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Friday, March 19, 2010

03/.18/10 First Selectman Peter Tesei's Emergency Management Office Has A Failure To Communicate With Residents

The Quote Of The Day Is From Clueless Greenwich Selectman David Theis:

"Can You Show Me Your Press Pass?"

During the Height Of The Storm The Greenwich Citizen, The Greenwich Time And WGCH Were All Down.

Only The Greenwich Post, Greenwich Roundup And A Few Other Greenwich Blogs Were Helping To Pass On Vital Information To Greenwich Residents

The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Citizen And WGCH Were Unable To Report On The Disastrous Storm For A Good Part Of The Storm.

At the Greenwich Time finally announced,"We've finally got power back at our offices on East Putnam Avenue."

Since Monday Greenwich Roundup was repeatedly contacting First Selectman Peter Tesei's office, and the departments that report to him, asking to be sent town email updates and press releases about the towns response to the storm.

Over and over this reporter was told the emailed updates would be coming or that one of the pencil pushing officials that report to Mr. Tesei would be getting back to Greenwich Roundup.

Almost all of the news media websites were down and Greenwich Roundup was asking to help get emergency information out to residents who wanted to know what was going on.

It would have taken just 30 second for one of Mr. Tesei's staffer's to add Greenwich Roundup's email address on the press and update list,

But Mr. Tesei's staffers were too busy hanging out in the Emergency Pizza Center located on the first floor of town hall.

Over and over angry town residents sent Greenwich Roundup emails blasting the hard working town employees who were working their butts off in horrible weather.

Greenwich Roundup has been around town and seen these men doing their very best to help the town recover the storm.

Anyone who blames the hard working Greenwich DPW And Emergency responders should be ashamed of themselves.

All of the blame should go to the clueless pencil pushers and town officials that are hanging out in the Emergency Pizza Center on the first floor of town hall.

Today Greenwich Roundup went to see town's Emergency Management Coordinator, a position held by former Fire Chief Daniel Warzoha.

No one in the Emergency Pizza Center knew where he was.

This reporter was told to return an hour later and that Mr. Warzoha would probably return by then. Greenwich Roundup returned an hour later and still no one in the room knew where Mr. Warzoha was.

One emergency management official said that Greenwich Roundup should go and try the Polish club on Arch Street.

This reporter then saw Selectman David Thies standing around with his hands in his pockets in the Emergency Pizza Center and asked if he could help in getting Greenwich Roundup added to the storm update press releases.

A clueless David Theis said the town couldn't send out updates and press releases unless Greenwich Roundup had press credentials.

When Greenwich Roundup asked Mr. Theis where should he go to get a Town Of Greenwich press credential. Mr Theis said that this reporter should ask town attorney John Wayne Fox.

In the United States no national press credential exists because it has been held to violate the freedom of press provisions of the country's constitution, but individual government entities (such as the White House and the military) can issue and require press credentials for their own spheres of influence.

The town attorney's office and other town officials said that they did not know what Mr. Theis was talking about and could not understand why First Selectman Theis and the emergency management officials were withholding information from Greenwich Roundup.

Someone needs to tell Selectman David Theis that this America and you do not need to ask permission from anyone to be a journalist. It's Called Freedom Of Speech.

Greenwich Roundup's youngest son is a Sargent in The United States Army and has survived three IED attacks in Iraq defending the Constitution of the United States.

Only an ignorant Un-American fool like Selectman David Theis would try and restrict a free press in a time of war or at the tail end of a town emergency.

If Daid Theis was a real leader he would have thanked Greenwich Roundup for wanting to get vital information out to the town and the ordered the information officer of the emergency management center to add this reporter to the storm update press releases.

Unfortunately, Selectman David Theis looks like a bozo asking for press credentials that the town has never issued in it's 400 years of existence.

When emergency management coordinator Daniel Warzoha still had not shown up at the emergency pizza center, Greenwich Roundup went over to speak with Greenwich Town Administrator John Crary who was arguing with two town residents.

Mr. Crary's responces were very flipant to the North Mianus residents.
One Lady said, "The Governor said that power would be restored in 48 hours."
Mr. Crary said, "That's What you get for listening to the Governor. She has no clue as to what's going on in Greenwich."

Mr. Crary refused to take down or look into their complaints. They went away angry saying that they were sorry they had voted for Mr. Tesei and were going to take their concerns to News 12.

Greenwich Roundup eventually spoke to Mr. Crary who promised to put Greenwich Roundup on the storm email update list. However, Mr. Crary said there were a lot of person's sending out email alerts and that Greenwich Roundup would have to track down each person sending out emailed updates and press releases.

When Greenwich Roundup asked who he should speak to to get on the other email press release lists Mr. Crary said....

"Oh I don't know. People just kind of do what they want to around here.'

Can you belive that there is no Chief Information or Press officer assigned to the Emergency Management Center. No wonder the the clean up of the town of Greenwich has been chaotic at best.

Please don't blame the hard working town employees who are giving their best to the town.

Blame the disorganized pencil pushers in the emergency pizza center who are haphazardly directing them.

Greenwich Roundup has still not seen the emailed updates he promised and we do not know if Daniel Warzoha found his way back to the Emergency Pizza Center.


For The Record, Greenwich Roundup gets press releases from the Greenwich Board Of Ediucation, The Greenwich Parks Department And The Greenwich Police Department.

Greenwich Roundup also gets the press packet from Greenwich Planning and Zoning.

Greenwich Roundup contacted the Towns of Daien, New Canaan and Westport and asked if the towns had any restrictions on giving press packets and press releases to reporters who report exclusively on the internet.

In fact, Westport First Selectman Gordon F. Joseloff always has his departments include WestportNow.com when he disimanates information to the press.
WestportNow has none of the ancient printing presses or brodcasting towers that simple minded Selectman David Theis is looking for.
It looks like the information revolution went right past David Theis Who Is Still Probably Trying To Figure Out How To Work His Cell Phone.
Can Someone Please Help Mr. Theis With His Jitterbug Phone.

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei Could Take a Lesson From Gordon F. Joseloff On How To Get Information Out To The Public Durring An Emergency


CL&P: 4,339 Westport Customers Without Power at 6 P.M.

Power Restoration Accelerates

CL&P Crews Patrolling Westport Streets as Part of Clean Up

Wesport Residents Are Praising The Excelent Job That First Selectman Gordon F. Joseloff Did Of Getting Information Out To The Public, While Thousands Of Greenwich Residents Are Frustrated And Angry At Peter Tesei's Emergency Pizza Center.

Peter Tesei Needs To Quickly Appoint A Chief Information Officer For The Emergency Management Center.

Then Peter Tesei Should Accept Responsibility And Tell Greenwich Residents Not To Blame Town Work Crews For Any Failures Durring This Storm.

Lastly, Peter Tesei Should Debrief Daniel Warzoha And John Cary To Find Out What Went Wrong In The Emergency Pizza Center.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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