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Thursday, June 5, 2008

06/05/08 Are Glenville Parents Going To Be Screwed By The Board Of Education? Parents Better Start Connecting The Dots

The Construction Contractor That Won The Bid To Decontaminate The Toxic Hamilton School Modulars Doesn't Have The Proper Insurance.

The contractor that won the bid for the
Hamilton Avenue School
Modular Contamination Clean up
refuses to get the required insurance.

Insiders are saying a rival contractor was the only one who noticed that the expensive insurance was not properly in place.

Apparently, the Board Of Education doesn't want to use the next highest bid, because of the huge bid spread.

So the Board Of Education is quietly going out for a re-bid on the Hamilton Avenue Modular Classroom Contamination Clean up job.

Glenville parents should plan for another school delay !!!

Why wont Sue Wallerstein tell the parents, the truth about the potential delays at the Contaminated Hamilton Avenue Modular Classrooms?

Why isn't the compliant media of Greenwich reporting this?

  • Where is the Greenwich Citizen?
  • Where is the Greenwich Post?
  • Where is the Greenwich Time?
  • Where is Greenwich radio station WGCH
  • Where is Cablevision News 12
Are they sitting around waiting for Greenwich School Assistant Superintendent Business Sue Wallerstein to send out a press release saying "The Board Of Education Has Once Again Screwed Up !!!"

What good is all of this Greenwich media if it is not going to aggressively report the news?

Why aren't all of these reporter out on the street talking to contractors, building committee members and more importantly parents?

The level and quality of news reporting in Greenwich is pathetic?

The Greenwich Time was so busy misleading Glenville parents with a "cupcake or was it ice cream" distraction to cover up the fact that a principal lied and manipulated public documents.

The Greenwich Time never even realized that a contaminated modular classroom bid screw up was being swept under the rug by Sue Wallerstein.

This is not the first time Sue Wallerstein has fooled the naive Greenwich Time news reporters.

You know what they say....

Fool the Greenwich Time reporters once shame on Sue Wallerstein

Fool the Greenwich Time reporters again and again, shame on the Greenwich Time !!!

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