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Monday, August 22, 2011

08/22/11 HEARST NEWSPAPERS ARE AWOL IN GREENWICH: Where's The Greenwich Time? Greenwich Post Breaking News Alert About GHS PCB Fields (UPDATED)

Breaking News Alert

Greenwich High School's Cardinal Stadium reopens for football practice today. All other GHS fields remain closed until further notice.

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08/22/11 If This Report Has Been Filed, It Changes, Forever, The Town's Ability To Grant Itself Permissions And Waivers For Use Of The GHS Site

Significant Environmental Hazard Report Notification

Following please find a FOIA request regarding a "Significant Environmental Hazard Report Notification" filed by Turner Construction Company and/or The Town of Greenwich with regard to The Greenwich High School Property located at 10 Hillside Road.

If, in fact, this report has been filed, it changes, forever, The Town's ability to grant itself permissions and waivers for use of this site. Application for all such permissions and waivers must now be legally submitted to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and The United States Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), with certified mail notice to all abutting neighbors.......


According to an announcement posted on the Greenwich Public Schools website, "Football: practice will begin for all football players on Monday, August 22 from 5:30 to 7:30 in Cardinal Stadium - all players must park on Hillside Road and enter the high school through the front entrance."

Since mid-July, all athletic fields have been closed since the discovery that some of the dirt excavated at the rear of the Hillside Road school contained PCBs and other toxins. The site is part of the construction site for the $28 million MISA (Music Instructional Space and Auditorium) project. Work has continued at the south end of the campus where classroom space will be added.

Work to remove more than 3,100 tons of contaminated dirt piled up behind the current auditorium and in the parking lot, began late last week. On Aug. 4, the Board of Estimate and Taxation released $1.3 million for the cleanup.

On Thursday, a line of large dump trucks waited to be filled with the material from area that remains fenced off and off-limits. One driver said he was told the dirt was being taken to a facility in upstate New York but he did not have additional information. School officials are hoping to be able to clean up and have available for parking for staff when teacher orientation begins Aug. 29.

Because of the lack of parking, seniors who usually have on-campus parking privileges will not be allowed to commute in their own vehicles. Parking in the rear lot as well as in front of the school along Hillside Road will be restricted - for staff only.

Meanwhile, school officials are calculating how many additional school buses will be needed to accommodate the anticipated influx of riders.


Also scheduled to begin Monday were tryouts for the school's water polo teams. According to the website, those athletes also are ordered to park on Hillside Road on Monday and enter the school through the main entrance.

"As conditions continue to change, we appreciate your patience while we make every attempt to provide our teams with the best possible facilities. Please continue to check this site for daily updates," officials said in the announcement.

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