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Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/09/08 Maybe No Charges Will Be Filled Against The Driver That Mowed Down Joey, Dumped His Dead Body In A Driveway And Crashed Into A Utility Pole

Shame, Shame, Shame

No Charges May Be Filed Against

The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Killed Joey

Written by Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter

....the car and the bicyclist were traveling northbound on Sheephill Road when the accident occurred five feet from the intersection with Sound Beach Avenue Extension. Sgt. Berry said there was a working street lamp at the intersection.

At the scene, the driver’s blood was taken for toxicology tests, which is standard police procedure. Sgt. Berry would not comment on whether the driver showed any signs of intoxication. The toxicology tests are expected to take weeks.

Public Information Officer Daniel Allen said that while the investigation is a criminal one because of the fatality, the driver won’t necessarily face charges. ....


Maybe Sgt. Berry Or Lt. Allen should go to Joey's mass of Christian Burial at St. Catherine of Siena R.C. Church in Riverside and look his Grandparents in the eye and tell them why the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver should not be charged for leaving Joey to die in a strangers driveway.

Maybe the Cold Hearted 20 Year Old Mystery Driver should go to St. Mary Cemetery later today and say,"I am so sorry I didn't stop and Immediately call 911."

If the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Had Mowed Down One Of Sgt. Berry Or Lt. Allen's Family Members And Dumped Them In A Stranger's Driveway As They Speed Off.
There Would Have Been An Arrest At The Telephone Crash Site.


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