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Sunday, March 8, 2009

03/08/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed - This Just In ....

The Latest Greenwich News:

Greenwich Academy hockey falls in New England Semifinals
Greenwich Time
By Chris McNamee When the final buzzer had sounded, Greenwich Academy found itself on the wrong end of a 4-3 score. Their season officially over, ...
Greenwich boys defeat Darien for FCIAC hockey title
Greenwich Time
By David Fierro STAMFORD -- Sticks, gloves and helmets flew into the air and a wave of red jerseys mobbed Greenwich High School goalie Harrison Root as time ...


Susie Costaregni Is Once Again Embarassing Hearst Newspapers With Her Mindless Reports.....

Greenwich Time Staff
Greenwich Time
Scene "¦ Sports columnist Mike Lupica was seen having dinner at Valbella restaurant in Old Greenwich the night of Feb. 28 along with Regis and Joy Philbin. Seems that Regis mistook Lupica for another gentleman dining with a bevy of beauties. He did, however, finally meet up with Lupica. Maître-d'-at-large Tony Capasso was busy bouncing back his famous trivia questions between Greenwich residents Marilou and Carlo Cantavero and Regis and Joy..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ....

But Wait There Is More.....

Scene "¦ Actress Anne Hathaway was seen recently on "Entertainment Tonight" boasting about her shopping sprees at Target in Stamford while filming "Rachel Getting Married." One of the scenes in the movie took place at Post Grocer's Deli on Long Ridge Road...... BLAH .... BLAH .... BLAH ..... BLAH .... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH .......

But Wait There Is Still More .....

And finally, the "Girl Standing in Nature" bronze statue by G. Segal in Bruce Park and the horses are dressed for winter. I noticed the bronze horse at the Merry-Go-Round Mews donning a lovely white winter scarf. Someone is keeping them warm in this unpredictable economy and keeping spirits bright in Greenwich.

And that's all for now. Great to be back!

Later "¦

-- Got a tip? Seen Susie sucking down free drinks at Valbella in exchange for her weekly mind numbing plugs? E-mail Susie Costaregni at thedish2@yahoo.com.


The Single Family Homeowners Can't Afford Another Expensive And Unnessary Lawsuit !!!!!

Another Six Figure Lawsuit Is Going To Mean More That More Jobs And Services Are Going To Be Cut In The Town

What The Heck Is The Matter With Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg?

Why Can't Ridberg Give Lt. Gary Honulik The Promotion He Is Rightfully Entitled To And Make Room At The Test Taking Table For Some Veterans Who Were Away Protecting Every Thing We Hold Dear?

All Police Chief Ridberg Has To Do Is Call Lt. Honulik And These Veterans Into His Office. A Deal Could Be Made To Let The Number 1 Scorer Form The Last Police Exam Become A Captain And To Let The Veterans Sit At The Test Table On The Next Exam

But No, Thich Headed Ridberg And Town Attorney John Wayne Fox Want To Go To The United States Supream Court !!!!!

It Is Disgusting And Un-American To Punish Military Personel Who Recieved An Emergency Order From Greenwich Native And Former United States President George Bush To Leave The Jobs And Go Into A Combat Zone Overseas

Chief Ridberg Should Be Fighting For These Officers Federal Rights Instead Of Going To Court In An Effort To Punish Them For Putting Their Lives On The Line As They Protecting Our Rights

Ridberg Could End Both Lawsuits Tommorow .... IF HE WANTED TO

Lets Take Politics Out Of Police Promotions In Greenwich

Fight over Greenwich police promotion lives on, so does injunction

Greenwich Time

By Debra Friedman

The legal battle between the town and a police lieutenant over a controversial 2003 promotion is not over yet, despite a recent state .

The legal battle between the town and a police lieutenant over a controversial 2003 promotion is not over yet, despite a recent state Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of the town.

The lawyer for Gary Honulik filed a motion for reconsideration Friday asking all seven Supreme Court justices to review the case. The initial 3-2 decision was ruled on by a five-member panel of the court. Kathryn Emmett, Honulik's Stamford-based attorney, cited the constitutional issue of a 70-year-old justice past the mandatory retirement age ruling on the matter and a split panel of justices divided over issues of labor law and contract interpretation as the reasons why reconsideration is necessary.

The motion means an injunction currently barring the police department from promoting officers to high-ranking vacant positions remains in effect.


"Given the importance of the constitutional question presented, the labor law contract issue decided, the 3-2 split of the court, and the court's recognition that this case 'involves a matter of substantial public interest' reconsideration en banc should be granted,"

While the state Supreme Court ruled that the town had the right to promote whoever it wanted, Emmett claims the three justices who ruled against Honulik overlooked key facts in the case- facts that a Superior Court judge and two justices used to rule in favor of Honulik.


03/06/09 Whats With All These Lawsuits? - Why Isn't Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg Smart Enough To Sit Down With Honulik And Berry And Work This Out?

03/06/09 Looks Like Lt. Gary Honulik Is Going To Get Screwed As Michale Pacewicz Is Slated To Get A Pension Bonus.

2/15/09 Greenwich Time News Links


Greenwich Time Editorial

As author Thomas Campbell put it, "victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan."......

Last Year Greenwich Time Editors Criticized Then Police Commissioner Jim Lash And The Town Attorney For Wasting Tax Dollars When The Greenwich Police Department Deviated From Established Procedure And Passed Over Lt. Gary Honulik After He Scored The Highest On The Promotional Exam.

After A Close Split Decision That Went Against Lt. Honulik The Greenwich Time Editors Flip Flop.

A correct ruling on police promotions

Whether the plaintiff, Lt. Gary Honulik, was qualified to be captain or not, townspeople should feel reassured that senior police supervisors can be chosen at least in part on factors such as demonstrated judgment and the ability to lead personnel under them while working closely with those over them.....

...Worse yet would have been the courts deciding that town officials could not now, or perhaps even in the future, consider important factors because some perceived precedent had been established.

The Supreme Court decision was a split one, 3-2, but no matter. Indications are a request for reconsideration would have a slim chance of success. We should just be thankful that the justices ruled that tests do not have to be regarded as the sole gauge of who best can be a leader.

Shame, Shame, Shame On The Flip Flopping Greenwich Time

If Lt. Honulik had won the flip flopping editors of the Green Kitty Litter Liner would have proclaimed that his victory would have been the right decision.

This Is Why Bill Clark Calls The Greenwich Time The "Yellowich Time"

The Greenwich Time Editors Know That What Happened To Lt. Honlulik Was Wrong, But They Changed Their Tune This Week

The Town Of Greenwich should have said from the very beginning, that there would be an added oral interview. But Former Police Commissioner Jim Lash allowed his Police Chief to don't add the interview at the end! After Lt. Honulik Out Scored Lt. Michael Pacewicz.

This was wrong. This was unfair. This was unethical.

Everyone knows this was done for political reasons.

Jim Lash and his police chief did this because they wanted low scoring Micheal "Give Me Extra Retirement Dollars" Pacewicz to be captain.

The town was actually surprised by this. They were expecting a loss and that5's why Pacewicz resigned before the decision. The fact is that 60% of the Supreme court judges were wrong and blind to the injustice that was obvious to anyone with half a brain.

The Greenwich Time Editors Are Trying To Use It's Editorial Power To Help Town Hall Sway Public Opinion By Omission

This Is The Oldest Trick In The Greenwich Time's Dirty Little Play Book.
The bottom line is and always will be that the rules were changed after the game began. How anyone can defend that is beyond me. Lt. Honlulik Was Robbed Right Before Our Eyes.

The Greenwich Time As Usual fails To Get Independent Legal Analysis And Instead Parrots Town Attorney John Wayne Fox When They Write .......

"The Supreme Court decision was a split one, 3-2, but no matter. Indications are a request for reconsideration would have a slim chance of success."

What Will The Clueless Fox News Wannabes Of Lower Fairfield County Have To Say If Lt. Honlulik And His Attorney decide That There Is A Way To Go To The Federal Courts.

Hearst Newspapers Fails To Understand That The Rules Changed In Midstream And This Is Illegal And Unfair. The Clueless Flip Flopping Editors At The Greenwich Time Fail To Understand That Ends Do Not Always Justify The Means

The Flip Flopping Green Kitty Litter Liner Fails To Understand That This Case Was About A Dedicated Individual And His Right To Fair Treatment. The Corporately Owned Town Newspaper Is Simply Endorsing The Town's Right To Use Cronyism And Nepotism In It's Promotional Process.

The Greenwich Time Editors Are Basically Saying To Hell With Merit.
There Is Not One Shred Of Evidence That Even Remotely Suggests That Lt. Honlulik Has Ever Failed To Demonstrated The Judgment And The Ability To Lead Police Officers Under His Command. Nor Has Anyone Questioned His Ability To Be Quick And Decisive In A Crisis Or Emergency.

The Town Of Greenwich And Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Should Do The Right Thing And Immediately Promote Lt HonLulik To One Of The Four Open Positions And Pay Him All The Captains Pay He Lost Since 2003.

Why Don't We Take The Extra Unearned Retirement Money That The Town Is Planning On Giving Pacewicz And Give It To Lt. Honlulik.

02/20/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed - Greenwich Time News Links

Police officers face off over injunction

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer

A dozen police officers have filed a motion to stop an injunction that would freeze promotions.

In the injunction filed last month, Berry's lawyer, Richard Gudis, said promotions should be halted for now. Any promotion to lieutenant or above before the 2007 lawsuit is settled would hurt his clients' professional standing, according to the injunction.
However, the attorney for the dozen officers wants the court to factor in his clients' interests before making a decision.


What Happened To All Of Those Greenwich Time Articles That Said Police Moral Is Hitting New Highs, Because The Police Union Fully Supports And Trusts Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg?

The Greenwich Time Keeps Telling Us That Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Is Doing A Herculean Job All By Himself And The Rank And File Police Officers Are Living In A Virtual Disney Land.

There Were SOOOOOO Many Greenwich Time Articles Quoting Chief Ridberg And Other Town Big Shots, But I Guess The Greenwich Time Reporter Forgot To Ask The Cop On The Street Just How Happy He Is.

Now A Dozen "HAPPY" Police Officers Now Spending Their Hard Earned Money To Go To Bridgeport And Sue For Promotion

Apparently The Officers Under Chief Ridberg's Command Do Not Trust Him To Do The Right Thing. It Looks Like That These Rank And File Officers Don't Think That Everything Will Done On The Up And Up Under Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg.
If The Police Officers Are "SOOOOO "HAPPY UNDER RIDBERG", Then Why Is There A Need For More Very Expensive Litigation?

This Is What Greenwich Blogger Bill Clarke Means When He Calls The Greenwich Time The "Yellowich Time" And Jokes About The Paper Being Printed In The Basement Of Town Hall.

This Is Typical Of Chief Ridberg And The Town. They Love Having The Ability To Promote Who They Want Regardless Of True Merit Or The Testing Process.

A Dozen Officer Are Spending Their Hard Earned Cash In Court, Because They Believe That Police Chief Ridberg And The Town Will Tweak Test Scores In Favor Of The "Politically Correct" Candidates That They Want Or To Keep Someone They Don't Like Out.

This Is Just Another Case Of Chief Ridberg Showing His Lack Of Integrity And We Are All Going To Pay For It.

Yet The Greenwich Time Keeps Reporting Stories Generated From The Town About How Happy Everyone Is With Greenwich Police Chief David "I Am Not Releasing The 2007 And 2008 Crime Statistics" Ridberg.

Shame, Shame, Shame On Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg

Police Chief David Ridberg Is Being Ignorant And Apathetic Towards His Obligation To The Rank And File Officers Who Were Serving Our Country Overseas.

In A Few Months Chief Ridberg And Other Town Officials Will Speak SOOOOOOO Eloquently Of The Sacrifices That These Officers Made At Memorial Day Services And Then Later Have Backroom Meetings About Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Your Tax Dollars In Court Against The Officers They Just Praised.

Actions Speak Loader Than Words

Chief Ridberg Should Open His Office Door And Meet With These 12 Police Officers And Work Out A Solution That Is Fair And Equitable.

Open Up The The Testing Process And Let The Cream Of The Crop Rise To The Top.
Greenwich Roundup Is The Father Of A 24 Year Old Who Earned A Bronze Star While Volunteering In Iraq And He Speaks From Experience When He Says Those Greenwich Officers Paid Their Dues In Defence Of This Town And Country.

It Is Time For Chief Ridberg To Put A Dozen More Chairs At The Testing Table And Let The Best Man Win. No Ifs, Ands Or Buts.

If Theses Greenwich Police Officers Remained Cool Calm And Collected In Middle Of An Overseas Guerrilla War Zone, They Can Handle The Mean Streets Of Greenwich Connecticut.

02/04/09 LETER TO THE GREENWICH TIME EDITOR: Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg A Liability

2/1/09 Ridberg has had to delegate responsibilities normally handled by deputy chiefs and captains to lieutenants in order to keep things running



Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg fells "shot" because of the stress of thee past 18 months. Ridberg is struggling at the administrative level: Is this a direct threat to public safety?


First selectman concerned about strained police department

.....Officials said the promotion freeze on all positions above captain has strained the department, overtaxing the chief of police and causing the lieutenants below him to take on new responsibilities in order to shoulder some of the burden. .....

The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Eye on Greenwich Connecticut: Who caused this mess?
By greenwichguy
I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Democrats caused this problem and Democrats are worsening it. This amateur hour of an administration is responsible for the trillions of dollars lost in real working peoples retirement accounts and there is no end in sight to their stupidity. Every time Obama or one of his minions opens his mouth I have to work an extra year to make up the loss to my 401k.

Obama...Shut up!!!!!
Eye on Greenwich Connecticut - http://eyeongreenwich.blogspot.com/


Dear Greenwich Guy,

I Really Hate To Interupt Yours And Rush Limbah's Dreams Of Obama Failing As Badly As George Bush Did.

I Know You And Rush Want To See America And Our President Fail, But ....

Let's Forget About Those Talking Heads Over At Fox Noise And See What Real Honest Harworking Americans Think About Our New Commander And Cheif

Gallup Poll - U.S. News

U.S. Satisfaction Improves Slightly but Steadily
March 5, 2009

Over the past week, an average of 21% of Americans have been satisfied with the way things are going in the country. While still quite low, these ratings are an improvement from 14% in early February, and from 9% as recently as December.....

Initial Reaction to Obama Budget Tilts Positive
March 2, 2009

Americans’ first reactions to President Barack Obama’s new 10-year budget plan are more positive than negative, with 44% saying their reaction to the plan is positive and 26% saying it’s negative, while the rest have no opinion.....

Americans’ Confidence in Obama Unshaken
February 6, 2009

Fifty-percent or more of Americans say they have more confidence now in Barack Obama's ability to improve the economy, manage the federal government, and in his ethical standards than before he took office.

Americans Expect History to Judge Bush Worse Than Nixon
January 16, 2009

A majority of Americans (59%) expect George W. Bush to go down in history as a below-average or poor president
. Only 17% believe he will be remembered as an outstanding or above-average president -- resulting in a net positive rating worse than ...

Bush Presidency Closes With 34% Approval, 61% Disapproval
January 14, 2009

A new USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Jan. 9-11, finds 34% of Americans approving of the overall job George W. Bush is doing as president and 61% disapproving. Those ratings are a shade better than what Bush has received for most of the past year, and may represent the kind of lame-duck approval bounce Gallup has seen for other presidents.

Bush mainly has members of his own party to thank for the fact that he is ending his presidency with an approval rating above 30%. Republicans' approval of him rose from 67% in mid-December to 75% in the current poll -- their highest rating of Bush in nearly a year. By contrast, approval of Bush remains extremely scarce among Democrats, and continues to fall under 30% among independents {Like Registered Independent Greenwich Roundup} ...

For The Record, Bush joins Jimmy Carter whose final job approval ratings in office registered in the low 30s

Final Job Approval Ratings For Recent Presidents

Bill Clinton 66%

Ronald Reagan 63%

Dewight Eisenhower 59%

George HW Bush 56%

Gerald Ford 53%

Lydon Johnson 49%

Jimmy Cater 34%

George W. Bush 34%

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