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Saturday, July 26, 2008

07/26/08 Bill Clarke Has The Inside Scoop About What Is Going On At The "Yellowich Time"

The Local Rag Hits a New Low...

Just when you thought, dear reader, that it was impossible for the local rag, aka Yellowwich Time, to get any worse than it's been for lo! these many years, it has sunk to yet another new low. The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Dollar has nothing on the morons who bring you the daily swill, fresh from the overflowing sewers of the seamy side of Greenwich. Now they have fired probably the most talented writer in Greenwich, Sarah Littman, at the behest of one of the slimiest, nuttiest, most virulent anti-Semites in this or any other state, the unspeakable Lee Whitnum.

Your scribe used to think of Loopy Lee as a joke. See, for example, his post a few months ago entitled "The Silly Season Gets Sillier," [2/15/2008 02:05:00 PM]. She was always good for a few laughs, and not to be taken seriously. Or so it seemed.

But now the local rag has taken her seriously, and one of our Town's noblest and most honest citizens has been harmed as a result. Loopy Lee is no longer a joke; she is a toxic hate-monger. And she is running to represent you, dear reader, in the halls of our United States Congress.

You can read her latest rant, if you have the stomach for it, on the op-ed page of Yellowwich Time today. It has been considerably redacted, not to say censored, by someone at the rag in order to remove some of the more flagrant falsehoods and glaring libels. But Loopy Lee has been playing fast and loose with the truth for many years, to the point where your scribe doubts she is able to tell the difference between fact and fiction any longer.

In any case, the local rag has given her one-third of today's op-ed page, and Sarah Littman the boot. Instead of Sarah's concise, well-reasoned, and elegant prose, we are treated to Loopy Lee telling us that Jim Himes "[barks] like the trained seal he is," how Alan Dershowitz "capitalizes on American ignorance," and how Sarah's thoughtful assessments of the Whitnum candidacy are "hateful onslaughts." And that's just the cleaned-up censored version. Makes one wonder what the original screed must have been like.

Your scribe is all in favor of free speech, as he has made clear on many occasions in the past. But hate speech is not protected speech. In fact, it is a crime. In your scribe's humble opinion, Ms. Whitnum is utterly unqualified to spend time serving this district in Congress. But she might be qualified to spend time serving in jail. What a story that would make, if only we had an honest newspaper in this Town to report it!

Instead, the local rag has sacrified its best op-ed commentator in order to bring us the rants and raves of what a clinician might describe as a borderline personality. Shame on the pusillanimous Yellowwich Time! All of us in Greenwich, dear reader, are the losers because of the utter disgrace this tabloid has brought upon itself, and the drivel it is now trying to foist off on us. The time is now, if it ever was, to cancel your subscription to the Time.

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