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Monday, May 24, 2010

05/24/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Linda McMahon

The Latest News About Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon

Mud Pit Theatrics in a Blue State: Blumenthal vs. McMahon
Huffington Post
... Democrat Richard Blumenthal and former WWE President, Republican Linda McMahon would win their respective Connecticut nominations for the US Senate, ...
'Heel Superstar'* McMahon Should Have Been Disqualified For 'Low Blow'
Huffington Post
Republican senate candidate and former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO,
Linda McMahon, is reputed to have shelled out a cool million to retain the most ...
ABC News
Political Landscape Gets Murky After Elections in Connecticut, Hawaii
ABC News
Republican candidate for US Senate
Linda McMahon, right and son Shane, left, celebrate after McMahon received the Republican nomination at the Connecticut ...
This Week in 'E – That's Not Cool
Inside Pulse (blog)
By Mark Allen - May 24, 2010 | Email the author Carlito gets his walking papers that have been years in the making,
Linda McMahon gets one step closer to ...
More McMahon misgivings?
There was even a brief note of congratulations for
Linda McMahon after she secured the party's endorsement in the first round of voting Friday night. ...
Simmons explains choice to continue campaign
Journal Inquirer
By Christine McCluskey After the votes were counted Friday and
Linda McMahon had made her speech accepting the Republican Party's endorsement for US Senate, ...
Can fat wallets at the top of the ticket buy GOP legislative gains?
The Connecticut Mirror
World Wrestling Entertainment co-owner
Linda McMahon, who has pledged to devote $50 million to her bid to win the GOP nomination for US Senate, ...
Colorado and Connecticut Conventions Wrapup
Swing State Project
It had him beating
Linda McMahon 55-40, quite a difference from the Rasmussen poll from the same time period. In the GOP Senate derby, ex-Rep. ...
Republicans Win in Hawaii, Anti-Establishment Candidates Show Strength and ...
Center for Responsive Politics
Republicans, meanwhile, endorsed
Linda McMahon, the former chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, in the race to become the GOP Senate ...
First thoughts: Under pressure
... poll (conducted May 19-20) shows Blumenthal leading Linda McMahon, 55%-40%; and Blumenthal ended up winning Connecticut's Dem convention on Friday. ...
WWE/The Soup, Linda McMahon Note, CM Punk-Google, More
Wrestling Inc.
Linda McMahon has a campaign banner on the Drudge Report website today. -- The Soup on E! has been showing WWE clips recently. This week they showed Buzz ...
In Democratic primary race, money is a means and a message
The Connecticut Mirror
For US Senate, the Republicans endorsed
Linda McMahon of Greenwich, the former WWE chief executive who plans to spend $50 million of her own money, ...
So Far This Election Year, 'Nice' Is Not So Good
Rand Paul, Joe Sestak and
Linda McMahon, Republican candidate for the Senate from Connecticut, Todd said, are all people who are willing to buck the party ...
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Obama's answer to the line-item veto
Former wrestling executive
Linda McMahon (R) won her state party's endorsement in the Connecticut Senate race. Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R), the one-time ...
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Strong interest expected in state races
Stamford Advocate
... strong feelings about the governor's race and a primary showdown among former professional wrestling executive and Greenwich resident Linda McMahon, ...
Pro Wrestling Torch
VIP Exclusive Features
Pro Wrestling Torch
Also, what can be used against
Linda McMahon by her opponents in her race for US Senate? Should babyfaces be making fun of people for being fat? ...

Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon In The Blogosphere

WWE/The Soup, Linda McMahon Note, CM Punk-Google, More - TPWW.net
By Ryan Clark
Macgruber, featuring numerous WWE stars, had a $4.1 million opening weekend. The film only had a budget of $10 million but that opening number absolutely.
TPWW.net - http://www.tpww.net/
My life. My choice. My vote.: Linda McMahon: Her Lack of Public Health
By Dave.S.
The issue of abortion and reproductive rights might not be considered a determining issue in deciding who will be the republican candidate for the Connecticut gubernatorial race, but most likely
Linda McMahon who is the leading ...
My life. My choice. My vote. - http://pro-choicect.blogspot.com/
Mary Ann West: Mud Pit Theatrics in a Blue State: Blumenthal vs ...
By Mary Ann West
HARTFORD -- It was a forgone conclusion that both Connecticut's attorney general, Democrat Richard Blumenthal and former WWE President, Republican
Linda McMahon would win their respective Connecticut nominations for the US Senate, ...
GoodPorkBadPork.com - http://www.goodporkbadpork.com/
Dick's Apology, Linda's Groin Kick - Only in Bridgeport ...
By Lennie Grimaldi
Dick and his war gaffe,
Linda McMahon, assuming she's the GOP standard bearer, and her wrestling record. How about a special steel cage match at the Arena at Harbor Yard between Dick "Jane Fonda-served-longer-than-me-in-Vietnam" ...
Only in Bridgeport - http://blog.ctnews.com/grimaldi/
Blumenthal Issues Full Apology for Vietnam Comment
By Kenneth R. Bazinet
His campaign was also upbeat about a new internal poll showing he has a 15-point lead, 55% to 40% over GOP frontrunner
Linda McMahon, who took credit for leaking the initial story to The New York Times (The Times says it had other ...
Mouth of the Potomac - http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dc/
McMahon wins GOP nod in Conn. : Project Go Pink
By ProjectGoPink
Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO
Linda McMahon won her party's endorsement Friday night in the first round of ballots, defeating early frontrunner and longtime Connecticut GOP insider, former Rep. Rob Simmons. FULL STORY ...
Project Go Pink - http://www.projectgopink.com/
Blumenthal camp claims candidate survived 'Nam … criticism ...
By Brian Lockhart
Dick Blumenthal or
Linda McMahon? Dick has a 28 percentage point advantage. And when we asked who will be effective, who will get things done, her advantage over her is 23 percentage points." "The people who know him best – the ...
Political Capitol - http://blog.ctnews.com/politicalcapitol/
Blumenthal Campaign: Our Poll Numbers Still Look Really Good
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Blumenthal, said Quinlan, has a "significant double-digit lead" in his race against likely Republican candidate
Linda McMahon: 55-40 percent. Perhaps in a reflection of how weak the GOP field in the state truly is, Blumenthal's internal ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thenewswire/
An Odd Choice | Talking Points Memo
By Josh Marshall
Richard Blumenthal was nominated unanimously by the Democrats while Republican chose former wrestling CEO
Linda McMahon over former Congressman Rob Simmons. Simmons isn't out of it; he got enough votes to...
Talking Points Memo - http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/
The Warriorbard: Margaret Carlson Bloomberg News
By Warriorbard
Linda McMahon is "vulgar" what does that make the Kennedys? The Ambassador was an anti-Semitic, Hitler loving bootlegger. He was a Wall Street Buccaneer who abused his wife by repeated public affairs. His children, grandchildren ...
The Warriorbard - http://warriorbardit.blogspot.com/
By Lee S. Gliddon, Jr.
Linda McMahon, wife Vince, the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, won the Republican convention, her primary opponent Rob Simmons is much more likely to beat Blumenthal. Simmons, who won two Bronze Star medals during his ...
Desert Conservative - http://www.desertconservative.com/
The Provocateur: Blumenthal Apologizes
By mike volpe
One poll had
Linda McMahon within three points. This has definitely hurt Blumenthal and it's not going away. This is difficult to explain and admitting a lie would end his career. Blumenthal will deal with this for the rest of the ...
The Provocateur - http://theeprovocateur.blogspot.com/
Actress Holly: casual man Linda Batista photos
By cari duit
find news and features voice your opinion on the Several outlets including NBC are reporting that WWE CEO
Linda McMahon is considering running for a Senate seat If she goes through wit h it she d run as a Republican ag! ainst Batista ...
Actress Holly - http://actress-holly.blogspot.com/
Capitol Watch Blog - Connecticut Politics, Political News and ...
By Christopher Keating
Menendez also criticized Republican convention nominee
Linda McMahon, whose campaign researched Blumenthal's background in the Vietnam era. Menendez said that professional wrestling is "a dirty business,'' and that the excesses of ...
Capitol Watch - http://blogs.courant.com/capitol_watch/
Quote of the Day | KN@PPSTER
Speaking of which, I've been lax in self-promotion of my own C4SS columns. My most recent piece is about former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO
Linda McMahon's campaign for US Senate. Check it out. Maybe you'll like it. ...
KN@PPSTER - http://knappster.blogspot.com/
By pscully
Menendez then went on to attack Republican-endorsed candidate
Linda McMahon, saying she was the head of an organization—pro wrestling's WWE—that encouraged people to ravage their bodies so she could make money. ...
Scully Communications - http://scullycommunications.com/
CT-Sen: Blumenthal apologizes, leads in internal poll | Bloggers ...
By kos
A recent survey of Connecticut voters conducted May 19 - 20 shows that despite the efforts of
Linda McMahon's campaign, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has withstood the attacks of the past week very well. ...
Bloggers For Change - http://www.bloggersforchange.com/
Candidate's email apology over war record fails to quiet uproar ...
By Steve Parker
Republicans endorsed former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO
Linda McMahon, though her two GOP opponents, former Congressman Rob Simmons and money manager and author Peter Schiff said they intend to force a primary. ...
The Editors' Desk - http://interact.stltoday.com/blogzone/the-editors-desk/
The Washington Monthly
By Steve Benen
Former wrestling executive
Linda McMahon (R) won her state party's endorsement in the Connecticut Senate race. Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R), the one-time favorite, had said he would drop out of the race if he didn't receive the state ...
Political Animal - http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/
POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, May 24, 2010
Connecticut Republicans are backing former wrestling executive
Linda McMahon as their Senate nominee. McMahon was endorsed at a state GOP convention Friday night. But McMahon, who has spent tens of millions of her own money so far on ...
Ethiopian Review - http://www.ethiopianreview.com/news/
LCV Polls: Senate 2010
By Ashley Haugo
Connecticut A Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (D) poll; conducted 5/19-20 for AG Dick Blumenthal (D); surveyed 602 LVs; margin of error +/- 4.0% (release, 5/24). Tested: Blumenthal and ex-WWE CEO
Linda McMahon (R). General Election Matchup ...
LCV Polls - http://lcvonlinenews.blogspot.com/
Blumenthal Apologizes For Vietnam Remarks (VIDEO) | TPMMuckraker
By Rachel Slajda
He will face either
Linda McMahon, who has taken credit for tipping the Times to the Vietnam story, or Rob Simmons, a Vietnam veteran with two Bronze Stars. The state Republicans nominated McMahon for the seat, but Simmons got enough ...
TPMMuckraker - http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/
Blumenthal Needs To Consider Resigning From Atty Gen Post If He ...
By George Gombossy
This is the latest summary from Republication U.S. candidate
Linda McMahon's press release of comments the media in Connecticut and nationally are saying: "Why Not A Press Conference To Say He's Sorry?" ...
Connecticut Watchdog - http://ctwatchdog.com/
RealClearPolitics - Politics Nation - Blumenthal Camp: Vietnam ...
By Mike Memoli
To bolster that argument, the Connecticut attorney general's campaign released results of an internal poll showing that he maintained a substantial advantage over one of his potential general election foes, WWE executive
Linda McMahon. ...
RealClearPolitics - Politics Nation - http://www.realclearpolitics.com/politics_nation/
Richard Blumenthal apologizes over Vietnam service statements ...
By Michael Roston
Neither you, nor the New York Times, nor
Linda McMahon's campaign has any evidence that Richard Blumenthal deliberately sought to mislead anyone about his Vietnam War-era service. Zero. In response to another comment. See in context » ...
Newsbroke - http://trueslant.com/level/
Political landscape gets murky after elections in Conn., Hawaii ...
By admin
In Connecticut, time World Wrestling Entertainment CEO
Linda McMahon emerged as the crowning politico for U.S. senate at a land gathering Friday. But her directive opponent, time allegoric Rob Simmons, vowed to contest her in an August ...
video game schools - http://video-game-schools.freeawx.com/
twitter stephanie | Twitter Wizardry
By admin
Kaz The Wave Of The Future and ○Ace♥.M○ got it correct but to Kaz The Wave Of The Future,Stephanie McMahon does not have a twitter,so that person you gave a link to is a fake.
Linda McMahon stated that Stephanie does not have twitter. ...
Twitter Wizardry - http://www.twitterwizard.info/
Brett Favre Has Ankle Surgery — Minnesota Vikings QB Preparing for ...
By admin
@TheLiberalssuckdick We heard the results but did not hear about dirty tactics. Thanks, TLSD! May 25, 2010. TheLiberalssuckdick. Report on Connecticut republican convention? /watch?v=koiXvCzvGlw.
Linda Mcmahon using dirty tactics. ...
NFL Jerseys BLOG - http://www.jerseysshopping.com/blog/
Randslide | Future Majority
By Craig Berger
A new Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (D) poll in Connecticut conducted for Richard Blumenthal (D) shows him holding a 15 points lead over
Linda McMahon (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 55% to 40%. Key point: . ...
Future Majority - - blogging... - http://futuremajority.com/
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community
By Booman Tribune
I have no idea how World Wrestling Federation mogul
Linda McMahon would vote if she won the Connecticut race. I can't really assess the ideological makeup of the various GOP candidates in Colorado. We'll have to see what happens. ...
Booman Tribune - http://www.boomantribune.com/
Roger Catlin's TV Eye - TV Entertainment News
By Roger Catlin
As easy as it is for followers of Richard Blumenthal to forgive an few incidents of misspeaking over the years regarding service in Vietnam, it seems clear the Republicans will base their entire campaign against him on a
Linda McMahon ...
Roger Catlin | TV Eye - http://blogs.courant.com/roger_catlin_tv_eye/
Connecticut Senate candidate wins Democratic primary, then ...
By sheldon alberts
The matter stands to be a general election issue, however, as her Republican opponent,
Linda McMahon, was a source on the Vietnam story and will use it to raise doubts about Blumenthal's character. ...
The Elephant - http://communities.canada.com/shareit/blogs/theelephant/default.aspx
Perry Leads White in Texas | The Hollywood Liberal
"I venture to say we're going to lay the smackdown on him come November." –Co-Founder of World Wrestling Entertainment
Linda McMahon (R), quoted by the Connecticut Mirror, on Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal (D). ...
The Hollywood Liberal - http://www.thehollywoodliberal.com/

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Linda McMahon wins GOP Senate nod - The New Haven Register ...
Linda McMahon accept the Republican endorsement for US Senate in Hartford, May 21. McMahon won on the first ballot against Rob Simmons and Peter Schiff.

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