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Thursday, March 13, 2008

03/13/08 - Former PTA president Laura DiBella said parents had reported that their children having frequent headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, and ......

Greenwich Superintendent of Schools Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg greets Hamilton Avenue student Melanie Gonzales as she gets off the bus at Glenville School on Monday morning.

Settling in

Hamilton Avenue kids finish out year in new schools

... Parent Gina DeMartis was one of those reporting problems on Monday. She said there was no teacher on the bus taking her first grader to Parkway, which she said the district promised to supply, and the bus arrived earlier than expected. She called the situation “pretty confusing” and said while she understands kinks will arise, she hopes it will get better.

“This is difficult for my children because this is the first time they’re going to different schools,” Ms. DeMartis said. “The older one always looked out for his brother. But little kids are very resilient. They’re probably dealing with this better than the parents are.”

Ms. Eves said on Wednesday that there had been a para-professional on the bus in question and praised all the district staff for volunteering to help during the transitions.

On Tuesday, Ms, DeMartis told the Post that the teacher was on the bus for the second day, but that it arrived early again and some students missed it. She also said the bus stop, which is in front of the Gateway School at the intersection of Weaver and Chapel streets, was unsafe and that parents should have had more input into where the stops are.

Ms. DeMartis said many parents still worry about what their children were exposed to in the modulars. She rejected the idea that there is no indication of an airborne hazard. One of her children had suffered from headaches and fatigue.

I don’t know how Betty Sternberg can say that,” Ms. DeMartis said.

Former Hamilton Avenue School PTA president Laura DiBella said parents had come to her about their children having frequent headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, and ear infections during the last weeks in the modulars....

....A March 10 status report from the district said tests had shown “a higher level of non-toxic mold spores” than the initial tests found. The district says in the report that while the results don’t reach a level that is considered hazardous to one’s health, more tests will have to be done before any of the books, supplies or desks left behind may be brought to the other schools....


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