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Monday, March 24, 2008

03/24/08 - But, Why Isn't There A "Year Long Investgation" In The John J. Bria Drug Death?

Mother-son duo arrested in drug bust

Hoa Nguyen

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

A mother-son pair were arrested Thursday following a year-long narcotics investigation, according to police reports released yesterday.

Acting on a warrant, police arrested Christopher M. Montague, 20, of 51 Sheephill Road, and his mother, Kimberly A. Montague, 40, of the same address, as the two were driving in a tan Toyota Corolla near Armstrong Court, according to a police report.

During the search, police found three plastic bags containing 7 grams of marijuana in Christopher Montague's sweatshirt and a "bud" of marijuana folded in a one-dollar bill in his pant pocket, according to the report.

In the car, police found two small plastic bags of marijuana, one weighing 15 grams and the other 5 grams, according to the report....

....Beneath the passenger's seat was a burnt roach-type cigarette, according to the report. In the center console were 30 plastic bags commonly associated with the packaging and distribution of narcotics, according to the report.

In Kimberly Montague's purse police said they found a pipe used for smoking marijuana and an unmarked pill vial containing four pills, two of which appeared to be Valium. She did not have a prescription for the controlled substance, according to the report.

Could John J. Bria have been saved?

John J. Bria grew up in the Byram section of Greenwich.

Byram is not a high-income area -- unlike other parts of Greenwich that house the wealthy movers and shakers in business, entertainment and politics.

Some of Bria's friends were from Byram and others were from that larger and extravagant sections of Greenwich where parents run big chunks of the country, from Wall Street to Hollywood.

Many in the close knit community of Byram think that the police were intimidated in the Bria case, because
of the fact that Miss Megan Caron's father, Glenn Caron, creator of the TV series Moonlighting, is a Hollywood big shot?

It wouldn't be the first time Greenwich cops backed off from a celebrity.

Grave Indifference Contributed

To The Drug Death of John J. Bria

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