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Thursday, February 21, 2008

02/21/08 - Stop The Coverup - Since When Is Joesph Siciliano A Criminal Investigator?

Joseph siciliano And The Parks Department Are Now In Charge Of Felonies In Greenwich.

Who’s forging beach passes?
Greenwich begins investigation

By Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter - Greenwich Post

An internal investigation is under way into what could be counterfeit beach passes, parking stickers and marina permits.

(Comment: The Criminals Have Been Tipped Off And Are Probably Destroying Evidence While Parks Director And Key Stone Cop Joesph Siciliano Screws Up This Felony Investigation.)

According to Joseph Siciliano, the town’s director of parks and recreation, the department was provided with a binder earlier this month containing copies of the allegedly counterfeit material and information that identified who is believed to be responsible. Mr. Siciliano said he reviewed the material and the department is proceeding with an internal look.

(Comment: Meanwhile The Felon Is Removing And Destroying His Computer Hard Drive)

“I have photocopies of what is supposedly a knockoff,” Mr. Siciliano said. “We’ve been investigating since these were provided to our office. There are photocopies in here of passes from 2005 and 2006, but none from last year. We are looking at the names and addresses on the copies and we will see where we go from here.”

(Comment: Why Is Th is Taking So Long? Maybe Mr. Siciliano taking on-line courses at the Gibbs School of Criminal Justice In Norwalk?)

Mr. Siciliano said the material was “delivered” to the office, but declined to provide any more information about who had brought it there and why.

(Comment: Some On Walked In To Mr. Siciliano's Office And Reported A Felony And Theft From His Employer, Why Didn't Mr. Siciliano Immediately Pick Up The Phone And Call The Greenwich Police Department?)

“We are going to pursue this and we will either end up with something we can provide the police department to act on, or it will be a dead end,” Mr. Siciliano said. “We are continuing to pursue this to the best of our ability.”

(Comment: To The "Best Of Your Ability" !!! Hello, You Are Not Propperly Trained To Conduct A felony Investigation !!!! Call The Police Department !!!!)

As of Tuesday, the Greenwich Police Department was not involved in the matter other being informed about it.

“This is being handled by the Parks and Recreation Department,” Public Information Officer Lt. Daniel Allen said Tuesday. “They have spoken to me and we told them that we would assist them in any form or fashion if they require our assistance.”

Lt. Allen said the ball is now in the department’s court as to how it wants to proceed. However, there are already strong urgings from Town Hall that the police should get involved.

(Comment: The Greenwich Police Department Is Aware Of A Felony Being Committed Against The Town, And It Has Not Immediately Started An Investigation. Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Should Immediately Send A Greenwich Police Detective To The Parks Department To Gather All Evidence Involving This Felony.)

When reached for comment on Monday, First Selectman Peter Tesei told the Post he felt this should be a police investigation and not something done internally by the department.

“Any offense of this nature, whether it involves beach passes or parking stickers, is an offense,” Mr. Tesei said. “Joe Siciliano should not be unilaterally undertaking an investigation. That’s not his job. He’s been made aware of something and this should now be turned over to the police. End of story.”
(Comment: Mr. Siciliano Is Being Insubordinate For Not Following First Selectman Peter Tesei's Directions. Why Is Mr. Siciliano Being So Stuborn? Is He Trying To Protect Someone?)

Mr. Tesei said he had been briefed by Mr. Siciliano on the matter and planned to meet with him again this week.

On Tuesday, Mr. Siciliano confirmed that Mr. Tesei had made his wishes clear. He said the investigation is still focused on background work he termed “homework” and that he was doing work the police would need to proceed with any criminal investigation. He said he would turn the investigation over to the police when there was something concrete to provide, and he believed Mr. Tesei understood.
(Comment: Please See Previous Comment. Mr. Siciliano Is Being Ridiculous.)

One factor hindering the investigation, Mr. Siciliano said, was that the passes were from 2005 and 2006 and it would be hard to track down the information needed because the department’s database is updated every year and the previous year’s data is eliminated.
(Comment: It Is Hard For Mr. Siciliano To Track Down Information, Because He Is Not A Trained Greenwich Police Investigator With Years Of Experience. The Greenwich Police Department Even Has Experience At Recovering Computer Data That Has Been Deleted.)

“We’ve been getting some dead ends on some information and we don’t have the information to go on for other leads,” Mr. Siciliano said.
(Comment: This Guy Is Siciliano Is Unreal. Stop The Coverup And Call The Proffessional Criminal Investigators At The Greenwich Police Department. The Phone Number Is 622-8000.)


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