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Friday, September 2, 2011

09/02/11 A Rumor Going Around Town Says That A High Level Greenwich Hedge Fund Employee Has Been Arrested By Connecticut Authorities

It appears that a high level Hedge Fund employee was arrested by state investigators for illegally taping phone and personal conversations in Connecticut, which is a which is a strict "all party consent" state that classifies the crime as a felony.

Currently, 37 states, such as New York, allow "one party consent" recording of telephone and in-person oral communications, but 12 states require all parties to consent before it can be recorded. Connecticut's strict laws even cover the recording of an in-person conversation, and also classify the crime as a felony.

In Connecticut, there are exceptions to the "all party consent" requirement.

For example, you can record a conversation with the consent of only one party if threats or certain criminal activity is involved.

It is unclear if the high level Hedge Fund employee was shaking down or extorting someone, or if the Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen is trying to turn the employee against his employers.

So far there has been no press release from Jepsen's office about the felony eavesdropping arrest.

Greenwich Roundup will keep you posted as details surface.

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