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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

03/18/09 The Jack Pot Jimmys Of The Greenwich Backcountry Are Shaking In Terror As The New York Post Shows Up In New Canaan And Fairfield (Updated)

Jackpot Jimmy Hass Must Be Thinking: "WTF - This Is Not F***ing Fair The New York Post Bypassed All The Greedy Greenwich Backcountry SOBs That Are Being Paid Out Multi Millions In Bonus Money !!!!"

New York Post

Meet James Haas, one of AIG's bigtime bonus babies.

The beleaguered firm has yet to publicly identify the execs rolling in dough courtesy of the taxpayers who saved their jobs, but The Post has learned the names of three, all in the troubled financial-products unit.

They're Haas (left, at his multimillion-dollar home on a hill in Fairfield, Conn., last night), Douglas Poling, also of Fairfield, and Jonathan Liebergall, of New Canaan, Conn.

Haas, 47, an executive VP and the co-leader of North American marketing, said, "I wish I could give you a whole story, but I'm ordered not to. You'll hear from my lawyer."

Poling, 48, the unit's general counsel, as well as a director, executive vice president and chief administrative officer, declared, "This is not the time to be talking."

And Liebergall, 43, a unit director and head of municipal finance, said, "I can't talk - I'm not allowed."

An AIG spokesman said last night, "I honestly don't know who got what."



Now the politicians and regulators are starting to

support "the people" over "the Greenwich elites"

as details about the $165 million payout for top executives

at AIG have emerged over the past few days


Doomsday is coming and it’s going to destroy parts of Connecticut, David Wilkerson, the founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, is predicting.

David Wilkerson, author of "The Cross and the Switchblade," a book about his ministry to troubled New York street kids that was later made into a movie starring Pat Boone, ruined the weekend for people who follow his blog.......

...... His divine message is a little murky.For instance, it did not come with useful information including when and where damnation would strike. Are people in Greenwich safe?.....

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

Jerks Like Henry Kravis Cause America And The World To Hate Greenwich.....

By John Carney

Forget what you've heard about the end of conspicuous consumption. The big hitters are still out there spending like mad. Last month, as you may have heard, Christies auctioned off items from the Yves Saint-Laurent collection for a total of $431 million. Over at Gawker, Owen Thomas points out that the prize for decadence at this "orgy of consumption" goes to an arm-chair that sold for $28 million.

The Economist reveals, in a passing reference, that the man who spent that money on a chair was Henry Kravis

Greenwich Time Editor Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Asleep At The Switch As Furious American Are Going Crazy With Thoughts Of Their Tax Dollars Falling Into The Hands Of Greedy Fat Cats In Greenwich And Fairfield County Executives

Hearst Newspaper Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Should Grow A Pair Of Journalistic Balls And Get Ex-Greenwich Time Editor And Now Hearst Newspaper Business Reporter Jim "I Like Writing About Home Brewed Beer" Zebora To Start Outing The Greedy Backcountry SOBs

If The Hunter And Zebora Don't Get Off Their Rear Ends, Then The New York Newspapers Are Going To Start Scooping The Greenwich Time In It's Own Backyard.

Everyone Town Knows That The Greenwich Time Has A Long History Of Not Name Names In The Backcountry. But These Greedy Backcountry Sleazeballs Should Face The Judgement Of Every Working Greenwich Resident They Encounter As They Spend Their Dirty Bonus Bucks.

Incompetent Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Has No Nose For News And Doesn't Realize That This Is Not Going To Just Blow Over.

Here Is A News Flash For The Clueless Bruce Hunter:

An AIG Source Has Told Greenwich Roundup The Truth About The AIG Employee Retention Plan, That Is Causing Working Folks To Start Sharpening Their Pitchforks.

There Are Two Sets Of Bonus Payments.

This Is The First Bonus And Covers December 01, 2007 To November 30, 2008 That Was To Be Paid No Later Than March 15th of 2009.

Most People Including Bruce Hunter Don't Realize That The Clock Is Already Ticking On A Second Round Of Bonus Payments.

The Is Second Bonus Payments Cover December 01, 2008 To November 30, 2009 That Was To Be Paid No Later Than March 15th of 2010.

Next Years Bonus Payments Are A Done Deal

Yes The Greedy Backcountry SOBs Are At Home Patiently Waiting For Their Second Bonus Check As Hard Working Greenwich Taxpayers Holler About How Their Hard Earned Money Is Being Wasted.

Hearst Newspaper Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Should Tell Greenwich Time Reporters To Name Names And Rat Out The Greedy Backcountry Bonus Babies, Because Hardworking Greenwich Families Now Own 80% Of AIG.

21 Hours Later

When The Greenwich Time Types

Hearst Newspapers Listens:

By Rob Varnonand MariAn Gail Brown

Posted: 03/18/2009 11:20:34 PM EDT

In the eyes of the public, corporate greed has some new poster boys, and they live and work in Fairfield County.

James Haas and Doug Poling, of Fairfield, and New Cannan resident Jonathan Liebergall were identified by the New York Post as recipients of the highly criticized bonuses from American International Group.....

Amazing But True: Hearst Newspaper Reporters
Even Went And Knocked On Doors

.....Finding supporters of the titans of AIG Financial Products' division is hard. Finding anybody Wednesday to talk about Haas, Poling, and Liebergall in their neighborhoods proved impossible.

No one answered the door at any of their homes, well-appointed, large Colonials with clapboard exteriors and mansard roofs and manicured lawns. Haas' Sasco Hill Road mansion overlooks a private golf course and a creek that flows into Long Island Sound, while Poling's Golden Pond Lane property contains a private pond.....

.....While the men and this small division of AIG and some of its executives face a nation's rage over Wall Street abuses, they also face the wrath of federal and state government officials.

Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said he would prefer if the managers gave back the bonuses of their own accord. He said it would save a lot of government money and effort.....

While Greedy Fairfield County AIG Executives Did Not Want To Talk To Hearst Newspaper Reporters, Governor Jody Rell Was Willing To Talk And Take Action

Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to investigate whether the bonuses violate the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. AIG cited a Connecticut law as the reason it is making the bonus payments. Workers in Connecticut can sue and recover double the contractual benefits an employer promises if those payments are not met.

"Since the company cited Connecticut law, they will have to live by Connecticut law," Rell said. "It is disgraceful that federal funds designed to prevent financial institutions from collapsing and to make it possible for consumers to again borrow money have instead been used to pay bonuses to AIG in the tens of millions of dollars."

Thumbs Up To Hearst Newspaper Reporters Rob Varnon And Varnonand MariAn Gail Brown Who Do Not Report To Failed Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter

They Work For Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden, Editor And Managing Editor Michael Daly And These Two Hearst Newspaper Editors Have The Journalistic Balls To Name Names And Let The Chips Fall Where They May.


41 Hours Later



Failed Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Wants Us Leave The Greedy Backcountry Bonus Babies Alone

The Fox Newspaper Wanna Be Of Lower Fairfield County
Publishes An Editorial That Says:

"It makes good TV, but the bonuses are a tiny part of the issue. Congress was, at best, asleep as AIG and its cohorts were up to their tricks"

Is there anything more stomach turning in this whole financial mess than the people responsible for it accepting huge chunks of our money as bonuses for a job well done?

But it's time for Congress to wrap up the endless dog and pony show in which members vent their "outrage" at financial bigwigs and direct some of that fury at themselves.

There is blame a-plenty to go around in the giant shell game that has caused our nation's finances to collapse. A lot of it very close to home in fact -- starting with American International Group....

Failed Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Wants
The Hardworking Taxpayers Of Greenwich To Simply Forget About
The Greedy Backcountry Bonus Babies Who Are Ripping Us Off

......The problems with our economy go so far beyond shameful bonuses that every moment legislators spend grandstanding for the cameras is really just another slap in the faces of the many millions who have already lost so much .......
Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal
Just Sent Jackpot Jimmy Haas A Supeona
March 21 (Bloomberg) -- American International Group Inc., whose compensation policies before and after its U.S. bailout are being investigated, turned over information on its executive bonuses to Connecticut’s attorney general.
The insurer provided a list of bonus amounts and contract terms to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who said the information supports his view that the basis for paying the bonuses is “completely unjustified,” according to a statement he issued yesterday.
These contracts rip the rug from under AIG’s excuses -- revealing no basis under Connecticut law for these mega taxpayer-funded bonuses,” Blumenthal said. “AIG’s own documents reveal that it turned an emergency bailout into a meritless handout, paying windfalls to employees as reward for financial failure.”
Earlier yesterday, Blumenthal and state legislators subpoenaed AIG Chief Executive Officer Edward Liddy and other company officials to a hearing on bonus pay.
When Liddy appeared before Congress March 18 for a hearing on AIG bonuses, he reminded lawmakers that he took the CEO job after the U.S. government loaned the company $85 billion in September and said he wouldn’t have approved the bonus contracts if he’d been in charge earlier.
Activities at the AIG Financial Products unit in Wilton, Connecticut, will be the topic of a March 26 hearing in Hartford before the state’s Banks Committee, according to a statement from lawmakers.
The division’s actions have destabilized the mortgage and lending markets in Connecticut, and excessive compensation could have led to employees taking risky measures that caused further destabilization, the legislators said in the statement.
Bad Products
“They put their stamp of approval on bad securities products and sold them like gold,” Democratic state Representative Ryan Barry, co-chairman of the General Assembly’s Banks Committee, said in the statement. “We want to examine the pay structure and fee incentives that led to this quick-sale, high-risk culture and see what regulatory gaps exist that can be tightened.”
“They put their stamp of approval on bad securities products and sold them like gold,” Democratic state Representative Ryan Barry, co-chairman of the General Assembly’s Banks Committee, said in the statement. “We want to examine the pay structure and fee incentives that led to this quick-sale, high-risk culture and see what regulatory gaps exist that can be tightened.”
In addition to Liddy, subpoenas will be served on 11 other AIG executives who are believed to have received bonuses, Connecticut officials said, including Douglas Poling. Poling, an executive vice president, got a $6.4 million bonus, said a person familiar with the bonuses.
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