich High School recently. He was watching a football scrimmage involving a team from Mount Vernon, N.Y., where his son is rumored to attend school. Mr. Combs grew up in Mount Vernon and attended Mount Vernon Montessori School.

Speaking of rappers, did you know that hip-hop couple Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z were rumored to be house hunting in Greenwich?....

....Scene ... Greenwich resident and Motown diva Diana Ross was seen outside of Carlo & Co. at the Whole Foods Shopping Center last week. ....

....Out there ... Milo Fuscaldo and his band Road Trip will kick off the Greenwich High School Class of 1968 reunion tomorrow night at the Beach House Café in Old Greenwich.

Scene ... Westport resident and crooner Michael Bolton was seen at Valbella restaurant in Riverside recently at a private cocktail party. Mr. Bolton performed the following night with Dave Mason at the Rich Forum, at his 16th annual charity concert to benefit women and children at risk. He looked great despite rumors of his recent break-up with fiancée and Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan.

Out there ... More than 550 people attended the Westport Country Playhouse’s annual benefit, “Footlights and Film: A Celebration of the Great Musicals from Stage and Screen,” hosted by actress Julia Roberts. Bernadette Peters (who rented a home in Old Greenwich while starring on Broadway) paid tribute to actress Angela Lansbury. Guests included Kate and Bob Devlin, James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart; Phyllis and David Komansky; Marilyn and Arthur Levitt; Lorrie and Jim Nantz; Joan and Joel Smilow; Harvey Weinstein; Jane and Brian Williams; artistic directors Joanne Woodward and Anne Keefe; managing director Jodi Schoenbrun Carter; Bob and Susan Wright, and Ralph and Ricky Lauren.

Out there ... A grand opening party takes place tonight at Salon Jaafar Tazi from 6 to 9 at 249 Greenwich Ave., Suite 2A. For more information, call 340-2525.

Dear Larry,

Recently, you helped me purchase and set up a new computer for my home and I thank you for that. It was a replacement for my four-year-old computer that had conked out the week before. That’s what my question pertains to: Should a four-year-old computer just die like that? Do these things come with built-in obsolescence? — F.S.

Believe it or not, there is some obsolescence built into every computer and there’s perfect sense behind it. Sure, they can build solid state components that are far less apt to burn out, design hard drives that are far more crash resistant, or include cooling systems that instantaneously conquer your computer’s worst enemy, heat. But the problem is, would anybody buy it for what they’d have to charge?

Written by Joe Pisani

In our house, report card time was always like the running of the bulls. Someone would be screaming, someone would be cheering and someone would be getting gored.

When my four daughters got bad grades, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth — usually mine — and when they got good grades, they wanted to be generously rewarded, which I could never do because I had all those dental bills.

It took a tornado to convince Dorothy Gale that there was no place like home, and the current housing market is certainly echoing that sentiment. Today’s economic crisis has been fueled by the mortgage loan debacle, and foreclosure has become part of the vocabulary of the average newscaster. The focus is usually on single family homes, but how are condominiums faring in this volatile housing arena?

Marcus Zavatarro, executive vice president of Patriot National Bank, and his associates closely monitor financial and market statistics for Fairfield County. Mr. Zavatarro compiled the following year-to-date statistics (Source — Warren Group):

Greenwich sales volume has decreased 38.66% while the median price has declined 10%. Properties costing more than $5 million comprised 12.2% of our market at the end of July. This market segment continues to decrease (11.9% as of Aug. 31) explaining, in part, the decrease in the median price. The properties priced between $2 million and $3 million still comprise the largest share of our market (21.3% as of the end of August).

Elsie Pecorin, branch manager of Weichert, Realtors Greenwich Office, announced that Ana Vilaseca was recognized for achievements in August.

Sales and Marketed Club member Ana Vilaseca led the Weichert region in resales. The region consists of 15 offices throughout New York and Connecticut. Ms. Pecorin may be reached at 661-5400. Her office is at 25 Field Point Road.


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10/02/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday

Apologies to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. For a quartet of General Assembly hopefuls in the state's 36th Senate and 151st House districts, Wednesday night was the most consequential debate of the fall election season.

The two-hour program sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Greenwich at Town Hall pitted two sets of candidates against each other in hotly contested races for open seats in the state legislature created by the retirements of longtime GOP incumbents William Nickerson and Claudia "Dolly" Powers.

Stamford Democrat Mark Diamond and Greenwich Republican L. Scott Frantz, the combatants in the 36th District, were anything but pugilistic during the first hour of the program, often agreeing with each other on a spectrum of issues that included reining in state spending, attracting more businesses to the state, improving transportation, the need to create more affordable housing and protecting the environment. The district includes Greenwich and parts of Stamford and New Canaan......

Cookie Caucus: Greenwich deli conducting presidential poll based a sales of sweets

Keelin Daly/Staff photoWant to know which way the cookie crumbles in the race between Barack Obama and John McCain? Gretchen and Marty Lupinacci, owners of the Valley Road deli in Cos Cob that bears their family's name, have come up with their own daily tracking poll that doesn't involve unsolicited telephone calls and margins of error.

Following an uproar from parents, the committee overseeing reconstruction of Hamilton Avenue School is shelving a proposal to oust the building contractor through a legal action that likely would have delayed the project's already-behind-schedule completion for a year or more.

With approximately 6,000 people statewide having a stroke each year and many not reaching hospitals in time, there is a need for faster, more responsive stroke care teams, according to Connecticut Public Health Commissioner ....

As part of a study about adding more space for bikes in new passenger rail cars, the Department of Transportation later this month will try out bike racks aboard trains on Metro-North's New Haven Line.

Responding to complaints about service gaps on the Danbury branch and the New Haven Line, Metro-North Railroad has adjusted the train schedule.

Apologies to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. For a quartet of General Assembly hopefuls in the state's 36th Senate and 151st House districts, Wednesday night was the most consequential debate of the fall election season.

GA field hockey edges Taft

Keelin Daly/Staff photoSome players have a special knack for making big plays at the right time. Alexa Pujol is that type of player for the Greenwich Academy field hockey team.

Drivers in Fairfield County have a love-hate relationship with the scenic Merritt Parkway.

The winding, leafy Merritt Parkway is celebrating its 70th birthday. Even though it has gone from an aesthete's dream to a motorist's nightmare, it's a grand old artery, and deserves a hearty cheer.

To the editor:

Regarding Chris Shays and his "yes" vote for the $700-million Wall Street bailout: I met Chris in Washington, D. C., several years ago, and know that he is an honorable and honest legislator who votes his conscience.

In this case he is wrong. Government entities (such as the Treasury Department) buying securities from Goldman Sachs and others is a losing trade. As a former investment banker, I guarantee that the government will get stuck with what may be worthless, while the smart private money will buy the valuable paper.

President Bush, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the Democrats told us last week that the world was going to end on Monday if the bailout did not get passed by the weekend. Let's see: I am writing this on Tuesday, the market is back up 485 points and we are all still here.

How about Congress strengthening federal deposit insurance (which will bring a flood of deposits into the banks) and freezing the mark to market rule so that paper losses do not allow the government to seize more financial institutions? Then see how things are going before using the sledgehammer.

On Wall Street, traders know that they make huge profits when they stampede clients into bad trades. This is the mother of all stampedes, and the U.S. Treasury is the target. It was working until a hardy band of Republican and Democrat representatives said, "Wait a minute, is this the only strategy?"

They gave us a few more days to think this through.

However, there is so much money to be made that the pressure on them will become unbearable to do the bailout this week.

Chris Shays and the House of Representatives must not rush here; he and Congress must get this right. Give capitalism a chance. Wait until after the election. Use the tools that exist now to calm the markets.

Goldman Sachs partners will not like it, but Chris' voters might.

James Hann



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10/02/08 Are These Reader Submitted Comments For Real Or Are They Saire For Two Very Public Persons ------ The Greenwich Post's "The Dish, Too" Column

"I am taking my wife Joy out to eat over priced spaghetti, when I see the 'Dish' out of the corner of my eye and she is siting at the bar with a little note pad. And I am telling you it's driving me nuts... I mean really driving me nuts !!!! ....Here I am paying all of this money for spaghetti and some broad is writing down how many bites I have taken !!!!... My wife Joy says just ignore her and maybe she will go away. But she stays and stares at me while I am trying to EAT !!!!!! ....... What's she going to do next ???? ...... Start taking pictures ????? ..... I don't known what I should do call 9911 and report a stalker or complain to the restaurant manager !!!!! ..... But then I find out he is giving her free drinks to bother his customers, who are paying way too much for spaghetti !!!!! ..... THIS WHOLE SITUATION IS NUTS .... I AM TELLING YOU IT"S NUTS !!!!! ..... IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS !!!!!"

Wouldn't Be Funny If Regis Was Reading About

Joe And Susie's Boring Life

The rumored scoop on the Dish on Joe:

Right here, Sat.PM, The Dish arrives at the expensive Darien Salon, Lampher, at precisely 3:32 EST. It will take her almost three hours to lose the grey, put on a face, and get that "Darien" look all the Darienites want, though I don't know why.

Right here she pays with a credit card. Tips no one.

Right here, Joe Pisani is at home quarelling with his real daughters about when they will stop acting like their father, and grow up. They are drinking red wine and chain smoking. His wife is passed out on the couch for reasons unknown.

Out of here. Joe and his Dish rendezvous in front of "Bloom", a local overpriced flower shop

Right here in Darien, the Dish selects a $20 mixed bunch of florals, while Joe is...

Out There looking for loose change in his car seats because he only had $10 dollars in his pocket.

Right here, He is overheard to say "we don't have to bring sh*t, my showing up should be enough"

Right here the Dish of honey tries to calm her former teacher?boss?father?mentor?whatever!!!!! by adjusting his baby bowtie. And he takes a flower from the bunch and puts it between his teeth.

Out of here he says "ain"t I cute< baby?" and she replies Ohhhhhh Joe you know you are!!!!!!!! Then, as one would expect.....

What happens in Darien STAYS in Darien. It was a night everyone might remember.

Neighborhood Watcher


Isn't strange how no one has written in to say leave poor little scandal monger Susie "The Dish" alone. No one has said I love reading "The Dish, Too" in the Greenwich Post. No one has said I like it when Susie follows Regis and his wife Joy around as they try to eat.

It appears that Only Joe and Susie enjoy reading "The Dish, Too" column in the Greenwich Post.

Maybe everyone is starting to put two and two together and beginning to realize why the Greenwich's daily paper fired Joe and Susie and cancelled the original Greenwich Time column "The Dish". Or maybe, two and two equal five, who knows.

A lot of things don't add up about Joe and Susie "the Dish"

For example, why would Mr. Hersam shove Susie's "The Dish, Two" Column down the throat's of the good people of Darien, New Canaan, and other Fairfield County Communities when it is so hated in Greenwich.

People are starting to think that the publisher of the Greenwich Post has lost some of his marbles. First M. Hersam fires Chris Fountain's and cancels his very popular "For What It's Worth" Column, because a couple of Real Estate agencies complain that they did not like his warnings about hard times coming to the Greenwich Real Estate market.

Then Mr. Hersam gives the green light to Susie "The Dish" to hang out at a bar and report back who ate with whom.

The real sad part of this whole story is that none of the politicians and rich folks that Joe Pisani protected all these years has step up to defend Joe "The Censor" Pisani.

When Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip laid out what Mr. Pisani's past misdeeds not one person wrote in to defend the unloved Joe "The Censor" Pisani.

It was just like when Chris Fountain made fun of the Greenwich Post's ignorant decision to waste valuable newsprint and bandwidth on "The Dish Two" no one said hey wait a minute I love Susie's Column.

There was a thunderous amount of complaints when Chris Fountain's Column was cancelled at the Greenwich Post. The Greenwich Post and the Fairfield County Advocate both wrote articles when Sarah Littman's Column at the Greenwich Time was cancelled.

But no one was upset when Susie "The Dish" Costaregni was shown the door at the Greenwich Time.

What would happen to "The Dish" if Papa Pisani was not there by her side.

Maybe some shallow publicity hounds like Jan Dilenschneider, Richard Dilenschneider, Lincoln Millstein, Irene Millstein, Jim Cabrera, Walter Raquet, Greenwich Post Editor Kristan Zimmer, Bishop William Lori, Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy and his wife, Cathy should grow a spin and say I like reading about myself in the Greenwich Post Column that everyone in town can't stand to read.

All of these desperate souls who need to read about themselves in "The Dish" are invited and welcome to comment on this or any other Greenwich Roundup story by sending an email to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or clicking on the comments link at the end of this post or any other post.

If these losers really want to be in the paper so bad why don't they do something newsworthy like helping to tutor Glenville or Hamilton Avenue School children that don't have a school to go to.

Now that is something I would like to read in the Greenwich Post.

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