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Sunday, March 21, 2010

03/21/10 Hearst Newspaper Cover Up: Thin skinned Faux news reporter gets Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl fired?

Shame Shame Shame On Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber

Teri Buhl, hasn't just been fired from her job at Greenwich Time, a Hearst newspaper in Connecticut; her entire archive of blog entries there has disappeared, leaving only a message saying "This blog has been archived or suspended". It's as though Hearst wanted not only to fire her, but to make it seem as though they'd never hired her — although there is still an archive of stories she wrote for the newspaper itself.

What caused this vindictive and aggressive behavior towards a reporter who is, after all, now going to be looking for freelance work based on the quality of her clips? To erase all of those clips is harsh punishment indeed, which would only be conceivably justifiable if there were very serious questions indeed over the accuracy of lots of her work.

But in fact, according to Buhl, when she was fired on Thursday by David McCumber, the editor in chief, the reasons he gave for firing her were mainly about the rough quality of her writing, and the fact that it needed a lot of editing.

But the truth is that Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber praised Buhl's reporting on at a Greenwich Retired Men's Association meeting that was recorded for the local cable TV channel.

Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber needs to stop running scared and grow a pair of journalistic balls.

Hearst Newspaper Editor needs to tell Greenwich Time readers what's going to happen to Bulh's blog archive, and further explain why it was taken down.

Here is the truth that Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber is hiding from the Greenwich Time readers....

Buhl wrote about Charlie Gasparino a couple of times on the blog she was hired to write at the beginning of this year — the blog entries are now down, of course, but for the time being the Google cache can be seen
here and here.

Ms. Buhl correctly called him "Gas-bag", a common nickname which he doesn't like.

Angered, Gasparino called up the recently recently demoted and Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora, who is Ms. Bul's supervisor, and accused her of "stalking" him.

Charlie then called Zebora's boss, Greenwich Time Editor McCumber, and made the same complaint. Once again, he didn't get very far. And then Charlie went further still, calling Steven Swartz, the president of Hearst newspapers, again with the same complaint.

Meanwhile, another media bigwig was getting annoyed by Buhl. Buhl had written
a story about Randall Lane for Dealbreaker in July 2009, saying that he would find it difficult to sell the assets of his bankrupt company,

Doubledown Media, and that he'd given his cousin access to Doubledown's subscriber list after promising his subscribers that he would never do such a thing.

Teri wrote about Lane on her Greenwich Time blog in February (Google cache
here), and immediately Lane, too, started calling her superiors, complaining that she was "stalking" him.

Meanwhile You Can Read The Safe Type Of Reporting That

David McCumber And Steven Swartz Likes Here:

Television tabloid host Jerry Springer was seen in a late morning last week at Starbucks on Greenwich Avenue.

The Business Insider

Janet Tavakoli's next target is Charlie Gasparino, who she just slugged at the Huffington Post with the article below. We look forward to Charlie's response ...

Gasparino Vs. CNBC: "It Is My Job To Turn This Into A Barroom Brawl"
Mediaite.com -
Steve Krakauer

Charlie Gasparino made his official debut on FBN yesterday, appearing on several programs as well as Fox ...

Barron's (blog) -
Tiernan Ray
Barry Ritholtz writes on The Big Picture today that Fox Business's Charlie Gasparino, at the time with CNBC, owes Ritholtz an apology for defending Fuld ...
Greenwich Blogger Chris Fountain Starts To Cover
How Cowardly Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber
Fired Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl

Greenwich Time fired Teri Buhl.
Every time I hear some paean to the main stream media about the importance of maintaining its independent voice, its courage in speaking truth to power and all that rot, I snicker. My own experience and now Teri’s shows that so long as newspapers are dependent on advertisers, they will deep six anyone who offends. A newspaper without advertising is hardly a commercially viable model, of course, but so what? These folks are well past their expiration date – it passed the very first time they caved to an angry, powerful person and they can never get it back.
Buhl was hired to report on Greenwich’s financial industry – makes, sense, doesn’t it? First innovative idea the morons (formerly) on Elm Street have had in years. So that lasted three months and the editors are back to the pabulum they’ve been spooning out for decades now as they dragged their paper into irrelevancy. What are they trying to charge for today? Suzie’s Dish, of course – Jerry Springer seen in Greenwich!! That’s worth the buck-fifty they ask right there, but as a bonus, there’s an article warning those suffering from food allergies to be careful in restaurants – hard hitting reporting, no holds barred. These are words that must be said! What a crock.
Dead, defunct, obsolete and cowardly. Yet they continue to pat each other on the back and pass around prizes as though they are doing something worthwhile. They aren’t.
Here Are Some Of The Comments About
Ms. Buhl And The Greenwich Time:
Hu Nhu? says....
That is a real shame. David McCumber sounds like a gutless scum bag. Shame on him.
Christopher Fountain says .....
They are indeed gutless scum, which would be fine, if they admitted it, but it’s pathetic to see them trying to pass themselves off as journalists and crusading, brave editors in the model of some frontiersman of one hundred fifty years ago. They cling to the romantic image but sold out long ago.
Bill Clark says .....
Amen to you, Chris, and to your commenters.
AJ says ....
Too bad. I gave up reading that rag a few years ago. Wasn’t worth the recycling effort every few weeks.
Stump says ....
I hope this speeds the GT’s inevitable demise.
Cos Cobber says ....
....Just when I thought maybe Hearst was starting to “get it” it turns out they got nothing. The future of journalism is in the independent blogger. The local print rags will devolve into penny savers, only useful for the community calendar and as a wall space for those who rant via snail mail and the ‘letter to the editor.’
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IDAHO said...

Teri Bulh was the main reason I mread the Greenwich Time. Many hoped her cutting reporting on the financial industry was going to be the salvation of the faltering Greenwich Time. Greenwich time is afraid to ruffle any feathers and that attitude makes for pretty boring reading. Sorry to see you go Teri you will be missed!!


Anonymous said...

Teri was the biggest piece of trash that that rag had . Good riddence to that Shemale-

Anonymous said...

Gasparino is a circus clown. The man is high on drugs and/or alcohol and acts like a 4 year old fitted in an oversized man's body.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder if it had anything to do with Teri and Kaja Whitehouse, ganging up slandering a penny stock called Spongetech, which is under heavy fire from hedge funds who are attempting to short it into the ground?

Good riddance!

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