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Sunday, March 21, 2010

03/21/10 Fox News Boy Charlie Gasparino Has No Comment About Teri Buhl's Firing At The Greenwich Time When Greenwich Roundup Called Him Up

Fox News Reporter Charlie Gasparino Is Running Form Media

Greenwich Roundup just went online at got Mr. Gasparino's phone number and address online by searching for his wife's name at WhitePages.com

Charlie Gasparino Celebrity Has Made His Wife A Public Figure.

Please See:

CNBC star profiles ......Married to Virginia Juliano, director of online marketing for Showtime cable channel who has MBA (2004) from NYU. Lives in Stuyvesant Town.

Blood on the street: the sensational inside story of how Wall ... - Google Books Result
Charles Gasparino - 2005 - Business & Economics - 355 pages Acknowledgments I could never have written this book without the support of some key people, first and foremost, my wife Virginia Juliano, who was there ...

Amazon.com: Profile For Virginia Juliano: Reviews
.....Although I may be a bit biased (since I am married to the author), I know first-hand just how much time, effort and intensive research went into this very ambitious book.

These are just 3 of the 5,650 Google results for Virginia Juliano Gasparino.

Another Google listing gave Greenwich Roundup the following information

6 Vanderbilt Ave
Norwalk, CT 06854-3833
(203) 853-2961

Greenwich Roundup called the number and asked Mr. Gasparino about his involvement in getting Greenwich Time reporter Teri Buhl fired.

Mr. Gasparino declined to comment and refered Greenwich Roundup to a Fox News PR person named Kalye Cronin.

It looks like Greenwich Roundup might have to get out his video camera and go to Norwalk and catch Mr. Gasparino in a
Fox News type of ambush interview to ask him about his calling up Hearst Newspaper president Steven Swartz about Ms. Bulh.

Here Is The Public Property Record For The Gasparino's 4 Bedroom 1 1/2 Bathroom Home At 6 Vanderbilt Avenue In Norwalk. It Even Has A Google Satellite Map

This Sattlite Maps Is Definately A Great Tool For Helping Greenwich Roundup Select Which Tree He Will Hide Behind Before He Sneaks Up On Charlie "The Gas Bag" Gasporino With A Hand Held Video Camera.


Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber
Has Really Screwed Up Big Time

A Few Weeks Ago Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumbers Was Praising Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl On Cable TV At The Retired Men's Assassination Meeting.

Then Thin Skinned Faux News Boy Charlie "The Gas Bag" Gasporino Called Up David McCumber Falsely Claiming That Ms. Buhl Was Stalking Him, Because She Posted The Name Of The Street He Lived On.

First Of All Greenwich Time Reporters Have Had A Long History Of Reporting What Streets Public Figures Live On.

Most Recently, Peter Brant's Street Was Published By Another Greenwich Time Reporter.

Second Of All Charlie Gasporino Is A Public Figure Who Is In The Public Domain, Because He Appears Regularly On National Television.

Third Of All Mr. Gasporino's House Number, Street Address And Phone Number Is In The 411 LDA - Local Directory Assistance Public Database And Is Available On Multiple Internet Websites.

Fourth Of The Mr. Gaspirino Who Is A Public Figure Never Paid To Have His Number Not Listed In The 411 LDA - Local Directory Assistance Public Database.

So Basically, Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Has Fired Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl For Reporting The Name Of The Street Name For A Public Figure Who Appears On Television.

In Hollywood They Sell Maps With The Street Addresses Of Public TV Figures Marked With Cute Little Stars.

Further This Public Figure's House Number, Street Address And Phone Number Is In The Public Domain And All Over The World Wide Web.

If Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Was Half As Smart, As He Thought He Was, Smart He Would Tell Ms. Buhl That There Had Been A Big Mistake

Then He Would Beg Ms. Buhl To Come Back At The Greenwich Time Before She Speaks To A Lawyer Who Specializes In Employment Issues.

At The Very Least Hearst Newspaper David McCumber Should Give Ms. Buhl Copies Of Her Reporting As Part Of Her Severance Package.

If McCumber Is Not Professional Enough To Get Ms. Buhl These Copies And Offer Her Some Severance ASAP, Then He Will Most Likely Get The Hearst Corporation Involved In A Very Expensive Lawsuit.

The Hearst Corporation And David McCumber Owe The Greenwich Time Readers An Explanation On Why All Of Teri Buhl's Online Blog Archive Was Taken Down And If It Will Be Back Up.

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