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Sunday, August 15, 2010

06/15/10 GREENWICH BRIEFING: Indian Community Celebrates 63rd Indian Independence Day

This Just In To The Greenwich Roundup Newsroom .....
Shivan Kirpalani, of Greenwich, holds the Indian flag during a gathering to mark 63rd anniversary of India' s Independence Day at the Government Center in Stamford, Conn.
In the year 2060, older political junkies in Connecticut may look back half a century and say they never saw a wilder primary election than last week's. They may still talk of how Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy won bruising races for their parties' gubernatorial nominations - and maybe they'll even remember some of the lessons learned ...
For a lot of voters, the 2010 political scene has been one big blur. Lots of candidates, tons of news stories, plenty of political commercials on TV.
From left, Tracy and Darryl Strawberry and Maria Kelly Stevens. Photo by Alex Knee/Artsis Media Photo: Contributed Photo / Greenwich Time Contributed Scene A Greenwich residents and TV judges Judy and Jerry Sheindlin were seen having dinner with their good friend and famed New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams at Polpo Restaurant in Greenwich ...

VIDEO: TV Ad Slams Greenwich Resident Jim Himes For Signing A Recent Letter That Accused Israel Of "Collective Punishment" For Enforcing The Gaza Blockade
The Ad which Is to run On NBC's Nightly News blasts Congressman Himes for signing a recent letter.
The the letter asks Obama to pressure Israel to relieve the blockade. It recognizes that the Gaza restrictions are born of "legitimate" fear on the part of Israel, but warns against allowing the blockade to result in "the de facto collective punishment" of Palestinians.
The real question is will Jewish, moderate and conservative Christian voters hold Jim Himes accountable for signing anti-Israel letters or doing anything else to undermine the US-Israel relationship.
It is true that Jim Himes signed on to a letter with 52 of his liberal colleagues in the House of Representatives.
President Barack Obama responded to that letter by signing an Executive Order earmarking $20 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to "aid in the resettlement of Gaza refugees."
Recently President Obama announced that an additional $400 million will go to the Palestinian Governing Authority to aid in a "humanitarian crisis".
In a year of record budget deficits, unemployment and foreclosures this is how Congressman Jim Himes and President Obama are spending our tax dollars.
What Is Hearst Newspaper's Opinion About The Emergency Committee For Israel Running Ads Blasting Congressman Jim Himes As Anti-Israel Letter?
We Will Know Once Jim Himes' Campaign Manager Mark Henson Tells CT Post Political Writer Jonathan Kantrowiz What To Write.
Please See:
More On The Jim Himes / Hearst Newspapers Plagiarism Scandal:
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The General Assembly overrode a gubernatorial veto Friday of a bill that attempts to fix Connecticut's campaign finance reform law, paving the way for Dan Malloy, the Democrats' nominee for governor, to receive $6 million in public funds for his general election campaign.... ... Malloy's use of public financing will likely come up during the remaining months of the gubernatorial campaign. Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, who won the Republican nomination Tuesday, opposes the concept of public financing for political ...
Kids may not be looking forward to returning to the classroom just yet, but there will still be some summer fun Saturday at a "Backpack Block Party " at Armstrong Court organized by Greenwich Baptist Church .

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