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Friday, May 30, 2008

05/30/08 Serious "Cup Cake" Allegations? With 10 School Days It Is A Disgrace That Kim Eves Is Witholding Vital Information From Glenville Parents.

Glenville School Parents Are Getting The Feeling That School Spokesperson Kim Is Hiding Something From Them Just Days Before Summer Vacation?

Will Kim announce that the Glenville Principal will have to resign over the summer to attend to personal matters?

Or will Kim announce that Glenville School Principal Marc D'Amico sent to "re-education camp" and return to school as a teacher?

Will Kim ever tell Glenville School Parents and The Single Family Home-owners who pay the bills what really happened? Or will this re
main a "state secret" of the Greenwich Board Of Education.

Will Greenwich newspaper reporters be brave enough to confront
Kim "The Great Leader" of news spin
and "The Mother Who Gave Birth To Rumourmongers"?

Answers needed at Glenville School

Greenwich Time Editorial

Under the heading of some things go without saying but need to be said anyway: Greenwich residents and parents, especially those with kids at Glenville School, need a timely and complete accounting of what is behind the suspension of Glenville School Principal Marc D'Amico.

School officials said Wednesday they were suspending the principal pending in an investigation into "serious allegations," we're sure sending alarm through many homes on the western side of town. But, predictably, no more information was forthcoming.

"It's a confidential personal matter," was all district spokeswoman Kim Eves would say.

In incidents regarding personnel matters, public officials are often limited in what they can say, at least without the person in question's permission.

But parents need to know what's going on here.

"Not knowing exactly what happened is kind of scary," the parent of a third-grader at the school told our reporter Hoa Nguyen. No arguments here.

There was speculation following the suspension that it stemmed from a complaint by a parent who had wanted to visit his child on the student's birthday. But suspending any educator, let alone a school principal, is a drastic act. Something more than telling a father he couldn't visit his kid had to have happened...

...But the central administration has to step up as well. Parents need to know what's going on. They are understandably frustrated. And if the rumor mill is allowed to reach high gear, it will only make the situation worse for everyone.

Read The Full Greenwich Time Editorial Here

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05/29/08 This month principals from all over the world have been suspended and in each and every case the parents were told why, except in Greenwich

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Have Breaking Glenville School News
Where's The Greenwich Citizen?

The Town of Greenwich's school system needs some MAJOR overhauling a lot of high-paid-failed administrators need to go.

Maybe, one of the first administrators needs to be school spokeswoman Kim "The Spin Doctor" Eves needs to go if she can't start telling the Press Who, What, When, Where and especially Why.

The citizens of Greenwich have enough of all the school district spin and are demanding accountability, since the school is once again coming to the next representative town meeting and asking for even MORE tax dollars.

Ms. Eves still has not let the parents see the video of a Greenwich Student getting tased in the neck, then in the chest and the in the leg.

The parents and the single family home-owners of Greenwich need unbiased and transparent information in order to make the changes needed to get this out of control Superintendent her failed school board under control.

Because of the way Kim Eves handled this situation Glenville parents have received an unnecessary amount of misinformation.

"Cupcakes" makes a great headline to report about Ms. Eves failure to respond to reporters questions.

It was a disservice to the citizens of Greenwich for Kim Eves not to make it clear that this was about Principal D'amico changing documents to support his stance after-the-fact?

The parent involved, Mr. Carbino, has called the action "Devious".

Devious is a good word. What else would Principal D'Amico do to cover his tracks?

Only fools would believe all the media hype of "cupcakes".

A suspension doesn't arise from one innocent parent complaint.

There must be more to it.

Even if it was true about there being a pre-existing school policy on "cupcakes".

The facts are that Mr. Carbino cleared it with teacher before hand; it is obvious the teacher didn't know any thhing about the rule.

Probably, because the rule did not exist until the parent complained to Principal D'Amico superiors.

Why didn't the teacher didn't step in and speak up?

"I am sorry Mr. D'amico, I didn't know about this "unpublished" rule. I am the one who told Mr. Carbino he could bring the cupcakes. I wish it had been in the handbook that was issued to all the teachers. I promise Mr. D'amico, this will never happen again. I will do my best to discourage parental involvement at Glenville school."

Maybe Principal D'amico's Integrity problem also has affected those that answer to him. Or maybe, teachers are afraid to point something out to Mr. D'Amico.

Who knows maybe Principal D'Amico will go alter a few documents in their personnel file.

Doesn't Glenville School have an honor code?

Dose that code of honor only apply to parents and children and not to school administrators and staff.

Principal D'Amico should follow his lawyers excellent advise and apologize to Mr. Carbino.

From everything that has been reported Mr. Carbino only wanted an apology and the truth from D'Amico. That was never given.

There is a serious concern how far the principal went to prove he was right and the parent was wrong (he did change a document after the fact).

There is probably much more then cupcakes in the Principal D'amico's closet.

Do you really think the district would suspends him for no reason.

Greenwich School Superintendent Betty Sternberg and Kim "The Sin Doctor" Eves has everyone running around gossiping making matters worse.

If Kim "The Spin Doctor" Eves made sure that everyone was fully informed then it would not have gotten this out of hand - some uninformed persons have been threatening Mr. Carbino's little girls on the Greenwich Time Website.

Bill Posted:

"I hope he's happy. Kids are now going to make fun of his girls, drop gum in there hair over all this. Maybe next time dress up in a clown suite and they wouldn't stop you!

Drop your kids off at school in the am along with the cupcakes, plates, ect. to the CLASSROOM u DOPE"

This certainly makes one hope that Bill isn't around children or God forbid that he is the father of children.

Maybe Bill should read this:

Man arrested after threatening kids at his condo complex

A 47-year old man allegedly left a threatening message on his condo association's on-line message board and was in court today to face charges related to the incident....

Full Story: WTNH Hartford, New Haven and Connecticut

For the record, It has not been reported that Mr. Carbino called for Principal D'amico job!

Superintendent Betty Sternberg and the Greenwich Public School district ordered the investigation, not Mr. Carbino

Try putting yourself in Mr. Carbino's shoes and then you understand where he is coming from.

Principal D'Amico's integrity problem is what took this to the next level and caused his suspension and a Greenwich Public School investigation.

Moreover, Principal D'Amico's integrity problem will probaby put an end to all birthday celebrations at Glenville school. Perhaps, Principal D'Amico's lack of honor will result in a district wide ban on elementary school birthday celebrations.

Mr. Carbino did contact the teacher and got approval.

That's what he's upset at.

Mr. Carbino got a non-disruptive time (i.e. snack time) to come in for ten minutes and enjoying his child's birthday,

Instead, Mr. Carbino ended up stading in the office having to listen about some rule that never existed until that day.

Imagine if you were in the office holding a big box of cupcakes listening to how you had just violated a major school rule, all the time knowing that birthday parties happened almost everyday at Glenville school and no other parent has ever been stopped.

Imagine, that you had made arrangements with the teacher and told your child that you would be there at snack time with a special birthday treat for the whole class.

Imagine, that your daughter said,"Oh thank you Daddy. I am going to tell everyone you are coming at snack time", as she kissed you goodbye on her way to school.

Now imagine dealing with an arbitrary and capricious Principal D'amico that just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Well that's not right!

Principal D'amico should be encouraging parental involvement at Glenville school, not discouraging it.

When Glenville parents hear all of the facts and not the rumors, then they can image how they would feel if a school administrator took devious actions against them or their children.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundUp@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Is this for real...it is still over a "cupcake". What's the matter, does the Carbino family not celebrate their daughter's birthday outside of school like any other "normal" family? I have NEVER been in school for my kid's b'day celebrations. Other celebrations, yes as parents are invited but come on - be real - get a real life and work like the rest of us...apparently Mr. Carbino has a little too much time on his hands!

Anonymous said...

I know this is old news, but I feel the need to defend Mr. Carbino here. Just because Mr. Carbino wanted to celebrate his daughter's birthday with her friends at school doesn't mean he doesn't work or not have a life. It's his daughter for pete's sake! Why should he be criticized for wanting to give his daughter the best birthday ever? I applaud Mr. Carbino for taking the time and effort for going the extra mile and acknowledging his daughters special day.

There are some kids out there that aren't that lucky to have a dad like him.

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