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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18/08 Greenwich Roundup Reader From Greenwich Exit 4 Says Dirtballs Are Rich And Poor.

To the Round Up

Let's clear up how RICH Greenwich is. Are you taking an average from the whole town and comparing that % to the other towns? I doubt it, b/c the numbers will come up shorter than Mr and Mrs. Greenwich Ave. want the rest of the world to know.


Out of all the towns in lower Fairfield County, it is a melting pot from cash to slums. One one side, there lives the obvious obnoxious wealth, and on the othe,r low income housing that gets ignored until they get arrested.

The weathier Greenwich residents like to pretend the OTHER SIDE doesn't exsist.

Dirtballs live in big houses and small, some have top jobs, some have none. There are poor dirtballs who drive drunk on cheap wine, and rich dirtballs who drive drunk on $250 imported brandy. They are both RICHLY SHIT-FACED and shouldn't be driving at all.

I don't think Greenwich Police care how much money is in the bank of DRUNK DRIVERS. I think they need a little more head's up and a little less clock time.

Or maybe a few classes in " FOLLOWING CLUES."

Or maybe just glue themseves to this web site.

I believe the RICHLY REWARDED INTELLIGENT READERS knew all along what was up w/this accident.

I rest my case.

exit 4

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