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Saturday, May 23, 2009

05/23/09 Online Readers Express Anger As The Greenwich Time Only Publishes Today's Swine Flu Story On The Front Page Of The Greenwich Time

Photo:Missing Online Greenwich Time Swine Flu Article Is Found On The Front Page Of The Greenwich Time
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Greenwich Time Education Reporter Colin Gustafson Threatens The Green Kitty Litter's Online Credibility In Town.

Tempers Are Flaring Saturday Morning As Western Middle School Parents Woke Up And Went Online To Discover If Their Children Were Still Going To Be Allowed To Go On A School Trip To Washington DC.

Some Online Parents Received An Email About An Above The Fold Greenwich Time Front Page Story Entitled "Flu threatens 8th-grade class trip"

Greenwich Time Print Readers Wanted To Email A Copy Of The Hearst Newspaper Story To Other Western Middle School Parents, But Were Unable To Do So.

One angry Western Middle school parent told Greenwich roundup that she just can't trust the Greenwich Time, because the Hearst Corporation is so inconsistent online.

A search of the Greenwich Time web site for "
Flu" had seven matches and yielded these results ......

Greenwich school has swine flu case05/21/2009 - GREENWICH -- Officials Thursday confirmed the first known case of swine flu in a student in Greenwich Public Schools, a day after 130 middle school students were sent home from a field trip in northwest Connecticut when many became ill. similar results By Lisa Chamoff Staff Writer

House committee passes sick day legislation05/11/2009 - HARTFORD -- Defending a bill requiring businesses to provide mandatory paid sick leave to employees, state Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia, cited recent headlines about H1N1 flu and in particular the similar results By Brian Lockhart Staff Writer

Beardsley Zoo has its own Octomom...and Septomom05/10/2009 - BRIDGEPORT -- Olivia and Jodie just gave birth to eight and seven babies, respectively. Their children are healthy, adorable and everyone loves them. But despite their impressive accomplishments, similar results By Amanda Cuda Staff writer

State confirms 11 new swine flu cases05/09/2009 - Darien and Greenwich were among eight Connecticut towns where the state confirmed 11 new cases of swine flu Saturday, according to a statement from Gov. M. Jodi Rell. similar results By Magdalene Perez Staff Writer

Live updates: Swine flu outbreak04/28/2009 - Swine Flu Outbreak: Live Updates similar results

Timeline of an outbreak: swine flu cases and the global response04/28/2009

Interactive map of swine flu cases04/28/2009 - View H1N1 Swine Flu Outbreak in a larger map

A search Of the Greenwich Time Website for "
Western Middle School" had two matches and yielded these results.....

Greenwich school has swine flu case05/21/2009 - GREENWICH -- Officials Thursday confirmed the first known case of swine flu in a student in Greenwich Public Schools, a day after 130 middle school students were sent home from a field trip in similar results By Lisa Chamoff Staff Writer

GHS assistant football coach resigns after players vandalize his car07/25/2008 - A Greenwich High School assistant football coach has quit after several of his players were arrested for throwing eggs at his cars, athletic officials said. Phil Tarantino, who worked as a

A search of the Greenwich Time website for "
washington" had twenty seven matches, but nothing was about the Western Middle School trip to Washington DC possibly being canceled by the Greenwich Board Of Education.

As usual the Greenwich Time is treating it's online readers like red headed step children.

Greenwich residents thought that Hearst Editor David McCumber was going to put an end to the practice of treating Greenwich Time readers like second class citizens.

Why can't Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz get the Greenwich Time editors and reporter to understand that the Internet is the future of our town's local daily newspaper?


There seems to be some confusion regarding today's meetings. The 2:45 pm and the 6:00pm meeting are intended for parents of 8th graders attending the Washington DC trip next week in order to discuss the fact that the District is considering cancelling/postponing the DC trip.

***In addition, tonight's Inauguaral Ball dance at Western Middle School has been cancelled.

We have been informed by the Greenwich Department of Health that in the 6th grade at Western Middle School – to date – there have been 19 negative rapid flu tests and 15 rapid flu tests are positive for some type of flu. The flu virus rapid tests cannot determine whether it is the H1N1 virus. The positive rapid tests have been sent to the State Department of Health for further testing. As we will not have the results from the State until mid to late next week, and with guidance from medical experts, the District is seriously considering postponing and/or canceling the Western Middle School 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. next week.....

Look Out Jim Himes Here We Come......

Will The 8th Grade Western Middle School Trip to Washington DC Still Go Forward Before Test Results Are In.



When Greenwich Roundup Types Hearst Newspaper 
Editors And Reporters Listen At The Greenwich Time

By Colin Gustafson
Staff writer

GREENWICH -- Tempers flared Friday night as

Western Middle School parents reacted to school officials' recommendation to call off an eighth-grade trip to Washington, D.C., next week amid fears of more swine flu infections among students.

During two emergency meetings with parents at the WMS auditorium Friday, school officials said they were seriously considering postponing or canceling the trip upon the urging of both town and state health officials and an independent medical consultant.

Those health professionals had expressed concern about the virus spreading among eighth-graders who may have been exposed to swine flu at school, where a sixth-grader was diagnosed with the virus on Thursday.

An infection or outbreak of the virus would be far more difficult to deal with if it occurred while students were more than a five-hour drive away in Washington, D.C., when it occurred, school officials said.

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Extra Extra Read All About It !!!!!

The "newsboy" already is an excinct species in Greenwich. How long will it be for the printed Greenwich Time he used to carry?

The Greenwich Time's practice of ignoring digital readers is like,"Cutting off the nose to spite the face"

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