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Friday, March 20, 2009

03/20/09 NY Post: Jackpot Jimmy Cries Like A Baby As He Gives Back His AIG Muti Million Pirate Booty Back To The Taxpayers

Greenwich Time Managing Editor Sat On His Rear End As The NY Post And Later The CT Post Showed Up At Jimmy Haas' Front Door And Made Him Cry

Bruce Hunter Makes Sure That The Greenwich Time Reporters:

*See No Backcountry Bonus Money,
*Hear Nothing About Backcountry Bonus Money
*Or Report On Any Backcountry Bonus Money

Backcoutry Residents Are Scared To Death That Out Of Town Newspapers Will Show Up In Greenwich And Do Failed Hearst Newspaper Managing Editor Bruce Hunter's Job -

Greedy Backcounrty Residents Who Are Sitting On Taxpayer Bonus Money Should Realize That It Is Not A Matter Of If Out Of Town Newspapers Will Out Them ..... It Is Only Matter Of When They Get Outed For Stealing From Their Neighbors

Greedy Greenwich Backcountry Hogs Should Realize That It Is Not Too Late To Return Your Neighbors Money, Before The Out Of Town Newspapers Show up

New York Post


With everyone in Washington having dropped the ball on bailout bonus bucks, at least somebody's doing the right thing.

Beleaguered AIG bigwig James Haas, who bagged a multi-million dollar bonus, said today he's given all the money back in the face of explosive criticism that has led to him and other execs getting death threats.

"I have rescinded my retention contract," a tired and tearful Haas, co-leader of North American marketing for AIG's troubled Financial Products unit, told The Post.

Speaking inside his hilltop Connecticut mansion, Haas - eyes welling with tears - declined to discuss the matter further.......


Jimmy Haas Stop Your Public Blubbering And Start Apologizing To Your Neighbors And Family For Being Blinded By Greed

If Jimmy Haas" neighbors had not bailed out AIG with there hard earned tax dollars, then the contract he is crying over wouldn't have been worth the paper it is printed on.

Jimmy Haas Stole From Every Single One Of Neighbors, And Now He Wants Everyone To Feel Sorry For Him

Instead Of Saying "Oh, Woe Is Me"

Why Don't You Say,"I Am So Very Very Sorry For What I Have Done. Can You Please Forgive Me For What I Did And The Way I Acted.


Jimmy Did You Rescind Both Taxpayer
Funded Multi Million Bonus Payments?

Not May People Are Aware That There Are Two Sets Of Bonus Payments

This Is The First Bonus And Covers December 01, 2007 To November 30, 2008 That Was To Be Paid No Later Than March 15th of 2009.

Most People Including Clueless Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Don't Realize That The Clock Is Already Ticking On A Second Round Of Bonus Payments.

The Second Bonus Payments Cover December 01, 2008 To November 30, 2009 That Was To Be Paid No Later Than March 15th of 2010.

Jimmy, If You Tried To Pull A Fast One And
Retained The Second Bonus That Is
Fully Funded By Your Neighbors,
Then You Are One Hell Of A Greedy Fool.

Jimmy, You Are Just As Stupid As You Look
If You Did Not Rescind Both Bonus Payments

Jimmy What Were You Thinking When You Wanted To Use Your Neighbors Tax Dollars To Pay Out A Contract That You Knew Was Not Worth The Paper It Was Written On.

Further, Jimmy, You Wanted To Be Paid Millions And Millions Of Taxpayer Funded Bailout Dollars, For Not Leaving A Financial Services Job In The Middle Of The Biggest Recession Since The Depression.

Jimmy What Were You Thinking
How Could You And Your Pals Be So Greedy
Why Did You Let Your Greed Put Your Family
Through The Public Humilation

Jimmy, When AIG Chief Edward Liddy Ask You To Refund The Money You Thumbed Your Nose At All The Taxpayers Of The Country That Has Been So Good To You And Your Family.

But When The New York Post And The CT Post Showed Up At Your Door You Saw The Light And Decided To Give Back The Money That You Stole From Your Neighbors.

Jimmy You Are Smart Enough To Know That If Your Neighbors Didn't Bailout AIG With their Hard Earned Tax Dollars....
Than The Contract That You Are Publicly Crying Over Wouldn't Be Worth Two Cents.



Here Is A Great Idea For One Of Bruce Hunter' Insipid Greenwich Time "Thumbs Up Thumbs Down" Editorials

Greedy Backcountry Residents Who Give Back Their Multi Million Dollar Taxpayer Funded Bonus Money, Before Being Outed By An Out Of Town Paper Get Two Thumbs Up

Greedy Backcountry Residents Who Only Give Back Their Multi Million Dollar Taxpayer Funded Bonus Money After Being Outed By An Out Of Town Paper Get One Thumb Up

Greedy Backcountry Residents Who Foolishly Try And Hang On To Their Multi Million Dollar Taxpayer Funded Bonus Money To The Bitter End Get Two Thumbs Down

Outed Backcoutry Pirates Whose Greed Causes Them To Try And Hang On To Taxpayer Funded Bonus Money Should Know That Greenwich Taxpayers Know
The New York Attorney General Doesn't Just Have The Greedy AIG Bonus Pirates He Just Got The Identities Of The 200 Highest-Paid Bonus Recipients At Merrill Lynch And Co
Boston Globe

The story of Merrill Lynch's $3.6 billion bonus bonanza belongs in an entirely different league. Many of the details have already been disclosed, but they are making headlines again this week because a judge upheld the right of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to disclose the names of Merrill executives who shared in the payout just before the crumbling brokerage was sold to Bank of America Corp. late last year.
Start with the money. Besides the mind-bending size of the entire bonus pool, a staggering amount of money was distributed at the top. The four executives who got the most received a total of $121 million, according to Cuomo. The next four got $62 million, and the following six were awarded $66 million. A grand total of 696 Merrill employees received at least $1 million each in bonuses.
But the Merrill story isn't just about the size of the money pot. How and when the bonus payout took place matter, too.

Merrill accelerated its normal bonus schedule so the awards took place just days before Bank of America acquired the company at the end of 2008. A couple of weeks later, executives suddenly discovered Merrill was bleeding to the tune of $13.8 billion during the final quarter of the year
So a company that was losing money at a pace of more than $6 million each hour over a period of three months decided to reward its executives with $3.6 billion of bonuses at the very time. That would have been a sad but private story if it ended there, but it didn't.....
By The Way Did You Hear That:
The Connecticut Working Families party, which has support from organized labor, is planning a bus tour of A.I.G. executives’ homes on Saturday, with a stop at the company’s Wilton office.
Backcountry Homes In Greenwich Are Not Yet On Their List, But Soon Will Be If Bailout Bonus Money Is Not Returned

Did You Hear About This:

Jackpot Jimmy Haas had another tearful New York Times interview.

At at the end of the interview he had one request:

Leave my neighbors alone.”

Too late. Jean Wieson, who has lived down the block for 24 years, had stopped her car in front of Mr. Haas’s house before he arrived home. She was angry about the millions of dollars in bonuses paid to its executives, the credit-default swaps that brought American International Group to its knees, the $170 billion the federal government has spent to prop it up. "It makes me absolutely sick," she said. "It’s despicable. It’s disgusting what these people have done. They should be forced to give every cent back."


Jackpot Jimmy Haas Is Really Going To Start Crying Now

Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal Just Sent Him A Subpoena

Connecticut, 19 other states launch AIG investigations

CNN International

Twenty state attorneys general announced investigations Friday into the $165 million bonuses paid by insurance giant AIG last week, with Connecticut's top lawyer issuing subpoenas to CEO Edward Liddy and 11 other executives.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and the Democratic chairman of the General Assembly's Banks Committee want Liddy and other executives to appear Thursday and bring with them "original or copies of documents regarding the AIG Financial Products Corp. retention bonus plan and any related contracts or agreements."

"Now living off supersized taxpayer-paid bonuses, these AIG employees have a moral and legal obligation to appear at this legislative hearing and disclose details about corporate compensation to employees as well as investment decisions by AIG Financial Products Corp. involving credit derivatives and dealings that have led to market destruction," said Blumenthal, a Democrat.

AIG officials are citing a Connecticut law to justify their payment of the bonuses. The law says that employees can sue in civil court for payments withheld that are due them and recoup double the amount of money. Many AIG employees live in Connecticut.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is already investigating AIG's bonus payments, and on Thursday received a list of employees who received bonuses that he had demanded a day earlier.

It was not clear where Blumenthal got the list of executives he subpoenaed. At least one of them, Doug Poling, is know to have received a retention bonus. Earlier Friday, Poling, a senior executive, announced through a company spokesman that he would be returning the $6 million he received.

The attorneys general of Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and West Virginia have also launched investigations. New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram said all 19 state attorneys signed a letter to Liddy demanding names and documents concerning the bonuses.....

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