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Friday, March 6, 2009

03/06/09 Looks Like Lt. Gary Honulik Is Going To Get Screwed As Michale Pacewicz Is Slated To Get A Pension Bonus.

Thumbs Down On The Town .....

Lt. Gary Honulik Has Hefty Legal Bills And Is Out Four Years Of Captain's Pay.

Honulik Will Pay For This Miscarrage Of Justice Untill He Dies, Because His Pension Will Be Much Smaller

Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Should Have Ended This And Just Promoted Honulik Along Time Ago, But He Was Too Busy Arranging For A Sweet heart Deal For Pacewicz

Police lieutenant to decide on appeal - Greenwich Time

The police lieutenant who spent five years fighting to overturn a promotion must decide whether to appeal a recent state Supreme Court decision or accept the judgment against him by today, according to officials.

Lt. Gary Honulik lost his claim in a split ruling by the court and has limited options for continuing his case, according to legal experts. The ruling against him, which said he was not unjustly passed over for promotion to captain, was finalized Feb. 24. Honulik has had 10 days to file a motion asking the court to reconsider its decision. He also can file a motion for a stay while he pursues an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, officials said.

Quinnipiac University School of Law professor William Dunlap said that the odds are low that Honulik would be successful in pursuing either option......

.....Honulik sued the town in 2004 claiming he should have been promoted since he was the highest scorer on the promotional exam. During litigation, an injunction was placed on the police department, freezing its ability to promote anyone to vacant captains and deputy chief positions.....

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