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Saturday, September 3, 2011

09/03/11 Michelle Jones Has A Message About Childhood Cancer

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CHILDHOOD CANCER Facebook Status Game...
Michelle Jones
CHILDHOOD CANCER Facebook Status Game
September is CHILDHOOD cancer awareness month and the breast cancer awareness game has been going around Facebook already. We at Kids Cancer Crusade have nothing against awareness for any type of cancer, but we want the world to know that GOLD is just as important as pink. So here we go… it is important that EVERYONE plays – whether you have a child with cancer or not!

In the first blank you'll put the age of your child (or a child you are close to – niece/nephew, cousin, sibling, child with cancer, etc.)…in the second blank you match up their age with an action. All are things children like to do and many are things that children with cancer have to miss out on.

It has only been ___ (days/weeks/months/years) and I want to ____ in SEPTEMBER!

*Example - It has only been 9 years and I want to catch butterflies in SEPTEMBER!

If you're doing this for a child that has passed away you can also change it to "It was only 9 years..."

For children that are days, weeks or months old – if their number doesn't match something that applies (and not all will, hard to do!) just choose one from the list.

1 – belly laugh
2 – read bedtime stories
3 – play dress up
4 – play in the sand
5 – make silly faces
6 – blow bubbles
7 – fingerpaint
8 – go to the park
9 – catch butterflies
10 – braid my hair/play video games (choose what fits the child)
11 – go to school
12 – run with my friends
13 – fall in love
14 – ride my bike
15 – dance/play soccer (or whatever sport…choose what fits the child)
16 – drive a car
17 – go to the movies
18 – go on a date

And remember, PASS IT ON!

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